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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of February 14, 2005 on B&B
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Monday, February 14, 2005

Ridge is in horrible pain as he realizes he can't help Bridget from dying. Amber calls the authorities to give an anonymous report of the location of Ridge and Bridget.

Nick searches and eventually discovers Bridget and Ridge. Bridget is rescued just in time.

Nick calls Hector and Brooke on their way up to Big Bear with the news and they are relieved to hear that both Ridge and Bridget are okay.

After Ridge and Bridget are taken to the hospital, Clarke goes to the mineshaft and retrieves the hidden camera. Bridget wakes up in the hospital and says to Nick that his kiss saved her.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Hector stayed at the cabin in Big Bear with Brooke so she would not be alone while Bridget and Ridge were hospitalized from injuries they suffered in the mine shaft. Hector learned that Brooke was not the person that the media had portrayed. Hector learned that Brooke was a nice person that loved her family.

At the hospital the doctor told Bridget that she had been very lucky and would be okay. Bridget had suspected that Ridge had a concussion and the doctor confirmed her suspicions. Stephanie and Eric visited with Bridget and Ridge. Ridge offered Stephanie his hospital bed to nap in because she was so tired after traveling. Brooke arrived in Ridge's hospital room to play "nurse." What Brooke did not know was that Stephanie was in the bed instead of Ridge!

Ridge thanked Nick for finding he and Bridget. Ridge encouraged Nick to visit with Bridget. Nick could not understand why Ridge was encouraging him to visit Bridget since Ridge did not approve of their relationship earlier. Ridge told Nick that his near death experience had changed the way he viewed life.

At Forrester Creations, Thomas gave Caitlin a piece of jewelry to thank her for helping with the search for Ridge and Bridget. As Thomas hugged Caitlin, Amber arrived to see them. Amber interrupted Caitlin and Thomas. Caitlin left and then witnessed Amber kissing Thomas. Thomas explained to Amber that he and Caitlin are just friends. When Amber left she took out the photo of Ridge kissing Bridget. She decided that showing the photo to Brooke and the Forrester family is what would bring her and Thomas back together.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Brooke drops by to see Eric at home and give him some papers, but he isn't home. Stephanie is there and asks how Ridge is doing. Stephanie asks about Nick and Bridget. Brooke says that the two are good friends, but Stephanie insists they are more than friends. She thinks Brooke would be happy to see Bridget interested in someone other than Ridge. Brooke is upset by Stephanie's accusations and leaves. Eric comes home in a good mood. He sings and plays the piano for Stephanie and promises to take her on a long trip. He announces that he's decided to retire. Stephanie is very surprised. Eric explains that being at Forrester every day is not like it used to be with all his family gone. Eric wants to enjoy life before he's too old to get around.

Amber is at Spectra looking at the picture of Ridge kissing Bridget when Clarke comes in. He asks what she is doing. She explains that she's made a photo album for Ridge, showing him the good memories they've had as a family with Amber included. Amber insists that she isn't going to show Ridge the picture of him and Bridget.

Amber goes to see Ridge at home. She shows him the picture album and tells him that she just wants what's best for the family. She asks for another chance. Ridge takes the pictures and throws them on the floor, telling her to get out. He stomps from the room. Amber is setting on the floor gathering the pictures when Brooke walks in. Amber tells her what happened, but Brooke insists that Ridge is a good man who wants the best for his family. Amber insists that Brooke doesn't know the truth. Brooke tells her not to bring up Bridget again. Amber pulls out the new picture of Ridge kissing Bridget. Brooke is speechless.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Amber fantasizes about how her encounter with Brooke would go in regards to the photograph: she tells Brooke that she loves the family and Ridge is the one who doesn't belong.

Amber awakens from her fantasy to find Brooke entering the room; Amber tells Brooke that she has something that she can't hold back any longer.

Just as Amber is about to show Brooke the photograph, Ridge enters and she refrains from doing so. Amber tells Ridge that he will pay when his world comes crumbling down.

Deacon lies to Jackie and it is obvious he has been out drinking. Nick tells Massimo that he should just tell Jackie he wants her back, but Massimo tells Nick that he will not be Jackie's second choice.

Friday, February 18, 2005

Thomas and Amber talk and Amber professes to make things right with Ridge.

Deacon beats himself up, telling Heather what a mistake he made with Jackie.

Across town, Nick encourages Jackie to leave Deacon, who is bringing her down. Jackie doesn't deny that she misses Massimo but Deacon needs her especially during this time.

Later, Ridge and Brooke arrive at Café Russe for a romantic dinner unaware that Amber and Clarke have also arrived.

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