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January 3 to 7, 2005
Nick got to experience up close and personal the relationship that Bridget and Ridge shared. Brooke was finally told about her daughter's broken engagement. Brooke asked Ridge to back off from Bridget. Caitlin decided to accept an invitation from Thomas. Massimo returned to work. Spectra Couture sales were up 20% while Forrester Designs were down 5%. Deacon suffered more and more "urges" where his tastes were concerned. When Thorne placed a call to Eric to apologize for Sally's misjudgment, he was greeted by an upbeat Eric who kept telling him how proud he was of him. Stephanie consoled her husband as he pondered whether his life was actually a success or a failure. Ridge finally went to Thorne and admitted his guilt in pushing Thorne over the edge and asked what they could to reunite their family.
January 10 to 14, 2005
Two strangers arrived at Forrester to see Eric's preview show. Ridge offered Thorne some advice on his Spectra Couture future. Deacon was close to slipping back into old habits. Brooke and Stephanie discussed the closeness between Bridget and Ridge. Brooke told Stephanie she has everything under control and that one mistake from Ridge would cost him their marriage. Thomas announced at breakfast, that with Amber's approval, he was taking Caitlin to the winter dance. Bridget had a new realization about feelings after she and Nick found a common bond of their own. Amber and Ridge had it out when they come face to face. Amber begged for a chance to prove herself, and then decides on revenge.
January 17 to 21, 2005
Ridge told Brooke about Amber's first visit to him, begging him for a chance to be understood and accepted. Ridge paid Caitlin a visit, but paused when he saw Caitlin and Thomas practicing their dance routine for the winter dance contest at school. Amber went to Brooke to warn her about the feelings that Ridge and Bridget share. To strengthen her case, Amber presented a photograph to Brooke, of what she thought was an incriminating picture of both Ridge and Bridget. Nick and Bridget showed signs of a growing friendship as he helped her to analyze her feelings about Ridge. Amber made matters worse when she told Brooke that after she took the picture, she left and she didn't know what happened between the two of them next. When Amber was confronted by Ridge, she told him that he was digging a hole for himself. Stephanie believed that Amber was purposely trying to cause trouble. Brooke confronted both Ridge and Bridget and begged them to search deep, and to admit to any feelings that either of them might still have for one another.
January 24 to 28, 2005
Bridget told Brooke that her feelings for Ridge will never again come between her mother and her husband. Sally offered Thorne partnership, but with stipulations amounting to $50 million dollars. After learning of Ridge's visit to Thorne, Eric prepared for Thorne's homecoming. Thorne decided to sell his shares in Forrester, and become a full partner in Spectra Couture. Deacon fell off the wagon, with a little help. Thorne arrived at his father's office and told him that he has decided to remain at Spectra and that he wants to sell his shares and buy into a full partnership. Eric refused to let him go and would not release his shares. Thorne decided the only way to settle all of this, is to have one final runway showing, with the winner getting Thorne. Bridget, Brooke and Ridge told Thomas what they believed Amber had done, and when Amber arrived, Ridge told Thomas to turn to Amber, and to tell her that they were through.
January 31 to February 4, 2005
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February 7 to 11, 2005
Deacon arrived drunk at a meeting for Jackie M. Massimo came clean to Nick about his involvement in getting Deacon to fall off the wagon. Amber trapped Bridget and Ridge in a mine shaft in order to clear the way to Thomas. Hector tried to console a very worried Brooke. Ridge kissed a dying Bridget on the lips as they waited to be rescued.
February 14 to 18, 2005
Amber made a call for help for Bridget and Ridge, as Clarke told her that he was looking at the evidence she wanted against Ridge. Thanks to Nick, Bridget and Ridge were rescued. Thomas and Caitlin won first prize and a trophy at the winter dance. Thomas said that he would take the trophy if she accepted a gift from him: a brooch. Brooke played pretend nurse for her patient, thinking it was Ridge, and was stunned when he realized it was actually Stephanie. Nick told Bridget he would take advantage of every opportunity to be with her. Eric told Stephanie that he decided to retire. Nick learned the lengths Massimo had gone to win Jackie back. Nick urged Jackie to give up Deacon and save herself and her family. Deacon prepared to fight the "devil" in him for Jackie.
February 21 to 25, 2005
Deacon pushes Jackie out of his life, so she can be happy with her family, making him miserable. It looks as though Deacon is headed for rehab and out of town. Ridge and Amber face off with each other threatening each other. Ridge threatens her with jail and she threatens him with exposure. Nick and Bridget get much closer to a relationship of their own. Stephanie's talk with Brooke confuses Brooke's new found strength about her relationship, with Ridge. Stephanie talks with Nick who is much more aware of his feelings for Bridget.
February 28 to March 4, 2005
Ridge showed Brooke yet another compromising picture of him and Bridget, thanks to Amber. Hector and Samantha decided that they had yet more things to work out before deciding on marriage. Brooke greeted Amber with a slap on the face for almost killing Ridge and her daughter, Bridget. Brooke was forced to question Ridge's loyalty again. Nick told Jackie of his feelings for Bridget, but she had doubts because she thought he had not yet gotten over his feelings for Brooke. Bridget saw the picture that Amber had taken of her and Ridge in the mineshaft and was surprised. She told Brooke that it had meant nothing, as she barely remembered it at all. Bridget headed for Nick once again. Hector told Caitlin that he and her mother were apart because they still had things to work out before they could get married. Ridge spent the night at Stephanie and Eric's. Eric told Ridge that something was wrong with Ridge if he thought his recent behavior wasn't a concern.
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MARCH 2005
March 7 to 11, 2005
Stephanie went to see Brooke, and told her to pull herself together and make some decisions. When Nick confronted Ridge, Ridge told him that he was still after Brooke, and was using this situation to get close to her again. Ridge started experiencing a fuzziness and was disoriented as he sat in a hotel lounge. Morgan DeWitt saw Ridge sitting in the hotel lounge, and made a plea to him to forgive her for her past with him, but as she was talking to him, Ridge collapsed at her feet. Thorne blasted Amber for what she did, and fired her. Morgan takes charge, and brought Ridge to her room. Nick told Brooke that she has to open the door for Ridge, because he isn't too bright, but is a very proud man and needs some help. In Morgan's apartment, while Ridge slept, his cell phone rung and it was Brooke. Morgan tried to wake Ridge, telling him that Brooke called, but Ridge doesn't know who Brooke is. Amber went to see Thomas, but the door was shut in her face by him leaving no doubt that there would be no reconciliation as he sent her on her way. Morgan, who came back to make amends with Ridge, sees her chance to have that time together with him, that they never had. Eric felt something was wrong with Ridge's relationship with Bridget, but Thorne says he understood the kiss as Bridget was at death's door. Stephanie told Jackie that she had hurt a lot of people and she won't allow her to slither back into Massimo's life. Nick gave Bridget an evening to remember, of "buffalo wings and beer." Followed by a gift of a beautiful necklace which he claimed was just as beautiful as her. Thomas and Caitlin agreed that they both have wasted a lot of time with the wrong people. Jackie told Massimo, over dinner, that she thought Nick was transferring his feelings for Brooke over to Bridget. Massimo reassured her that Nick has moved on from Brooke, because when the Marone men fall for the women they choose, they fall hard. Bridget told Nick that she was lost, before she was saved by this sailor.
March 14 to 18, 2005
Bridget and Nick grow closer as the two of them share an evening of buffalo wings and beer. Ridge arrives in Venice with Morgan, but he isn't sure who she is and definitely doesn't know who Brooke is. Nick goes to Brooke to offer his help and encouragement in helping her find Ridge. Sally has to find another designer to replace Amber, and comes up with the name of Morgan DeWitt. Brooke and Nick talk about Hope's recital the next day, and the fact that they are sure Ridge would be back by then because he wouldn't miss it.
March 21 to 25, 2005
Bridget told Stephanie that she loved Nick but was sorry about her Mother and Ridge's problems. Ridge didn't show up for Hope's recital. Gabriela, Helen the housekeeper's daughter, was informed that her mother was involved in a traffic accident. Thomas and Caitlin bonded once again. Hector told Brooke that she must hold on and wait for Ridge, not to let any options pass her by, because things looked one way when they could actually mean something else. Nick and Bridget grow increasingly closer to one another. Morgan told Ridge that he was married and that she was waiting momentarily for his wife to arrive. Gabriela ran off after arriving at Stephanie's and learning that her mother had died.
March 28 to April 1, 2005
Nick vows to always be there for Brooke. Morgan uses yet another ruse to hold onto and snag Ridge. Ridge finds it difficult to believe that the person who introduces herself to him, as Brooke, is the same kind of woman that he would choose to love and marry. Clarke, tells Thorne, Sally is considering hiring Morgan, whom Thorne still considers to be insane, although released from the institution. Massimo tells Brooke that he will look for Ridge and bring him back home. Thomas has memories and flashbacks of his mother. The bartender and the telephone service have tracked Ridge to a far away place, and, as soon as the final destination is pin pointed, Massimo intends to fly there and bring Ridge back. Gaby and Thomas find solace with each other as they both talk about the mothers in their lives, and how each day and night, they need them and want them. Morgan, has staged an evening for Ridge, which she hopes will bring the results she is hoping for. Bridget remembers her times with Nick, and the happiness and love she feels towards him, as Stephanie enters the room. Nick helps Brooke organize her time better, so that she will have more time to concentrate on Ridge's return. Ridge can't force himself to make love to Morgan, because the image of the real Brooke, who he does not remember, keeps entering his mind. Amber decides to visit Venice, where on the veranda of her hotel room, imagines that she sees Ridge across the way. As the vision continues to remain, Amber looks through the zoom lens of her camera, and sees that it is really Ridge.
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APRIL 2005
April 4 to 8, 2005
Amber believes she has seen Ridge across the canal while she tries to put her life together in Venice. Ridge, tells Morgan that he cannot be with her until he finds out who this other woman is that he keeps seeing in his mind. Amber, pushes her way past Ridge, into Morgan's place, while Morgan showers, spewing all kinds of insults and accusations at Ridge. She finally realizes that Ridge doesn't have any idea what she is talking about or who she is. Amber places a call to Brooke telling her that Ridge is with her, making Brooke assume that she has kidnapped Ridge. Massimo learns of Ridge's whereabouts and sets out to rescue him, bringing along another unexpected passenger, Jackie. Amber and Ridge reach an understanding about their less than perfect "relationship." Ridge, recalling more and more of his past, now realized more and more that the woman he was remembering was his wife, Brooke. He places a call to her and tells her that he his on his way home to her. Stephanie talks about the fact that Brooke never lost faith in Ridge or the fact that he would return to her and the children, leaving Stephanie to believe that maybe Brooke has finally grown up. Nick has an "unforgettable" evening planned for Bridget.
April 11 to 15, 2005
Nick asks Bridget to marry him. Brooke and Ridge reunite. Brooke informs Ridge, that Bridget is moving on with her life, with Nick. Stephanie makes an offer to Gaby that she feels would have made her mother, Helen, happy. Ridge remembers the blow Nick gave him to the head and rushes to Nick's boat to tell him to stay away from Brooke, Bridget and the rest of his family. Bridget tells Brooke, that as Ridge regains his memory, he will remember everything that has happened as though it happened just yesterday. That includes what happened when Brooke thought Ridge was dead. Ridge informs Nick that Bridget won't sleep with anyone but the man she intends to marry, and Nick says Ridge is "exactly right." Ridge later accuses Nick of "raping" his wife, in her time of mourning and taking advantage of her. Ridge arrives home to find a blissful Bridget, but tells her there will be no blessings on a marriage between the two of them. Amber tries to make amends with Stephanie, but, she sends her away. After talking with Ridge, Bridget heads back to Nick's boat, where she hears Brooke asking Nick, is he is still in love with her.
April 18 to 22, 2005
Bridget listens as Nick tells Brooke he will always love her, but his heart now belongs to her daughter, Bridget. Bridget finally feels secure knowing that someone has finally chosen her over her mother, and told her so. Ridge goes back to work at Forrester's. Brooke asks Ridge to put aside his differences with Nick, and for Bridget, give his blessings to the two of them. Eric gives his okay to Bridget and Nick. Rick returns home for his sister's wedding. Brooke answers a mysterious phone call and listens to a woman screaming in the background. Brooke screams as she sees an intruder on the terrace causing Ridge to come running in to chase the person who escapes over a wall. Ridge and Brooke have both agreed to be part of Nick and Bridget's wedding. Nick and Bridget prepare for their wedding day.
April 25 to 29, 2005
Nick and Bridget's beautiful wedding day is interrupted by an intruder who is trying to take away a screaming woman. Ridge runs out only to be hit on the head again, and comes to tell Brooke, Thomas, Eric and Stephanie that the woman who screamed was Taylor. Stephanie tries to make sense of Ridge's seemingly apparent loss of reality, by telling him that he was there when Taylor died and when she was lowered into the ground. Nick learns all about Taylor from Bridget. Ridge, who was brought to the hospital for observation and a check-up, places a call to Nick for help, and asks him to please call his brother, Thorne, also. Having become unsure of the circumstances surrounding the signing of Taylor's death certificate, Ridge becomes even more sure that Taylor is alive. Ridge has asked Nick and Thorne to meet him at Taylor's grave, where he prepares to dig up the coffin. After much discussion, Nick and Thorne think it is best to help him, which they do. When the casket is uncovered, Ridge sends his brothers away, so that he can open the casket by himself.
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MAY 2005
May 2 to 6, 2005
Ridge opened up Taylor's grave and found a lifelike mannequin inside. Prince Omar acknowledged his presence to Ridge and questioned him as to why he had given up on Taylor. Ridge discovered that Taylor was alive. Stephanie and Eric learned about their son's erratic behavior. Taylor told Ridge they would pick up where they had left off. Ridge remembered that he had another wife. Taylor learned that Ridge had married Brooke. After leaving Taylor, Ridge headed home to Brooke. Brooke learned from a very excited Ridge that Taylor was alive and the children would have their mother back. Ridge told Brooke to prepare herself because Taylor was on the way over. "If she doesn't arrive," said Brooke, "tell me you promise you will get help." There was a knock on the front door, and Brooke opened it and was face-to-face with Taylor.
May 9 to 13, 2005
Brooke came face to face with Taylor, disbelieving what she had seen with her own eyes. Nick and Bridget told Jackie that neither she nor Brooke will separate them, from the commitment that they made to each other. Ridge brought the children from his parent's house to their home for a surprise they just were not going to believe. Bridget and Nick vow their love for each other in front of Jackie. Ridge reunited his children with their Mother. Stephanie and Nick talked about having Ridge put into a psychiatric hospital. Bridget told Nick, that Ridge is not sick and doesn't need help, she saw Taylor herself, and she was alive and well and with her children. Taylor learned that Brooke and Ridge were not only married, but had a child, a son named Ridge Jr. Brooke told Ridge that everyone will support Taylor and that she would always be welcomed in their home. Brooke suggested to Ridge that after Taylor spent the night reuniting with her children, they would all help her to find a place of her own. Ridge can't believe that Brooke was expecting Taylor to leave their home.
May 16 to 20, 2005
Brooke began to wonder what Taylor's reappearance would mean to her family. Stephanie reunites with Taylor, who called her return a miracle. Nick paid a visit to Brooke, and listened as she told him that Taylor was considered "the" perfect woman and Mother. Stephanie warned Ridge to make the right decision now, concerning the two women in his life. Brooke and Taylor discussed their up and coming living arrangements for each other. Taylor told Ridge that she still loved him and still wants to be his wife. Eric reminded Stephanie that the problems between Ridge, Brooke and Taylor are theirs to solve, as they are adults, and don't need any help. Taylor received a call from Stephanie warning her not to let Ridge be lured by Brooke's sexual manipulations. Taylor told Stephanie that she trusts in Ridge to make the right decision, while upstairs in the bedroom, Brooke asked Ridge to make love to her.
May 23 to 27, 2005
Massimo and Jackie learn that Taylor is still alive. Jackie believes that Taylor's return is a sign that Nick shouldn't marry Bridget. Caitlin finds Thomas and Gaby in an embrace, and storms out before Thomas can give her an explanation. Brooke volunteers to move into the guest room until matters can be resolved. Jackie asks Nick if he gets annoyed with her because of what she is saying about Brooke is wrong or because she is right. Stephanie prepares to launch her attack to bring Taylor and Ridge back together.
May 30 to June 3, 2005
Stephanie told Brooke that her hold on Ridge had finally been broken, now that Taylor had returned. Ridge tried hard to keep a medium between the two women in his life. He reminded his children, that just because Taylor, their Mother was back, was no reason to forget how much Brooke loved them and had done for their family. Jackie was still trying to talk Nick out of marrying Bridget. Bridget told Stephanie that everyone had forgiven Brooke for her past and it was time for her to move forward and stop moving backwards. Jackie told Brooke that she believed Ridge would choose Taylor over her, but that there was someone who would be there for her and the children if she played her cards right, and soon, before Nick made a commitment to Bridget, and her chance to be with him would be gone forever. Ridge learned from Brooke how Stephanie had all ready tried to work her magic on Taylor and push her out of the house. Brooke tells Ridge that Stephanie intended for Taylor to know all about her past so that she could reunite Taylor and him. Stephanie even told her to give RJ to him so that he and Taylor could raise the child. Thomas was excited by his new designs but was shot down when he showed them to his Grandfather. Thomas, being like his Father, wants to prove himself now and intends to do just that. Over at Spectra, Sally thought about what it might be like to have yet another Forrester working for her. Stephanie came down hard on Brooke in front of Taylor and Ridge. Brooke warned Taylor that Stephanie would fight dirty to get her own way. Taylor tells Brooke that Stephanie doesn't have to do that, because she believes that Ridge will make the right choice.
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JUNE 2005
June 6 to 10, 2005
Stephanie made a meeting happen so that Taylor and Nick could meet. Sally and Spectra Couture hire yet another Forrester. After Brooke was chastised by Taylor, for her past indiscretions, Bridget came to her mother's defense, saying that both she and Ridge both forgave her and they all got past that. Thomas and Caitlin broke up. Brooke told Bridget that she supported Taylor's return when Taylor first returned, but now she is being put on the defensive and doesn't like it. Taylor is sure that Ridge will choose her, making Brooke a free woman, who will need a man who loves her and her children. Brooke tells Bridget that instead of waiting for the family to come together, which might never happen, she and Nick should run away and elope. Nick told Brooke that he was committed to Bridget and she is in love with Ridge. They aren't having a problem accepting their choices, but it seems to be a problem for everyone else. Massimo offers the use of his yacht and a marriage ceremony to be performed aboard ship, if they choose to get away and elope.
June 13 to 17, 2005
Eric told Stephanie that he cannot tolerate her constant interfering in her children's lives anymore. Stephanie, Taylor and Thomas had all expressed their wants in wanting Ridge to reunite with Taylor. Eric, Megan, Nick and Bridget and Brooke hoped that Ridge would decide to share his life with Brooke. Nick promised and committed his love to Bridget, no matter what choice was made by others. Ridge arrived home from his trip with a decision that might upset both women. Eric lambasted Stephanie, telling her that he lost his loving, caring wife and found instead a bully in her place. Taylor reunited with her Father. A stranger watched Taylor at a press conference that announced her return, but when Taylor sees him, he disappeared. Gaby received bad news as she received a letter from the college she was hoping to attend. More bad news told Gaby, that she was considered an illegal alien and would soon have to consider deportation. The family lawyer advised Thomas that the only way Gaby could remain in the country would be if she got married. Knowing that both Gaby and her Mother's dreams for her, would be shattered, Thomas proposes to Gaby. Stephanie tried to interfere again, when she paid Ridge a visit at the beach house where he is waiting for Taylor to arrive. The stranger from the press conference arrived at Taylor's home, but met instead her daughter, Phoebe, and her Father, since she had gone to see Ridge. Ridge and Taylor spend the day at the beach house while Stephanie peered through the window.
June 20 to 24, 2005
Taylor and Ridge spent their day together at the beach house. Gaby and Thomas headed for Las Vegas to be married. Brooke arrived at the beach house early in order to surprise Ridge. Stephanie paid Taylor a visit upon her return from the beach house, and the two women learned that Brooke was one step ahead of them, and had all ready left for her time with Ridge. Nick and Bridget also headed to Las Vegas to get married. Stephanie, once again interfered in her son's life and returned to the beach house to confront Brooke. Taylor received a telephone call from "Dante," the new stranger in town. Stephanie claimed that Brooke also felt Ridge would choose Taylor, causing her to resort back to her old ways. Gaby and Thomas stood before the Justice of the Peace and became husband and wife. Nick and Bridget changed their minds about getting married in Vegas, when Nick learned that she married Deacon there and realized that she deserved more than this kind of wedding. Stephanie made it clear to Brooke that she would do whatever it took, to get rid of her. Stephanie confronted Ridge and wildly declared that he needs to choose Taylor, and forget Brooke, but in her frustration, she suffered some sort of medical setback, which caused her to lose her breath, become weak and have a hard time breathing. The stranger, "Dante," paid Taylor a surprise visit.
June 27 to July 1, 2005
Ridge took Stephanie to the hospital suffering from heart problems. Thomas and Gaby returned from Las Vegas, just another married couple. Even in pain, Stephanie told Ridge that he belonged with Taylor, not Brooke. Massimo ran into the son of some friends of his at a restaurant. Stephanie ended up in the hospital suffering from a mild heart attack. Bridget listened to her Mother tell her that she wouldn't put it past Stephanie to have faked her heart attack. Believing that his mother is in grave danger from her heart attack, Ridge asked the hospital chaplain to renew the vows between Taylor and him. Eric got Ridge on the side, and asked him if he knew what he was doing, believing that Stephanie manipulated his son into renewing his vows with Taylor. Ridge and Taylor renewed their wedding vows before Stephanie in her hospital room. Brooke rushed to the hospital and to Stephanie's room, to learn that Ridge chose Taylor. Brooke, believing that Stephanie faked her heart attack to get her own way, disconnected her monitor. Dante, arrived at Taylor's door for a final goodbye, but Ridge came downstairs and wanted to know why he found his wife so fascinating. Stephanie told Bridget that Ridge renewed his vows with Taylor and that her Mother tried to kill her. Nick rescued Brooke from the hospital security. Taylor told Ridge that it was Dante that was responsible for orchestrating her escape from Prince Omar.
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JULY 2005
July 4 to 8, 2005
Jackie tells Stephanie that she deserves a round of applause for pulling off the stunt between Taylor and Ridge. Ridge meets Dante, and learns of his connection with both Taylor and Bridget. Taylor and Ridge spend their wedding night together in the bedroom that he also shared with Brooke. Brooke and Bridget move back to her old house. The Immigration Department paid Thomas and Gaby a visit. Bridget pays Ridge a visit to tell him that his Mother was the manipulator in his marriage to Taylor, that it was not his choice at all. Nick tells Brooke that he and Bridget will be there for her. Ridge goes to see Stephanie and tells her that she will not be making anymore decisions for his life. Bridget and Dante have a reunion. Taylor tells Nick that Stephanie did not manipulate Ridge into marrying her. Ridge goes to see Brooke, and tells her that he made a terrible mistake.
July 11 to 15, 2005
Dante told Bridget that he would be staying in town. Taylor read Stephanie's medical chart in her hospital room, and found nothing wrong, but a few things were missing. Ridge went to see Brooke, and told her that he made a horrible mistake. Jackie suspected that Stephanie did something to make it appear like she had a heart attack. Jackie cozied up to Dr. Mark MacClaine, to prove that he was in on the conspiracy to help fake Stephanie's illness. Brooke told Ridge that she was through waiting, and was going to move on with her life. Bridget told Nick about Dante. Jackie and Brooke formed an unholy alliance. Jackie called Stephanie's room, and with Brooke listening, heard Stephanie say that Massimo will leave Jackie, and the two of them can go back to the gutter like two birds of a feather. Jackie vowed to bring Stephanie down. Brooke and Stephanie came face to face with unpleasant results. The Immigration department paid Ridge and Taylor a visit. Jackie and Dr. MacClaine enjoyed a pleasant dinner as she tried to learn the truth about Stephanie.
July 18 to 22, 2005
Mark informed Jackie that Stephanie was deceiving everyone. Jackie decided to play up to Mark to discover what really happened to Stephanie. Ridge told Taylor that he contacted their lawyer, and wanted Gaby and Thomas' marriage annulled. Jackie asked Massimo for a favor. She needed to find out information on Mark. Dante told Bridget that nothing has happened between them. Nick rescued Bridget and told her that he would be marrying her immediately. Brooke warned Stephanie that one day she would have to pay, when Ridge decides to come back to her. Stephanie placed a call to Mark, but left a voice message that he had to be careful about answering questions, because they both had a lot to lose.
July 25 to 29, 2005
Nick and Bridget planned their wedding at the Forresters. Brooke arrived to see the ceremony and was not welcomed by Stephanie. Brooke told Taylor that she wondered how she was going to feel when she found out what her best friend Stephanie did to make sure that Ridge ended up with her. Brooke told Ridge that she didn't blame him for what happened, because, he was manipulated also. Stephanie tried to contact Mark, but was unable to do so. Jackie made Mark talk, and she got the goods on Stephanie and on tape. Jackie arrived at the wedding ceremony, and was asked to leave, by Stephanie, but she refused because she brought a guest with her, Dr. Mark MacClaine. Sally left the wedding to find Mark hiding in her car. Stephanie told each family member how she has had to suffer because of Brooke. After hearing what she had to say, each adult family member abandons Stephanie, including Eric, her husband. Taylor and Ridge talked about their next move. Dante moved into Brooke and Bridget's place, because Eric needed the beach house. Ridge escorted Brooke home, as she asked him once more to follow his heart and remain with her and their family.
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August 1 to 5, 2005
After telling Ridge that nothing could keep them apart anymore, Ridge was unable to commit himself to Brooke, so she told him that she was moving on with her life and it wouldn't be with him. Taylor sent Ridge packing until he could decide what he really wanted. Stephanie was left alone, after all of her family abandoned her, including Eric, who decides to leave her and the house. Gaby and Thomas tried to get Taylor to go along with trying to fool Agent Dunn, who was on his way over, to prove that their marriage was not real. Hope suffered an accident, in the pool, while Nick was watching her. He rescued her from the pool bottom where her hair got stuck in the drain. Gaby and Thomas were able to keep one step ahead of Agent Dunn, thanks to Taylor's help. Nick rushed Hope to the hospital. Nick telephoned Brooke to tell her that her daughter was in the hospital. Massimo told Jackie that their time had come and gone. Brooke, having arrived at Hope's room, tells a forlorn Nick to leave Hope's room. Stephanie had a vocal sparring with Eric, and he left Stephanie's home.
August 8 to 12, 2005
Hector determined the cause of the spa accident was a faulty drain cover. Brooke and Nick grew closer as Hope emerged from her coma. Hope was later released from the hospital. Stephanie offered a shoulder to a heartbroken Bridget.
August 15 to 19, 2005
Bridget learned that she was pregnant with Nick's baby. Stephanie gave Brooke an antique gun as a gift. Taylor bonded with Gaby and Thomas. Nick talked to Brooke, hoping to talk her out of having an abortion.
August 22 to 26, 2005
Bridget told Nick that she had had an abortion. Stephanie gave Brooke a gun, hoping that she would use it to put herself out of her misery. Dante tried to convince Bridget that she would be better off with him, but she told him that she loves only Nick. Bridget asked Catherine to find out about the relationship between her mother and Nick. Nick told Brooke that he was leaving, and later Brooke realized that he meant town. A terrible storm approached Nick's intended waters, and Brooke rushed to the boat to save him from doing away with possibly himself. Taylor asked Thorne to speak to Ridge about his unresolved feelings. Brooke told Nick that while he felt he had lost everything, she was always able to count on him to be there for her. Bridget told Dante that she wanted to tell Nick the truth about the baby, so he wouldn't suffer anymore. Taylor overheard Ridge tell Thorne that he was still in love with Brooke. Catherine told Bridget that Nick and her Mother were only grieving over her and that nothing else was going on between them. Bridget arrived at the boat, and taking Catherine's advice, she told Nick that she didn't abort the baby. They were still going to have that baby. Nick looked at her shocked, because he had promised Brooke that the two of them would be together from now on.
August 29 to September 2, 2005
Eric visited Brooke to find out what was going on with Bridget and Nick and her. He was told that Bridget terminated her pregnancy after finding her and Nick together, because she misread what she thought was happening. Brooke told Eric it was during that time, that she and Nick realized that they were still in love with each other. Eric hoped that Bridget was stronger than Brooke thought she was, because her heart was going to be broken again, by something her mother had a part in. After Bridget told Nick the truth about her lying about her abortion, he takes her to see Brooke. Brooke learned that Bridget lied about the abortion, wanting to learn if she and Nick would run to each other for comfort. Brooke was shocked, but she knew that Bridget's intuition was right about the two of them. Jackie told Nick that Bridget had to be told the truth, before it was too late. Thomas hoped that the fashion show would bring his parents closer together, but was wrong in assuming so. Gaby and Thomas decide that they will be together after the show, but Taylor found out and ordered Gaby out of the house. Nick went to Brooke's to try to clear the air about their problem, but ended up making love with Brooke. Thomas, unhappy with the way the evening ended, decided that he would take matters into his own hands and turned up at Gaby's bedroom door, where the two of them made love.
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September 5 to 9, 2005
Brooke told Nick that she was through, and he should go and be together to share a life with Bridget and the baby they are expecting. Phoebe discovered information about Thomas and Gaby which angered her. Phoebe told Taylor what she knew about the newlyweds, causing Taylor to call Agent Dunn to tell him that the marriage was a sham, done so that Gaby could obtain her green card. Brooke came up with an idea to prove to her daughter, that she had no worries about Nick and her being together. When Agent Dunn arrived, Gaby also had representation, which put a win in Gaby's corner, angering Taylor. Brooke planned on showing to Dante, just how much Nick was out of her life.
September 12 to 16, 2005
Brooke started to see Dante, so that both Nick and Bridget would see that she had moved on with her life. Ridge learned from Taylor, that Thomas and Gaby had consummated their marriage, leaving Agent Dunn unable to do anything about Gaby's green card. An attorney that Gaby brought in told everyone that being 18 years of age, claiming to be in love, married, and having consummated their marriage, made it legal in the eyes of the law. Taylor and Ridge continued to disagree about the way that Taylor handled things. Taylor found herself with a new friend in Hector. Dante called Brooke for another date, but told her that he was aware of what she was trying to do for her daughter. Bridget set up a dinner date as a celebration for Dante and Brooke and Nick and herself. Hector told Taylor that she needed to do something other than waste her life sitting around and waiting for Ridge. Ridge told his son and Gaby that he was going to have their marriage annulled. Sally offered Thomas and Gaby a way out of their situation. Jackie and Eric grew closer. Dante did what Brooke asked of him, knowing that Nick was being hurt further. Nick finally relented and went on to reconnect with Bridget and make love to her.
September 19 to 23, 2005
Ridge thought of a plan to bring Thomas back home. Thomas thought about signing the contract offered to him by Sally. Ridge reached Thomas, at Sally's office before Thomas was able to sign his contract, proposing a deal of his own, with Thomas able to remain with both Spectra and Gaby if he won, but if he lost, he would return to school and have his marriage annulled. Hector had an empty shoulder for Taylor to rely on as he offered his friendship to her. As Taylor reopened her office, Hector brought her a plant, followed in by Ridge, who knew nothing of her plans. As Bridget became increasingly sure of Nick's feelings for her, Brooke was forced to deal with making sure that nothing spoiled her daughter's happiness. Taylor told Ridge, that whether or not Thomas won or lost the contest, she would never accept Gaby. Nick told Bridget that he planned for the two of them to marry aboard his boat, in a private ceremony. Dante was hired by the Forrester's to design his inspired artwork into fashion. Bridget insisted that her Mother attend her wedding although she had been warned by Nick, not to attend. Dante told Ridge, that he (Ridge) was the last thing on Brooke's mind. Nick and Bridget were married. Hector and Taylor shared dinner. Ridge showed up as Brooke worked in her office after the wedding. Ridge told Brooke that Taylor asked him to leave and now he needs Brooke more than ever before.
September 26 to 30, 2005
Ridge received a different kind of reception from Brooke, something other than he was used to getting from her. Jackie and Eric grew closer. Hector told Taylor that she was worth far more than she had been given for by Ridge. Taylor, once again feeling rejected by Ridge, was drawn into an intimate moment, with Hector. Jackie visited her son, Nick, the day after the wedding and found him somewhat disoriented about his work and his new life. Bridget learned that her father was seeing Jackie and enjoying every minute of it. Jackie told Nick how proud she was of him for honoring his commitment to Bridget and the baby even though it meant that he had to give up Brooke. Brooke and Nick constantly thought about each other. Nick told Massimo that there was a "siren" who was calling him back, and he needed to get away; that siren was Brooke. Taylor faced Thomas and Gaby, talking about Thomas' future, hopefully without Gaby. Thomas refused to return home without Gaby. Taylor told Gaby that she thought she was using her son and she wouldn't allow that to happen a second time, since it had all ready happened with Amber. Stephanie received a visit from Ridge, and proceeded to tell him about her new outlook on life. Steffy and Phoebe started to have all the problems and feelings that young people experience. Ridge informed Taylor that he was willing to go to therapy. Stephanie told Brooke that she saw Nick and her together at Big Bear and she will not allow her to destroy Bridget's life again. Nick and Bridget talked about moving into a home, because Nick realized that you couldn't bring a child up on a boat. Taylor listened as Ridge told her, that he wanted to come home and prove to her that she and the children will never have a reason to doubt his commitment again. Stephanie informed Bridget that Nick and Brooke love each other and that her mother is trying to take him away from her.
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October 3 to 7, 2005
Stephanie tried to interfere in Bridget and Nick's marriage once again. Bridget told Stephanie that she preferred to believe her Mother and Nick's version of what supposedly happened between the two of them. Eric told Stephanie the real reason he was sure that Nick and Brooke were not going to act out their feelings. Stephanie decided to break her promise to Eric, by going to see Bridget and telling her the truth as she knew it. Nick and Brooke informed Jackie, that Stephanie was out to destroy his marriage to Bridget. Eric made sure that Stephanie knew if she went near Bridget, he would hate her for the rest of his life. Jackie vowed to not let Stephanie do to her grandchild what Stephanie did to her own family. Eric told Brooke that he felt he had to tell Stephanie the truth about the night she and Nick were together on the Shady Marlin, thinking that if Stephanie knew that she sacrificed for her daughter's sake, she would stop trying to cause more trouble. Brooke rushed to reach Stephanie before she could talk to Bridget.
October 10 to 14, 2005
Stephanie told Brooke and Nick that she was going to tell Bridget the truth about them. Stephanie found Bridget at the neighborhood watering hole, and took her back to her home, where she told Bridget that Nick and her mother were still in love with each other, and she could prove it. Taylor and Ridge were on their way to see a marriage counselor. Eric signed his divorce papers, while Jonathan, his lawyer, took them to the Dominican Republic along with Stephanie's power of attorney. Bridget pointedly asked her mother if the accusations that Stephanie had made about her and Nick were true. Ridge told the therapist just how he thought Taylor should handle the chemistry that he shared with two different women. Brooke warned Stephanie that her family had better not fall apart because of what she had done to Bridget. Ridge sang an entirely different tune when Taylor told him that, she too, shared chemistry with another man. Nick informed his mother that Stephanie had told Bridget everything about Brooke, and that Bridget had removed her rings and returned them to him, prompting Jackie to tell her son to go and be with the woman that he loved. Jackie told Nick about her feelings for Eric and wondered if he approved, while Stephanie told Ridge that she and Eric would work things out between them; however, Eric told Bridget that he and her mother had been remarried the previous night.
October 17 to 21, 2005
Nick went to tell Brooke that he wanted to marry her, only to discover that she had recommitted herself to someone else. As the "cat-fight" went on between Stephanie and Jackie, Stephanie learned that Eric had been granted his divorce from her. Jackie, eagerly awaited for her visit with Eric, thinking that a proposal was soon to be given, but, alas, she learned that was not to be and ran out of his place, after hearing his shocking news. Ridge once again went running off to find Brooke, after hearing about the marriage from Bridget. Stephanie, going to Eric in person, told him that she wanted to salvage their marriage, as Eric prepared to tell her some news that she definitely, was not going to like. Hector, again being Johnny on the spot, was there to console Taylor for Ridge's actions, while telling her that he considered her very special. Taylor learned that Brooke and Eric had remarried, from Ridge, and also a startling revelation from Ridge himself, as he told Taylor that he was through with Brooke. Stephanie told Taylor that she needs help.
October 24 to 28, 2005
Stephanie went to Taylor seeking help for her problem with Brooke. Stephanie made a decision and, calling her family together, told them all that she was going to sell her house and move to Florida. Dante told Bridget that he loved her and wanted to take her away from all the mess. Gaby told Taylor that she didn't believe a word she told her, about not wanting Thomas to lose the competition, and thereby making Thomas get his marriage annulled. It was Spectra versus Forrester one more time on the runway, with Thomas losing out to his father. Stephanie asked Massimo to join her as she wanted a witness to her removing her stocks from Eric's safe, so that they could be given to her children. Massimo discovered, as he helped Stephanie look for the stocks, a document with an irrevocable trust, which made her sole owner of Forrester Creations. It named her sole owner of the company by her father and was created before her marriage to Eric. Taylor had made arrangements for Gaby to remain in the states and also to get her scholarship back. Thomas and Gaby said their goodbyes. Stephanie, in a rage, told Eric that he betrayed her and his family but he would not betray her trust. Eric tried to get Nick and Bridget back together as he told them a lie about he and Brooke having consummated their marriage. Massimo phoned Stephanie to tell her that his lawyer confirmed that she was the sole owner of Forrester Creations.
October 31 to November 4, 2005
Eric tried to reunite Bridget and Nick again. Massimo called Katherine Chancellor to meet with Stephanie. Stephanie learned that her father had provided for her by making sure that Forrester Creations would always belong to her. Jonathan, Eric's lawyer, gave Eric his divorce papers, all legal, as the two men found that they might have more trouble to face and even bigger problems. Nick took Brooke out into the middle of the bay to get her to admit that they still loved each other and belonged together. Dante stood firm with Bridget as she prepared to have her ultrasound done. Stephanie barged into Eric's office after he realized that she might have found the document that was in his safe. Brooke and Nick realized that they could never be together at the expense of others close to them. Stephanie told Eric that it was the moment for her to have her revenge, and she fired him. The family gathered as Eric called them to remain strong and join forces against Stephanie in order to save their family business. Stephanie walked into Eric's office, along with Massimo and Taylor, to announce her plans for the new Forrester Creations.
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November 7 to 11, 2005
Nick told Jackie, that his future was with Bridget and the baby, and from now on, there would be no more Brooke. Stephanie made Thorne, the new President of Forrester Creations and hired Taylor to be their new image. Stephanie gave Eric a kick in the groin, bringing him to his knees. Stephanie informs everyone of her new image for Forresters. Ridge refuses to work for the company, without Eric, whom Stephanie has fired. Nick went to see Taylor for help with his problems. Bridget brought Brooke and Eric and Nick together for a showdown. Taylor is on a "high" after the first press conference, and with Hector present, instead of Ridge, a celebration of sorts was about to happen. Nick told Bridget, that he and her mother love her more than they love each other, and therefore will never be together. Hector told Stephanie that he wanted to spend the night with her.
November 14 to 18, 2005
Eric told Bridget that no man was perfect, and if that was what she was waiting for, she would be waiting a long time. Ridge told Taylor that he vowed to do a better job of making her happy. Taylor listened, as Ridge told her that he intended to take the company back from Stephanie. Nick told Jackie that his future was with Bridget and their child and not Brooke. Ridge and Brooke made a decision to tell Stephanie that if the company was not turned over to Ridge, they would form their own company. Stephanie held strong and Ridge and Brooke left the premises as Stephanie told Eric that his wife and Ridge were going to collaborate on a new project together. Nick made a plea to his baby to give him time to make things right with his mommy. Stephanie warned Ridge what this decision would do to Taylor. Eric told Brooke that he had waited long enough for her to be his wife, and now he wants her to love him. Stephanie and Dante told Bridget that her divorce papers had arrived and they needed to be signed. Brooke arrived home to a waiting Eric. Nick faced Stephanie and Dante, and told Bridget in front of them that she could trust him.
November 21 to 25, 2005
Nick wants Bridget to believe in him and to not pay attention to what other people are saying. Eric gives Brooke her freedom as the two annul their marriage. Eric hopes that apologizing to Jackie will bring about forgiveness on her part. Eric and Stephanie argue back and forth about who really should own Forrester Creations. Each of the lawyers for the opposing sides, decide that all should come to some sort of agreement and settle their own problems. Ridge, once again unhappy with the way things are going, turns down the offer to share the presidency with his brother, Thorne. After another ultrasound is done, the doctor returns to tell Nick and Bridget that there is a problem with the baby.
November 28 to December 2, 2005
Nick and Bridget had reason to be concerned, as the Doctor told them that there was an increased possibility of miscarriage, due to a weakened cervix. They were told that the baby Bridget was carrying was a little girl. Taylor claimed that Stephanie was still in love with Eric, even after all that had happened. Jackie walked out on Stephanie and Eric, for behaving like they were having a lover's quarrel. Nick and Brooke said goodbye for good, upon Brooke learning that Nick and her daughter had reconciled. Taylor issued a job offer which brought another member of the Forrester clan back home. Felicia surprised an unsuspecting Nick with a visit on the Shady Marlin. Felicia learned that not only had Nick married, and not Brooke, but was married to her half-sister, Bridget and expecting a baby girl. Felicia agreed to stay at Stephanie's beach house if Stephanie promised to stay away. With son, Dominick, in tow, Felicia tells him that she is there for him.
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December 5 to 9, 2005
Felicia told Stephanie to keep away from the beach house. After leaving the "pink party," Felicia headed upstairs where she doubled over in pain, and reached out to take her medicine. Stephanie went to the beach house and discovered Renee and a baby. Eric told Thorne and Taylor that he was beginning to realize that Stephanie had the right idea for the company all along. Eric later told Brooke, that he needed her to go along with his plan, so that he could regain control of the company. Stephanie insisted that Felicia tell Bridget about the baby, but while she could sidestep Bridget, Felicia was forced to tell Nick the truth. Sally called together all those close to her and told them that she was closing down Spectra and going on a world cruise. Sally received a call from the "captain" of the cruise ship, which was actually the Happy Acres Assisted Living Facility. Clarke started to help Sally out in her wheelchair, when, Darla and Thorne entered the room. A special dinner, planned by Bridget for Nick, was going to bring unhappiness, once again for Bridget, as Nick prepared to tell her about his son. Felicia collapsed as Stephanie talked to her about staying in town.
December 12 to 16, 2005
Stephanie brought Felicia to the hospital after she collapsed. Darla and Thorne brought Sally home to live with them, after learning that she was headed for a retirement home. Taylor tells Stephanie that she has good news for her about Eric and Brooke. Felicia learns that her cancer has returned and must resume her chemo. Eric and Stephanie are going to have dinner together, hopefully so that Eric can try again to convince Stephanie about his "new" good intentions. Nick tells Bridget about Felicia and his child. Felicia ran into an old acquaintance by the name of Dante. Stephanie told Eric that the one thing she always wanted from him was to see him be a good father to his children, especially Felicia. Felicia told Bridget what she hoped for when she returned to San Francisco, but after seeing that Nick was married to her sister, and expecting their child, she put those thoughts to rest. Felicia got Bridget and Nick to watch Dominick while she headed for the hospital. The doctor told Felicia that her cancer had returned without much hope for her. Bridget held the baby as she brought him over to Felicia. Nick commented that Bridget will make a wonderful mother, and Felicia tells him that she is counting on that.
December 19 to 23, 2005
Eric and Stephanie learned that their daughter, Felicia, was dying. Felicia told her parents that her one wish was to celebrate Christmas like the ones she remembered as a child. Bridget told Felicia that she would raise her son, Dominick, as her own, at the right time. Bridget then told Nick that the two of them together would raise his and Felicia's child. Brooke gave Stephanie a copy of something that had once given her strength in a time of need. A spectacular Christmas party was planned for the holidays at the Forresters'. Ridge was caught in a snowstorm and could not attend the festivities. Felicia announced that Dominick was going to be christened in front of all his friends and family. His godparents were to be Eric and Jackie. Felicia told Bridget that she believed she had just had the perfect day.
December 26 to 30, 2005
Brooke told Taylor about the kind of feelings that she and Nick shared. Felicia, slowly succumbing to her illness, told Stephanie that she was scared and Stephanie vowed to stay by her daughter's side. Bridget suffered a bad fall as Nick rushed her to the hospital. Hector told Taylor that if Ridge didn't return by New Year's eve, he would be there to collect the kiss meant for Ridge. Bridget's Doctor performed surgery on Bridget to insure her that the baby had a better chance of going full term. Darla told Hector that Taylor needed someone like him in her life. Stephanie insisted to Brooke, that Taylor would never do anything to compromise her marriage to Ridge. Eric told Stephanie that Ridge didn't make it home for New Year's Eve, and Taylor was okay with it, but Stephanie wondered what this disappointment would do to Taylor. Brooke walked in on a kiss between Taylor and Hector in the bedroom.
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