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Stephanie told Brooke and Nick that she was going to tell Bridget the truth about them. Stephanie found Bridget at the neighborhood watering hole, and took her back to her home, where she told Bridget that Nick and her mother were still in love with each other, and she could prove it. Taylor and Ridge were on their way to see a marriage counselor. Eric signed his divorce papers, while Jonathan, his lawyer, took them to the Dominican Republic along with Stephanie's power of attorney. Bridget pointedly asked her mother if the accusations that Stephanie had made about her and Nick were true. Ridge told the therapist just how he thought Taylor should handle the chemistry that he shared with two different women. Brooke warned Stephanie that her family had better not fall apart because of what she had done to Bridget. Ridge sang an entirely different tune when Taylor told him that, she too, shared chemistry with another man. Nick informed his mother that Stephanie had told Bridget everything about Brooke, and that Bridget had removed her rings and returned them to him, prompting Jackie to tell her son to go and be with the woman that he loved. Jackie told Nick about her feelings for Eric and wondered if he approved, while Stephanie told Ridge that she and Eric would work things out between them; however, Eric told Bridget that he and her mother had been remarried the previous night.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of October 10, 2005 on B&B
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Monday, October 10, 2005

Stephanie and Brooke are arguing on the Shady Marlin. Stephanie insists that she's going to tell Bridget the truth. Nick comes in without Bridget and tells them that he doesn't want Bridget to be a part of this mess and that they are going to get it cleaned up right now. Stephanie tells Nick that she knows what happened between him and Brooke. Nick informs her that he's not one of her kids and his marriage is his business - not hers.

Bridget is at Chuck's talking to Dante on the cell. He's pulling up at the boat and she tells him to come to Chuck's instead; that her mother and Stephanie are on the boat. Dante comes in and gives her the picture of her that he drew and asks why she wanted to meet him here. Bridget says that Stephanie is trying to start problems between her and her mother.

Nick tells Stephanie that he loves Bridget and that is all she needs to know. They continue to argue and Stephanie tells him that he won't be able to get over his feelings for Brooke. Nicks warns her to keep her mouth shut and to stay away from his wife. Stephanie leaves and Brooke and Nick realize they need to run damage control because Stephanie is not going to stop.

Eric is telling Jackie that he told Stephanie about what happened between Brooke and Nick the night that they thought Bridget had aborted her child. Jackie is shocked that he thought that he could trust Stephanie with that information. He says that he wanted Stephanie to understand what Nick and Brooke were sacrificing for Bridget's happiness. They are both sure that Stephanie will use the information in her ongoing vendetta against Brooke. Jonathan arrives with divorce papers for Eric. Stephanie apparently gave Power of Attorney to Jonathan years earlier when she had had a stroke; Eric was using that to divorce her. Eric signs the papers and walks Jonathan to his car. Alone, Jackie daydreams that now that he is free Eric asks her to marry him.

Stephanie finds Bridget at Chuck's and drags her out. Bridget tries to resist but Stephanie is adamant. Nick arrives to get Bridget but Chuck tells him that she already left with Stephanie. Nick tells Brooke that Bridget is with Stephanie and they have to find them. He calls Bridget on her cell and she tells him that they are Stephanie's house and that she is off on another rant. Nick tells her not to listen to Stephanie and to leave. Stephanie grabs the phone and hangs up on Nick. She tells Bridget that she has to know the truth; that when Nick and Brooke thought she had aborted the baby that they confessed their love to each other. Bridget doesn't believe her. Stephanie tells her to ask her father; Brooke had told him all about it.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

At Stephanie's house, Stephanie informed Bridget of Brooke and Nick's feelings for one another. Stephanie told Bridget that if she did not believe her she could ask Eric or Jackie who both knew about the situation. Bridget continued to deny to Stephanie that Nick or Brooke could betray her. Bridget continued to support and defend Brooke one hundred percent.

Hector daydreamed about a passionate kiss that he and Taylor had shared. Hector told Taylor that he cannot stop thinking about her. Taylor reminded Hector that she is still trying to make her marriage to Ridge work. Hector had doubts about Ridge's sincerity about his intentions of wanting to get back together with Taylor. Hector did not think that Ridge is the man that could make Taylor happy. Ridge just then arrived to pick up Taylor for their joint counseling appointment. Taylor pointed out to Ridge that they had agreed to meet at the therapist's office, not here. Taylor did accept the ride from Ridge. Ridge tried to make Taylor understand that she and their family is his number one priority.

At Forrester Creations, Eric told Jonathan to go to the Dominican Republic and go ahead with his divorce from Stephanie. Jonathan questioned if it was the right thing for Eric to do. Eric was adamant that he wanted the divorce from Stephanie. Nick rushed to Eric's office to see if Bridget was there. Nick asked Eric why he told Stephanie about the night that he and Brooke had spent the night together. Eric tried to explain that he thought that Stephanie would understand what a sacrifice Brooke is making for Bridget.

When Brooke located Bridget at Stephanie's, Bridget suddenly confronted Brooke about what Stephanie had told her. Bridget asked Brooke if she had indeed been on Nick's boat after she told them of her abortion. Brooke admitted she had been on Nick's boat, but it was not what Bridget was thinking. Bridget asked Brooke a second question: did Brooke tell Nick that she is in love with him?

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Brooke admits to a hurt Bridget that she loves Nick. Brooke explains that she tried to fight her feelings in order to protect Bridget, but Bridget storms out. Hector informs a fellow fireman that Ridge has feelings for another woman (Brooke). During their marriage counseling session, Ridge thinks Taylor needs to change. Ridge surmises that Taylor will just have to get over the fact that he loves Brooke because it's not something he would ever act on. Bridget confronts Nick about Brooke and she finally demands to hear the truth from him.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Stephanie addresses Brooke in her usual manner. She tells her that she really didn't think that she could stoop any lower, but somehow she always does. She calls Brooke a piece of trash.

Taylor, speaking with the marriage counselor, tells her that she feels threatened. The counselor asks Ridge, if he knows and understands what that means to a marriage. Ridge thinks that it is something Taylor should just deal with and get over. When the counselor asks Ridge what he would do, if Taylor were in his spot, laughs, because Taylor would never look at another man. She's a saint. Taylor informs Ridge that she indeed has looked at another man and even kissed him. Ridge cannot believe that Taylor could have chemistry with anyone else. Taylor tells him that he will just have to deal with it. The counselor is trying to tell Ridge that jealousy in a marriage cannot be taken lightly. He tells her that she can't have feelings for another man. Taylor turns and says, "But you can?" The ceiling fell through, and it appeared that Ridge's eyes were opened as he apologized to Taylor.

Stephanie tells Brooke that in time, she will win back Eric and her family. She tells Brooke to run to Nick, because she doesn't have anyone else. Brooke says that no matter what, she and Nick will not be together. Stephanie is even willing to bet that the night that Bridget has her baby, Brooke will be in bed with Nick.

Later, Brooke tells Eric that Stephanie told Bridget everything, and she has to prove to Bridget that she can be trusted. She tells Eric that she will do anything to make that point to Bridget. Eric, in the meantime tells Brooke that he is divorced from Stephanie, and he also is willing to do anything for their child.

Nick tells Bridget that he still loves her and doesn't want to lose her. Bridget comments that he told her so many times that there was nothing between her mother and him. Bridget says that she was the one who was right though. She did know and she felt it. Now, she again feels like a second choice to her mother. Bridget is done in and tells Nick that she cannot compete. Bridget tells Nick to go and be with Brooke, because there is a man out there that will love her. She wants to know why no one thought she deserved to hear the truth. She tells him that she always wanted a simple life, scandal free -- but look at her now. She's pregnant by a man who is in love with her mother. She tells him that she deserves so much more. She takes off her wedding rings and leaves them on the table before saying goodbye to Nick.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Nick's upset his wife knows he loves his mother-in-law. Jackie counsels that Bridget knows he won't be happy until he marries first-love Brooke. She asks, and her son gives his blessing to her relationship with Eric. Whatever floats her boat. In Eric's office, a jeweler's bill for two wedding bands confirms her suspicion he'll propose. She tells Stephanie about the Dominican divorce.

Bridget moves out of her mom's house. She's begun annulment proceedings. Brooke can't be with Nick because Bridget would continually hurt. Eric joins them after caterers set up at his house. Mom and Dad have a plan to heal daughter's heartbreak: they've eloped!

Stephanie goads Ridge with the fact that Nick is his replacement. Ridge blames them, not Brooke. Nevertheless, he hugs his mom in a show of support.

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Ashleigh Brewer Returns to The Bold and the Beautiful as Ivy
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