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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of December 20, 2004 on B&B
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Monday, December 20, 2004

Bridget breaks down and confesses to Brooke that she's feeling lost and desires to have what Brooke has with Ridge.

Unbeknownst to anyone else, Deacon has a plan and invites Paige to join him for dinner. Deacon then cancels his plans with Jackie, saying it would be a good night for Jackie to spend time with Nick.

When Nick and Paige meet up later, Paige tells Nick that she is going to have dinner with Deacon at Café Russe, which is the same place Nick is taking Jackie for dinner.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

At the Café Russe, Nick arranged for Jackie to see Deacon with Paige. When Jackie arrived, she lectured Nick that if he had his own love life, he would not be preoccupied with her and Deacon. Deacon arrived with Paige and sat at another table. Nick took Jackie over to see Deacon with Paige. Nick's plan backfired when Jackie revealed that she and Deacon had planned to introduce Paige to Nick, so Nick could date her.

At home, Brooke informed Ridge that Bridget had returned from Copenhagen and would be staying with them through the holidays. After a conversation with Bridget, Brooke felt that she and Deacon were the source of Bridget's problem. Bridget had revealed that she felt as though she would never be able to have a normal relationship due to her past relationship with Deacon and Brooke's relationship with him. Ridge advised Brooke that they would tackle Bridget's problem together as a family.

When Brooke went upstairs to prepare for a bath and relaxation with Ridge, Bridget approached Ridge. He told her that he feels partially responsible for her feeling badly about herself. Ridge said he felt guilty about having had Bridget live with him and the children after Taylor died. Ridge felt Bridget should have been doing other things. Ridge credited Bridget for saving him from his feelings of grief after Taylor died. Bridget realized she and Ridge had feelings for one another, but that they both moved on. Ridge thanked Bridget for having helped him through his grief over Taylor's death; otherwise, he and Brooke may have not been able to get together. Bridget was surprised to hear Ridge credit her for him and Brooke being together. Brooke came into the room and witnessed Bridget and Ridge embracing.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Amber's maternal instinct comes out when she holds R.J., but as Stephanie reminds her, Thomas is definitely not even close to being ready for fatherhood.

Eric asks Ridge to come back to the company, but Ridge declines. Not wanting to ruin the holiday due to tension with one another, both Thorne and Ridge tell their parents that they will be doing their own thing for Christmas this year. Neither realizes that they are leaving Stephanie and Eric alone for the holidays. Spectra hasn't done as well as the gang had hoped, so Sally secretly makes the bold move of increasing the size of Thorne's name in the logo.

Thursday, December 23, 2004

It's Christmas Day. Massimo appears to have made a complete recovery and tells Dominic he is very fortunate for all he has but the two remain in a very Scrooge-like mood. The two sit alone in Massimo's den saying they are happy to be spending a non-traditional Christmas alone in silence. Brooke and Ridge show up and invite the two over to their house. Nick and Massimo rush out of the house with a handful of gifts for the kids like two bats out of hell implying they didn't really want to be alone after all. Amber calls and tells Ridge that Stephanie and Eric are all alone. Ridge says they'll be right over and tells Brooke that they are taking the "show" on the road.

Thomas shows up at the firehouse surprising Caitlin with a bunch of toys for their annual toy drive. The two hand out gifts to a group of underprivileged children.

Friday, December 24, 2004

The Spectra gang anxiously awaits Amber's arrival so they can eat, but when the doorbell rings much to their surprise Ridge is on the other side.

Ridge declares that they will be taking this party on the road. Even though Stephanie and Eric knew they couldn't expect their sons to spend every holiday with them, this is the most depressing Christmas ever, until, the doorbell rings and the whole Forrester clan begins to file in, bringing with them holiday cheer. Ridge and Thorne arrive separately to an elated Stephanie and tell her that no matter what, family comes first at Christmas. Everyone enjoys the Christmas spirit and is thankful for family and friends.

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