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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of March 28, 2005 on B&B
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Monday, March 28, 2005

Morgan hires a faux Brooke in order to bring Ridge's feelings for Brooke to an end. In the end, Ridge breaks things off with who he thinks is Brooke, he is left very confused about everything.

Meanwhile, Brooke is very upset regarding Ridge's disappearance. Nick tries to console her and Brooke tells him that she is happy to see him dating Bridget.

Thorne is also concerned about his brother; he knows that it is unlike his brother to run away from his problems. Thorne and Darla question what they would have done had Stephanie died instead of Helen.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

At Spectra, Thorne was still angry with Clarke for almost getting Ridge and Bridget killed. Clarke informed Thorne that Spectra had tied Forrester in sales. Clarke agreed that firing Amber was the right thing to do. Clarke also advised that with Amber gone, they were short on design help. Clarke suggested that they hire Morgan Dewitt. Thorne objected to hiring Morgan. Thorne warned Clarke that Morgan is crazy, dangerous and obsessed with Ridge. Thorne and Clarke wondered about Ridge's whereabouts.

In Italy, with Morgan, Ridge was very discouraged that he did not recognize "Brooke." Ridge demanded to know from Morgan how he had hurt "Brooke." Ridge told Morgan he'd like to make love to her, but could not until he gets his life together. Morgan hesitantly told Ridge about his past. She gave Ridge the Morgan version of Ridge's life and of her past relationship with Ridge, pregnancy and subsequent abortion. After Morgan's story, Ridge decided to call "Brooke." Morgan dialed Brooke in LA. Ridge left Brooke a long voice message.

Meanwhile, Brooke returned to work at Forrester. Brooke announced that she was tired of waiting for Ridge to call. Stephanie and Eric were very supportive toward Brooke. Brooke asked Eric to hire a good private detective. She explained that she does not believe it was Ridge who wrote the email sent to her. Brooke explained that Ridge would never say the mean things he said in the email, and wouldn't neglect the family that he loves. Megan told Brooke that she had a voice message on her cell phone. Brooke retrieved Ridge's message. Ridge's stated:" considering everything you said and everything we've been through, we are better off apart; that includes my family." Ridge ended the message with "I am getting on with my life." Brooke immediately felt that Ridge was rejecting her. Brooke believed that because it was Ridge speaking on the voice mail that he knew what he was saying.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Nick and Massimo come to comfort Brooke. The three listen again to Ridge's message on Brooke's phone. Massimo insists that his son is not a coward and wouldn't leave his responsibilities to his family. Massimo promises to find Ridge and bring him home.

At Stephanie's, many friends have come for Helen's memorial service. Gaby arrives, but tells Stephanie that she doesn't want to talk to anyone. Stephanie says a few words to the group of people, telling them all how proud Helen had been of her daughter and how everything Helen had done had been for Gaby's benefit. Gaby is upset by Stephanie's words and tries to leave. Stephanie stops her at that door and Gaby cries in Stephanie's arms, upset that she won't be able to thank her mother for all that she did.

Morgan's mother tries to convince Morgan to let Ridge go back to his family. Morgan insists that she will return him to LA after she gets pregnant with Ridge's child. Morgan tells her mother that a baby is the only thing that will make her feel whole after loosing two of Ridge's babies.

Thursday, March 31, 2005

Morgan sets up a "celebration" for Ridge. As Ridge is coming in, Morgan is thinking to herself how she's going to use Ridge's condition to her advantage. She plans to get pregnant, by Ridge, before she sends him back home to his family. Ridge thanks Morgan for all she's done for him lately (i.e. getting him to a doctor, caring for him). Morgan proceeds to tell Ridge how she has always cared for him more than Brooke ever has, and for Ridge to just relax, and let her make him happy. They begin a romantic dance together. Just as the first song ends, "Unforgettable" begins to play. (For anyone new, this is Ridge and Brooke's theme song). Ridge seems bothered by it, and Morgan asks if he doesn't like the song, and she could change it. Ridge starts to remember that there was a woman he was dancing with to this song. He almost see her, he's just not able to put a name and face with it.

Gaby apologizes to Stephanie for being so hard on her. Stephanie is understanding, and tells Gaby all her mother did for her. Helen was a great woman who left her past behind, and moved here so Gaby could have a better life. Stephanie reminds Gaby that Helen had no Life Insurance, and nothing was left for her. Stephanie insists Gaby let Stephanie and Eric get her into college, and look after her. Gaby wants nothing to do with her help. Thomas interrupts, and tells Stephanie to let him talk to Gaby. Thomas tells Gaby they're one and the same. They both lost their mothers, and he completely understands where she's coming from.

Massimo and Nick meet up with Brooke, and let her know they're hot on Ridge's trail. Nick and Mass have speculation, but they just found out that the cell calls, were bounced off a European cell tower. Brooke is in shock, and can understand, "why he would do that?" Massimo heads off to the airport. Nick assures Brooke that her and Ridge have an unbreakable connection. Massimo fires up the jet, and gets ready to head to Europe, as the plane is delayed. As he calls to the pilot, the pilot lets him know, there's another passenger coming aboard. Jackie enters and Massimo tells her this is no time for relationship help, and problems, but she assures him, she's there to help him find Ridge, nothing more.

Friday, April 1, 2005


Bridget was remembering playing in the snow with Nick. Turns out she's at Stephanie's house, and she and Stephanie are talking. Stephanie wanted to know that if Bridget was over feeling responsible for Brooke and Ridge's latest problem, what was holding her and Nick back. Bridget told Stephanie that the fact that Nick had been involved with her mom wasn't a problem anymore. He had chosen her, and the whole thing with Brooke was over.

Brooke was trying to cancel or push back a meeting, and in walked Nick. Nick took charge, fixed Brooke's laptop, gave her a plate of food and told her to eat, had made an appt for RJ to see the Dr, and was going to call Massimo to see if there was news on Ridge. He told her that there were three women who made an impact on his life....his mom, Bridget, and Brooke. And he asked her that when Ridge shows up, for them to work things out. She told him that when he comes back, she's never letting him go again....ever.

Ridge was looking for a song saying that it could be the key to getting his memory back. Morgan told him there was no CD, the song was on the radio. She sat him down and started putting the moves on him. She took him into the bedroom, but he "saw" Brooke, and put the brakes on. He said whoever this woman is, he can't escape her.

Amber walked in to her hotel suite in Venice, and standing out on the balcony talking to herself, she saw Ridge. So she took out her camera and used the zoom to double check.

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