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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of September 26, 2005 on B&B
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Monday, September 26, 2005

Brooke asks Ridge what he means when he says he needs her more than ever now. He tells her that he needs her friendship and support; that she has always understood him. Ridge tells her he knows about her and Dante and Brooke responds that what she does and who she does it with stopped being his business the night he renewed his vows with Taylor. Ridge tells her about his idea for the showdown with Thomas and Brooke thinks it's an excellent idea. They discuss his problems with Taylor and Ridge tells Brooke that Taylor can't deal with his feelings for her. He also tells Brooke that he expects that she loves him too and it's okay - even if it's only as friends. Brooke tells Ridge that maybe he expects too much.

Eric and Jackie are at the beach house on a date. Eric tells her that celebrating their children's marriage is a good excuse to see her again.

Hector takes Taylor to the firehouse and tells her about a firefighter who lost her life in the line of duty. He tells Taylor that it would have been a shame if she had let someone talk her out of doing what she wanted to do and that she had made a difference. Hector tells Taylor that you don't have to be a firefighter to make a difference in the world and that she should do what she wants to do and not let Ridge cause her to second guess her decisions. They almost kiss and Taylor backs away and tells Hector that just because she and Ridge are separated doesn't mean they aren't married. Hector tells Taylor that if she's reconsidering her position then maybe Ridge is too; he urges her to call Ridge and talk. Taylor calls Ridge's cell and we see that he's left it at Forrester. Brooke answers thinking it's Ridge and before Taylor can say anything Brooke says it's okay, he can pick his phone up tomorrow at the office and then she says that she loves him too. Taylor is devastated thinking that something had happened with Brooke and Ridge and she sobs in Hector's arms. Hector tells her she shouldn't be treated like this and they kiss.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

At home, Brooke was devastated while thinking of Nick and Bridget's wedding. Dante figured that Brooke was depressed over the wedding. Dante told Brooke that he admired her for putting Bridget's happiness before her own. Dante acknowledged that Brooke still loves Nick.

At Marone Industries, Nick looked at a photo of Bridget in her wedding dress and marveled at her. He then looked at a wedding photo of him, Bridget and Brooke. He pictured Brooke saying" married to my daughter, but can't stop thinking about me." When Jackie arrived she noticed that Nick was in a mood. Jackie believed that Nick had put his feelings for Brooke behind him when he married Bridget. Nick asked Jackie to take his wedding photos and place them in an album. Jackie suspected something was wrong. Nick came out and admitted to Jackie that by marrying Bridget he did the right thing for everyone. Later, Nick continued to hear Brooke's voice calling him. He then began to hallucinate and he saw Brooke. He realized that he cannot turn off his feelings for Brooke.

At Forrester Creations, Bridget arrived and admitted that she was on top of the world. She told Eric that her life could not get any better right now. Dante arrived and congratulated Bridget on her marriage. Bridget asked Dante if he and Brooke had been together. Dante hesitated to give Bridget an answer. He couldn't tell Bridget how depressed Brooke was over her marriage to Nick. Eric met Jackie for a date and they kissed. They both admitted they had the best time together the previous evening. Jackie told Eric that she has a sense that something is very wrong with Nick.

Nick called Bridget to try to stop thinking about Brooke. He told her that he missed her and that how much their being together and having a baby means to him. After he finished the telephone call to Bridget, Nick began to hallucinate about Brooke again. In the hallucination, Brooke said to Nick "come back to me, I love you." No matter what Nick did he could not turn the hallucination off. Nick panicked and threw something across the room.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Nick reveals to Massimo that he is consumed with thoughts of Brooke. Likewise, Brooke cannot forget about Nick, so Dante suggests that she talk to Nick. Later, Brooke runs into Nick at Big Bear, where they share a passionate embrace. Brooke asserts that Nick be strong and resist temptation. Taylor tells Hector that their kiss was a mistake. Thomas worries about his new Spectra line, when Taylor demands that Thomas rid Gaby from his life. Taylor believes Gaby married him for money. Taylor spits to Gaby that she will never be good enough for Thomas.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Brooke and Nick are talking in the park area up at Big Bear. She tells him that she would like to know when she is going to wake up and realize that she has forgotten about him.

Taylor tells Gaby that she will never have her son.

Ridge has paid his Mother a visit up at Big Bear, where she has been doing some soul searching of her own. She informs him that she has been volunteering her time at a homeless shelter. She thought it might be a good idea since she also feels homeless and adrift at times, especially without her family. She claims that she is through brow-beating the people that she loves, because she has come to realize that you can't live your children's lives, that you just have to get on with your own.

Nick and Brooke tell each other that they will never stop loving each other. She tells him that the thing she loves best about him is the fact that he is loving her daughter, Bridget, too much to betray her.

Gaby tells Taylor that no matter what she thinks, she is legally married to Thomas, and she is his wife. Thomas and his Father made an agreement, why can't she just accept it. She tells Gaby that what she doesn't want for her son, is a teenage marriage.

Stephanie tells Ridge that when she called the house, she found out that you weren't living there now. She tells him that she had a long conversation with Steffy, and she told her that Brooke is now dating Dante.

Nick tells Brooke that Bridget is happy and that most times he is all right, but when he is alone, he starts thinking about her again. He can't get her out of his mind. He thinks about the night that she told him she still loved him and she says that she thinks about that also. The night of the storm and how happy they both were. She tells him that she never meant to break that promise that they made.

Steffy and Phoebe are in the middle of a huge argument when Taylor walks in. Phoebe tells her Mother that Steffy stole $50.00 from her and that she is doing things behind your back. Phoebe tells her that all Steffy wants to do is be more like you. She is doing things to be more popular. The kids at school think that Mom is "hot" and Steffy wants them thinking the same about her.

Stephanie tells Ridge that he was right, she can't blame all her problems on Brooke. She tells him that she learned that one must grow up and lose the fear of losing. When she was talking with Steffy, she learned that Nick and Bridget got married. She is wondering if Ridge will email her some pictures, and he says that he will.

Brooke tells Nick that they have to learn not to give in to each other. From a cabin above, Stephanie walks out on the terrace to enjoy the view and her new outlook on life. She looks out and sees two people that look familiar to her, so she gets her binoculars and looks up close. She realizes that it is Nick and Brooke. Brooke tells Nick that their love for each other will always be there, just not the way they hoped. She leaves and Nick remains seated on the bench.

Ridge goes to see Taylor, but she is not in a very good mood. She tells him that she is doing the best that she can. He tells her that he saw his Mother, and she told him that she finally got Brooke out of her system. Ridge asks Taylor, if she thinks that a marriage counselor could do the same for them.

Nick arrives home as Bridget is making dinner. He is in a bewildered sort of mood. He becomes overly passionate with Bridget, again trying to erase Brooke from his mind.

Stephanie turns up at Brooke's office. She tells Brooke that she is not there to bother her. She wants her to know that she feels she can be of more use to the next generation. She tells her that she was up at Big Bear, and guess what she saw? She saw lover, liars, cheats!!! Stephanie tells her that she is not going to let her do this to Bridget again.

Friday, September 30, 2005

Stephanie puts down Brooke's Forrester phone. Brooke would sooner have an affair with Stephanie than with her son-in-law. Stephanie is someone who really loves Bridget. She's going to take Bridget and baby out of Brooke's vicious cycle. Bridget shows up, scoffing at the news that her mother and husband are in love with each other. But she can't overlook her stepmother's Big Bear sighting.

Taylor's teary-eyed because Ridge agrees to counseling. She recounts Brooke's declaration of love. Ridge explains it's friendly. He admits he let Stephanie manipulate him so he wouldn't have to decide. He wants to move back in. Taylor says he never lost her heart. His commitment to her and their kids henceforth will be indubitable.

Forget dinner, Nick needs to bed Bridget. She's been house hunting, and has to go to work to retrieve the list of prospects. Nick recalls Brooke's latest goodbye.

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