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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of July 18, 2005 on B&B
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Monday, July 18, 2005

Ridge and Taylor confront Thomas and Gaby about their marriage. Ridge is furious and can't understand why Thomas didn't come and talk to him before he did this. Thomas and Gaby try to explain themselves but Ridge doesn't want to hear it. Ridge thinks Gaby took advantage of Thomas and demands that they annul the marriage. Taylor is upset but seems to understand their reasons a little better and promises they'll figure something out.

Brooke confides in Bridget that Jackie thinks Stephanie faked her heart attack also and that they believe Dr. Mark helped her. Brooke tells Bridget that Jackie is having dinner with Mark now and she'll get him to tell her everything. Mark does tell Jackie that there was a deception but before she can get him to say anymore his pager goes off and he leaves. Jackie phones Brooke and tells her that she almost got the confession and promises that next time she will.

Dante, Nick, Bridget and Brooke are all at Brooke's house for dinner. Bridget suggests that Brooke show Dante the town or sit for him since he is such an amazing artist. Hope comes downstairs and asks Uncle Nick to read her a story. Brooke offers to put her to bed but Hope says that Uncle Nick promised. Nick says he did and a promise is a promise so Brooke and Nick go up to put Hope to bed. Bridget seems a little rattled by this and Dante tells her that Nick is obviously committed to her mother and Hope. Bridget defends Nick saying that there is nothing between him and her mother. Dante is unconvinced and tells Bridget she is heading for disaster. He asks her to come away with him and promises to make her happy.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

At home, Ridge raged over Thomas's marriage to Gaby. Taylor felt that Thomas had good intentions of helping her when he married Gaby. Ridge could not understand how Thomas was able to marry Gaby while living in his home and Ridge not knowing about it. Ridge worried how he would watch over RJ who does not even live in his home.

Meanwhile, Gaby told Thomas that she loves him. Thomas told Gaby that she is beautiful and special to him. Thomas told Gaby that they would somehow think of something to keep her in this country.

Bridget did not take Dante seriously when he offered to "take her away." Dante was convinced that Nick would leave Bridget for Brooke. While Nick was upstairs with Hope and Brooke, Bridget gave Dante a ride home to the beach house. Dante continued to preach to Bridget that Nick would leave her. Bridget started to feel inferior; then she defended Nick. She told Dante that Nick is committed to her and loves only her now.

When Bridget returned home, she observed Nick, and Brooke lying on the bed with Hope in between them. Bridget heard Nick tell Brooke that his help to her and the children is payback for all of the happy times she gave him. Nick added that the best times of my life were spent with you. Nick told Brooke that he loves Hope more than he could say. Bridget was devastated to find Nick becoming closer to Brooke. She worried that perhaps Dante had been correct in his assessment of Nick.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005


After seeing Brooke and Nick together with Hope, Bridget arrives at the beach house. She tells Dante that everyone tried to warn her, but she refused to listen. She wonders how she could have been so stupid. She was so sure that Nick was different. Dante tells her that it's not her fault. He assures her of what a wonderful woman she is. Bridget cries on his shoulder as she wonders how she can go on without Nick. The two sit on the couch and Dante tells her how beautiful she is. He admits to having fallen in love with her. The two kiss. He asks her if he can love her, if she will let him. The two kiss again.

Brooke tells Nick that she is worried that the time Nick is spending with Brooke and Hope bothers Bridget. He assures Brooke that he and Bridget are fine and are ready to get married. Brooke tells him to let Brooke solve her own problems for awhile, so he can spend more time with Bridget. Nick tells Brooke how important they all are to him.

Jackie goes to Massimo to ask for his help. She tells him that she wants him to look into Dr. Mark's bank account at the bank Massimo owns. She is sure that Mark has had a big deposit lately, which will prove his involvement in Stephanie. Massimo tells her that he won't be involved in Jackie's smear campaign. Jackie insists that she is not trying to smear anyone, simply find the truth. Stephanie manipulates everyone in her life and Jackie wants to see it stopped. Massimo refuses to help her and walks out.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Bridget wakes up to discover that she spent the night in Dante's bed. She is upset with herself for becoming that insecure person that she was before. Dante tries to convince her that Nick is putting her Mother's needs above hers. He claims that Nick knows she has issues about someone loving her. He tells her that she will not be a leftover, she can start to nibble on him now. He takes off her engagement ring. Nick goes running to Stephanie's looking for Bridget. She didn't come home to him last night and he was concerned. All of a sudden, he realizes where she might be and leaves. Nick comes barging through the door and tells Dante to stay away from his fiancée. Dante claims that she is his ex-fiancée and tosses Nick the engagement ring he gave Bridget.

Massimo pays Jackie a visit in the early morning. He informs her that he checked into Dr. MacClaine's bank account. He is reluctant to tell Jackie what he found, but does when she pushes him for answers. Before he tells her anything, he lets her know that Stephanie is incapable of doing what Jackie is accusing her of. He tells her that it appears suspect, but there was a large amount of money placed into Dr. MacClaine's account from a Swiss bank account. He tells Jackie that often Doctor's receive large amounts for grants, but Jackie thinks that she knows better. What she wants to know is how much? Massimo tells her that the amount was $1 million dollars.

Dante had told Bridget that nothing happened between the two of them. He claimed that he just wanted to help her with all of her confusion. He told her to forget about Nick, and come back with him to Rome. She will never have to look back again.

Nick tells Bridget that he will not take anymore. He is going to make sure that she knows that she is the only one he loves. Bridget tells him what she saw in the bedroom last night and Nick is understandably sorry for what he did. He tells her that he screwed up and he was wrong, but it will never happen again and he is going to make sure. He tells her that he loves her and when she accepted his marriage proposal, that they became one. He puts back on her ring and tells her that it will never come off again. He is not waiting any longer for any reason and the two of them are going to get married that day. He remembered that Eric offered to loan them the use of the yacht and a minister to marry them. He calls Eric, who is not there, but Stephanie answers, and Nick asks her if she is prepared to do a wedding in the house.

Jackie answers the door once again, this time to find Stephanie, herself there. Jackie tells Stephanie that she looks like a million dollars, walking so well after her attack, and Stephanie tells Jackie that she looks like a $10.00 tart. She makes mention that it seems like she and Brooke are getting closer. She thought the last time she saw Brooke, that she looked like she was up to something. Stephanie tells Jackie that she and Brooke are two needy women, who are cast out, and the end is soon to come for Jackie. She warns Jackie to keep away from her family and her life, because she has no tolerance for sluts and parasites. While Stephanie is mouthing off, Jackie's phone rings. It is Mark and he is begging off seeing Jackie. She insists that he come to her, even for a short while. Stephanie gets on her for having yet another person to have an affair with, and warns her that her end is near with Massimo. Mark pays Jackie a visit after Stephanie leaves and Jackie talks him into a Mexican dinner that night for just the two of them.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Bridget and Nick prepare to marry at Stephanie and Eric's house tonight. Thorne, Darla, Hector and Caitlin all show up to help set up. Brooke arrives with a dress for Bridget, but Stephanie doesn't allow her in. Brooke goes off on Stephanie - calling her out on the fake heart attack. Stephanie calls Mark's cell to warn him about Jackie and Brooke questioning him about his involvement. Jackie reveals to Brooke the million dollars that Stephanie gave to Mark. Jackie lays out her hypothesis to Brooke for how Mark falsified Stephanie's lab tests. Brooke goes to confront Stephanie as Jackie tries to talk Nick out of marrying Bridget tonight. Nick storms out, and Mark shows up for dinner with Jackie.

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