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Monday, July 25, 2005

Everyone is gathered at Stephanie and Eric's for Bridget and Nick's wedding. Ridge and Taylor arrive with the twins and Stephanie jokes about how Taylor was at the last wedding too -- only in the bushes. Brooke arrives and Stephanie tells her she's not welcome. Brooke tells her she's not leaving. Stephanie makes a speech telling everyone how she feels that her family is rejuvenated; making a point of saying that Ridge is back with Taylor who is the love of his life. Stephanie wants to get the wedding started but Bridget says they should wait for Jackie. Brooke pulls Bridget away and says that she doesn't think Jackie is coming; that she has a very important doctor's appointment as she looks as Stephanie. Stephanie leaves the room and calls Mark and warns him again on voice mail not to talk to anyone.

Jackie and Mark are still drinking. Mark surprises Jackie by kissing her. She tells him that she not interested in him in that way and begins to question him about where the million dollars in his bank account came from. He finally confesses that Stephanie paid him to help her fake a heart attack. Jackie has it all on tape.

Back at the Forresters', it appears that they are getting ready to start the wedding when there is a knock on the door. Brooke goes to answer it; Stephanie sees her and follows. It's Jackie and she tells Brooke that Mark confessed. Stephanie comes over and tells Jackie to leave. Jackie says she can't - she's brought a guest and she motions Mark into the house. Stephanie looks shocked.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Massimo makes a speech, and then Eric makes a speech. The crowd grows impatient as Stephanie and Brooke are missing. Nick goes looking for them. Meanwhile, Jackie confronts Stephanie on her lies, admitting she has Mark's confession on tape. Brooke can't hide her joy and goes off on Stephanie. Stephanie slaps Brooke and Brooke slaps back. A cat fight ensues. Jackie wants to tell the crowd Stephanie's lie, but Stephanie insists on doing it. Nick finds them all and brings them back into the house to continue the ceremony.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Bridget won't go through with the ceremony until Stephanie explains herself. Stephanie asks all but the immediate family to leave. Stephanie starts rehashing the past and how Brooke, like the plaque, has swept through her family. Brooke and Jackie worry Stephanie will get away with it. All want to know what's wrong with Stephanie's health. Bridget wants Stephanie to stop attacking Brooke. Stephanie brings up Ridge and Taylor. Stephanie tells everyone that she was dying because Ridge wouldn't listen to her, but that she really didn't have a heart attack. Everyone is stunned. Mark rushes out of the Forrester house, jumps into Sally's car. Startled Sally learns Mark helped Stephanie fake her attack. Sally wishes she had stayed to watch it all unfold. Sally knows Stephanie will lose her family once they all know the truth.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

The family asks Brooke if all of this is true. She tells them that she has a tape proving everything that was done. Massimo knows that $1 million dollars was used to pay off someone who assisted her. Someone who would say that she did have a heart attack, and yes, she paid it. Taylor asks her if she fabricated the story so that Ridge would honor her last request and commit to Taylor. Stephanie admits that she did. Taylor accuses her of manipulating her, the children and her family, and wonders what kind of person would do that to her family? She walks out, and Ridge follows. Eric also leaves the room.

Massimo is telling Nick and Bridget that his offer to them is still open regarding their wedding and the use of the yacht. Stephanie walks up to Massimo and he is confused completely by her. He asks if she has apologized to anyone for what she has done. He tells her that he doesn't know how he could ever have loved her.

Bridget tells her that she can't believe what she has done. Stephanie tells Bridget that she will find a way to make it up to her. Bridget asks her to apologize to her Mother. Stephanie just stands there, and Bridget demands again, that she apologize to her Mother. Stephanie tells her no. Bridget tells her that she doesn't ever want to be in the same room with her again. Nick asks Stephanie if it would have killed her, to do that for Bridget? Stephanie again says "it would." Nick walks out on her also. Eric comes downstairs, carrying a suitcase. He tells her that he is leaving and leaving her. Stephanie looks at Brooke, and asks if she's happy now? "No," says Brooke, "because you were not the only one that was hurt." Eric comments that he is leaving and Stephanie tells him that he can't go. He took a vow to love her till death due them part. He answers, that it was true, and there will always be things that he will love about her. She tells him that he has to stay for the family. He tells her to look around, there is no family anymore. He tried to protect the family from her. She is right though, he made a vow to a woman he always intended to love, and still does. To see her alone now, he can't turn his back on her. Stephanie cries and thanks Eric, for that. She reaches out for him but he walks past her into Brooke's arms and kisses her. He tells her that he will always be there for her, and leaves for the front door. Stephanie tells him that all his hopes and dreams are in that house. He claims that everything there was carefully arranged by her and he can't stay there any longer. He leaves. Brooke tells Stephanie that at least it happened all at once. It won't be so hard to get over that way. Brooke is ready to walk out the door when Ridge comes downstairs, and asks her to wait. Stephanie looks at Ridge, and says, "I will do anything, be mad at me if you want, hate me, but just don't tell me that you are leaving Taylor for Brooke?"

Taylor and Ridge have talked in another room. What do we do now seems to be on both their minds. Stephanie has obviously lost her grip on reality. Taylor asks Ridge if, "they are a fraud also?" She tells Ridge they could do the ceremony over, for real this time. Ridge tells her that they are not the victim here, Brooke is the victim. Taylor asks what they would have done if tonight never happened? Would they have gone on? She tells Ridge that she will not hold him to any commitment. She doesn't want to win him because his mother chose her for him, and he didn't.

Bridget and Nick plan to go back to the boat. Bridget heard her father leave and wants to wait for him to return first. She sends Nick on to the boat, hoping to meet up with him later.

Friday, July 29, 2005

At the Forrester manse, Taylor eavesdrops. Stephanie urges Ridge not to punish her by leaving Taylor. She's sorry she faked the heart attack. She panicked because Brooke was at the beach house ahead of schedule. Ridge reminds her they were all scared to death; she made a fool of him. Still, he is glad...he finally sees the truth. He mistakenly believed she had his best interests at heart when he repeatedly chose her over Brooke. (Taylor enters.) Stephanie explains he's her whole world. Brooke would have enforced Ridge's vow to keep the children away if Stephanie didn't accept her. Taylor asks Brooke if she gave Ridge an ultimatum. Brooke says, No! Since Stephanie couldn't let go of her vendetta, Ridge declares, it's over. His mother agrees: she won't deceive him again. He means he is no longer her son. She is a cancer that's killing their family, and he's cutting her out, forever! Ridge embraces Brooke and insists on taking her home so Stephanie won't follow. He didn't protect "Logan" before, but he won't let his mother harass her ever again.

Tearful Taylor blows up at Stephanie, who warns her not to let Brooke capitalize on the situation. Taylor realizes Stephanie doesn't know the difference between manipulating and helping. If Taylor's marriage fails, it will be solely Stephanie's fault. Best friend Taylor is the most compassionate person Stephanie knows. She pleads with Taylor not to turn her back when she's needed most. Fighting back her anger, Taylor marches from the house.

At Brooke's house, Ridge marvels at how she stayed with him despite Stephanie's abuse. She says he finally cut the cord. Now, he should choose her. She tells him to take her home - meaning his house - and never look back.

Dante maintains it's not Bridget's fault that Eric kicked him out of the beach house. She thinks her father is in shock and needs to be alone. Bridget can't believe he left Stephanie. She hopes her mother and Ridge will reunite. Dante expounds that, then, Nick couldn't leave Bridget for Brooke. Furthermore, Nick wouldn't feel he had to protect Brooke from her houseguest. Superstitious Dante believes the wedding isn't meant to be. He will never give up hope of being with Bridget. Bearing towels, Bridget enters a shirtless Dante's room. Blushing, she averts her eyes. Dante moves ever closer. She asked him to stay; she must have wanted him next to her. She did, Bridget says as they kiss. They move onto the bed and she passionately says his name. But it's just Dante's fantasy! In reality, Bridget is trying to get his attention so she can provide the towels. Can she get him anything else? No, he has everything - he eyes her appreciatively - well, almost everything. Dante will be very happy there.

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The Bold and the Beautiful's Matthew Atkinson is back
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