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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of June 13, 2005 on B&B
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Monday, June 13, 2005

Brooke and Nick are still at her house discussing Stephanie and her agenda. Brooke repeats that she would never go after him if Ridge chose Taylor. Nick knows that and tells her that it doesn't matter because Ridge will choose her. Brooke is angry at Stephanie because all of her accusations are hurtful to Bridget. She can't believe that she ever thought Stephanie was her friend or on her side. Nick tells her to forget about Stephanie; that she doesn't matter. He tells Brooke to focus on her kids and her husband. Brooke says that Ridge is due home soon with his decision. Nick again assures her that Ridge will stay with her.

On the Shady Marlin, Bridget tells Stephanie that she can't believe that she would come her and tell her that Nick is in love with her Mom. Stephanie tries to tell Bridget that she is only doing this because she cares about her but Bridget is sure that the only thing Stephanie cares about is Ridge going back to Taylor. Bridget believes that Stephanie will do whatever it takes to make that happen and doesn't care who gets hurt in the process. Bridget tells Stephanie that Nick loves HER and Brooke has given them her blessing. Stephanie thinks that will change when Ridge leaves her. Bridget shouts at Stephanie that her constant interfering is driving people away.

At Forrester, Megan tells Eric that Ridge called from the plane and will be home soon. She says that as happy as she is that Taylor is alive, she can't help pulling for Brooke after everything she and Ridge have gone through to be together. Brooke, coming in the door, overhears and thanks Megan. Brooke starts to go over quarterly reports and Eric tells her she doesn't have to pretend with him -- he knows it gets harder every day. She tells him that she wishes certain people would stay out of it and then tells him about Stephanie calling Nick over to meet Taylor as part of her crusade against Brooke. Eric is outraged that Stephanie won't stay out of it. Then Brooke tells him about Stephanie's accusations that Brooke will run after Nick as soon as Ridge dumps her and how hurtful that is to Bridget. Eric tells Brooke that Ridge should be able to make his decision without Stephanie stirring the pot and that Bridget should be left out of it completely. Brooke assures Eric that she won't turn to Nick if Ridge chooses Taylor. Eric says he knows that she's not the kind of woman that Stephanie makes her out to be and reminds her that they have 2 children together and were married once. He tells her he will always support her and she appreciates that. Eric tells her that if it comes to that - if Ridge chooses Taylor - then she can come to him for support.

On the Shady Marlin, Bridget and Stephanie are still arguing when Nick shows up. He tells Stephanie in no uncertain terms that he is committed to Bridget and that if Brooke needs support, then THEY will give it to her. Stephanie doesn't think that is the kind of support Brooke will want. Stephanie says she just wants them to wait until everything has calmed down. Nick doesn't think that will ever happen with her family. Stephanie asks if Brooke shows up in tear will Nick be able to turn her down. Nick tells her that he's not her husband or her sons. He's committed to Bridget and nothing will change that. Nick tells her to stop interfering and sticking her nose in everyone's business; that if she continues she will lose everyone

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

At home, Thomas told Taylor that he wants her and the family to be reunited. Thomas explained to Taylor that Brooke was good to them, but she is not you. As they continued speaking, Ridge called Taylor on his way back from the airport. He asked Taylor to meet him at Forrester Creations.

Meanwhile at the office, Eric comforted Brooke. Eric promised Brooke that if Ridge left her, he would be there for her. Eric predicted that Brooke would not need his support because Ridge would not leave her. Eric added that Ridge would have to be a fool to leave her. Ridge called Brooke and asked her to wait for him at the office. Eric and Brooke interpreted Ridge's call as a good sign.

On Nick's boat, the Shady Marlin, Bridget and Nick were equally upset by Jackie, Stephanie and Taylor's interference in their relationship. Bridget was worried about Taylor's prediction that Nick would leave her for Brooke. Bridget worried because Taylor is a trained psychologist. Nick assured Bridget that he loves her and always will love her.Nick and Nick then made love.

Alone in the office, Eric told Stephanie that he cannot live with her now that her nasty side has resurfaced.

Upon Taylor's arrival at Forrester Creations, she caused a stir. One of the models freaked out and screamed out of fear thinking that Taylor was dead and that she had seen a ghost. Caitlin told the model it was okay because Taylor is alive. Caitlin introduced herself to Taylor as a friend of Thomas.

When Taylor and Brooke realized that Ridge had called both of them, they both realized that Ridge had made his decision and that one of them would be hurt. Taylor asked Brooke that they both support Ridge's decision even though someone would be hurt. Brooke was sarcastic toward Taylor and told her that she would not be asking Brooke to support Ridge's decision if she were not certain that Ridge would choose her. Brooke accused Taylor of her and Stephanie trying to influence Ridge by bringing attention to all of Brooke's past mistakes. Brooke told Taylor that Ridge would not be influenced by her or Stephanie. Ridge arrived at the office. He spoke separately to Taylor and Brooke and told each one how much he loves her. Ridge however, did not tell them his decision.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

As Brooke and Taylor anxiously await Ridge's decision, to their disappointment, Ridge tells them both that he needs more time. Ridge would like an opportunity to be alone with each of them one more time before he makes a decision. Ridge's declaration boosts Brooke's confidence. Thomas and Gabriela strengthen their connection while they have dinner at Bikini Beach. They even share a romantic kiss. Eric and Stephanie continue to argue about Stephanie's meddling into Ridge's decision. Eric tells her that he wonders what will happen to their marriage if she keeps interfering. Eric asks for his wife back, not Stephanie the warrior.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Eric has called a press conference since rumors were starting to spread about Taylor's return. It was known that Taylor wanted to wait until her Father could be found, but it seemed like the gossip was spreading faster and they wanted the truth to be known.

Thomas brought Gaby home. The two seemed to be enjoying the day and each other's company when Gaby spots a letter from the college that she is waiting admission to attend in the fall. She opens the letter as Thomas waits to see if she has been accepted. She appears visibly shaken as she reads its contents. When Thomas asks her what it says, she tells him that her request has been denied because she is considered not to be eligible for enrollment. Her status is that of an illegal alien and until it can be approved, they must deny her. They will hold a spot until September for her or she can go back to her homeland and re-apply on a student visa. Thomas places a call to Connor Davis, the family attorney. He looks into it and tells them that the letter is correct. She is considered out of status, meaning illegal, and it could mean possibly 10 years before she would be accepted. She has no other family, and Connor tells Thomas privately that possibly the only way she could remain would be to get a green card or marry someone there.

Eric and Stephanie see the people arriving for the press conference. Stephanie is hoping that it means Ridge has chosen to be with Taylor, and not just the fact that she has returned.

Ridge steps up to the podium and starts to make the announcement. There have been all sorts of rumors about Taylor and her return and he is here to announce that it is true. She is not dead, and to prove the point, he brings her on stage with him. She says that they wanted to wait for a few more days, until her Father could be found. She looks out into the audience and sees someone that she obviously knows, and momentarily is distracted. At that point, from the crowd, her Father steps forward. They embrace, causing a flurry of talk amongst the reporters. They are indeed very happy to be reunited. It seems that Massimo was responsible for finding him and bringing him back for this reunion.

All are in attendance at the reunion. Darla and Thorne are also there to witness the reunion.

As this show of compassion seems to embrace all in attendance, Brooke waits in the wings watching what is unfolding before her.

Ridge asks the crowd to give Taylor and her Father some time alone to reunite, and to share some privacy amongst themselves. Ridge decides to take a few questions from the reporters, because they want to know how this all came about. Eric steps up, to let Ridge leave. They want to know how Brooke feels about all of this, and while Eric tries to stop their talking, Brooke is backstage, listening. She steps forward. She will answer their questions. She tells them that a Mother's return is always wonderful, and they are all thrilled that Taylor is back. When they try to question her further, by asking if that makes her marriage invalidated, Eric says that the press conference has ended. Eric apologizes to Brooke for the harshness that was hurled at her by the reporters wanting to know all the details. He holds her and comforts her as she is shaken. Stephanie looks up and sees the embrace, not believing what she is seeing. Eric tells Ridge that the press really beat up on Brooke. She tells him that they are attacking her and the children. Stephanie overhears what Ridge is intending to do about spending time with each of the women, and confronts Ridge. This time, Eric escorts her out of their speaking range.

Brooke and Ridge kiss, and when Taylor's Father sees this, he starts to go after Ridge. Taylor stops him, telling him that Ridge married Brooke, after thinking that she was dead, and he is in the process of letting her go. Ridge will be with her in just a little while.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Thomas tries to reassure Gabriela that everything will be fine and that he has a plan. Gabriela is shocked when Thomas gets down on one knee and proposes to her. The mysterious man that was at the press conference shows up to Ridge's house looking for Taylor. Phoebe tells him that she is with Ridge. Ridge is preparing for his day with Taylor when Stephanie arrives and yells at Ridge in disagreement with his decision to spend more time alone with each of the women. Later, when Taylor arrives she and Ridge begin to reconnect.

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