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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of May 23, 2005 on B&B
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Monday, May 23, 2005

Nick and Bridget share the amazing news regarding Taylor's return with Massimo and Jackie. Jackie later talks to Nick alone and tries to convince him that now he has an opportunity to get back with Brooke. Taylor and Thomas have a serious conversation about who Ridge will end up choosing. Taylor is torn because she wants to have the family back together, but doesn't want to separate Hope and R.J. Brooke tells Ridge that she's trying to be supportive of his situation with Taylor, she's just afraid about what might happen next. Thomas confronts Brooke and Ridge and personally thanks Brooke for doing such a great job making their house a home again. However, Thomas tells Brooke that they need their mother back, and that it would be best if Brooke was the one to leave the house.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

At home, Thomas explained to Brooke that now that Taylor is alive, everything has changed. Taylor entered the room. Thomas kept telling Ridge that they all (meaning Brooke and Taylor) cannot live under the same roof together. Thomas advised Ridge that he has to decide between Taylor and Brooke. Thomas told Ridge that it is not right for him and Brooke to be together in the bedroom while Taylor is downstairs.

At home, Stephanie explained to Gaby that Thomas's mother is alive. Stephanie was concerned for Gaby because she is still dealing with the heartbreak of her own mother's death. Gaby was not resentful, but happy for Thomas. She immediately left to go meet Thomas's mother. Thomas was happy to see Gaby. He was sensitive to the fact that Gaby was still grieving the death of her mother. Gaby told Thomas although she is grieving, she is happy that she had 18 years with her mother. She is aware that Thomas and his sisters were very young when their mother died. Caitlin arrived, but misunderstood the good news that Thomas was going to tell her. Caitlin assumed that Thomas was going to tell Caitlin that he and Gaby are a couple. Caitlin didn't know about Thomas's mother being alive.

Jackie visited Stephanie with the intention of having a private talk with her. Jackie tried to persuade Stephanie that if Brooke and Ridge's marriage breaks up, that Brooke and Nick belong together. Jackie asserted that Nick does not love Bridget in the same intense way he loved Brooke. Stephanie was adamant that Bridget and Nick are totally committed to one another, no matter what happens.

Alone in the bedroom with Taylor and Brooke, he spoke to both of them. Ridge told Taylor how elated he was to find that she is alive. He told Taylor that he and the children missed her every day.

Ridge told Brooke that she brought love back into their lives and made him and the children a family. He told Brooke that they were going to have a bright future together. Ridge said he was quite happy the way things were and did not want to have to make any decisions. Ridge began telling Brooke that "I am sorry."

Wednesday, May 25, 2005


In Ridge's bedroom, Ridge tells Brooke that they can't go on like this. Brooke and Taylor both think that Ridge is trying to tell Brooke that he's chosen Taylor, but Ridge goes on to say that it's too confusing for the kids to have him sharing a room with Brooke. Ridge offers to move into the guest room, but Brooke insists that she will be the one to move into the guest room because it would be too painful to be in the master bedroom without Ridge. Brooke goes to get her things out of the bathroom. Taylor decides to head to her room for the night, but tells Ridge that she loves him on her way out. Ridge tells Taylor that he loves her too. After Taylor leaves, Brooke comes out of the bathroom and tells Ridge to take all the time he needs to decide what to do. She knows that he will do what's best for the children.

Bridget stops by to see Eric. She is worried about her mom and all the tensions in the house. Eric offers to let Bridget stay with him, but Bridget turns him down. Eric wonders if everything is still on track with her and Nick, and Bridget assures him that they will reschedule the wedding when everything calms down.

Jackie comes back to the Shady Marlin to see Nick. She tells him that Ridge will surely choose Taylor, leaving Brooke for Nick. Nick insists that he is marrying Bridget. Jackie reminds Nick of his promise to always take care of Brooke. After she leaves, Nick gets a phone call from Brooke. She is looking for Bridget. Nick tells her that Bridget is not there, but if there is something wrong he asks that she please tell him. Brooke admits that she is sleeping in the guest room. Nick is upset that Ridge would do something like that to Brooke and tells her that he will always be there for her. "Always?' Brooke asks. "Always," Nick replies.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Taylor visits with Stephanie and Eric. Stephanie really feels that everything is turning more positive now that she is back home and that some sense of balance is coming to the family. She feels that she can feel the shift happening. After telling Eric and Stephanie about the night before and what choices were made, Taylor says that Brooke was most gracious. It seems that she has come a long way and she definitely loves Ridge. Taylor says that Brooke has changed, whereupon Stephanie cuts in and tells her that if she had known her, she might not think so highly of her. Eric throws a dirty look in Stephanie's direction. Eric can easily tell that Stephanie wants a reunion between Ridge and Taylor. While they have tea, Stephanie gets a call from the pool house, wanting Taylor down there. After Taylor leaves for the pool house, Eric lays into Stephanie. She tells Eric that she had to put up with Brooke, because she wouldn't allow her to see her Grandchildren, if she didn't, but now she will do everything possible to help make things right. Stephanie places a call to Brooke, and, using her most syrupy voice, she tells Brooke that she will be up to see her shortly. Stephanie tells Eric that Brooke needs to move out. She is going to do everything to give Ridge and Taylor a second chance and in order for them to have it Brooke needs to move out and she needs to do it now.

Friday, May 27, 2005

Ridge and Taylor spend some alone time together and reminisce about their past. Taylor is trying to be sensitive to Brooke, but her heart aches for Ridge. Ridge gets caught up in the moment. Eric informs Bridget that Stephanie wants Brooke out of Ridge's house. Bridget begins to realize that Stephanie was just pretending to be accepting of Brooke all this time. Stephanie tells a shocked and hurt Brooke to put aside her own needs so Ridge and Taylor can do what is best for their family. Brooke tells Stephanie that she should have known she never cared about her. Stephanie informs Brooke that her reign of terror on her family is finally over.

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