The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of November 15, 2004 on B&B

Jackie learned that she owned the entire chain of Jackie M boutiques. Before leaving for Milan, Rick broke things off with Caitlin. Stephanie urged Brooke to side with Thorne, saying it would make her a true Forrester. Brooke asked Ridge to back off from the ultimatum he had issued Thorne.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of November 15, 2004 on B&B
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Monday, November 15, 2004

Thorne informed the Spectra group that Stephanie and Eric were trying to reunite the family, and he didn't understand why Ridge couldn't see that.

Thorne pleaded with Brooke to stop the war and told her that only she had the power. Rick apologized to Caitlin for not making time for her and invited her out to Café Russe. Later, Caitlin lifted Thomas' spirits by giving him a friendly hug.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

At Forrester Creations, Brooke informed Eric and Stephanie that she had informed Thorne that Ridge had given an ultimatum to Nick to not carry the Spectra Couture line in the Jackie M Boutiques. Ridge had threatened Nick that if he did carry the Spectra line, Ridge would pull the Forrester Creations line out of all of the Jackie M Boutiques. Eric and Stephanie agreed that Ridge had no authority to issue any ultimatum to Nick. Brooke explained that Ridge was trying to hurt Thorne out of revenge for overhearing Eric after the showing tell Thorne that he was Eric's only son. Brooke tried to explain how hurt Ridge had been by what he'd overheard.

Meanwhile, Thorne paid Nick a visit to discuss the ultimatum. Nick agreed that if the ultimatum were lifted, he would carry the Spectra line.

At Café Russe, Rick told Caitlin that while he was in Milan for an undetermined amount of time, he wanted her to have a normal teenage life. He told Caitlin that he did not want her to lose her teenage years, tied up in a relationship with him, as he had been tied up with Amber when he'd been a teenager. Caitlin was very upset when Rick said he was not putting his life on hold while he would be in Milan, and he did not want Caitlin to, either. Caitlin was heartbroken and left the restaurant.

Back at Forrester Creations, Thorne appealed to Eric, Stephanie, and Brooke to support him at Spectra and to allow the Spectra line to be sold in the Jackie M Boutiques.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004


In Eric's office, Thorne told his family how upset he was that Ridge was trying to ruin Thorne's chances at a successful collection. Against Brooke's wishes, Stephanie told Thorne that Ridge had overheard Eric and Stephanie telling Thorne that Thorne was their only son. Brooke said they didn't really know if that was the reason that Ridge was trying to hurt Spectra. Thorne asked Brooke to overrule Ridge, since she was majority stockholder, and allow Forrester to share shelf space with Spectra.

Thomas went to Stephanie's, looking for Amber, but no one was home. Rick arrived, looking for Eric, to say goodbye before his flight to Milan. Rick told Thomas that he and Caitlin were taking a break from their relationship while Rick was away. Thomas was upset with Rick for hurting Caitlin. Rick told Thomas that he was not old enough to understand.

In her room, Caitlin remembered how Rick had broken things off with her. She was crying when Hector entered the room. He comforted his daughter and told her that Rick wouldn't ever find anyone as beautiful on the inside as Caitlin. Samantha paused in the hallway outside the room and listened as Caitlin wondered if she'd ever have the strong relationship that Hector and Samantha had. After Hector left, Caitlin got a phone call from Thomas, who told her that he was there for her if she needed a friend.

Thursday, November 18, 2004


Thorne and Darla stopped by to see Brooke at home. They thanked her for agreeing to plead Spectra's case to Ridge. Brooke reminded them that she hadn't promised or agreed to anything. Thorne was sure that she would make the right choice. Ridge called to tell Brooke he was on his way home from the airport. Thorne and Darla left.

Ridge arrived with gifts and kisses for R.J. and Brooke. He unwound on the couch and told Brooke about all the damage control he'd done in Europe. All the European distributors had wanted to know if Thorne had really stolen Forrester's designs and why Forrester didn't have a fall showing. Ridge was glad that he wouldn't have to share shelf space with Spectra's designs.

Brooke questioned why Ridge was forcing Nick to choose between Forrester and Spectra at Jackie M. Ridge told her it was all just good business decisions, but Brooke felt it was all more personal. She gently encouraged him to reconsider his stance on Spectra. Ridge told her that between him and her, they had the majority of stock in Forrester. He asked her to support his choice, but Brooke said no.

Thomas took coffee and muffins to Caitlin in her office. He told her that he would be there for her if she needed to talk. Caitlin asked him for a hug, just as Amber passed by in the hallway. Amber angrily turned and left. After Thomas left the office, Amber entered. She acted very sweet to Caitlin and offered to be her friend if she wanted to hang out or talk. Caitlin appreciated the offer, telling Amber she could use a friend right then. Amber left and paused in the hallway to say to herself that as long as Caitlin stayed away from Thomas, they could be friends.

Thorne and Darla went back to Spectra to find Stephanie there. The three of them discussed Brooke as the last chance for Spectra's designs to be on major retailers' shelves. Darla had hope that Brooke would make the right decision and go against Ridge. Stephanie wasn't so sure. She knew that Brooke had finally become Mrs. Ridge Forrester, and Brooke wouldn't risk rocking the boat by supporting Thorne over Ridge.

Friday, November 19, 2004

Deacon continued to weasel his way into Jackie's good graces by continuing to side with her as he tried to convince her not to let Nick force her out of her professional role at Jackie M. Deacon just happened to find a copy of the purchase agreement papers for the new company lying around Massimo's place, and he and Jackie marveled over the fact that her name was the only one on the documents, making her the sole owner of Jackie M. Jackie realized she couldn't be forced out of her own company, as she owned the entire chain, but even that didn't bring a smile to her face. Deacon was evidently more enthusiastic about the news and convinced a reluctant Jackie to get out of the house and celebrate owning her own company, "lock, stock, and barrel."

Deacon surprised Jackie by taking her to Jackie M, where two employees were busy preparing the store for the next day's grand opening. They showed their boss what they'd accomplished thus far, and, although she appeared excited at first, Jackie confided in Deacon that her being there felt wrong, as the whole store was Massimo's idea. Moments later, though, Jackie was back in the saddle as she quickly taught the two staff members quick European to American dress size and currency conversions before the big day.

Across town, Stephanie and Eric debated over who was at fault for the rift between their two sons. Eric beat himself up for letting Ridge overhear him call Thorne his only son. Thorne and Darla stopped over and questioned Eric as to whether he'd made any leeway with Ridge. Eric's negative response prompted the four of them to wonder what was transpiring between Brooke and Ridge at that moment.

At Brooke and Ridge's place, Brooke tried to convince Ridge to withdraw his ultimatum, to no avail. Ridge, assuming the two were still in agreement, reminded Brooke that they were the majority stockholders and, thereby, could not be defeated. The doorbell rang, interrupting their discussion, and Thorne, Darla, Eric, and Stephanie arrived to confront Ridge, who demanded they all leave. Thorne agreed, saying they would all do so as soon as they re-voted and reversed Ridge's decision. Thorne then turned to Brooke and implored her to do the right thing -- vote against it.

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