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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of September 27, 2004 on B&B
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Monday, September 27, 2004

Amber and Brooke talked. Amber tried to explain that she was not just infatuated with Thomas. They were in love with each other, and she had not seduced him. She told Brooke that she'd thought Brooke would understand, knowing what had happened to her in the past. She told Brooke that perhaps she was more like Stephanie than she cared to admit. She asked Brooke to please give her the time to prove that she and Thomas did care about each other, and then they could be like her and Ridge -- and no one would doubt their love for each other.

Amber showed Brooke the necklace that Thomas had given her, because he'd wanted to and not because their whole relationship was based on sex. Brooke told Amber that she'd better start packing because she only had a short time to get out of town. Brooke left. A short time later, there was a knock at the door.

Brooke had returned, but this time, she was not alone. She had Detective Webber with her. He issued one final ultimatum to Amber. She would either leave immediately, or she would be put in jail. Brooke ripped the necklace off of Amber -- the necklace that Thomas had given to her -- and told Amber that it was over.

Massimo told Jackie that he knew about her and Deacon. She had been with him when she hadn't returned home that one night. She had been having an affair with him. Deacon tried to help her out, but she was determined that Massimo would only hear the truth. She told him that she had been very lonely and hadn't known what to do. She had loved Massimo her whole life. Massimo told her that he considered her to be the one love of his life. He collapsed on the floor, leaving a weeping Jackie calling for help while lying over his body.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

At Marone Industries, Massimo collapsed while arguing with Jackie and Deacon when he learned of their affair. At the hospital, Jackie and Deacon decided to make up a story before Nick arrived.

Meanwhile, on the Shady Marlin, Felicia asked Nick if she could meet his parents. Nick told her that Massimo had purchased the Montgomery Company, a chain of clothing stores. Nick proudly told Felicia that he would be president while Jackie was CEO. Felicia gently told Nick that he had no fashion sense, but she could help. Nick received word from Deacon that Massimo had collapsed and was at the hospital. Nick rushed to the hospital. He spared Felicia from going, since she had recently spent much time in hospitals, dealing with her illness.

At Forrester Creations, Ridge warned Eric that they needed to do something to save their company -- immediately. He informed Eric that Thorne had done a lot of damage because buyers were not even aware that their line was canceled. Felicia was surprised that Ridge was at Forrester. She informed him that Massimo had collapsed. Ridge rushed to the hospital.

At the hospital, Nick caught Jackie crying in Deacon's arms. Nick visited Massimo. Nick called Massimo's name with hopes of arousing him. Nick begged Massimo to recover. Meanwhile, Mark informed Jackie that Massimo had suffered a massive stroke and might never walk or talk again.

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Nick tried to reach an unconscious Massimo. Jackie looked in and blamed herself for what had happened. Nick then told Ridge about Massimo's stroke and subsequent events. Felicia told Nick to keep hope alive because miracles could happen.

Ridge told Massimo that he regretted all the time he'd wasted not being with his biological father. Then, Jackie went into see Massimo and told him how much she truly loved him.

Deacon walked in to comfort Jackie, and the two of them embraced. Massimo's eyes opened, and he witnessed Jackie and Deacon hugging.

Thursday, September 30, 2004

Thorne was talking with his attorney about something he was planning, and Thorne said that he was the one that needed to put an end to the war in his family. While Eric and Stephanie were discussing the financial problems Forrester Creations was experiencing since Thorne had stolen the new line from them, the phone rang. Thorne was calling to request a meeting with Eric, Stephanie, and Ridge.

Ridge and Brooke were in bed when Eric called to tell Ridge about the meeting. Eric told Ridge he thought Thorne was calling the meeting to tell them he wanted to return to Forrester. Ridge refused to attend the meeting, but Eric pulled rank and ordered Ridge to be there.

When Ridge got out of bed to get dressed for the meeting, Brooke called Darla and asked if she could meet her. Brooke went to Spectra and asked Darla what the meeting was all about. Darla told Brooke she had no idea what was going on over at Forrester and told Brooke how Thorne had felt for years. Brooke told Darla there were better ways for Thorne to prove himself to his family besides trying to destroy Forrester. Darla agreed and said she hated how it had turned out and what it was doing to everyone.

Just after Ridge arrived at Forrester, Thorne walked into the office. He told Eric, Stephanie, and Ridge he wanted to return to Forrester and gave them a proposal to look at. Thorne told them the proposal was an offer for Spectra Couture to buy Forrester Creations. He stated his case and said they could take the offer or wait, but the longer they waited, the more the offer would decrease in value. He said Eric could stay on and continue as CEO or take an early retirement.

Thorne told Ridge he also had the option to stay and work for him, or he could take the buyout clause, and Brooke and Ridge could start another company together. Thorne told them he was tired of waiting to take control of the company he had been born to run and said it was time for him to take charge.

Friday, October 1, 2004

Ridge referred to Thorne as an extortionist. Thorne preferred to call the offer made to the Forresters a legitimate business offer, but Ridge felt that it was a disgrace and that Thorne was also. Ridge felt an ultimatum had been offered. Thorne disagreed. He'd offered to buy Forrester Creations, when it should have been passed down to him.

Eric commented that Thorne was demanding that they sell him the company. He said that if Thorne wanted to be part of the company again, he had to return. Thorne retaliated by stating that they would either do it, or he would take the Forresters down to their knees. Ridge thought Thorne was crazy. Thorne said that he'd had no self-esteem back then, and he wanted to return, but he knew that nothing would really change unless he made it happen -- and that was what he was going to do.

Thorne asked his parents to believe in him, because if it were Ridge, they would be jumping to do it for him. He loved them all, even Ridge. They had twenty-four hours to think about it. Thorne turned to Stephanie and acknowledged that she was the true matriarch of the company. She spoke outside the room to Thorne. She just wanted the whole thing to end and for it to be over. She understood what he was doing, and she was very proud of him. He told her, to "make it happen. [He needs] it to happen."

Thomas was looking at a series of pictures of Amber. Brooke said that there wouldn't be a problem with Ridge knowing about what had happened with Amber if he would give her his word that Amber was out of his life." Brooke assured Thomas that everything would get better. He left to take a drive in his car.

Caitlin went to see Amber. She wanted Amber to know that she appreciated what Amber had done for Thomas, and she had done the right thing. Amber said that what she and Thomas had was very special. Caitlin wanted Amber to know that she hadn't visited to upset her.

Amber elaborated about her feelings for Thomas. She told Caitlin that her feelings were as real for Thomas as hers were for Rick. Maybe not so in the beginning, but they had become that way. She was doing what everyone wanted her to do because she didn't want to hurt Thomas. She knew that if she called him, it would only make it that much worse. She admitted that maybe she was not good enough for Thomas, but she was good enough to walk away from him.

After Caitlin left, there was another knock at the door. Amber opened it and found a big bouquet of flowers being held out to her. Behind them stood Thomas. They embraced, and she was very happy to see him. He told her that the restraining order was only good in Los Angeles, and furthermore, it stated that she couldn't go near him and had nothing stating that he couldn't go to her. He intended to do just that. He said they would make it through together.

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