The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of June 6, 2005 on B&B

Thomas and Caitlin broke up. Brooke suggested that Nick and Bridget elope. Spectra took on another Forrester employee. Taylor was confident that Ridge would choose her over Brooke.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of June 6, 2005 on B&B
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Monday, June 6, 2005

Brooke was in the living room when Taylor entered. Brooke asked if she could take Taylor anywhere and suggested that if Taylor was going to reopen her practice, it might be a good time to look for office space. Taylor replied that she was not sure when she'd start seeing patients again but that there was some research that she wanted to do. Taylor was curious what kind of woman could sleep with her husband's brother the day after she thought her husband had died.

Brooke told Taylor that she had thought that she had said the night before that she wasn't going to get into it. Taylor said that she felt comfortable with whatever decision Ridge made, but that didn't mean that Taylor was going to condone the things that Brooke had done. Brooke started to leave but stopped when Taylor said that she had studied all kinds of sexual disorders, but it was the first time she had encountered that particular pathology. Taylor sarcastically asked if Brooke could shed some light on it for her -- she asked how it was that, thinking that her husband had died, Brooke could become aroused by his brother.

Brooke insisted she hadn't been aroused. Taylor asked if Nick was to blame then, questioning if he were some sort of deranged sexual predator. Brooke told Taylor that no, Nick was not deranged, and no one was to blame. Taylor told Brooke that was what bothered her -- no matter what Brooke did or who she hurt, no one was ever to blame -- especially not Brooke. Taylor said she would really like a reasonable explanation for it and asked Brooke to tell her how the whole thing had happened.

Bridget entered Eric's office and wished him good morning. Eric said it was nice to know someone still loved him. He proceeded to tell Bridget about having to turn Thomas down on his request to start designing for Forrester. They discussed her wedding to Nick, and Eric was happy that Bridget had found someone.

Stephanie summoned Nick to her house. He arrived and was a little wary; he told Stephanie he wondered why he felt like he was entering the lion's den. She said she didn't know because she had asked him over to discuss him using their house for the wedding. Nick thought that since she and Bridget had had a little tiff that the offer of their house would not be an option.

Stephanie said that she and Bridget had had tiffs before and that what they disagreed about at that moment was Brooke's place in Ridge's life, but they were all entitled to their opinions. Nick understood that Stephanie was taking Taylor's side.

At Spectra, Clarke was warning Sally about approaching Thomas to design for Spectra. He didn't think it was a good idea. Sally thought it was a fantastic idea. Clarke thought they needed a real designer, not just someone with the Forrester name.

Thomas entered, and Sally told him that she needed something, and he was the only person she could think of that could help her. Sally said that she needed his advice on who would be a good designer to take Amber's place. Thomas recommended himself.

Back at Forrester Creations, Eric and Bridget were discussing plans for the wedding. Bridget told him that Nick was ready to move ahead but that she wanted to wait until things calmed down so that it was a joyous day and not filled with tension. She told him about Jackie giving them a hard time, but she trusted Nick completely. She was more worried about Stephanie and her trying to influence Ridge's decision regarding Taylor and Brooke. Bridget asked Eric to tell Stephanie to stay out of it, but they both knew that she wouldn't and that she would force everyone to take sides.

Nick told Stephanie that he didn't want to get in the middle of it, so he was going to leave. He told Stephanie that he just wanted Brooke to be happy, but the choice was up to Ridge -- not either of them. Stephanie thought Taylor was the obvious choice, and Nick thought Brooke was. Stephanie told Nick that Jackie seemed to think that he would be better off if Brooke were available and asked him if that were true. Nick told Stephanie that he was marrying Bridget and that his feelings for her or her mother were none of Stephanie's business.

Stephanie agreed but told Nick to be sure he was marrying the right woman before he got married. Nick reminded her of R.J. and what an important factor that was in Ridge's decision. Stephanie still thought that Brooke was going to be in for a big disappointment and that she would need Nick when that happened. Nick said he would be there for Brooke as a friend if she needed him. Stephanie thought Brooke would be looking for more than friendship when Ridge dumped her, but Nick said Stephanie was wrong.

Brooke didn't see any reason to go through everything again with Taylor. Taylor thought there was a good reason because she was trying to understand how Brooke could hurt a man that she said she loved. Brooke told her that Ridge had forgiven her, and that was all that mattered. They debated further on Brooke's suitability as a role model to the children and the mistakes that Brooke had made. Brooke wished that those things had never happened, but they had, and she'd spent a long time living with that guilt.

Brooke told Taylor that there were also things that she had done that she was proud of -- and that Ridge was proud of her too. Taylor said that she didn't understand how Brooke could have done that to Bridget. She wondered how Brooke expected Bridget to deal with it and not be affected. Bridget walked in and said that Taylor was asking the wrong person. Bridget could say for herself how she dealt with it.

Bridget said she didn't deny that what had happened with Brooke and Deacon had nearly destroyed her relationship with her mom but that she had reached an understanding of faith, family, and forgiveness. She knew that Brooke loved her, and none of Brooke's actions had ever been intended to hurt Bridget. Bridget added that what could have destroyed them had instead strengthened the bond between them. Taylor also questioned Bridget's involvement with Nick, and Bridget said that she was confident in Nick's love for her.

Tuesday, June 7, 2005

At home, Stephanie debated with Nick over who Ridge would choose, Taylor or Brooke. Stephanie was convinced that Ridge would choose Taylor. Nick could not believe that any man could leave Brooke. Stephanie advised Nick that he could help Brooke by not encouraging her to hold on to Ridge. In that way, Brooke could leave with dignity, since Ridge would choose Taylor.

Taylor advised Brooke and Bridget that any other daughter would have cut all ties with Brooke after the betrayal with Deacon. Taylor told Brooke point-blank that she was not comfortable with Brooke raising her children. Taylor explained that although her children loved Brooke and thought she was cool, the children needed someone who was a role model.

Taylor was also concerned about Brooke's history of hurting the people that she loved. Brooke objected vehemently that she would ever hurt Taylor's children. Taylor was blunt and finally told Brooke that she wanted her house and her husband back.

At Forrester Creations, Eric told Jackie not to interfere with Nick and Bridget's relationship by predicting that Nick would return to Brooke if she were available. Eric was furious with Jackie for planting the idea in Bridget and Nick's minds. Eric could not believe that Nick would leave Bridget or that Brooke would hurt her daughter a second time.

Taylor arrived at Stephanie's. Taylor was surprised and intrigued to meet Nick. Stephanie told Taylor that Nick and Brooke were good friends. Stephanie revealed that she had asked Nick to speak to Brooke about leaving Ridge with dignity -- so Ridge could return to Taylor.

Wednesday, June 8, 2005

Nick felt uncomfortable being dragged into Ridge's problems. Stephanie responded that Ridge and Brooke's relationship had been messy, and a life with Taylor would be something far more special. Nick didn't like that Stephanie and Taylor were ganging up on Brooke. Stephanie left, and Nick told Taylor that she was the one who had to make a decision regarding the situation. Nick felt that Brooke should be able to stay, since she was married to Ridge.

Thomas and Gaby caught up on things at Insomnia and discussed how excited they were to be attending the same college in the fall. Thomas also told Gaby about the contract Sally had offered him. Gaby kissed him on the cheek and wished him good luck with his decision. Thorne was mad that Sally had offered Thomas a job without conferring with him first. Later, Thomas went to Spectra and announced that he would like to accept the position as a designer.

Thursday, June 9, 2005

Nick told Taylor that Hope and R.J. had changed him forever. The way he looked at things was completely different. He told Taylor that her children were older and could understand the complexities of the situation, but R.J. and Hope didn't understand what was happening to their parents. Taylor said that as a psychiatrist, she knew that little children adjusted to divorce far better than older children. Nick said Ridge firmly believed that he and Brooke belonged with each other, raising their children together.

Taylor said, "You don't think that Ridge will pick me?" Nick said that Brooke had been a good mother to all the children in Taylor's absence; she loved them all, and they loved her. Taylor asked him if he felt that way because he was a friend of hers. "Yes," Nick said. "Because you believe that Brooke is being a good mother," Taylor probed. "Yes," Nick replied again then Taylor asked if it was because he loved Brooke.

Taylor told Nick that it wasn't Ridge that needed to make a choice -- it was Nick. Taylor told him that Brooke was going to need someone who would love her and the children. Nick left.

Caitlin and Thomas sat at the restaurant, and she told him that she thought it was wonderful that he had gotten his mother back. She understood that he needed the time to become reacquainted with her. He said that he had stopped calling her because he just didn't see it happening for the two of them. She told him that they just needed the time to reconnect. He told her that he thought they were better off just being friends.

Caitlin told Thomas that he was doing that because she had acted so jealous, and he said that was not the reason. Thomas said that he had hoped life could just go back to the way it had been between them, but it hadn't. Caitlin wanted to know if it was because of Gaby. He didn't answer her directly but told her that he wanted to be a good friend. He went to the coffee bar for drinks for them.

Gaby walked in and approached Caitlin. She could see that Caitlin had been crying but said nothing. Caitlin revealed that Thomas and she had broken up. Gaby said how sorry she was and revealed she hadn't known about it. Caitlin said that it was so obvious that Thomas liked Gaby. They hardly ever saw each other anymore because he was usually with Gaby.

Caitlin admitted to having made a mistake with Thomas and told Gaby to be good to him, because Thomas was a really good guy. She left Gaby sitting at the table and took leave. Thomas returned to the table, expecting to find Caitlin there, and was surprised to see Gaby. Gaby told him that Caitlin had just left.

Thomas told Gaby that he had needed to be honest with Caitlin. Gaby said that Caitlin was blaming her and asked if she were right. He looked at her and said that the more time he spent with her, and the better he got to know her, the more he started to care. Each of them believed that they had simply gravitated toward the other because of their parents.

Brooke and Bridget were deep in conversation. Bridget said that Stephanie had called Nick and Taylor. Brooke said that Stephanie was using everything she could to put Ridge and Taylor back together. Brooke said that when Taylor returned, she had done everything to be supportive of Taylor's return. Suddenly, she was being put on the defensive, and she hated it.

Brooke told Bridget that Bridget and Nick should just elope. She knew that Bridget wanted the whole family to be there, but, under the circumstances, it might never happen.

Later, Nick paid Brooke a visit. He told Brooke that Taylor wanted a life with Ridge, and Stephanie supported it. He told her that they were not as concerned about Taylor ending up with Ridge as they were about who Nick ended up with -- Bridget or Brooke. Brooke looked at him with a shocked look on her face.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Massimo offered Bridget the use of his yacht for her wedding and thought she and Nick should get married as soon as possible. Taylor told Stephanie that she felt Nick cared more for Brooke then he might let on. Taylor thought Bridget should wait to marry Nick. Stephanie agreed.

Later, Stephanie visited Bridget and tried to convince her to slow down and put things in perspective, and that marrying Nick could be a huge mistake. After Stephanie told Bridget that Nick still loved Brooke, Bridget told Stephanie to "go to hell." Brooke was shocked to learn from Nick that Stephanie and Taylor actually thought she would end up with him.

Nick told Brooke that he was definitely committed to Bridget, and Brooke promised that she would never interfere with their relationship. Nick told Brooke that he believed Ridge would choose Brooke because of the children and how successful she was. Brooke thanked Nick for believing in her.

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