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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of May 30, 2005 on B&B
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Monday, May 30, 2005

Stephanie and Brooke are still arguing, with Stephanie continuing to extol Taylor's many virtues; telling Brooke that now that Taylor is back she has broken the hold that Brooke has on Ridge.

Thomas and Bridget are at the pool at the Forrester house. Thomas says he can't wait until they are all hanging out like they used to. Bridget questions what he means by that. Thomas says like it used to be with his Mom and Dad and him and the twins. Bridget tells him that she is sure her Mom will be accommodating and Thomas is shocked that she thinks Brooke will be the one to stay. They discuss who should get to stay with Ridge; each obviously having strong opinions. Hope comes up looking for her Daddy and runs off to the house to find him. Gabi follows after her.

Taylor and Ridge are still on the sofa inside the Forrester mansion. Taylor tells Ridge that she wants and needs him and he responds that he needs her too. Hope comes in then and Ridge is looking very guilty.

Back at Brooke's, Brooke is reminding Stephanie of how she held the family together when Ridge was missing and questions Stephanie's former acceptance of her. Stephanie tells Brooke that it was all an act and that she doesn't feel it's wrong to lie if it's for the good of the family. Brooke is floored by this revelation and reminds Stephanie that she has RJ now. Stephanie says that she wishes she could forget but that she wants what's best for him and suggests that Brooke leave him for Taylor and Ridge to raise. Brooke can't believe that Stephanie would think that she would give up her child. Stephanie says that then that would free Brooke up to sleep with whoever she wants and live her life how she wants -- in the gutter. Stephanie tells Brooke that she has always used her children to manipulate one man or another and that she will do the same to RJ. Brooke tells Stephanie that she is the one that has manipulated her husband and children for years and that they run from her. Brooke tells Stephanie that she will not allow her to use Taylor to settle old scores between the 2 of them. Brooke tells Stephanie to go to hell; she will never give up on her children or her husband.

At the Forrester's, Gabi runs in after Hope and tries to get her to come back to the pool with her. Hope holds on to Ridge's leg and doesn't want to leave. Taylor suggests that Hope stay there with her and Ridge. Taylor tells Ridge that Thomas was able to voice his opinions on the situation but it's not that easy for Hope and RJ. Ridge says it would rip his heart in two to hurt Hope and questions how he can continue to give her a sense of security and stability. Taylor feels bad that she is the one that complicated this situation but she want Ridge to be her husband again. Ridge says he doesn't want to let anyone down. Taylor understands and says he wouldn't be the man she loved if he didn't feel that way. Ridge says he knows he made commitments to her but that he also made them to Brooke. Taylor tells Ridge that if he really wants to do what's best for all of the kids and for her and Brooke then he has to do what's best for him -- he has to do what his heart tells him to do.

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Stephanie and Gaby are discussing Taylor's return. Stephanie says she knows that if anyone can understand what it means to Thomas to have his mother back it's Gaby. Gaby says yes but she is worried about Hope & RJ; that Hope was holding on to her Daddy like she didn't ever want to let him go. Stephanie says that Ridge will always be a part of their lives and that he loves them like they were his own. She says that Ridge and Taylor are legally married and she hopes that Brooke will do the right thing.

Bridget and Brooke are in Bridget's room and Brooke is telling Bridget about her encounter with Stephanie and how evil and cold she was and she couldn't believe the things that Stephanie was saying to her. Brooke says that Stephanie threatened to tell Taylor about Hope being Deacon's child and about what happened with Nick at the foundry. Bridget tells her that she has forgiven her for Deacon and that Brooke and Ridge have worked through the foundry events and that it won't matter. Brooke is concerned that if Stephanie keeps harping on it, that she doesn't know what Ridge will do. Brooke says that since Taylor is back all anyone can see is Taylor and that she feels invisible. Brooke tells Bridget that she tried to live up to what Taylor was but she guesses she fell short. She was sure that Stephanie was telling Ridge how perfect Taylor is and that Brooke was just a slut from the valley. Bridget says to stop - that she won't let her talk about herself this way. Brooke wonders why Ridge would want to be with her when he could be with Taylor. Bridget says because he loves Brooke. Brooke says that Stephanie has declared war on her and tells Bridget that Stephanie wants her to give RJ to Ridge and Taylor to raise. Bridget is shocked!

Thomas and the twins are in the twins room discussing which of their upcoming events Taylor will go to -- tennis tournament or recital. Thomas says there will be plenty of time for all of them to be together when they go to Hawaii. Phoebe thinks that everyone will be going to Hawaii - including Hope, RJ & Brooke. Thomas and Steffy explain to her that things will probably change since their mother is back and that Brooke will have to move out. Ridge is listening outside the door as Thomas and Steffy are telling Phoebe that someone has to leave and that it should be Brooke. Phoebe is upset and runs out of the room just as Ridge is coming in. Ridge reminds Thomas and Steffy of all the things that Brooke has done for them and that she has been a mother to them while Taylor was gone.

Phoebe goes to Brooke and tells her that she's been so caught up with her mom being back that she has forgotten about Brooke and how she must fell. Phoebe says she doesn't want Brooke and the kids to move out. Brooke is shocked but covers and says that for now Phoebe should just concentrate on spending time with her Mom and being happy that she is back and that she is sure Taylor is proud of her. Phoebe tells her that if Taylor is proud then it's because of all that Brooke did for her; Phoebe tells her that she loves her and is grateful for all that she has done for her; that she loves her for just being her. Phoebe says that even though Taylor is back Brooke is still her Mom too. Thomas and Steffy come in and tell her that Phoebe is right - they all love her. Brooke is crying and tells them how much she needed to hear that and they all hug.

Bridget goes to confront Stephanie about her actions. She tells her that she is appalled at what she's trying to do to Brooke. Bridget says that she has forgiven Brooke for the affair with Deacon and that it is not right for Stephanie to bring all of that stuff up to use for her own agenda. Bridget tells Stephanie that she is not going to use Taylor's return to ruin Brooke. This is none of Stephanie's business and she needs to stay out of it and let Ridge, Taylor and Brooke make the decisions that need to be made. Bridget tells Stephanie that it is not Stephanie's place to judge Brooke and what she has done. Stephanie can't figure out why people always forgive Brooke for what she does and that Brooke will use her children to get what she wants. Stephanie says that Ridge is only with Brooke because he thought that Taylor was dead. Bridget tells her that Ridge's love for Brooke is very real. Bridget tells Stephanie that she is going to stay out of it and let them make their own decisions.

Wednesday, June 1, 2005


When Ridge opens the door, Massimo comes rushing in, eager to see Taylor. He welcomes her back and tells her how happy he is to have her back in the family. Brooke watches from the shadows as Massimo and Ridge tell Taylor how much they missed her while she was gone and how happy they are that she is back in their lives.

Bridget continues to stick up for Brooke as she confronts Stephanie for the things Stephanie said to Brooke. Bridget is appalled that Stephanie would think Brooke would give RJ to Taylor and Ridge to raise. Stephanie tells Bridget what an awful mother Brooke is and admits she is surprised how well Bridget and Rick turned out. Stephanie says that she is entitled to her own opinion of the situation, and Bridget agrees but tells Stephanie to keep it to herself and let Brooke, Taylor and Ridge work it out. Bridget leaves.

Jackie has come to visit Nick on the Shady Marlin. She once again tries to convince him to call off the wedding with Bridget, at least until things with Brooke are settled. Nick insists that he will be marrying Bridget very soon and there's nothing Jackie can do about it. Jackie urges Nick to go and see Brooke and he admits that he went to see Ridge, telling him to take care of Brooke and those kids. Jackie uses Nick's words to try to prove that he still loves Brooke. Jackie leaves.

Bridget arrives at the Shady Marlin. She is upset after her confrontation with Stephanie. Nick tries to make her forget her problems for awhile by kissing her on the couch.

Jackie arrives at Ridge's house, wanting to speak with Brooke alone. Jackie is surprised to find Massimo and Taylor there as well, so she pretends to be there to meet Taylor. Taylor apologizes for interrupting Nick's wedding, but Jackie tells her that Taylor's return was a God-send. Later, Jackie catches Brooke alone on the balcony. The two can see through the window and watch Massimo and Ridge smiling over Taylor. Jackie tells her that Brooke will always feel this way, on the outside looking in. She insists to Brooke that Nick still loves her. Brooke asks her if Nick said anything that would imply that he is not totally committed to Bridget, but Jackie admits that he didn't, but that she can sense his true feelings. Jackie urges Brooke to reach out to Nick, a man who truly loves her and the children, before it is too late.

Stephanie calls and asks Taylor to come over in the morning. Taylor agrees, and after hanging up, Stephanie plans how she will tell Taylor what Brooke has done while Taylor was gone.

Thursday, June 2, 2005

Ridge and Brooke encounter each other as he enters the house. He tells her that the girls are all settled now in their new school and Hope was a little hesitant this morning. Brooke tells Ridge that together they will go and get her and bring her home. She looks somewhat sad and Ridge questions why? She is forced to tell him about Stephanie's visit and the impact that it caused and will cause. She tells him that Stephanie made her true feelings for her known and tells her that she has no part in her family. Ridge is sympathetic to Brooke, knowing that his Mother has never cared for her and that Taylor is Stephanie's best friend. Stephanie told her that she could take Hope and just go away. Ridge could have RJ, and he and Taylor could raise him together. Ridge is floored and takes Brooke's hand and the two of them head for Stephanie's.

Taylor has arrived at Stephanie's home. Looking serious, Stephanie tells her that she has a tale to tell her. She tells Taylor that Whip is not the Father of Brooke's daughter. The Father is Deacon Sharpe. Brooke and Deacon had an affair while he was married to Bridget. Taylor tells Stephanie that whatever happened, it looked like both Ridge and Bridget had forgiven her. Stephanie agrees and then tells her that another incident happened. In South America, an accident happened and they thought that Ridge was dead, and within twenty-four hours of Ridge's death, Brooke had turned to his brother, Nick, for consolation, and they slept together. When Ridge was discovered to be alive, and they reunited, Brooke ended up pregnant, and for the longest time, they didn't know who the Father of the baby was. Taylor is shocked at the news. She thought that Brooke was a good role model for her children, but she hadn't changed at all. While the two of them are talking, Ridge and Brooke enter and hear them talking about Brooke's past. Taylor sees them and approaches Brooke asking, "Is all of this true?"

Thomas goes down to the guest house. When he enters he finds Gaby there. She has moved down there, after staying in her Mother's room for awhile. He is excited and shows Gaby some designs that he has been working on. He is very proud of them and can't wait to show them to his Dad. Eric happens to stop by and Thomas is anxious to tell him about his plans. He hands Eric the sketches that he drew. Thomas says that he graduated from High School and has already interned at Forrester's. Now he would like to design. He has the same passion that his Father does and his Grandfather also. After looking at them, Eric comments that he sees potential in him. He tells him however that this summer is not the time to do anything. Eric tells him that he just graduated and he should be out enjoying his summer. Maybe after a couple of years of design school...

Eric leaves and Thomas is upset. He tells Gaby that he doesn't intend to spend his summer, serving coffee. He will find a way to show off his designs, one way or the other.

Friday, June 3, 2005

Brooke is sickened by the fact that Taylor found out everything the way she did. Taylor is hoping that Brooke can explain herself. Ridge tries to help Brooke defend her actions. Stephanie can't believe they are trying to put everything on her. Taylor doesn't know who to believe. Ridge warns Stephanie to stop interfering or she'll regret it. Thomas tells Gaby that he respects Eric's decision, but feels he could be a real help with the teen market. Thorne and Darla tell Sally about Taylor's amazing return. Then the Spectra gang discusses how they need a new designer to keep them competitive with Forrester. Thomas calls Spectra and asks Thorne to look at his sketches. This causes Sally to start thinking about hiring another Forrester at Spectra.

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