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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of August 8, 2005 on B&B
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Monday, August 8, 2005

Hope squeezes Brooke's hand but doesn't open her eyes. Nick sees this through the window and calls the doctor in. The doctor explains that this could be involuntary and doesn't want Brooke to get her hopes up yet. While the doctor is examining Hope, Nick tries to tell Brooke that it's a positive sign and they just have to believe that Hope will be okay. Brooke angrily turns on Nick and tells him it's his fault her daughter is there and she never wants him anywhere near her again.

Hector arrives and tries to reassure Brooke. He tells Brooke about the spa having only one drain and that it was broken which is why Hope's hair got caught. He tells her that Nick should have been watching her closer but that it was an accident waiting to happen. Hector also tells her precautions she can take and safety features that can be added to the spa.

Nick goes to the chapel and Jackie arrives and comforts him as he breaks down. He explains about the accident and Jackie tells him that he saved Hope's life. Nick doesn't see it that way at all. Jackie tries to convince him to go and be with Hope but he tells her he can't and that Brooke blames him - as she should .

Brooke begs Hope to be strong and apologizes for not making sure the spa was safe. Hope stirs and says "Mom."

Tuesday, August 9, 2005

Hope starts to come out of her coma and mumbles "Ma" making Brooke ecstatic. Nick goes to the chapel to pray for Hope. Nick returns to see Hope doing better and takes a moment to sit with her. Eric visits Bridget at the hospital, and asks her if she's comfortable with Nick's closeness to Brooke. Bridget then goes over to see Hope, only to look through the window and see Nick, Brooke and Hope interacting as a close family.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Brooke forgives Nick as they coo over Hope, while a distraught Bridget looks on. Eric fills Jackie in on Hope's progress. Dr. Sobel reports on Hope's progress, and states that it looks like everything is going to be okay and that a full recovery is expected. Brooke and Nick are relieved for Hope. Bridget tries to convince herself that Nick loves her and that there is nothing going on between her mother and Nick.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Bridget wakes up with a start wondering where and how she got to where she is. Then she remembers, she really didn't have anywhere else to go. She is at the cabin, where she went after seeing the closeness between her mother and Nick appear, once again. Her cell phone rings and she looks to discover that it is Nick, trying to reach her. She doesn't answer it, and lets it go to voice mail. Then she thinks it might be news about Hope. She retrieves her call and listens as Nick tells her that he spent the night at the hospital with Hope and her mother. Hope is doing much better.

At the hospital, the family is there visiting Hope. They ask about Bridget but she is nowhere to be found. Nick tells them that possibly she is planning a welcome home surprise for Hope. The doctor enters and tells them that Hope has recovered sufficiently, and she can go home today.

Bridget starts to picture Nick and Brooke together again. Inside, she is starting to become anxious once again, and tries to calm herself down with reason, saying that Nick loves her, not her mother. She gathers up her things to head back, and as she leaves, Stephanie is entering the cabin. Thoroughly upset, she wonders why Stephanie is there. Stephanie also decided to go to the cabin, to get away, because it belongs to her. Stephanie inquires about Nick, and, Bridget tells her that she is there alone. Seeing that she is upset, Stephanie asks if something happened between Nick and her. Bridget tells her about the accident with Hope. Since no one bothered to call Stephanie, she was unaware of the situation. Bridget pounces on her asking if she can blame anyone for not wanting to call her. Stephanie starts to focus on Bridget. She makes a comment about the closeness that Brooke and Nick share, and Bridget starts to defend them again, although Stephanie can see that Bridget seems unglued. Stephanie takes a stab at what is bothering Bridget, and realizes that Bridget has seen them together. Bridget tells her that the way Nick looked at her mother, and touched her, he never looked at her that way. Bridget says that nothing was going on, Hope was there, but they looked like a family.

Stephanie tries to comfort Bridget. She tells her that Ridge didn't want her (Brooke), so now she is following her pattern and heading back to Nick. Bridget tells her that Ridge didn't reject her mother, he abandoned her.

Bridget thinks about it, and then says out loud, that none of this is her mother's fault. It is her fault. She's the one who keeps repeating the same pattern. She consistently becomes involved with the same men that her mother did, Ridge, Deacon and now Nick. Something must be wrong with her. Stephanie makes Bridget believe that her Mother has abused her, in her own way. She misused the trust that Bridget had in her.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Brooke and Nick take Hope home, where Katherine greets her warmly. Hope reminds Nick that he saved her life. He explains they have to be buddies forever. She decides he has to read her a story every night. Nick thinks it's the least he can do. Brooke says both Logans have forgiven him; shouldn't he forgive himself? Nick is worried Bridget misunderstood their vigil. He plays an R&B love song and lights candles for dinner. Brooke suggests he wait for Bridget before reading to Hope. He'd walk through fire for Hope - or her mom. Only now does Nick realize how much they mean to him. Brooke would be lost without him. He kept his promise to be there for her always. He was right about there being life after Ridge; Brooke owes Nick her life. He caresses her face. She admits she's scared, sad, and lonely. As they sit in front of the crackling fire, Nick declares she'll find that special someone, or he'll find her.

At Big Bear, Stephanie holds a crying Bridget and insists Brooke realizes what she's doing. Bridget doubles over and coughs, then dismisses it as fatigue. She blames herself for latching on to a man who loves her mother. It's weird and pathetic. Stephanie believes Bridget deserves to be the center of someone's world. Bridget can't give up Nick; he's the only person with whom she's ever felt really safe. Stephanie thanks God Bridget didn't get herself pregnant; she can make a clean break. Bridget cries as she says it's over. But Nick is everything to her, and she doesn't want a life without him. Stephanie cautions that when Brooke gets her hooks into someone, it's forever. Brooke can't be alone. Bridget will have Stephanie and the rest of her family. Her stepdaughter feels sick again, which gives Stephanie pause. Could Bridget be pregnant?

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