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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of April 4, 2005 on B&B
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Monday, April 4, 2005

Nick and Bridget are playing cards with Hope. Hope tells Nick she wants to play dollies he hugs her and reflects on some of their special times.

Brooke and Stephanie are discussing Ridge over tea. Stephanie is reassuring Brooke that Massimo will find him and everything will be okay. Their discussion turns to Bridget and Nick. Brooke has reservations concerning the relationship and bottom line, doesn't think Nick will be able to tell Bridget that he loves her.

Ridge and Morgan are on their balcony, he tells Morgan that he can not forget the other woman. She confesses to him that the woman is the person he will be spending his life with, not her. She will make sure he gets back to her, but before he goes, she wants one thing from him, their baby. Ridge does not think he can do that.

Amber is watching from her balcony window and can't believe Ridge is there and with another woman. She debates over what she should do about it, tell Brooke, keep it to herself. She leaves her room.

Ridge answers the door to his hotel suite and it is Amber. She tells him, "I've got you this time." Ridge doesn't know who she is or what she means.

As it begins to rain, Nick and Bridget discuss what they want in life. He tells her of the pain of losing Hope as his daughter and RJ as his son. Bridget tells him she wants a family he looks intently in her eyes and tells her that he loves her. They kiss passionately while rain pours down on them.

Tuesday, April 5, 2005

Amber confronts Ridge while Morgan showers and it quickly becomes apparent that Ridge has no idea who Amber is or what she is talking about. Ridge tells Amber that Morgan is the one that brought him to Venice; Amber quickly tells Ridge to get packed and tries to make a phone call to Brooke, only to be disconnected by Morgan. Meanwhile, Massimo and Jackie fly in the Marone Jet in an attempt to find Ridge. While in the air Jackie reveals feelings about her own infidelities unintentionally while talking about Ridge and Brooke's situation. Brooke tries to reassure Thomas that Ridge will return home soon. Poolside, Nick and Bridget kiss passionately in the rain and reaffirm their love. Bridget tells Nick that she is ready to make love, however Nick tells her to wait until the next day when he'll have something special planned.

Wednesday, April 6, 2005


Brooke calls Massimo and tells him that Amber has Ridge in Venice. Massimo gets busy finding out where Amber is. Bridget comes in and Brooke tells her that Ridge has been kidnapped by Amber. Bridget doesn't believe the Amber is capable of getting Ridge out of the country and assures Brooke that Ridge loves his family and will come back. While trapped in the mine shaft with Ridge, Bridget tells Brooke she felt at peace with dying because she knew that Brooke and Ridge would be together forever, raising their family. Massimo calls back, saying that he has the name of Amber's hotel and police will be waiting to take him to the hotel as soon as the plane lands.

In Venice, Morgan tries to explain how much she needs Ridge to stay with her. Ridge is upset that she has kept him from his real wife and children, lying to him for so long. Amber is about to call the police when Natalie walks in and tells her not to. Natalie urges Ridge and Amber to not involve the police, saying that it is Natalie's fault that Morgan has had such a rough life. Natalie admits to all of them that she was focused on her career, leaving Morgan to grow up without a mother. She assures them that she will help Morgan get the help she needs. Morgan apologizes to Ridge for lying to him. She collapses into her mother's arms, crying.

Back in Amber's hotel room, Amber calls Brooke back and explains what happened. Brooke doesn't believe it until Ridge gets on the phone, confused about everything. Brooke tells him how worried she's been and how much she loves him. As she talks, Ridge remembers his name for her - Logan - and urges her to keep talking.

Thursday, April 7, 2005

As Ridge finishes his phone call with Brooke, Massimo bursts through the door and orders the arrest of Amber. Ridge is able to convince them that Amber wasn't the one in charge of the kidnapping. Amber plays "Unforgettable" and memories begin coming back to Ridge. Meanwhile, Brooke is relieved by the news of Ridge's return and tells the children the news as well. Nick believes he was the cause of Ridge's memory loss and feels guilty about it. Brooke and Bridget find out that Nick knew that Ridge left with another woman, but they are glad he didn't say anything before. Nick brings up their special date he has been planning and Bridget tries to play coy; Nick promises it will be a night she'll never forget.

Friday, April 8, 2005

Nick and Bridget share a special night at a nearly unrecognizable Chuck's Bar which has been transformed just for the night. Bridget is charmed with Nick's banter and at the end of the night, he proposes to her. Amber and Ridge now join Massimo and Jackie in the Marone jet for their return home. As they exit the plane, Ridge thanks everyone for coming to get him; Amber, on the other hand, realizes that she has nowhere to stay. With all the ugliness behind them, Stephanie is able to confess to Brooke that she had her doubts along the way. In preparation for Ridge's return, Stephanie decides that it would be best for her to leave so that Brooke and Ridge spend the night together, alone. When Ridge finally arrives Brooke breaks into tears and Ridge is mesmerized by her.

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