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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of November 29, 2004 on B&B
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Monday, November 29, 2004

Ridge agrees family is more important than business, but refuses to let the Forrester brand issue drop and threatens to take legal action. Eric pulls rank on Ridge and allows Thorne to use the Forrester name on the Spectra label. A furious Ridge leaves, then forms a plan to instate himself as the new CEO of Forrester Creations.

Nick anxiously awaits Massimo's return from his medical treatment. After the treatment, Massimo miraculously communicates to Nick that he wants his Marone ring.

As Deacon and Jackie get ready for work, Jackie thanks Deacon for sticking by her through this tough time.

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

In his office at Forrester Creations, Ridge informed Stephanie that he is drafting a resolution to name himself as CEO of Forrester Creations. Ridge rationalized his decision by explaining to Stephanie that Eric is not willing to do what is best for Forrester Creations because is would mean turning his back on Thorne. Ridge was adamant that Spectra should not have the Forrester trademark on their clothing.

Hector and Samantha used their time alone in their house to make love. Their lovemaking turned to an argument when Samantha suggested that they buy a much larger house in Beverly Hills. Samantha voiced her unhappiness about the living space in the house. Samantha offered to pay for a house in Beverly Hills. Hector vehemently objected to any move, especially to Beverly Hills. Samantha left the house in anger.

At Forrester Creations, Eric met with Caitlin and Thomas. He proposed that they work together on an Ingénue Project that Rick had started before he left for Paris. Eric's proposal was that Caitlin and Thomas conduct marketing research to discover new ways to market the Ingénue line to young people. Later Thomas was discussing with Caitlin that he should "thank Rick" for going to Paris. Caitlin admitted how much she is still hurting over her break-up with Rick. Caitlin apologized for hurting Thomas in the past. Thomas explained that it no longer hurts him because he is a different person since he became involved with Amber. Caitlin noticed how well Thomas could draw. Thomas revealed that he does not want his family to know of his talent because he is not sure what he wants to do with it yet.

Meanwhile, Ridge nixed all of Stephanie's pleas to not oust Eric as CEO of Forrester Creations. Stephanie predicted to Ridge that if he ousted Eric as CEO, he would kill Eric.

Wednesday, December 1, 2004


Stephanie tries to convince Brooke to go against Ridge's decision to remove Eric as CEO of Forrester. Brooke attempts to explain to Stephanie that it is not about revenge, but it is a good business move. Stephanie insists that it will permanently tear the family apart if Ridge takes over Eric's job.

Meanwhile, Thorne calls Nick and tells him that Spectra's designs can be sold in Jackie M. Thorne happily tells him to send over an order and Spectra will be on the shelves by the time the store opens.

Nick and Ridge meet at Massimo's hospital room, which is empty. They are wondering what happened to Massimo when the door opens. Massimo is walking with the assistance of his doctors. He is able to take a few steps before they sit him in a chair. He says a few words and the boys place their hands on top of his.

Eric takes Samantha out for a nice lunch. She tells him that she is not complaining about her new life, but it has been an adjustment. Eric tells her that all families go through adjustment periods, but Eric feels that his family is back on track now.

Thursday, December 2, 2004

Stephanie begs Brooke to try to convince Ridge not to force Eric out as Forrester CEO. The two watch as Eric effectively deals with an employee and Stephanie informs Brooke that she will be indebted to her for the rest of her life if she can get Ridge to back down from his current threats. Brooke leaves the office and Eric and Stephanie talk. Eric says he hopes Ridge understands why he overruled his decision not to let Thorne put his name on the label of Spectra creations. He sees the memo about the board meeting and asks Stephanie what it's all about. She tells Eric not to mark it on his calendar.

Ridge and Nick visit Massimo at the hospital. He recognizes them and calls them his sons. They marvel over his progress but do not answer him when he asks about Jackie. Nick asks the doctors to take their father to his therapy class then tells Ridge Jackie hasn't visited Massimo once and that's the want he wants to keep it. He tells Ridge that Massimo's stroke was a result of his finding out about Jackie's affair with Deacon. He ridicules himself for then employing Deacon to take care of Massimo after he had the stroke saying it must have killed Massimo to see Deacon and Jackie together and not be able to say anything about it. Ridge is surprised and angry. Nick vows to keep them apart for fear his father will have another relapse.

In the meantime Deacon surprises Jackie at her office after hours with a gift. Before she opens it she thanks him for all of his wonderful contributions with the store and assistance with recent transitions in her life. They share a passionate kiss. Jackie opens her gift of expensive lingerie and quickly changes into it. Deacon removes his jacket and kisses her but Jackie hesitates saying they can't make love there, hinting that she couldn't do it out of respect for Massimo.

Ridge goes home and finds Brooke there. He attempts to fill her in about the affair but Brooke tells him she already knows. They talk a little about Ridge's impending ultimatum to his father and Ridge remains firm saying if Eric wants to help Thorne make a name at Spectra he'll have to do it without being CEO of Forrester Creations. He goes to tuck in the kids and Brooke hears Stephanie's voice in her head repeat her vow of eternal gratitude.

Friday, December 3, 2004

Nick and Felicia talk in Massimo's office at Marone Industries. Felicia has just received Jackie M's order but Nick tells her to disregard it. Felicia tells Nick that Ridge cannot hold Forrester to an exclusivity clause. She then tells Nick she's leaving for Paris effective immediately freeing him up to pursue love and find the woman of his dreams.

Ridge shows up at Eric's office where Eric, Stephanie, Thorne, and Darla anxiously await his arrival. Ridge tells them all he wants to talk to Eric alone and, when they leave, the two men converse. Eric praises Ridge for his accomplishments, admitting he has often been jealous of his son's creativity and genius, but acknowledges Thorne is his son as well and deserves his assistance. The two men embrace as Stephanie, Thorne, and Darla return, this time with Brooke in tow. Ridge tells his father he has made bad business decisions and would like to replace him as Forrester CEO. Eric attacks Ridge calling him the enemy and tells him he's growing increasingly aware of the Marone blood pumping through Ridge's veins. Eric maintains he still made the right decision letting Thorne's name appear on Spectra labels and threatens to fight Ridge all the way on this matter. Ridge tells him that he and Brooke own the majority of voting shares and that Ridge will be CEO once they cast a vote. Stephanie implores Brooke to make the right decision.

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The Bold and the Beautiful's Matthew Atkinson is back
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