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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of October 3, 2005 on B&B
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Monday, October 3, 2005

Stephanie is in Brooke's office telling Bridget that Brooke is after Nick. Brooke denies it and tells Bridget that Stephanie is still out to get her. Bridget questions if Nick and Brooke were really together at Big Bear and Brooke admits that they were but not like she thinks; it was a coincidence and they just ran into each other.

Ridge and Eric are looking at designs for the teen line and Ridge tells Eric that he's agreed to go to counseling with Taylor. Thorne arrives and Eric and Ridge hide their designs. They hear Brooke and Stephanie yelling at each other and head to Brooke's office. Ridge, Thorne and Eric can't believe that Stephanie is still carrying on her vendetta against Brooke and Eric tells Stephanie that Brooke is a part of the family and the company and until Stephanie can get her act together - she isn't.

Nick is on his boat and still seeing visions of Brooke beckoning to him. Massimo arrives and tries to convince Nick to take Bridget and just leave; he suggests that he transfer Nick to a foreign office if that's what it takes. Nick says he'll deal with his feelings for Brooke but he's not taking Bridget away from her family.

Later Stephanie shows up at the Shady Marlin to confront Nick. Bridget arrives as Stephanie is arguing with Nick about his feelings for Brooke.

Tuesday, October 4, 2005

Stephanie urges Nick to be honest with Bridget. However, Nick assures Bridget that he is committed to her. Stephanie begs Bridget to finally see that Nick loves Brooke. Bridget tells Stephanie that she believes Nick. After Stephanie leaves, Nick and Bridget make love and discuss their life together. Brooke insists that she will never hurt Bridget again, when Ridge admits that he still loves Brooke. Later, Stephanie tells Brooke that she is going to discover what happened between Brooke and Nick the night Bridget tested them. Stephanie vows to expose Brooke's evil ways.

Wednesday, October 5, 2005

Bridget told Stephanie that she has chosen to stay with Nick. Bridget reiterated that she believes that her mother and Nick are telling the truth. Bridget advised Stephanie that if she keeps trying to destroy people's relationships as she did Ridge and Brooke's she will become very lonely.

Nick thought about what Brooke had said. She predicted that he would be very happy and love Bridget after their baby is born. Brooke advised that Nick has to let go of Brooke. Dante arrived at Nick's office. Dante warned Nick not to hurt Bridget. Dante told Nick he is accountable to Dante if he hurts Brooke. Dante warned for Nick and Brooke to stop having chance meetings as they did in Big Bear.

At Forrester Creations, Eric questioned Brooke about her chance encounter with Nick. Eric believed Brooke when she assured him that it was by chance. Eric wondered out loud, what about the next time? Brooke again assured Eric that she and Nick would never cross the line for Bridget's sake.

Brooke went to Marone Industries to warn Nick about Stephanie. Brooke worried that Stephanie would dig for information and then hurt Bridget with the information. Nick was adamant that Stephanie could not do any harm if he and Brooke do not cross the line.

Back at Forrester Creations, Stephanie advised Eric that his daughter would be hurt by Brooke. Eric said he was confident that Brooke would not do that. Eric advised Stephanie that Brooke has changed and he will tell Stephanie the truth so she would admire Brooke. Eric vowed Stephanie to silence. He then told her that after Bridget lied about the abortion, Brooke had realized that Nick is the love of her life not Ridge. When Nick and Brooke realized that Bridget was still pregnant, they knew they could never be together for Bridget's sake. Immediately, Stephanie broke her promise and told Eric of her intention to inform Bridget of what is really going on between Brooke and Nick.

Thursday, October 6, 2005

Eric tells Stephanie that under no circumstances can she see Bridget. He tells her that Nick and Brooke made a decision and they are sticking with it. Nick married Bridget and it is all over with Nick and Brooke. What they did, was to make a mistake that they rectified with a great deal of thought. Eric tells her that there is no shoe to be dropped anymore. Stephanie tells him that Brooke's pantyhose is what usually follows that kind of reasoning.

Bridget is posing for Dante, and she tells him that Stephanie is running around crying wolf. It seems that she has something else to try to interfere with now. Dante tells Bridget that he went to see Nick, and besides the fact that Nick considers him a pest, he believes that Bridget is right to believe in her husband and to trust him. "However," says Nick, if things start to go wrong, he wants to be the first one to be called. Bridget tells Dante that she isn't worried about anything; ater all Nick married her, they are having a baby and looking for a house. She tells him that no one is going to put her back on the see-saw she was on before, the one that almost made her emotionally unstable. Dante comments that Stephanie is wrong with her accusations. He is a man that wants to be with her and not her Mother. Bridget comments that that makes two men, him and Nick.

Nick and Brooke talk. She is remembering the night on the boat. She tells him that that memory keeps her strong. They realize that it will be always a private moment for the two of them to share. Brooke tries to reassure Nick that it is good that only the right people know the truth.

Eric tells Stephanie that he was a fool for believing that she could possibly understand what happened. Eric reminds her that she promised him she wouldn't say anything, and she darts back with the comment that he also promised to love her until death due them part. Stephanie tells him that she is not going to allow Brooke to railroad his daughter into the same kind of life that Stephanie believes she had, like sleeping with a man who dreamed about being in another woman's bed.

Nick tells Brooke that he's given Bridget no reason not to trust him. In fact, he keeps finding reasons for buying things for the new baby. Jackie walks into her son's office. They tell her to close the door and stay, because they would like to talk with her. Brooke tells her that she knows Eric told her the truth about the night on the boat. Brooke admits that they were going to be together, and when something happened to change all that, and then, they each took different roads. Brooke asks Jackie if she told anybody about that night? Jackie tells her there would be no reason for anyone to even ask, and Nick tells her that Stephanie found a crowbar to do more harm with, if allowed.

Eric tells Stephanie that Bridget is not her daughter, and she has no right to say anything. He asks her how she would have like hearing the truth everyday, and Stephanie, who is bitter, comments that it couldn't be any worse than thinking you loved me and then pushing me aside to sleep with a slut. Eric comments that, yes, Brooke might have been better in bed, but what surprised him, was that she was a better mother. Somehow, Brooke managed to learn to put her children first, where they were more important to her than to keep her life focused on herself. She let her children lead their own lives and they turned out wonderfully. She is the only one that can cause a problem to Bridget. Stephanie cannot believe that Eric doesn't see anything wrong with the fact that his daughter's mother is in love with her husband. Eric tells her that marriage is more than love, it combines a lot of different factors like plans for the future. "Trust, belongs in there too," says Stephanie, "along with being faithful, and it seems to me that your lusting after Brooke has made you believe that what she did was not wrong." Eric starts to believe that what Stephanie is doing, is not trying to protect Bridget but getting even with Brooke.

Nick, still in his office tells his Mother that Stephanie is out to ruin his marriage. Jackie tells them that Stephanie won't come to her, but Brooke and Nick think she might, because Jackie wanted to see Brooke and Nick together. Brooke tells her that Bridget is better for Nick than she could ever be. Jackie comments that Nick loves Bridget also. She agrees that they all had to get through a lot of tough issues and she respects her for that. She knows that Brooke will always be a part of Nick's life because she is part of their family. Jackie vows that Stephanie won't get any information from her. She leaves Nick's office and is on the way to drop off the wedding pictures to Bridget. Before she leaves, Brooke warns her that Stephanie might be lurking somewhere. Jackie tells them that she will be Bridget's dragon slayer.

Eric is after Stephanie, with horns a blazing now, because he believes that Stephanie is after Brooke for exposing her fake heart attack. "What about the fact that Nick is betraying Bridget, emotionally if not otherwise," says Stephanie. Eric reminds her that Nick tried to marry her 3 times. Yes, Nick and Brooke admitted their feelings but he went back to Bridget and that is where he will stay if you will just leave them alone. Stephanie becomes irate and tells Eric, that he will be responsible for letting his daughter be in a marriage, without love, just so he can get his hands inside of Brooke's blouse again. He warns her for the last time not to say anything or he will hate her for the rest of his life.

Bridget and Brooke find themselves alone, and Bridget tells her mother that she wants to have an honest talk with her. She tells her mother that when she sees Nick and her together, she can tell that she still has feelings for him. She realizes that she sees what Stephanie is talking about. Brooke tells her daughter, that yes, she does love Nick, but for being the kind of person that he is. Bridget tells her that every marriage is based on trust and that means that she has to put her trust into her mother also.

Jackie is leaving a note for Bridget, when Stephanie walks in. She walks over to it, and reads it. She realizes that there re wedding pictures in the album that Jackie brought with her. As she looks at them, she starts to rip the pictures out, telling Jackie that this wedding should never have happened. Jackie calls Stephanie vindictive and pitiful. Stephanie tells her that she and Brooke deserve each other. She probably knew about them all the time. Jackie tells her that nothing has happened between Nick and Brooke. She stands up for her son and Brooke, much to Stephanie's chagrin. Jackie vows that Stephanie will not take Bridget or the baby to live with her because it is now, her family, and her grandchild.

Friday, October 7, 2005

On the Shady Marlin, Jackie tries to stop Stephanie from packing Bridget's things. Stephanie believes Brooke will nab Nick, leaving Bridget and baby alone. Jackie accuses Stephanie of exacting revenge on her and Brooke. In his office, Eric confesses he told Stephanie about the ruse. Brooke calls, but Stephanie says she'll only talk to Bridget. Brooke runs off without enlightening Eric. Jackie goes to him and they swap stories. Brooke panics when the newlyweds arrive. She says Stephanie wants to hurt her, but shouldn't hurt Bridget.

In his office, Nick recalls Big Bear Brooke. He then makes out with his wife and displays his booty: baby items and lingerie. Bridget changes for sofa sex. She will never doubt him again. At home, she insists on facing the mad moms together.

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