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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of June 20, 2005 on B&B
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Monday, June 20, 2005

Gaby is in shock that Thomas has proposed to her. She tries to tell him that they can't do this; that it's not right. Thomas tries to convince her that it's the only way for her to stay in the country. He wants her to be able to stay in the country and go to college the way her mother wanted and this is the only way that she can do that. They agree that it would be a marriage in name only and they decide they don't even have to tell anyone. They agree they can still date. After debating it for awhile, Gaby agrees to marry Thomas and they make plans to go to Las Vegas for a quickie wedding.

Ridge and Taylor have been swimming at the beach house and are wrapped in a blanket drinking wine and talking. Ridge tells her that he's dreamt of this moment and that when she was gone he used to pretend when he went to bed that she was just in the bathroom getting ready for bed. He tells her how much he's missed her. Ridge says he doesn't know what to do; that someone will get hurt but he knows he can't make everyone happy. Taylor tells him to do what feels right in his heart and that no matter what he decides she will always love him.

Brooke is at Forrester thinking of Ridge; there are flashbacks of her memories of her and Ridge together. Megan come in and interrupts and asks if Ridge is coming in today. Brooke tells her that he's at the beach house with Taylor. Megan tells Brooke that Stephanie has cancelled all of her appointments today and is going to the beach house. Brooke is outraged that Stephanie would interfere before she has her day with Ridge. Stephanie then comes in and says she just dropped by on her way back from the beach house. Brooke is angry and tells Stephanie to stay out of it. Stephanie replies that she just wanted to make sure that Ridge knew where she stood. Stephanie vows to drive Brooke out of the family with her last breath if necessary. Brooke and Stephanie continue to argue until Eric walks in and yells at them to stop it. He tells Stephanie to leave; he's fed up with her constant meddling. Eric says that Ridge is a grown man and can make his own decisions. Stephanie tells them that she saw Ridge and Taylor together, she saw them kiss. Brooke maintains that she'll have her time with him just the same. Stephanie doesn't think so and thinks that Ridge will call her to tell her not to come. Brooke's cell phone rings and it's Ridge. He tells her he needs to talk to her about her plans to come out to the beach.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

From the beach house, while Taylor was still there, Ridge telephoned Brooke and warned her to be careful because a storm was predicted for tomorrow when she would be driving to the beach house for her day with Ridge. Taylor got ready to leave the beach house and end her day with Ridge. Ridge and Taylor kissed passionately and reiterated how much they loved one another. Taylor warned if they continued kissing that passionately, they would not be able to avoid making love.

Meanwhile, at Forrester Creations, Eric supported Brooke. He advised Brooke that Ridge would make a thoughtful decision and choose her. On the other hand, Stephanie was cruel to Brooke. Stephanie told Brooke that she does not have a chance against Taylor. Stephanie went on to say that Brooke is always the same; she never grows up. Brooke requested to leave work early so she could prepare for her day with Ridge at the beach house. When Brooke left, Eric again advised Stephanie to stay out of Ridge's decision process. Eric admitted that he is worried about Stephanie's health. He observed that Stephanie is obsessed with Ridge choosing Taylor. Eric told Stephanie that he cannot stand it when Stephanie behaves so badly, mostly toward Brooke. When Eric left, Stephanie called Ridge at the beach house. She told him that he should spend the rest of his life with Taylor. Ridge was angry with Stephanie for again interfering. Ridge told Stephanie that who he chooses would be his decision.

At home, the twins questioned Taylor about why Ridge would be spending time with her and then Brooke at the beach house. Taylor explained that Ridge is trying to make a very fair decision about whom he will remain with.

Brooke went to the beach house, the night before she was supposed to spend her time with Ridge. When she arrived, Ridge was in the shower. Brooke joined Ridge in the shower. Brooke told Ridge that she is breaking the rules. She asked Ridge to make love to his wife. She tried to entice Ridge so he could not resist making love to her. Brooke beckoned Ridge to choose her and that the rest of their life starts now.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Though Ridge is tempted by Brooke's seductiveness, he ultimately rebuffs her attempts. Ridge leaves to go get some food for the both of them. Stephanie then arrives and blasts Brooke for coming to Malibu earlier than she should be there. Nick and Bridget are both tipsy from drinking a bit too much. Nick surprises Bridget by whisking her away to Las Vegas to elope. Meanwhile, Gaby and Thomas are already at the very same Chapel. Thomas reassures a nervous Gaby that this is their only option to keep her from leaving the United States.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Stephanie tells Brooke that she is afraid of losing Ridge and that is why she always tries to get the edge on things. Stephanie reassures her that she is not going to let that happen. Brooke tells Stephanie that her relationship with Ridge was not about sex, but about passion. Stephanie believes that Brooke panicked at the thought of losing Ridge to Taylor, and tells her that she better than her actions show her to be. Stephanie, trying to act on Brooke's wanting to be accepted, tells her that she is not the same Brooke that she was a long time ago. She held the family together when they thought Taylor was gone, and she put her own marriage in jeopardy for the sake of her family. She needs to stop humiliating herself, in order to get the love and respect that she so wants from everyone. Stephanie tells her that she will never get it behaving like this and besides the victory would only be a hollow one for her. Stephanie asks her to step aside now for the good of the children and Ridge. Stephanie looks at Brooke, and tells her that the truth of the whole matter is this, Taylor and Ridge are still married, and that if Ridge had known that Taylor didn't die, Brooke would never have gotten Ridge. Brooke is sure that Ridge can make his own decision. She offers Stephanie a bit of advice herself, offering to leave the beach house if Stephanie goes with her. Brooke tells Stephanie that the two of them could come together and unite the family. They could see to it that RJ is raised by both parents, in a loving family, like Ridge was. Stephanie tells her that RJ will do that anyway, and she is going to do everything that she can to get rid of her.

Nick and Bridget are waiting to get married in Vegas. He wants to know why it is taking the couple before them so long. Nick and Bridget have time to talk and Bridget realizes that she and Deacon got married like this. Suddenly, Nick realizes that Bridget deserves more than this, and decides to wait. He tells the manager that they will not be getting married tonight and Bridget looks at Nick with love. Bridget and Nick chat later about the fact that this is not the story that they want to be able to tell their children.

The Minister calls for Gaby and Thomas to join him at the altar. They are reluctant as this is a big step, but decide to do it, to help Gaby stay in the states. Thomas knows that he was brought up to know when to step up to the plate and take charge. Gaby remembers the talks with her Mother, and the kind of man that Gaby should wait for to marry. She thinks her Mother would be proud to learn it was someone like Thomas, a man of integrity. They go on with the ceremony and Thomas is about to say his vows, but hesitates slightly.

Friday, June 24, 2005

As Thomas and Gaby are signing the marriage certificate to make their marriage official, Nick walks into the lobby to grab Bridget's purse, which she left behind, and secretly spots Thomas and Gaby. Gaby goes to the restroom as Nick, makes his presence known to Thomas. Thomas asks Nick not to say anything, then rushes off. Ridge arrives back with food but instead of finding Brooke, he finds Stephanie. Ridge lays into Stephanie about always meddling in business and begs her to stay out of this decision.

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