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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of September 13, 2004 on B&B
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Monday, September 13, 2004

Thorne, Darla and Clarke are talking in the office at Spectra. Thorne has an exciting prospect coming in to have a special presentation shown to her of the new Spectra line. The Princess arrives and she is shown a preview of the line. She comments that it looks much like Ridge's work. After the viewing, she has chosen the blue gown to wear to an opening. She tells Thorne that she will be in touch with him and leaves. Thorne says that this is just the beginning. When the Princess wears the gown, it will open up avenues unseen before at Spectra.

Thomas calls Ridge on the phone. He tells him that he will be home soon and not to worry. He is in bed with Amber, and tells his Dad that he has to go but, he will be home soon. Brooke comes into the room where Ridge is. Ridge tells Brooke that Thomas sounds defiant. Brooke tells Ridge that he will be even more so when he realizes that a restraining order is being given to Amber to keep the two of them apart. Brooke brings up the subject of Thorne. She says that Spectra Couture (formerly Spectra Fashions) is showing their collection two weeks before Forrester does. He tells her that something is going on because the fabric companies are not going to fill Forresters needs, and they have dealt with these people for years. Ridge wonders if Spectra has anything to do with it. "Why," asks Brooke, "Would they (Spectra) need first rate fabrics for knock-offs." Ridge wonders that also and decides to call Thorne. Ridge tells him that he's preparing for his best show ever. Thorne disagrees, but, tells Ridge that someone always wins, and this time it will be him.

Amber and Thomas are among the sheets. She tells Thomas that she sees a lot of his Father and his Mother (Taylor) in him. Thomas tells her that he feels more connected to her than he has ever felt to anyone else. At the moment of another kiss, a knock comes at the door. Lt. Baker announces through the door that he has come to see her. She rushes Thomas into his clothes and out of the bed, into hiding. The lieutenant and his officer come in and he starts to look around. Amber says that he is not allowed to do that without a warrant. Since he doesn't have one, he presents to her the restraining order instead. He tells her that she will be put in jail if she disobeys anything on the order. They leave and Thomas comes out. He cannot believe that Ridge has done that. He apologizes to Amber, because he thought that now that he is 18 they would not be able to do anything to keep them apart. Amber throws the paper aside and both he and Amber head back to the bed.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

C.J. went to speak to Amber about breaking off her relationship with Thomas. He warned Amber that that Forrester's would make her life miserable if she tried to have a relationship with Thomas. Amber told C.J. that she had just received a restraining order to stay away from Thomas. Amber admitted to C.J. that she had sex with Thomas before and after she had learned of the restraining order. C.J. advised Amber that staying out of jail is more important than hanging around with Thomas. Amber admitted that Thomas is important to her because he believes in her as no one else does.

At Forrester Creations, Eric warned Ridge that Thomas would be very upset over the restraining order. Thomas came into the office and was livid with Ridge. Thomas defended Amber to Ridge and Eric. Thomas explained to them that Amber cares about him and they are wrong about her once again. Later, Thomas telephoned Amber. Amber suggested that they could continue to see one another secretly at a room at the Insomnia. Thomas told Amber that she means a lot to him.

At Spectra Fashions, Thorne recalled all of Ridge's insults. He sat at his desk and worked on the new collection. Clarke showed Darla and Thorne the newspaper article which said that the princess had chosen Spectra's clothing to wear. Jackie met with Thorne about attending the Spectra showing. Thorne explained that he purposely invited her so she could view the new line and purchase it for the Fenmore Stores. Jackie went to Forrester Creations to inform Eric that Thorne had invited her to the Spectra showing. She informed Eric and Ridge that she would attend the showing. Ridge took the opportunity to insult both Jackie and Spectra. At Spectra, the Spectra staff unveiled the new promotional sign for the Spectra Couture line.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004


At Spectra, Darla asks Thorne if he is sure he wants to go through with the fashion show. She tells him that it is not too late to stop it. Stephanie comes in to Thorne's office, begging him to reconsider coming back to work at Forrester. Stephanie seems to be getting through to him when Clarke comes in. Clarke tells Thorne that this is his opportunity to pay his parents back for forcing Thorne to live in Ridge's shadow all those years. Thorne tells Stephanie that he is going to prove himself and make Spectra a successful fashion house.

At the pool, Ridge rubs sun block on Brooke as they talk. Ridge is planning on enjoying a day with his family. He is not worried about Thorne and is sure that Spectra's new line will be a failure. Rick arrives with Caitlin. Ridge is not happy to see the two together, but Brooke defends Rick and tells Ridge that she wants to spend time with all her family. Thomas comes in and is caught off guard by Caitlin's presence, but handles it well. Thomas and Caitlin talk and Caitlin tells him that she and Rick have decided to take their relationship slowly. Caitlin tells Thomas that some things are worth waiting for. Thomas implies that he knows all about how worthwhile it is to wait for.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Stephanie offered Thorne his job back, but when asked, she refuses to say that he will come back to the presidency. She said the title will have to be worked out. Thorne replies that he will not return to Forrester to be a glorified bean counter.

Rick and Caitlin notice the scratches on Thomas's back and ask him about it. Thomas shakes them off telling them he got them from something else. They accept what he has to say. Thomas and Caitlin begin to talk about high school and some of the things coming up. Caitlin mentions homecoming and Rick tells her he doesn't think it is a good idea if he goes with her. Thomas told Caitlin he is sorry Rick won't go with her to homecoming and says he will take her to homecoming. Caitlin says no.

Jackie arrives at the fashion show and she initially expresses her approval on the line, but then realizes the designs were stolen from Forrester. Jackie phones Eric and tells him that Spectra is showing their designs. Eric tells Ridge, Brooke, Stephanie and Rick what is going on and they head to the fashion show.

While Ridge and Brooke's song, "Unforgettable," was playing, the show stopper came onto the runway. Ridge, Stephanie and Eric walk in and can't believe what they are seeing. Thorne comes on stage to thank everyone at Spectra for their hard work and welcoming him into the Spectra family. Ridge grabs Thorne by the jacket and pushes him up against the wall telling him that he has made a "big mistake."

Friday, September 17, 2004

Darla calls security on Ridge as he bursts in and grabs Thorne. Ridge is hurling accusations at Thorne, which Thorne dismisses. He tells Ridge that everybody loves the collection, and Thorne comments, that they should, because they belong to Forrester. Clarke and Thorne both say that the designs say Spectra Couture by Thorne Forrester. "If Ridge isn't careful," says Clarke, he could be sued for slander, saying that Thorne stole the designs. Eric and Stephanie ask Thorne if that is what he has stooped to doing. Ridge tells Thorne that he has no real talent, now he's stolen the designs; he's a real Benedict Arnold. Thorne tells Ridge that they are Spectra Couture designs and the tag says so, showing Ridge one of the labels and tags on a gown. Look at the fabric, says Thorne, everything if first class, and if Ridge is going to have this collection, he'll have to settle for second best. Eric cannot believe that Thorne would do this to hurt his family. It's beyond his belief. Stephanie asks him if this is true. Thorne says, "me, hurt you?" Eric wants to know how he got the designs. He is told that he now knows how to play the game. He should be thanking everyone for what happened to him though, because it made him venture out on his own. Thorne says that he was just doing his job. All he ever wanted was to run Forrester Creations with his Dad. Ridge butts in with, "Oh woe is poor Thorne." It irks Thorne to hear Ridge say that and Thorne turns to his Dad and tells them that he doesn't know how much time and effort he put into his work for the new collection at Forresters. He gave up being with his wife and his baby daughter to make sure that it was a success, and now Eric is complaining about a few designs. Darla tells Eric that she is proud of Thorne. Ridge tells him that he is still a bean counter and will always be one. Darla goes on looking at Eric and telling him that if he had only given Thorne the respect that he deserved. "Oh," says Ridge, once again, "We owed him. He steals our designs, our creativity, our hard work. Do we owe you our ethics Thorne, 'cause you certainly don't have any of your own?" Thorne says that he has a wife and a daughter, and he works for them now. He's going to build a legacy for Alexandria that will put Forrester Creations to shame and that's not a goal, that's a mission. Ridge tells him that he's not doing this for his daughter, but, for himself, so he can build himself up. Darla tells Ridge that he would much rather have Thorne, remain low and not up, low enough to walk over him. Thorne says it makes no difference why he did this, but, he did and he pulled it off. The bean counter with no vision. Ridge says, "Well, you're still a bean counter with no vision of your own. "We'll see, when the customers are buying the best, and that would be from us, because you'll be using cut rate fabrics. Ridge starts to get loud again and security grabs him and takes him away, Eric and Stephanie ask Thorne to please not do this. They quietly walk out of Thorne's office.

Thomas brings Caitlin to Insomnia. Thomas registers to vote and Caitlin looks for a place for them to sit. Meanwhile, Amber ambles up behind Thomas and teases him. She tells him she will be in touch with him shortly. He leaves her and joins Caitlin at the table. Thomas wants to know how she got her Dad to back off of her and Rick. They sit and talk as friends. Caitlin tells him that he did the right thing in backing away from Amber. Now maybe, he won't have to go through the same kind of hell that Rick went through. Amber stands over to the side, watching. Caitlin tells him that Ridge went a little too far with the restraining order, but he was just trying to protect him. She tells him that Rick said, Amber kept pushing for sex. Rick is sorry that he didn't wait, and Thomas will be glad that he did wait. The waiter brings their coffee to the table. Amber, having had Caitlin's coffee doctored, is steaming. She watches as Caitlin tries to drink it and can't. Thomas receives a call and thinks that it is Megan from work. He tells Caitlin that he has to leave but he will take her home. She tells him to go on, she is going to stay a little longer. Thomas heads for the exit, and is met by Amber once again. She tells him that she made the call and the back room is empty. She will meet him there shortly. Amber meanders up to Caitlin, and, asks her if she is enjoying her coffee. Caitlin can't figure out why she is there. Amber tells her that she isn't very sharp. Caitlin says that Rick will be mad when he hears about this. Amber says are you going to tell him? Amber can't help it, if Thomas chooses this place to come and quench his thirst. She asks Caitlin why she is so interested in Thomas' love life anyway, isn't Rick enough for her? She tells Caitlin that she can't possibly be that naive. If she (Amber) is so terrible, why did Rick marry her twice? No one forced Rick and no one is forcing Thomas to be with her. Amber tells her that it is hard to see someone when there is a restraining order hanging over you. Caitlin says, "so you are taking it seriously?" Amber says no explanations are necessary to her. Caitlin doesn't know much about Amber but Amber does know about her. She doesn't want to see someone get hurt, that she cares about. Once it snowballs, it just seems to keep going. She tells Amber that this is the time for her to do the right thing, and leave Thomas alone. Amber stands up and "accidentally" jerks the table leaving the coffee to spill all over Caitlin. She asks if the dress, she is wearing is an Ingénue Original, and when Caitlin tells her that it is, Amber says, "No big deal," and walks away. She enters the empty room in the back. Thomas comes out and she gives him his drink and a whole lot more.

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