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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of March 7, 2005 on B&B
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Monday, March 7, 2005

Nick and Ridge are still facing off at Eric and Stephanie's. Nick is letting Ridge know he will protect Bridget and Brooke from him. Ridge reacts with scorn and disbelief. . Ridge believes that Nick's whole agenda is about getting Brooke back. Nick tells Ridge that he owes them an apology. Ridge doesn't think he does. Nick tells Ridge to go home and make things right with his wife.

Ridge tells Nick that he is using Bridget to get to Brooke. Nick gets upset with Ridge and slugs him. Ridge flies across the room appears to hit his head and his vision goes blurry and he is unsteady. Nick doesn't notice that he is apparently hurt and Ridge walks out of the house, ignoring Nick.

Bridget comes in and asks where Ridge is Nick tells her he knocked some sense into him

Stephanie shows up at Brooke's house and tells Brook that she needs to forget and forgive what happened with Bridget and Ridge. She knows that Ridge no longer has "feelings" towards Bridget. Brooke is astonished hearing Stephanie talking about her (Brooke) saving the marriage and figures that Stephanie is mostly concerned with publicity, Stephanie reminds Brooke of all the times Ridge has had to get over something she did.

Ridge shows up at the Café Russe, he sits down and orders water. He is still confused and having difficulty focusing. Morgan is sitting at the other end of the bar. She spies Ridge and looks delighted. Eventually she gets up and says hello to Ridge. He looks at her through a blur but recognizes her and calls her by name. She wants to apologize and he does not want to accept. She congratulates him on his marriage to Brooke and the birth of their Son. Ridge is getting dizzier and falls off the bar stool on to the floor.

Tuesday, March 8, 2005

At the Café Rouse, Morgan helped Ridge after he fell off of the bar stool. Ridge told Morgan he had a terrible headache. Ridge could not remember his and Morgan's previous conversation. Morgan advised Ridge not to drive when he wanted to leave. Morgan offered for Ridge to rest in her hotel room until a taxi cab arrives.

At Spectra, Thorne absolutely raged at Amber for putting Ridge and Bridget's life in danger. Thorne was also furious that Amber tried to ruin Ridge and Brooke's marriage. Thorne advised Amber that her photo proves nothing and Ridge would never do anything to put his marriage at risk. Thorne fired Amber over Sally's protests. Darla supported Thorne's decision in lieu of what Amber had done. As Amber left Spectra, she reminisced about the good times she had in the past working for Spectra.

Nick checked with Brooke to see if Ridge had arrived home. Nick disagreed with Stephanie that Ridge's kiss was innocent. However, Nick was not there to bad mouth Ridge. He advised Brooke that Ridge loves her very much and that she should try to make amends.

Meanwhile, in Morgan's hotel room, Ridge slept. As he slept, Brooke called Ridge on his cell phone. Brooke apologized to Ridge, said she was worried about him and asked him to come home.

Morgan retrieved Brooke's message and woke up Ridge to tell him about Brooke's call. When Morgan told Ridge that Brooke was worried about him and wanted him to come home, he was confused. Ridge asked Morgan who Brooke was.

Wednesday, March 9, 2005

Morgan is worried about Ridge's condition so she looks up his symptoms online. Morgan finds that Ridge has a concussion and that his state of mind may be permanent. Ridge's phone rings and Morgan secretly sends it to voicemail the proceeds to make international reservations for the two of them.

Meanwhile, Amber tries to talk to Thomas and the two of them argue about what Amber did in Big Bear.

While Amber is defending her own actions, Bridget enters and says that the Forresters only need protection from Amber.

Nick tries to comfort Brooke while she worries about Ridge. Brooke leaves another message for Ridge as her worry for him continues to rise.

Nick takes Bridget on a surprise trip on the Marone jet and tells her they can go anywhere she wants. Nick and Bridget tease each other which leads into a kiss.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Thorne confronts Eric about how ridiculous it is that he's still worried about Ridge and Bridget together. Eric is still worried that Amber needs to be prosecuted, but Sally and Amber will release the photo of Ridge kissing Bridget to the tabloids, if the Forrester's come forward. Eric says he'll never be convinced that Ridge doesn't want to be with Bridget, and he should have put a stop to the affair the first time things heated up between them. Thorne reminds Eric that Bridget and Nick are getting closer everyday, and Bridget has moved on for good.

Stephanie tells Massimo she's worried that Sally will release the photo to the tabloids, even if they keep quiet about Amber's trap. Massimo assures her that would never happen, because then they'd lose their leverage on Amber's crime. Stephanie asks Massimo why a romantic looking dinner is set up, and he explains it's actually for him and Jackie. As Stephanie begins to bash on Jackie and her wrong-doing to Massimo, Jackie walks in. Massimo gets a call and leaves the room. Stephanie asks Jackie if she's running back to Massimo because her and Deacon's relationship "fizzled", but Jackie tries to assure her she made a mistake and wants Massimo back. Stephanie isn't convinced, and tells her she'd better have fun tonight, because if it was up to her, and she's sure it could be, Jackie is on the outs.

Bridget and Nick continue their romantic dinner on the jet. Nick says he has something for Bridget, and as she asks if it's "mud pie", he gives her a beautiful necklace. Bridget is elated, but still concerned about Nick's feelings for her mother. Nick assures her that Brooke was his past, and Bridget is now the love of his life. Bridget explains to Nick, she's still unsure, and has been hurt so much in the past, that it's hard for her to trust in someone. She also wonders that if Brooke and Ridge break up for good, would Nick and Brooke get back together? Nick tells Bridget she is the only one for him, and that would never happen.

Friday, March 11, 2005


Still on the plane, Bridget wanted reassurance that Nick didn't have deeper feelings for anyone (especially her mom) than he has for her. Nick told Bridget that he shared a bond with Brooke when they thought they were going to have a baby together, and that bond will probably never go away. He clarified it as a bond of friendship, and told Bridget that it didn't compare to what he feels for her. He goes to bed thinking of her, and wakes thinking of her, and there's no one (not even her mother) he'd rather be with than her. After they kiss, Nick asked Bridget how she feels about Ridge. She told him that it was him (Nick) who saved her from "that mess" and that she's never looked back since. He asked, but she still wouldn't tell where they're going. They landed back in L.A.!!! She said didn't think they were ready to take a longer trip together, but that was when they took off. He said he didn't think of L.A. as just a city anymore, he thought of it as home.

Massimo and Jackie were talking over dinner at Massimo's house reminiscing the "wonderful" times they had there as a family. Massimo told her about Nick seeing Bridget, and she seemed surprised. She thinks that Nick could be transferring his feelings for Brooke to Bridget. Massimo didn't agree, and told her she should accept Nick and Bridget's relationship and move on. Jackie said she learned her lesson about meddling in Nick's life, but she didn't think Bridget was the right woman for him.

Thomas and Caitlin talked about growing up, Amber, and whether they belong together after all. She said if she had seen Thomas for who he was in the first place, she wouldn't have gone goo-goo over Rick, and they might still be together. Caitlin said they wasted time, and that she had a good thing right in front of her, and she didn't see it. He said they should stop wasting time, and kissed her. Caitlin asked Thomas if he was on the rebound, he said he was glad Amber's gone, and that he didn't intend to let Caitlin go again.

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