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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of October 4, 2004 on B&B
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Monday, October 4, 2004

Ridge and Eric are discussing what Thorne has laid down before them. Stephanie returns to the office, and announces that Thorne is not going to back down. Brooke enters the office and wants to know what is going on. She looks at the paperwork. Brooke sees this, not as a buyout offer but as a coup. Stephanie tells them all that Thorne feels like he is fighting for his pride and his self respect. Ridge and Brooke ask Stephanie if she is really thinking of Thorne's proposal. Brooke, Eric and Ridge vote no to letting Thorne buy the company. Ridge says that Thorne just needs to get over what has happened and move on. Brooke tells her that Forrester's is not a peace offering. Stephanie reminds her that she is not in charge and it is not up to her what they decide to do. Brooke comments that maybe she should be. Stephanie tells Brooke that she would rather go down in flames than to let her back into the company again.

Clarke tells Darla that he hopes this meeting won't be the beginning of the end. Darla tells him that she doesn't know what is going to happen. Thorne returns. Clarke questions Thorne. Clarke assumes that the deal with Forrester's is a done one. Darla is shocked. They both want to know if Thorne's intentions are to keep stealing the designs away from Forrester's. Clarke warns Thorne, that when Brooke finds out what happened, she'll come out fighting.

Amber and Thomas talk. Amber starts to freak out when Thomas tells her that Ridge is back in town. He laughs and tells her not to worry because he disabled the tracking device in the car and now Ridge won't know where he is. His caring for Amber, makes Amber say that it always makes it harder to say goodbye when someone is as good a person as he is. Amber tells Thomas that even though, Brooke isn't in her corner now, at one time she was, and it was because of her, that the Ambrosia line was such a success. Amber feels that God is trying to tell her something. She only knows that God won't let her have, once again, the one thing that she loves: ANd that is Thomas. Thomas realizes that Amber loves him and that he loves her also.

Tuesday, October 5, 2004

At Forrester Creations, Stephanie, Eric and Ridge argued about Brooke returning to Forrester Creations. Brooke proposed ideas about how to save Forrester Creations before Thorne destroys it. Eric advised Stephanie that Brooke has a vested interest in Forrester Creations. Eric tried to explain to Stephanie that Brooke could be more objective that he or Stephanie right now. Over, Stephanie's objections, Eric agreed to allow Brooke back into Forrester Creations.

Meanwhile, Thorne told Darla that he gave his parents and Ridge a bid to buy Forrester Creations. Darla was concerned over what would happen if they rejected his bid to buy the company?

At Amber's trailer in Furnace Creek, Amber and Thomas made love. Thomas told Amber that she is very classy. Amber advised Thomas that she does not want to come between him and his father. Thomas felt that his driving all the way to Furnace Creek to see Amber and risking trouble with the police should be proof enough for his family that he loves Amber.

Stephanie informed Thorne that his brother and father had rejected his bid to buy Forrester Creations. Stephanie explained to Thorne that he would never win respect by stealing designs. Stephanie again admitted to Thorne that she and Eric had made a mistake by choosing Ridge over him to run the company. Stephanie pleaded with Thorne to take the high road to gain respect, admiration and success.

Wednesday, October 6, 2004

Luis delivers the latest Forrester designs to the Spectra gang. Thorne, however, feels guilty for stooping as low as he did and tears the stolen goods.

Thorne then announces that he would like to hire Amber and a hesitant Felicia to design alongside Clarke. Thorne states he is determined to make Spectra a real family business.

After Stephanie's last minute plea, Eric develops second thoughts about bringing Brooke back on board.

Ridge tells Eric that it's too late because the press conference is about to begin.

Thursday, October 7, 2004

Nick and Jackie bring Massimo home from the hospital to finish recovering from his stroke. Jackie is talking to Massimo when Nick comes up and tells her he knows how hard this has been on her. Deacon walks in and Jackie asks him what he is doing there. Deacon says he's not sure and that Nick asked him to come over.

When asked by the press, Eric said he had no comment on whether Thorne had stolen their line of clothing. Ridge confirmed for the press that Thorne had stolen it after Eric told him not to say anything about it. To get the attention off of that subject, Brooke said "Let's get the attention back to where it belongs, on me." The press asked how Stephanie felt about Brooke's return to Forrester and Stephanie said she had no comment and walked out of the room.

Sally agrees to let Thorne take Spectra legitimate and then asks Felicia and Amber to come to Spectra to design for them. Thorne told Amber she was offered the job, not because of her past with Ridge and Thorne's feelings about Ridge, but because she was a talented designer and Amber agreed to come to work at Spectra.

After the meeting with Sally and Clark, Felicia and Thorne are talking about what he wants to do at Spectra. Thorne told Felicia he wanted her to lead him away from the dark side. Thorne also said he will support Felicia the way that their family hasn't. Felicia finally agreed to come to work at Spectra as a designer and work for Thorne.

Nick told Jackie and Deacon that Marone Industries is suffering since Massimo's stroke and the company needed all his attention. He said that is why he wanted Deacon to move into the house to help care for Massimo and to help Jackie out since Deacon can understand the work that is involved with the recovery that Massimo is facing.

After the press conference, Eric admitted to Stephanie that the press conference was a bad idea. Stephanie said it was too late and Brooke had won. Eric said he would look after her and that he would always be hers.

Amber came into Sally's office to tell Thorne about what has been going on in the last couple weeks. She told Thorne that the bad blood with Ridge was not completely in the past and Ridge has a restraining order against her.

Brooke and Ridge are in their living room about Amber, as Thomas listens from outside.

Ridge asked Brooke if Thomas saw Amber while he was out of town. Brooke said yes they had seen each other and that she and Stephanie had taken care of it. Brooke told Ridge that Amber was told to leave town or they would call the police. Brooke told Ridge he needed to talk to Thomas about what was going on when he asked her if anything had happened between Thomas and Amber. Thomas walked in and told Ridge and Brooke that he had made love with Amber.

Friday, October 8, 2004

Amber tells Thorne she has been seeing Thomas. Thorne asks her if she is afraid of Ridge. She tells him no but, he did serve her with a restraining order that she violated. Thorne says that he doesn't approve of what is going on, but if she wants the job, she's got it. He suggests that she also see a lawyer about what Ridge has done.

Thomas tells Ridge that he did make love to Amber, and he better get used to the idea that he is old enough to make his own decisions. Ridge, infuriated, decides to drive to Furnace Creek to see Amber in person, and just to make sure that Thomas doesn't follow, he takes the car keys away from Thomas.

Someone is wondering what would happen if Caitlin and Rick broke up. Would Amber drop Thomas in hopes of getting back with Rick again?

Jackie tells Deacon to leave the house, saying that it is totally inappropriate for him to be there.

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