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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of November 28, 2005 on B&B
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Monday, November 28, 2005

Bridget and Nick were faced with the reality that Bridget could have a miscarriage. Bridget and Nick also found out that she was going to have a baby girl. Jackie went to visit Eric at work, and the two shared a moment. Stephanie began to think she had been too hard on Eric, and Taylor suggested that she might still love him, which, of course, Stephanie thought was preposterous. Brooke tried to convince Dante to leave Bridget and Nick alone, but he would not back away from his love for Bridget.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Bridget told Nick that she would reunite with him. She was convinced that he was committed to her and the baby. Based on Nick's reaction to trouble with the pregnancy, Bridget felt that Nick truly cared for the baby. Bridget hadn't seen that intense emotion from Nick for a long time.

At Forrester Creations, Stephanie raged at Eric and Jackie. Stephanie told Eric that she had planned to compromise with him for the sake of the company until she'd found him with yet another woman. Jackie encouraged Eric to negotiate with Stephanie. Jackie refereed Stephanie and Eric's bickering at one another. Jackie observed that they sounded like an old married couple arguing.

Jackie questioned whether Eric and Stephanie still had romantic feelings for one another. Jackie did not want to be in the middle of their argument and left. Eric and Stephanie continued to say nasty things to one another. Eric refused to have anything to do with Stephanie in the future. He requested that she not enter his office again. Eric asked Stephanie to send messages and communication to him via Megan.

When Bridget arrived home, Dante had prepared dinner for the two of them. Bridget told Dante of her pregnancy problems. She was honest and told Dante that Nick had gone to the doctor's appointment. Bridget told Dante that she was about to reunite with Nick. Dante cautioned Bridget about getting hurt yet again by Nick. Dante was certain that Nick was with Bridget only because he could not have Brooke. Dante wanted to know if Nick loved Bridget as much as he did.

At the Insomnia Café, Nick told Brooke that he and Bridget were reuniting. Brooke was happy that Bridget would be with the father of her baby, yet she was heartbroken over losing Nick.

Wednesday, December 30, 2005

Stephanie found out about Nick and Bridget and was shocked. She accused Brooke of still having feelings for Nick and said that she would be an immoral influence on her soon-to-be granddaughter. Bridget and Nick rekindled their love and forgave one another for all that had happened.

Meanwhile, Felicia returned to explore possible job opportunities at Forrester Creations. She talked to Taylor about all the changes that had occurred in her life while she'd been gone. She also denied still having feelings for Nick, but from her expression, it was obvious that she might still have lingering feelings.

Thursday, December 1, 2005

Nick and Bridget continued spending the better part of the evening together. Nick decided to go back to the Shady Marlin to get some of his belongings, so he could move back into the beach house with Bridget.

In the basement of Forrester, Eric was showing Brooke the new samples that he had drawn up. She told him that they were the best that he had ever done. Thorne walked in and wanted to talk with Eric.

Felicia was waiting for Nick as he went aboard the Shady Marlin. She said, "Hello, sailor," and he turned around, completely surprised. They continued to talk as he told her that he'd tried to email her, but there was never any response. She told him that part of the reason that she'd returned had been to see whether or not the "sailor" would be interested in renewing old friendships.

Thorne talked about somehow reconciling the company as Brooke was focused on a picture of Bridget and Nick. After he and Eric talked, Thorne left, and Eric walked over to Brooke to tell her that he was glad to hear Thorne concerned about the family and company. Eric noticed that Brooke was looking at the picture and commented on the fact that she was still in love with Nick. Brooke told Eric that Nick and Bridget were finally back together. He commented that it was all her doing that had reunited them. Bridget arrived and was happy that both her mother and father were together. She told them both about her and Nick and the fact that she was having a daughter.

Felicia told Nick that she'd been living in a farmhouse, with no telephone or computers. She'd become a very different person while she'd been away. The other reason that she was back was because Taylor had written to her with a job position. Felicia took Nick's hand and noticed that he was wearing a wedding band. He told her that he was married.

Eric told Bridget how wonderful it was that another baby girl would be arriving soon. She mentioned that "the baby is technically a Marone." Eric called it a minor technical thing and relished the thought of a new addition to the family.

Felicia commented that Brooke had finally gotten what she wanted. Nick interrupted her and told her that he hadn't married Brooke; he'd married Bridget. He told Felicia that it seemed that both she and he had moved on with their lives. Felicia was shocked, to say the least. He told her that he'd just gone to the boat to get some of his things to take to the beach house.

Felicia commented that Bridget had even turned Nick into a land lover. Nick told her that he and Bridget were going to have a baby girl. She commented, "That sucks, Marone!" Commenting later, she clarified that she'd simply meant that he and Bridget would not have much time together before they had the baby.

Bridget told her mom that she was happy that Brooke was going to be the grandmother of her little girl. She knew that even if her mother had done things in the past, and walked down strange paths, that she had done it out of love.

Felicia told Nick not to tell anyone she had been there. He told her that the boat would be empty if she wanted to stay there, but she told him that it held too many memories. Nick's phone rang, and when he went to answer it, Felicia tried to slip out the door, only to drop her purse, which spilled out the things inside of it, including a baby pacifier.

Friday, December 2, 2005

Nick unpacks. Bridget coos over the bassinet he brought. She feels threatened and interrogates him about her sister Felicia. While they spoon, the baby kicks Nick. He and Bridget link fingers over her belly.

Ridge and Taylor massage each other and discuss Felicia. He thinks Taylor's reuniting the family. Becoming surly, he declares he'd rather she throw him out than kiss Hector. After sex, Ridge fishes for compliments.

Felicia goes to Stephanie's to turn down the job. The mother admits she needs her daughter and asks her to stay. Renee calls to report their "special circumstances" prevent her from booking a hotel room. Felicia reluctantly accepts the guest house after Stephanie promises to keep her distance. Intrigued and suddenly tactful, she inquires about boyfriend "Rene." She then thinks Renee must be Felicia's girlfriend. The daughter can't bear her mother's

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