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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of September 12, 2005 on B&B
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Monday, September 12, 2005

Eric is at Brooke's house trying to convince her to tell Bridget the truth about her and Nick. He doesn't feel that she and Nick will be able to just put those feelings behind them. Brooke tells him about her afternoon with Dante but he is still not convinced.

Bridget meets Dante at Insomnia where he is daydreaming about his afternoon with Brooke and the kiss that they shared. Dante tells Bridget that he spent the afternoon with a wonderful woman. Bridget is shocked when he tells her it was her mother. She leaves and heads to Brooke's house. Bridget asks her Mom if it's true about her and Dante. Brooke tells her that it is and tells Bridget that she's not looking for some great love or her destiny; she just wants to move on with her life without all the drama. Bridget seems flabbergasted by Brooke dating Dante and Brooke tells her that if it bothers her she will not see him. Bridget says it's no problem for her.

Taylor tells Ridge that Gaby and Thomas had sex. Ridge is furious. Taylor explains that she called INS but that Gaby's lawyer showed up and since Gaby & Thomas had consummated their marriage and insisted they were in love there was nothing anyone could do. Ridge blames Taylor for the whole mess since she allowed Gaby to live there against his wishes. They start arguing about their marriage and it becomes heated. Hector, who was there to fix the alarm, comes back in and tells Ridge to calm down and that perhaps he should take a walk. Ridge leaves with Taylor in tears.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

At the Insomnia Café, Dante thought about Brooke and the time he had spent with her. Dante decided that Brooke is intriguing. Dante called and left a message inviting Brooke out on another date.

At home, Brooke told Bridget that she is dating Dante. Bridget was happy for herself that Brooke was no longer interested in Nick. Bridget was so happy that she invited Brooke to bring Dante as a date and join she and Nick for dinner. Eric, who was present, allowed Bridget to believe Brooke's deception.

Meanwhile, at Marone Industries, Jackie tried to convince Nick not to hold his feelings for Brooke back. Nick told Jackie that his relationship with Brooke is over because she won't even speak to him. Bridget arrived; Jackie was very cordial to Bridget. Jackie congratulated Bridget on her pregnancy. Jackie advised Nick that he need not worry about such a strong woman who could handle anything.

At home, Hector gave Taylor words of encouragement. He advised her to be herself, go back to work and perhaps even write a book. Taylor questioned whether she knew what she wanted; after all she was so focused on what Ridge wanted and so desperate just to be reunited with Ridge.

When Brooke invited Dante to dinner, he realized that Brooke was just asking him out to prove to Bridget that she no longer has feelings for Nick. Dante threatened to tell Bridget the truth. Brooke convinced Dante that Bridget would only be hurt if she knew the truth.

When Nick and Bridget arrived at the Café Rouse, Nick was shocked to see Brooke with Dante.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Thomas reminds Gaby that he loves her. Later, Ridge informs Thomas and Gaby that their marriage will be annulled. Sally refuses to let Thomas leave Spectra. Nick watches in shock as Dante kisses Brooke. Bridget reveals that Dante and Brooke are dating, much to Nick's chagrin. After Brooke toasts to Nick and Bridget's future, Brooke convinces Nick that they are finished and he must stay with Bridget.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Brooke and Nick are still talking at the restaurant. She tells him that they will never be. "Someday," says Brooke, "you will thank me, when your baby's born." She assures him that he will have no regrets in doing what must be done, because he will love Bridget for everything that is going to be, between the two of them. Nick assures Brooke that he will bury what has happened between them, and go on with his life with Bridget.

Gaby and Thomas talk about what they are planning to do. Sally comes in and talks with them. Thomas tells her that his Father is going to have their marriage annulled. She shows Thomas the sales reports on the line that he created. They are impressive enough to make Sally tell him that he can go on to college and become something, that will take a long time, or he can sign on with them and reap the benefits now, while he is considered a hot commodity. He thinks about it, and thanks her for the opportunity, but tells her no, because his future plans have all ready been put in place by his Dad. Sally pulls out all stops and show him an extra "sign on bonus", which would pay off his Father for anything that was done, and allow him to be his own man, if he signs.

Bridget and Dante dance, but Bridget's mind wanders over to the table where Nick and her Mother are sitting. She wonders what they could be talking about. Her insecurities are coming to surface once again, and Dante realizes it. As they return to the table, Bridget suggests that they leave and go to the pool. Each one has a reason that they would prefer not to go, but, Bridget is not taking no for an answer, because the evening is supposed to be a celebration. She excuses herself for a moment to head for the "pottie,." Something, that she figures she will be doing a lot of in the near future. While she is gone, Dante tells them both (Nick and Brooke) that Bridget was watching them closely, and it didn't look like to her, that they were getting over anything. He leaves to pay the bill. Nick tells Brooke that he will do what she wants, but he will not stand around watching Dante put his hands all over her. Brooke tells him that it is necessary for Bridget to see, so she can be convinced.

At the pool, Brooke and Dante sit alone and talk. He tells her that he will do what she wants. She is determined to convince Bridget that she and Nick are no longer together in anyway. Dante is afraid that the whole evening could blow up in their faces.

On the other side of the pool, Bridget makes a comment about Nick not liking Dante. She admits to him that he and her Mother make a good looking couple together, and doesn't he think so also? When he doesn't answer, it forces her to ask him if it bothers him to see her with another man? Bridget becomes unsettled, and tells Nick that she is carrying his child and planning on marrying him, and that she deserves to know the truth.

Eric brings Jackie home. Jackie is still insisting that Nick and Brooke belong together. He tells her that, being together and being happy are two different things. They believe in what they are doing, and that it will be the best for everyone, and maybe it will.

Friday, September 16, 2005

The bonus is $250,000. Gaby wants to sleep on it before Thomas signs with Sally. They get ready for his office's pullout sofa. She worries a Spectra career will cause a permanent Forrester rift. Gaby is kind because they too love Thomas. He holds her on top of him during a sofa soul-kiss.

A fire crackles at the beach house. The cries of mating cats disturb Eric. He complains about Stephanie. Jackie doesn't want Nick to lose his chance at love. She resolves to be happy for him, but doesn't want to be called Grandma. She's avoiding home in case the divorce papers are there. Eric and Jackie flirt and kiss.

Does the snogging bother Bridget's reluctant fiancé? He lies that his mistrust of Dante is bothersome. While they appear to be romantic, Dante and Brooke are discussing Nick's reaction. When the Italian resumes the Parisian pecking, Nick explodes! Bridget disturbs his reverie. On the Shady Marlin, she asks why her mom cried at the restaurant. This time, Nick not only lies, but attacks her for being suspicious. Brooke was crying over her grandchild. Nick doesn't want to be tested anymore! Bridget packs for a night at Brooke's. Reflecting on Brooke's orders, Captain Payne apologizes to Bridget. Brooke thanks Dante. She's not sure their ruse was successful. She cries; the Marliners mate.

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