The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of December 6, 2004 on B&B

Anxious to save Jackie from Deacon's clutches, Massimo checked himself out of the hospital. Massimo found Jackie and Deacon together in Massimo's home, and Massimo pulled a gun on Deacon. Nick burst through the door and went for the gun. Ridge was crushed when Brooke voted for Eric to continue as Forrester's CEO. Ridge decided that there was nothing left for him at Forrester Creations.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of December 6, 2004 on B&B
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Monday, December 6, 2004

Brooke was torn between loyalty to her husband and doing the right thing as the vote to decide whether or not Eric would continue to act as CEO of Forrester approached. Brooke appeared to be swayed after Ridge told her that he was concerned about his family's welfare, but ultimately she voted against Ridge, hurting him in the process.

Meanwhile, Deacon tried to convince Nick that he was truly in love with Jackie. Nick told Deacon that Deacon should leave their family alone, but Deacon replied that forcing him to leave Jackie would be just like the time that Ridge had forced Nick to leave Brooke.

Later, Deacon promised Jackie that they would win Nick over eventually.

Tuesday, December 7, 2004

Eric dictated to Megan for the record that Stephanie, Eric, Thorne, and Brooke had not supported Ridge's bid to assume the position of CEO of Forrester Creations. He added that Eric authorized Thorne to use the Forrester Creations name and explicitly to use the Forrester Creations trademark.

Stephanie tried to comfort Ridge and advised he should take the day off. Ridge announced that he was not finished. Ridge made another pitch for why he should run the company -- he could make difficult decisions that Eric could not make. When Ridge's last effort failed, he told everyone in the room that there was nothing left for him at Forrester Creations and then left the room.

At Marone Industries, Sally predicted anything could happen at the Forrester meeting about Thorne and Spectra. Sally was curious if Nick still had feelings for Brooke. Nick informed Sally that he and Felicia had broken off their relationship because they'd had too many things going on. Nick later reminisced about Brooke.

In his office, Ridge was angry at Brooke for siding with Thorne. Brooke tried to get through to Ridge that she had sided with Thorne only to keep the family together and from fighting. Ridge would not listen to Brooke. Ridge indicated that he was offended that no one, including his wife, trusted him to run Forrester Creations. Ridge surprised Brooke by telling her that his parents had finally managed to get between them. Ridge told Brooke that he would see her at home and abruptly left.

Wednesday, December 8, 2004


Ridge told Eric that he was taking some time off indefinitely. Eric tried to convince him not to go, but Ridge said that with Thomas and Amber, and with Massimo's illness, it was all too much to deal with at that time. Eric asked Ridge not to let Brooke's decision affect their marriage. Ridge said she'd get what she deserved. Ridge received a phone call from Massimo's doctor asking him to get to the clinic right away.

When Ridge arrived at the clinic, Massimo was agitated and kept repeating, "Get him." Ridge didn't understand what Massimo wanted. After Ridge left, the doctor told Massimo that a nurse would be there soon to administer a sedative. Massimo said that he didn't want a sedative, but the doctor insisted that it would make him feel better. The doctor left, and Massimo picked up his watch and ring from the nightstand. He thought about Deacon and Jackie together.

Deacon took Jackie back to Massimo's house. She wanted to pick up some more clothes because she didn't have enough at Deacon's house. Deacon again tried to persuade Jackie to leave the house permanently. Jackie wasn't ready to break up her family.

Nick stopped by to see Brooke. He had heard what had happened and wanted to make sure she was okay. Brooke assured him that it was only a bump in the road for her and Ridge's marriage. Ridge arrived at home and saw Nick standing close to Brooke, promising to be there for her if she ever needed anything. Ridge told Nick about his visit to Massimo. Nick left. Ridge told Brooke how crushed he was that she hadn't supported his decision to replace Eric as CEO.

Later, Massimo was in a taxi, and the driver asked where he wanted to go. Massimo managed to say, "Bel Air." Massimo thought to himself that he was going to save his wife from the devil.

Thursday, December 9, 2004

Brooke tried to explain to Ridge why she had voted against him. He asked her how she could side with the family against him when he had stuck up for her so many times. Brooke told Ridge that he was the best thing to happen to Forrester, but his becoming CEO would've destroyed the family and caused nothing but tension. She asked him if he wanted a strong wife such as herself, or a pushover like Darla.

Much to Brooke's surprise, Ridge chose Darla. However, the two quickly made up and shared a kiss. Ridge admitted that her independence and fiery temperament were what had caused him to fall in love with her. The two bragged over the indestructibility of their relationship.

Nick showed up at the hospital, looking for his father. While the doctors scrambled around trying to locate their missing patient, assuring Nick that he was around there somewhere, Massimo took a cab to his home with images of Deacon, taunting him, dancing around in his head. He arrived and found the door unlocked. He entered and called out for Jackie.

Meanwhile, an unsuspecting Deacon and Jackie were talking in her bedroom. Jackie told Deacon she wanted to be with him but could not continue the sexual part of their relationship while Massimo was in the condition he was in. Deacon agreed to give her all the time she needed. He grabbed Jackie's suitcases, and they headed downstairs. Massimo overheard them playfully teasing each other. Mistaking Jackie's screams and pleas for Deacon to "stop" for real terror, Massimo found his gun and deliberated using it.

Friday, December 10, 2004

Stephanie and Eric discussed Ridge taking time away from Forrester. Stephanie thought he was punishing them. Eric said Ridge needed time to focus on his family. He then accused Stephanie of hoping the recent family crisis would cause a rift in their son's marriage. Stephanie denied it, saying she had been surprised when Brooke sided with them. She even went so far as to admit Brooke might be stronger than Stephanie had given her credit for. Eric informed her that it would take a lot more than a business squabble to break apart Brooke and Ridge.

Jackie thought she heard something in the next room. Deacon convinced her otherwise, and they continued their passionate romp on the couch. Meanwhile, Dominic called the house. Massimo answered and said that he was going to "save" Dominic's mother. Dominic panicked and picked up Ridge. The two headed over to their father's place.

Stephanie visited Brooke at home and thanked her for her support. Brooke filled Stephanie in on the entire Jackie/Massimo saga. Stephanie joked that Deacon could really get around. The two feared a confrontation would trigger another stroke, or something worse.

Over at his place, Massimo entered the living room and saw Jackie and Deacon kissing on the couch. Memories began to flood back. He put the gun away in his pocket and called out to Jackie. He told her she was the one who had made it possible for him to walk and talk again and expressed some anger over the fact that she had never gone to visit him. Jackie explained that she hadn't known where he had been undergoing treatment, and they hugged.

While they embraced, Deacon tried to make a quick exit. Massimo pointed the gun at him and said he wasn't going anywhere. He told Deacon that he remembered everything and demanded that Deacon admit he had only been using Jackie. Deacon refused, and Massimo told a petrified Jackie that she didn't know the type of man Deacon was. Nick burst through the door and jumped on Massimo's back in an attempt to grab his weapon. The gun went off, and Jackie screamed.

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