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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of January 24, 2005 on B&B
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Monday, January 24, 2005

Thorne tells Darla he needs more control if he is going to take Spectra to the top and that if Sally does not let him have an equal share in Spectra he will accept Ridge's offer to return to Forrester

Sally makes an offer to Thorne that she will split Spectra Couture with him if he pays $50 million for half the company.

Brooke has Ridge and Bridget look into each other's eyes to see if they have feelings, they realize they will always love one another but that it is strictly platonic.

Stephanie kicks Amber out of the house. As Amber packs Ridge tells her that her relationship with Thomas is officially over. Amber vows to teach him a lesson.

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Tuesday, January 25, 2005


At Brooke's request, Nick went to see Brooke at her house. Brooke thanked Nick for being a friend to Bridget. She told Nick that her family is stronger now because she, Ridge and Bridget dealt with Bridget's old feelings for Ridge. Bridget had told Brooke that her feelings for Ridge were finally gone. Bridget had credited Nick for helping her through her difficult time and getting over Ridge.

At Spectra, Sally did what Thorne requested and came up with a deal for Thorne to own one half of Spectra. Sally informed Thorne that her sale price for him to purchase of one half of Spectra is fifty million dollars. Privately, Darla and Thorne discussed whether or not to purchase the half of Spectra. Thorne knew the only way he could afford fifty million dollars would be to sell his share of Forrester Creations. Thorne asked Darla if they should accept Sally's offer. Thorne's alternative to Sally's offer would be to return to Forrester Creations to work as equal partners with Eric and Ridge. After Thorne thought about it, he realized that his share of Forrester Creations means a lot to him.

At Stephanie's, Bridget accused Stephanie of using Bridget to stir up trouble between Brooke and Ridge. Stephanie corrected Bridget and told her that she was trying to save Ridge and Bridget's marriage, not destroy it. Stephanie told Bridget that she had observed earlier that Bridget and Nick had been flirting with one another. Stephanie wondered if they had feelings for one another. Bridget denied that there could be anything between her and Nick because Nick was not her type.

Back at Brooke's Bridget saw Nick and updated him on what had transpired between her, Brooke and Ridge. Bridget thanked Nick for feeling good that she was able to tell Brooke that her feelings for Ridge are gone. Bridget thanked Nick for being a good friend. Bridget kissed Nick on the cheek before he left. Bridget smiled after Nick left. It appeared that Bridget was considering what Stephanie had said about there being feelings between Bridget and Nick.

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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

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Eric and Stephanie are extremely happy that Ridge asked Thorne to come back to Forrester.

Jackie sees Deacon's hand shaking and realizes he wants a drink. Deacon declares that he will go to an AA meeting and call his sponsor but after Jackie leaves, Deacon gives in and takes a drink of Vodka as Massimo happily watches on.

Thorne agrees to Sally's terms of buying into Spectra. Thorne tells Eric and Stephanie that he is not leaving Spectra. Stephanie realizes that this means he is planning to sell his stake in Forrester, Eric begs Thorne not to leave.

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Thursday, January 27, 2005

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Massimo and Heather toast to Deacon taking his first deliberate drink. Deacon goes home to Jackie slightly drunk.

Jackie smells the alcohol on Deacon's breath when she kisses him and is not pleased. After Jackie leaves, Deacon goes to pour out the alcohol but ends up drinking it.

Thorne is late to Sally's party that she is throwing for him and she realizes this means that Eric and Stephanie must be trying to convince him out of selling his shares. Sally leaves to go to Thorne.

Meanwhile, Thorne tells his parents that at Spectra he will be a full partner and Eric responds by saying that Sally is making a shrewd business move. Sally overhears this comment. Sally informs Eric and Stephanie that if they respected Thorne they would understand his choice.

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Friday, January 28, 2005


Bridget, Ridge, and Brooke show Thomas the "compromising" photo that Amber took and try to explain the story behind it to the best of their ability. Amber tries to rush over to the Forrester's house to tell Thomas her side of the story first but barges into the living room in the middle of her character assassination. Bridget and Brooke excuse themselves leaving Ridge, Thomas, and Amber to battle it out. Despite Amber's pleas and attempts to explain her actions and redeem herself, Ridge turns to Thomas and tells him to break up with her, saying she will destroy him like she did Rick. Thomas turns to Amber looking unsure as to what he's going to say next.

Over at Forrester, Thorne and the major members of the Spectra clan talk to Eric and Stephanie. Thorne explains to his parents that he cannot accept Sally's offer to own Spectra 50/50 if they don't release his Forrester stock. He says he has to decide which fashion house as the better "long term forecast." To make things easier (even though it seemed to just further complicate things... but that's just my opinion) Thorne challenges his family to a fashion competition. If Forrester wins, Thorne will return to work there and his investment remains with the company, however, if Spectra wins, his parents must buy back all of Thorne's stock allowing him to invest his $50 million with Spectra. Eric says that amount is too pricey for a company such as Spectra, a comment which offends Sally. She excuses her "posse" from the Forrester boardroom saying they should just duke it out on the catwalk with the grand prize being Thorne. They separate for the day. Eric heads straight to the design room where he begins sketching frantically. He tells Stephanie that he will win the competition and reunite his family while, over at Spectra, Thorne tells Sally that he will be the victor and make Spectra the number one fashion house in haute couture in the process.

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