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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of October 25, 2004 on B&B
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Monday, October 25, 2004

Ridge and Stephanie talk at the door. She tells Ridge that she thinks it is a good idea to have Amber staying at her place. She will be able to keep her eye on Amber and see what's really going on. Amber comes into the room after walking Thomas to the door. She makes a couple of comments to Ridge which causes him to believe this plan won't work. Stephanie says that if you put any undo pressure on Thomas, he will take Amber and they will leave. Stephanie tells Amber she doesn't believe in this relationship between her and Thomas, but she has no other alternative. When Amber leaves, Stephanie questions what Ridge had to say, but, he figured that his comments would be more believable if he were against their being together, anywhere. Stephanie feels that Amber has doubts about the relationship anyway.

At Spectra, Felicia, Sally, Clarke and Darla try to come up with designs of their own. Each has good ideas, but they have all ready been dismissed by Thorne, as missing something. They all talk about what might be said between Thorne and Eric. Sally feels that Eric is not a coward or a quitter, and he loves his family very much. In another office, Thorne is still talking with Eric. He tells his Dad, that when it came to him, he didn't expect as much. He didn't push him to exceed. It was always, "give the kid a break." His Dad's expectations for him were much lower than those set for Ridge. Don't push him, let him be. Thorne remembers taking all that was said, all those messages, and storing them in his mind. Eric is beginning to realize what Thorne has struggled with while growing up in Ridge's shadow. He wants this chance now and he is going to have it. He wants Eric's support, but no help. He wants to accomplish this on his own, on an even playing field. Eric tells him that he might fail, because he has never done anything like this before. Eric says that he will give him the chance. Eric wishes him luck, and Thorne tells him that he's the one that will need it. Later, Darla goes in to see Thorne. She tells him that he did the right thing and that she is proud of him. A meeting with "The Dream Team" gets Thorne's juices flowing. He looks at the designs of the team, and begins to feverishly draw something. He tells them all that he thinks he's got something. He takes the best of each of the designs and comes up with something absolutely stunning. Sally is overjoyed and the rest of the team know they are on the right track. Darla tells Thorne, that he has the magic also. It just needed to find it's way to the surface. Thorne is told that he is an artist, a visionary, and Darla reminds him that he can do anything.

Eric is at the drawing board at Forrester's. Samantha comes in and they talk. Eric tells her that he didn't have enough faith in Thorne. He believes that Thorne is a good businessman, but, he is not a designer. Eric tells her that he would love to be proved wrong, but asks what happens if he fails. Samantha says, if he fails, he will simply pick himself up. It won't kill him to fail. Eric still doesn't think that Thorne will be able to come up with anything.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

At Forrester Creations, Ridge and Brooke questioned who was handling Thorne's responsibilities. Dwight informed them that three different departments were now covering Thorne's job. Later, Ridge admitted to Brooke that he is lost without Thorne. Ridge blamed Darla for making Thorne think that he needed to do more than he was doing at Forrester Creations. Ridge reminisced about how he and Thorne were good friends and did things together after work. Ridge acknowledged that no one knew Ridge like Thorne did.

At Stephanie's, Amber questioned whether Eric was really okay with her living in their home? Stephanie assured Amber that Eric was fine with her being there. Amber told Stephanie that she really loves Thomas, but that her well-being does not depend on whether or not they are together as a couple or not. Amber tried to convince Stephanie that she has matured and she is not as insecure as when she was married to Rick.

Thorne told Stephanie that he is going to show Eric that he does have what it takes and he knows just how to accomplish this. Thorne informed Stephanie that he is going to propose that Spectra and Forrester have a fashion dual. Meanwhile at Spectra, Clarke had second thoughts about a dual. Sally and Darla encouraged him to keep the faith. Amber arrived and revealed to Clarke, Sally, Darla and Felicia that she is living with Stephanie and Eric. Amber told them that this is her chance to prove to Stephanie that she and Thomas are the real deal. Amber's prediction was that once Stephanie was on her side, Eric, Brooke and Ridge would be too. Clarke told Amber to keep dreaming because he predicted it would never happen.

Brooke visited Stephanie to tell her that her approach to handling Amber is all wrong. Stephanie told Brooke the reason that she is allowing Amber to live with her; they thought Amber was pregnant with Thomas's child. Brooke proposed that she and Stephanie team up to rid themselves of Amber.

Ridge accepted Thorne's proposal for a fashion dual. Ridge predicted that Thorne would be crushed and then finished in running his own business.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Clarke questions Thorne about whether or not having this competition with Forrester was a good idea. Clarke is afraid they could fail when they are just now getting a good start, but Thorne insists that their designs are good enough to blow Ridge's designs off the runway. Thorne and his team head for Forrester.

At Forrester, Ridge is preparing for the showing. Stephanie wishes they would call the whole thing off. Ridge and Eric remind her that this was all Thorne's idea. When Thorne arrives, there is a press conference. The two brothers each announce that they will have the better designs.

At Massimo's, Deacon tries to comfort Jackie. Nick arrives to spend time with Massimo before the lawyer arrives. When the lawyer comes, he suggests that Nick have Massimo declared incompetent so that Nick can take control of Massimo's finances. Nick hesitates to do it, but the lawyer reminds him that it is purely a business decision.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Amber and Thomas walk into the show together and are greeted by the press. The press asks Amber what are Spectra's chances against Forrester. Amber tells them to stick around and see for themselves and that they won't be disappointed. Rick and Caitlin walk by and notice Amber talking and posing for the reporters. Caitlin says she hopes Amber does well, but Rick guarantees a Forrester win.

Stephanie comes up to Thorne and tells him it's not too late to back out of the show. Thorne tells Stephanie this is his chance to crawl out from Ridge's shadow and finally get Eric's respect. Stephanie hugs Thorne and tells him she loves him no matter what happens.

As they are making last minute adjustments to their dresses, Ridge tells Eric that Forrester has this show "wrapped up" and Eric tells him to be too overconfident that Thorne and Felicia have worked very hard over at Spectra on their collection.

Sally is on the runway to start the fashion show like a ringmaster starts a boxing match. She calls Forrester the reigning champion while introducing Spectra as the up and coming contender. Forrester's first round of designs get a better review than Spectra's but as the second round comes onto the runway; Jarrett says the Spectra designs are in the same league as Forrester, if not superior.

After Stephanie tells Eric how good the Spectra designs are Eric looks between the curtains at Spectra's third set. He smiles and says "way to go Thorne."

While Brooke is on the runway announcing the time has come for the show stoppers, Thorne tells Darla he is having second thoughts on having the contest so soon. Darla tells him everything will be fine. Thorne says he doesn't want fine, he wants to blow Forrester away. Thorne walks over to his employees and models and tells them they are all winners and that he is proud to work with each and every one of them.

As Spectra's show stopper comes onto the runway, Jarrett says that the design is marvelous, but the audience seems to prefer the Forrester collection and Jarrett declares Forrester the winner of the contest.

Backstage, Stephanie comes up to Thorne and tells him he is wanted out front. Thorne comes out to a nice applause and looks over to see Ridge, Brooke and Eric smiling and clapping. Thorne brings out the Spectra team and says this collection was a team effort. Eric comes up on stage and tells Thorne he is proud of him and that he has done a good job at Spectra with this collection.

Thursday, October 29, 2004


Thorne and Ridge discuss the showing. Thorne wonders why Ridge can't just admit that Thorne did a good job. Thorne is happy that Eric seemed to appreciate Thorne's hard work. Ridge still thinks Thorne will come crawling back to Forrester when Spectra fails, but Thorne says he will never go back to the dungeon at Forrester.

Eric and Stephanie are discussing Thorne when Darla enters. Darla thanks Eric for showing Thorne some support. She says that Eric will never know how much Thorne needed to see that from his father.

Nick and Felicia discuss the showing. Felicia explains to Nick how Ridge has always been #1 among the Forrester children. Now Thorne has the chance to shine.

Thorne is alone on the quiet runway when Eric, Stephanie and Darla enter. Eric tells Thorne how proud he is of the work Thorne has done. He says that Thorne has proved that he can be successful in this business. Felicia enters and stands in the doorway, watching Eric and Thorne. Ridge watches and listens from behind a curtain. Eric tells Thorne how much he loves him. Stephanie joins him and Eric tells her how proud he is of their "only son." That phrase echoes in Ridge's mind.

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