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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of August 1, 2005 on B&B
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Monday, August 1, 2005

Brooke and Ridge are at her house. She tells Ridge that now that he's cut Stephanie out of his life his mother can't control him anymore; that no one can keep them apart. They embrace; Ridge looks concerned.

Stephanie is alone at her house remembering Ridge's words to her -- telling her that she's out of his life. She's talking to herself and pouring champagne from the remains of the wedding refreshments. She says that all she ever tried to do was protect them and now she's lost her husband and her son. When Gaby arrives Stephanie is still drinking champagne and talking about how they've all left her. She tells Gaby that she's driven them all away and ruined their lives. Stephanie says that her family hates her.

Taylor is back at her house and tells Thomas about Stephanie faking the heart attack. Thomas is concerned that Ridge will change his mind but Taylor assures him that Ridge will come home to them.

Brooke is telling Ridge that now he is free to make his own decision - not one that his mother pressured him into because he thought she was dying. She asks him if he's ready to make a commitment to their family. When Ridge says nothing, Brooke becomes frustrated that he's just standing there. He tells her he doesn't want to get into this tonight and tells her that she's pressuring him like Stephanie did. Brooke explains that she's "asking" him what he wants which Stephanie never did. Brooke tells Ridge that she's wasted her life with him. Ridge says she doesn't mean that and reminds her that he hasn't said anything "definitive." Brooke replies that chances are he never will. She tells him she is through being humiliated by him and his mother and that she will not allow herself to be defined any longer by how he and Stephanie see her. Ridge tries to interject again with explanations but Brooke tells him she is through. She says that she will have the life that she wants without him. She says that she will have a man that loves her and that will commit totally to her - and that is not him. She tells him that she deserves better than him and places her wedding rings in his hand and goes upstairs.

Tuesday, August 2, 2005

At Brooke's house, Dante drew a picture of Hope. Brooke invited Dante to continue to stay at her home. Brooke explained to Dante, friends of Bridget are friends of hers. Brooke explained sadly that she and Ridge are no longer together.

Taylor was frantic with worry by the time Ridge arrived home after being out all night. Taylor had assumed that Ridge had stayed at Brooke's all night. Ridge explained that he had been at the beach to be alone and think. Taylor assumed that Brooke asked to resume her relationship with Ridge now that he knows Stephanie faked the heart attack. Ridge admitted Brooke asked him to resume their relationship. He added that when Ridge could not make an instant decision about returning to Brooke, she was angered and ended their relationship. Taylor wondered if Ridge were just feeling obligated to stay with her and their children. Taylor felt very uncertain about Ridge's love for her.

Eric went to see Brooke. He assumed that Ridge had spent the night. Brooke informed him that she and Ridge did not get back together, after all. Eric reminisced about his and Brooke's marriage. Eric impulsively asked Brooke to marry him!

Back at Ridge and Taylor's house, Taylor continued to feel uncertain about her relationship with Ridge. Taylor asked Ridge to leave their home until he is ready to make a decision as to whom he wants to be with, her or Brooke.

Wednesday, August 3, 2005


Ridge can't believe that Taylor is asking him to leave, but Taylor insists he go to the Fashion Forum in New York and think about what he wants. Taylor tells him she doesn't want to be in a marriage where there are three people. Ridge doesn't want to leave with all of Thomas and Gaby's problems to deal with, but Taylor insists that she will take care of it. She hands him his suitcase that she's packed for him. They kiss and he leaves.

At Brooke's house, Eric has proposed marriage to Brooke, but Brooke tells him that although she cherishes their friendship, she is going to stand on her own for now. Eric offers Brooke a job as CEO and she accepts. Eric thinks it is possible that they might rekindle their past feelings for each other after spending so much time working together.

At Ridge and Taylor's house, Thomas is upstairs in his room with Gabby. He is unpacking her suitcase and telling her that if she doesn't look like she lives her, the immigration agent won't believe their marriage is honest. Thomas admits that the agent is coming over. Taylor comes in and Thomas asks for his mom's help when the agent arrives. Taylor tells him that she can't lie. They go downstairs, where Thomas has placed a picture of him and Gabby on the desk. Taylor opens the door to the immigration agent. He asks if it's true that Gabby lives there with them.

Bridget and Nick are sitting by the pool discussing Stephanie's actions when Dante come out with Hope. Bridget informs Nick that Dante is staying at Brooke's house for now. Brooke comes out and tells them she is leaving to pick up RJ from a play date. She asks Nick to watch over Hope while she is in the Jacuzzi playing. She puts water wings on Hope and leaves. Bridget goes with Brooke. Dante and Nick argue back and forth about Brooke and Bridget while Hope tries to hold her breath under the water. She comes up periodically to see if Uncle Nick is watching. She goes down to the bottom of the Jacuzzi again and her water wings come off. Hope's hair gets caught in the drain at the bottom of the Jacuzzi. Nick watches Dante leave, then notices Hope's feet sticking up from the Jacuzzi. He yells, "HOPE!"

Thursday, August 4, 2005

Agent Dunn arrives at Taylor and Ridge's home. He is there to check on the newly married couple and see that everything is on the up and up. Thomas and Gaby have asked Taylor for her help in convincing Agent Dunn that their marriage is real. He asks to see the bedroom, whereupon he checks the drawers to make sure that both of their clothing is together. They previously moved all of Gaby's things in, surprising even Taylor, who told them that she wouldn't lie for them. Agent Dunn reminds them all how much trouble they could be in, if they are not telling the truth. The department will keep an eye on them for 2 years, to make sure that everything is on the up and up. Convinced for now, he leaves and Taylor tells Gaby and Thomas, that if any hanky-panky goes on, Gaby will be asked to leave. They thank her for helping out with the situation. Alone, Thomas and Gaby appear to become even closer.

Nick frees Hope's tresses from the drain in the pool. He gets her out of the pool, performs CPR on her, calls for an ambulance and then follows her to the hospital. While there, he awaits news on whether any damage had been caused. They will have to wait at least 24 hours before any results will be known. He is frantic, because he realizes that he should have been watching her closer.

Brooke arrives back home with Katherine and RJ. She notices that no one is there. Starting to wonder what happened, she finds Nick's cell phone and then one of Hope's water wings. She begins to panic but then soon after, she receives a phone call from Nick, informing her that he is at the hospital with Hope. Brooke asks him if her daughter is okay.

Friday, August 5, 2005

On the phone, Nick reluctantly admits that Hope is unconscious. She may have brain damage; it depends on how long she was underwater. At the hospital, Brooke is frantic. Nick laments that he only turned his head for a minute, for which Brooke chastises him. She cries and strokes her daughter, telling her mommy's here. Dr. Sobel informs her Hope has had two seizures. Even when she regains consciousness, she could suffer chronic pain, behavioral changes, paralysis, or persistent seizure disorder. Sobel urges Brooke to stay with Hope, talk to her, and repeat her name. Nick promises Hope that he and her mom will stay. Brooke orders him to leave. When Brooke sings the mockingbird lullaby, Hope grasps her mom's hand! Brooke cries, somewhat relieved.

Eric goes to Stephanie's to pick up his things. She is sitting in the dark, looking through a photo album. She calls him an absentee husband and father, which is worse than her fake heart attack. Eric had to work, and he supported her. No, Stephanie made him. Forrester Creations began with her father's money. She wrote the press releases that launched Eric the designer. He concedes he had a lot of help...from Brooke. She will be co-CEO and take Stephanie's office. Stephanie calls their kiss déclassé; and it's just like him to have proposed. He will keep proposing, and if successful, he expects a wonderful marriage. Eric finally surprises Stephanie when he admits he's still in love with Brooke. Stephanie is disgusted that he will sully the Forrester name. This leads to a shouting match. Finally, Stephanie tosses Eric the photo album. It's what remains of the family, and that's his fault. Eric hopes she removed the pictures of herself; it's his family now! As he storms out, Stephanie tells him to hang on to his sewing machines and new CEO - if he can!

Jackie pays Massimo a surprise visit. She exposed Stephanie in the hopes of earning his forgiveness. She must know if they can have a second chance. Massimo reminisces that she is the love of his life; no woman could compare to her. Finding her and learning of Nick was like a dream. Sadly, he can't risk further betrayal. Jackie thanks him for his honesty. She can live without him, but will continue to love him. Sniffling, she says goodbye and leaves.

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