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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of October 24, 2005 on B&B
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Monday, October 24, 2005

The pre-sales for Thomas' new clothing line are flat, and if Thomas loses the contest Spectra risks lose everything. Thomas worries about letting Gaby down, but she says she has every confidence in him. Stephanie realizes that she has lost her family. Stephanie tells Taylor that everything she's done through the years, was done to protect her family. Stephanie realizes that her focus on Brooke all of these years has caused her to lose focus on all of the things she believed in. Brooke turned Eric and Ridge away from me, spits Stephanie. Stephanie remembers happier times with Eric and she calls the family to the house. I'm leaving Los Angeles for good, Stephanie reveals to a stunned crowd. Ridge wonders if Eric realizes how much he's humiliated Stephanie by marrying Brooke. Eric says that he's happier

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

At home, Stephanie gathered Ridge, Thorne, Darla, Taylor, Eric, Massimo and Sally. She shocked them when she told them that she is selling the family home and moving to Florida. Stephanie explained that she cannot stay in L.A. and face Brooke and Eric at Forrester Creations everyday-it's too painful! Also Stephanie admitted that she does not want her family to feel that she continually interferes and tries to control them. Stephanie revealed that if she stayed in L.A. she could not be uninvolved. Stephanie gave an individual goodbye to everyone. Ridge blamed Eric marrying Brooke for Stephanie's decision to leave. Stephanie then bid farewell to everyone. On his way out, Massimo predicted to Stephanie that she would rise from the ashes.

At the hospital, Dante pulled a prank on Bridget. Dante pretended to be dead in the morgue. Dante pledged his love to Bridget and told her he wants more than friendship from their relationship. Dante told Bridget that he would love her child as his own.

Taylor arrived at Spectra to see Thomas. Gaby informed Taylor that Thomas had been working non-stop getting ready fro the competition between he and Ridge. Taylor ended up being confrontational and hostile toward Gaby about her marriage to Thorne.

Thorne went back to his mother's house after everyone else had left. Thorne tried to convince Stephanie to stay in L.A. He told Stephanie that he would always love her no matter where she is.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Due to Eric and Brooke's marriage and their new campaign, the Forrester showing outshines Thomas' Spectra line. At Forrester showroom, Dante displays his first fashion show. The press wants the inside scoop on Forrester, taking attention away from Thomas and the Spectra line. Thorne is livid that Ridge and Eric are jumping at the opportunity to unveil their new campaign. Stephanie reminds Thorne he can return to Forrester, but Thorne says never. Hector shows up at the fashion show to support Taylor. Taylor reveals to Hector that she and Ridge are back together. The showdown begins, and Ridge's models bring down the house. Thomas & Spectra get a tepid response. Sally knows they're doomed. Ridge wins. Thomas feels horribly, especially regarding Gaby's pending deportation. Taylor congratulates Ridge on wining. Ridge knows they finally have Thomas back. Stephanie sneaks into Eric's office and calls Massimo to witness her taking bonds from the safe. Massimo finds a trust document that determines Stephanie as the true and sole owner of Forrester. Stephanie asks Massimo for assistance.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Stephanie now holds the document in her hand that tells her she is the sole owner of Forrester Creations.

The press gathers around Eric, Ridge and Dante. Ridge tells the reporters that Thomas will attend college and when he comes home, he will work at Forrester.

Sally, Thorne and Darla are in Sally's office discussing what just happened. Thomas blames himself for the failure, but Sally tells him that she has hit rock bottom before, and she will pull herself up again. Thomas is upset because of what this means to Gaby and him. He tells her that he doesn't want her to go.

Massimo and Stephanie talk some more about the contract. He tells her that they need to have it checked out by a lawyer, but the only problem could be if her father had it amended. Massimo asks Stephanie if she is sure that she wants to open up this can of worms.

Thorne tells Ridge that he isn't going through with this deal, is he" He can't possibly hold Thomas to it, after using a secret phony ad campaign. Ridge tells Thorne that Thomas wanted to play with the big people and now he has to face up to the agreement. Ridge and Taylor walk towards Thomas and he tells them they can't do this to him. Gaby, knows that the battle is lost. She confronts Taylor, by saying that she is probably happy now, she did what she wanted. She got Thomas and her apart, because she wasn't good enough for her son. Taylor tells her that she is good enough to be his friend, but not his wife. Immigration officials arrive with papers for Gaby to sign. Thomas asks for some private time with Gaby before signing the papers.

Stephanie tells Massimo that it was extremely hard for her to go to her father and ask for a loan so that she and Eric could open their fashion house. Mass explains that her father probably didn't tell her what he did because of this. He tells her that she cannot walk away from the company her father went to such lengths to protect for her. He tells her that if Eric knew about this it would prove what kind of person he was. Stephanie claims that Eric might have been a lot of things but he wouldn't have cheated her. Mass reminds her that he just used her power of attorney to get a divorce from her.

Gaby and Thomas look at the papers. They are surprised by what they see. Gaby's status has been reinstated. It seems that Taylor wrote many letters on Gaby's behalf to see to it that she could remain in the country, and she also has her scholarship back. Gaby apologizes to Taylor. Taylor tells her that she doesn't have to be married to remain friends with everyone in the family, and she hopes that she will continue to be a friend. Darla and Thorne are happy. Ridge tells Taylor that he hopes she did the right thing. She came through for Gaby, now will Gaby come through for her? Thomas knows that he is supposed to file for an annulment, but will he? He asks Gaby if that's what she wants, and she tells him that in the future, if they were meant to be together, it will happen. She tells him that he will be her hero always.

Eric enters his office as Massimo and Stephanie are putting away the information, Massimo reminds her that they are on the way to the lawyers for an appointment. Eric says that is good because he has a meeting with Brooke. Stephanie is in disbelief because "he has once again made his whore a part of the company." Eric tells her to go to Florida, it is his company now, his and Brooke's. She becomes uncontrollable and tells him that he betrayed her, his family but he won't betray her trust.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Stephanie and Eric continue to argue. Massimo hides the papers from Eric. Stephanie is shocked that the successor trustee is Katherine Chancellor. Massimo calls Stephanie and informs her that she is indeed the sole owner of Forrester. Stephanie walks into Brooke's office and hints that she may not be leaving. Brooke tries to convince Stephanie to leave LA, but Stephanie doesn't budge. Nick accuses Eric of marrying Brooke just to prove something to Bridget. Bridget refuses to believe Nick is not in love with Brooke. Bridget wants Nick to stop trying to fix things. Then Eric lies to Bridget about his sex life with Brooke.

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