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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of May 2, 2005 on B&B
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Monday, May 2, 2005

On the Shady Marlin, Thorne and Nick are discussing their feelings about what just happened at the grave site. Thorne is having a hard time accepting what they helped Ridge do. Nick is calm and tells him that they were supporting their brother, it was what he needed, to get on with his life.

Thorne shows up still disheveled at his parents. They are shocked at his appearance, he explains where Ridge is and that Nick and he were there with him. They express understanding until Thorne explains that they were helping him dig up Taylor's body. Suddenly, their understanding turns to shock.

At the grave site, Ridge discovers that the life-like corpse is not real and screams into the night, "Taylor where are you?"

He lays the "corpse" down and turns when he hears someone: it is Prince Omar. The Prince blames Ridge for allowing Taylor to die instead of fighting for her. Ridge defends himself and says that it was out of his hands. Prince Omar explains how he kept watch over her; he was not going to give up on her as Ridge had. When Taylor was so critical in the hospital, Omar said that he made plans to take her away and make a replacement to put in the coffin that was so real it fooled even her family .Ridge is angry and disgusted that he would steal her body away and wonders if he still has it. Prince Omar admits that he does. Ridge is disgusted and tells the Prince he is depraved. Ridge explains that Taylor died as she wished, with dignity, unhooked from all the machines. Prince Omar questioned how he could be sure that she was dead, asking, "What doctor signed the death certificate?" Ridge said it didn't matter, she died in his arms, and he just knew. Prince Omar sneers with disdain and accuses Ridge of not trying to revive her. Ridge tells him she didn't want that. Understanding dawns on Ridge, his eyes widen and he asks if his wife is still alive. From behind him a voice answers. "Yes Ridge, I am." Out of the night a figure approaches... it is Taylor. Ridge looks as if he has seen a ghost

Tuesday, May 3, 2005

At Taylor's grave site, Ridge was shocked and overwhelmed to see Taylor, alive! Taylor explained all of the circumstances which lead Ridge to believe she had died. Taylor explained that when Ridge thought she was dead, she was in a coma, only. Taylor explained that Prince Omar's men had gone to the hospital and discovered that she still had a heart beat. She explained that the men revived her and brought her back to Prince Omar where she remained in a coma for a very long time. Ridge kept checking with Taylor if she were real? Taylor explained that she is and that she would never leave him or the children ever again.

Meanwhile, Eric and Stephanie were horrified that Thorne, Nick and Ridge had dug up Taylor's grave. Thorne advised that perhaps it was good for Ridge to dig up Taylor's grave and see that she is dead.

On Nick's boat, Nick explained to Bridget that he and Thorne had helped Ridge dig up Taylor's grave. Nick had trouble understanding the whole thing. Bridget realized that Ridge would do anything just to hold Taylor in his arms again. Back at Taylor's grave site, Taylor told Ridge that nothing or no one could ever keep them apart again

Wednesday, May 4, 2005


In the cemetery, Omar watches Taylor and Ridge together. Omar's men tell him that Taylor is gone back to Ridge now, but Omar worries that Taylor's return might not be like she thought it would be.

Thorne, Stephanie and Eric arrive at the cemetery to find that the dirt has been put back over the grave, but Ridge is not there. Stephanie finally believes that Ridge did dig up the grave after seeing the newly overturned dirt. They shine a flashlight on Taylor's headstone as Stephanie remembers how wonderful Taylor was. Stephanie says that Ridge must still be in love with Taylor to have been driven to dig up her grave.

At Ridge and Brooke's house, Brooke comes downstairs after tucking the girls into bed. She finds Thomas downstairs and tells him how worried his sisters are about their father. Thomas doesn't want his sisters to know that Ridge thinks Taylor is alive. He tells Brooke that she doesn't have to hold their family together all by herself and offers to help her while his dad recovers. Brooke tells Thomas how important he and his sisters are to her, and though she'll never try to replace Taylor in their lives, she thinks of them as her own children now. The phone rings. Brooke thinks it must be Ridge wanting to say good night, but instead it is Dr. Mark asking how Ridge is doing. Brooke is surprised to hear that Ridge left the hospital on his own. After getting off the phone, she tries to look positive and tells Thomas that Ridge is on his way home. Thomas is worried about Ridge's injuries, but Brooke assures him that the doctors said that Ridge is fine. She reminds Thomas that after Ridge got back from Italy, he promised that he'd never let anyone take him away from his family again. She leaves a message on Ridge's voicemail, asking him to call her. The doorbell rings and it is Stephanie. After finding that Ridge hasn't made it home yet, she tells Brooke that Ridge has dug up Taylor's grave. Brooke doesn't want to believe it, but Stephanie insists that it's true. She tells Brooke that they have got to help Ridge get a grip on reality. They both agree that he needs help.

Ridge takes Taylor back to the beach house, where it is just like Taylor remembered. The two embrace tightly and Ridge tells her that he never wants to let her go. Taylor tells him that she'll never leave him again. They kiss passionately. Ridge tells her how beautiful she looks and she responds that she wanted to look good for when she got to see Ridge again. Ridge tells her how the children missed her after they thought she had died. He says how much the children love her and how much he loves her. Ridge assures her that he's never stopped loving her. Taylor tells him that they can go back to the way it was before. She noticed Ridge is wearing his wedding band and is overjoyed that he's kept his ring on for her all these years. Ridge puts his arms around her with a worried look on his face.

Thursday, May 5, 2005

Nick tells Bridget that worrying won't do her any good. Nick assures her that they will have another, smaller wedding ceremony once things with the family have settled down a bit and that they will live happily ever after. Brooke and Stephanie agree that what Ridge needs the most right now is the love and support of his family. Ridge shows Taylor his wedding band and she realizes it's not from their marriage.

Friday, May 6, 2005

Ridge calls Brooke and tells her he's coming home and that he'll explain everything when he arrives. Later, Ridge arrives home in a frenzy, claiming to Brooke that he discovered what caused the disruption at Nick and Bridget's wedding. Brooke is convinced that Ridge isn't thinking clearly. Brooke tries to calm Ridge down, but he's almost acting manic. Stephanie and Eric are keeping a watchful eye on Thomas, Steffy and Phoebe. Thomas and the girls are deeply worried about their father but realize that they need to support him no matter what.

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Karla Mosley welcomes her second child
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