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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of September 20, 2004 on B&B
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Monday, September 20, 2004

Stephanie and Eric are talking. She tries to tell Eric that Thorne experienced deep emotional feelings because he thought he was never good enough. He gave them all the caring and loyalty that he could, but, the criminal behavior belonged to them for not returning the feelings to Thorne.

Clarke is making a big speech and complimenting Thorne on a job well done. Darla sees that Thorne is suffering from a guilt trip for doing what he did to his family.

Ridge comes into the room where Mom and Dad are. He is livid. "Someone will be prosecuted if they are ever found out", comments Ridge. He has called Johnathan, the companies' lawyer. He looks around. Johnathan tells him that there is really nothing that can be done. Thorne put the line into production first, has the patterns, and the odds are that he will win.

Thorne asks Darla, "did he win his families respect for doing all of this." Eric is telling Stephanie that all is fine. She says just give up what you need to, in order to plant, plant and plant. Stephanie is telling Eric that they are partially responsible for the way that Thorne is. Stephanie says that she will give up everything in the company if she has to, but she will not give up her son. Ridge still wants to prosecute, but this time, Stephanie speaks up, and says, no. Thorne is coming in first this time. Stephanie says that she has to make it better and she is going to see Thorne. Eric goes also.

Ridge tells Brooke that he has to go away for awhile to do some repair work on the distributors. She says she understands. She tries to explain to Ridge how his parents must be feeling also. They feel they must make things right.

Darla is comforting Thorne. Eric and Stephanie walk in to see Thorne. Stephanie says that it is so sad that it took something like this to get your parents to notice you. It also took someone very loyal to you, to help you. So much of our success is because of you. The collection is yours. It is our gift to you. They tell him that they respect him for doing what he did and for going through with it at all cost. They respect him for making them see what they did to him. They also love him, because he is their son. Stephanie and Thorne fall into each other's arms crying and Eric stands nearby smiling at the two of them.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

At Spectra, Stephanie and Eric told Thorne that they totally forgive him for stealing their collection. Eric told Thorne that he can keep the collection as a gift from them and enjoy the profits. Eric asked in return that Thorne come back to Forrester Creations. Eric and Stephanie continued to stress to Thorne just how much they really love him and how sorry that he ever had to question their love.

At home, Ridge tried to leave things on a good note with Thomas before he left for his trip. Ridge told Thomas that he still does not want Thomas to have a relationship with Amber. Ridge told Thomas, however that he loves him. Thomas left and immediately made plans to meet Amber in secret in the back office of the Insomnia. Brooke told Ridge that she will miss him while he is away on business.

At the Insomnia, Amber and Thomas made love in the back office. Meanwhile, Caitlin told Stephanie that Amber had taken a job at the Insomnia, where Thomas often goes.

Stephanie went to the Insomnia to check things out. While she was drinking coffee, Stephanie noticed Thomas coming out of a back room while adjusting his pants. Stephanie found her way to the back room and discovered Amber getting dressed. Amber lied and said she was dressing for work. Stephanie was so disgusted with Amber that she slapped her in the face.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004


Stephanie walks into the office at the Insomnia to find Amber practically dressed. Amber tries to lie, but Stephanie knows what has just happened. She slaps Amber and demands that Amber leave Thomas alone. Stephanie agrees not to go to the police if Amber will leave town.

Rick, having a coffee at the Insomnia, sees Thomas come in. He stops Thomas and tells him to stay away from Amber. Rick leaves and Thomas enters the office to find Stephanie with Amber. Stephanie urges Amber to tell Thomas that it is over.

In Massimo's office, Jackie enters to find Deacon inside, waiting for Massimo. She wonders why Massimo has asked to see both of them. Massimo comes in and tells them both that there have been many secrets. Jackie is sure that he knows about her and Deacon and starts to explain. Massimo stops her and announces that he has bought her an entire chain of clothing stores, renamed "Jackie M." Jackie is speechless, then wonders why Deacon was asked to come to the meeting. Massimo offers Deacon the vice presidency of the new clothing stores.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

After realizing that Stephanie would not give in and continue to let Amber and Thomas continue their relationship, Amber tells Thomas they never had a chance. When Stephanie threatens Amber with the police, she tells Thomas that it has to end. Stephanie took Thomas and left Insomnia, but came back and told Amber not to feel sorry for herself and told Amber one last time to stay away from Thomas.

After making love in the office, Jackie and Massimo were talking about what had happened between them. Massimo told Jackie if there was anything else she needed to tell him about what happened when they were apart, now was the time to do it. Jackie told him she would prefer to continue this conversation at home. When Massimo leaves to take care of some business, Deacon comes into the office and tries to talk to Jackie about their relationship. Deacon tries to talk Jackie into leaving Massimo and coming back to him by telling her that she won't be happy with Massimo. Jackie told Deacon that she loves her husband and he is just a friend as Massimo walks back to the office door. Deacon tells Jackie he loves her and Massimo hears it. Jackie leaves to go home and Massimo walks into the office. When Deacon tries to leave, Massimo will not let him pass.

Friday, September 24, 2004

Massimo is outraged when he finds out that Deacon has slept with his wife. So incensed that he informs Deacon it was the costliest mistake he will ever make. He overheard everything that Deacon was saying to Jackie. "Yes," admits Deacon, "your wife and I had a thing. You had thrown her out -- kicked her to the curb." Massimo calls Deacon a complete failure. He has failed at everything in his life. Jackie enters the room to discover that Massimo knows about Deacon and her. Massimo says that he is learning things about her that he never knew.

Stephanie brings Thomas home to Brooke. Brooke learns that Thomas was with Amber, thus disobeying the court restraining order. Stephanie says that when she arrived Thomas had gone out for a snack because they had worked up quite an appetite. She found Amber getting dressed. Thomas heads up to his room leaving a brief moment for Brooke and Stephanie to talk. Stephanie says to Brooke that "it is very apparent that Thomas needs a mother." Brooke goes to Thomas' room. He tells Brooke that there was one person in his life that made him feel important -- and that they all wanted to take her away from him. Brooke tells Thomas that she thinks if Taylor were there, she would be saying, "I'm so proud of you, Thomas. The way you like to take care of the family -- people will love you and let you know that." Thomas asks the person talking was his mother or Brooke. Brooke makes a trip to Amber's place. She and Amber talk and Amber reminds her of the feelings that she had when everyone was against her. Now, she feels the same way. Amber asks Brooke to give her the chance that Stephanie had never given her [Brooke].

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