The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of December 12, 2005 on B&B

Felicia learned that her cancer had returned, and she didn't have long to live. Nick told Bridget that Dominick was his son, and Felicia said she was counting on Bridget to be a wonderful mother. Darla and Thorne moved Sally into their house with them. Taylor gave Stephanie some good news about Eric and Brooke.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of December 12, 2005 on B&B
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Monday, December 12, 2005

Sally tried to cover up the fact that she was not going on a cruise, but in fact, she was going into a retirement home. Darla discovered that Sally was lying but refused to let her go. She insisted that Sally move in with her and Thorne.

Nick wanted to tell Bridget about his baby with Felicia, but Bridget said it was the most stress-free she had been in a long time. She did not want to disturb that. Nick agreed and did not tell Bridget about his son.

Stephanie was concerned about Felicia's health. Felicia admitted she had not gone back on the chemotherapy.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Shortly after Felicia arrived home from the hospital, Nick arrived to see baby Dominick. Felicia did not let Nick know that she had been hospitalized after passing out. Felicia asked Nick if he had informed Bridget that he was Dominick's father. Nick advised Felicia that he had not informed Bridget yet because she had wanted a quiet, stress-free night the night before then she had been called to the hospital in the morning. Nick assured Felicia that he would tell Bridget about Dominick when the timing was right.

Nick made it clear to Felicia that he wanted baby Dominick in his life. He also told Felicia that he did not want to mislead her by visiting with Dominick. Nick told Felicia that he loved Bridget and that he was committed to her. Felicia indicated that she understood that Nick was committed to Bridget.

Felicia was a bit confused, though, because when she had left Los Angeles, Nick had still been in love with Brooke. Dominick's nanny took Dominick to see Felicia. As Nick held Dominick, Felicia learned from her doctor, over the phone, that her cancer had returned. Felicia did not let on to Nick that she had received bad news.

At Forrester Creations, Eric continued to create fake tension between himself and Brooke to make Stephanie believe that he felt the same way about Brooke as she did. Taylor witnessed arguments between Brooke and Eric and informed Stephanie. Thorne was hopeful that his parents would get back together. Stephanie went to Eric's office and witnessed an "argument" between Eric and Brooke. Stephanie believed Eric when he said he was seeing Brooke in a different light.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Eric continued to work on his plan to regain control of Forrester Creations. He met Stephanie to go out for dinner and convinced her that Brooke had horrible ideas for the company. He also reminded Stephanie how sorry he was for the way he had treated her. Stephanie fell right into the trap.

Nick made the decision to tell Bridget about his son. When he mentioned to her that Felicia had a baby boy, Bridget knew that it belonged to Nick.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Eric told Stephanie that Forrester had a new image, and Brooke disagreed with its concept. He said there were a lot of things that he finally saw that he hadn't before. Stephanie took it all in and made a few comments, but in the end, she told him just because she was having dinner with him didn't mean that she had all of a sudden become stupid.

Nick sat by a confused Bridget. He told her that he was sorry for all the pain that she was experiencing again. She asked him about his son, Dominick, the son that he shared with Felicia.

Felicia spoke with the hospital while in a café. She told the person on the phone that she would be there after she packed. As she hung up the phone, she noticed someone looking at her and smiling. It was Dante. He approached her, asking if she was the one he had met in Cannes. She told him that she had never been there.

Bridget asked Nick why somebody always had to get there first, before her.

Dante started to tell Felicia that he remembered her dancing on the bar, and she told him that it had not been in Cannes, but rather in Nice. She asked why he was there, and he told her the story of how he had arrived in San Francisco. He was working for a company by the name of Forrester. She introduced herself as Felicia Forrester, and he suddenly realized that maybe they shouldn't have gone any further with their introductions.

Nick was at a loss as to what to do for Bridget. He told her that Felicia might have had other ideas when she'd returned, but he had told her the truth about being married and loving his wife.

Stephanie berated Eric. She told him that she was not fooled for one second and didn't believe his sudden change in attitude about Brooke. He said that he had told her what she had wanted to hear, and she commented that she couldn't understand how she could ever have fallen for someone so clueless about things. She told him that if she thought he would ever find out what she really needed, she would probably sign the company over to him. He asked her what it was that she wanted, and she told him that she had told him at least a hundred times in a hundred different ways.

Stephanie said she wanted Eric to become a father. She had waited years for that and was still waiting for it. She told him that even though their children were grown, they were still their children and would be until they took their last breath. She wanted to know when he would get that.

Stephanie started to fall apart then tried to tell Eric about Felicia, when Eric made a comment that hurt her to the core. He said that Felicia was not dying, and Stephanie looked at him with tears in her eyes. He stared at her, not believing what he had just heard and seen.

Dante asked Felicia if she had patched things up with the guy she had told him about, and she told him that it was all over.

Nick told Bridget that he was going to be a part of his son's life, and that meant that Bridget would be a part of it also. He had to know if she was okay with it or not. She suggested that they talk with Felicia, and the two of them left to see her.

Felicia was packing to leave for the hospital when Bridget and Nick walked in. Bridget made the first comment about Felicia leaving and possibly taking Nick's son without telling him. Felicia could see that Nick had told Bridget the story. Felicia told Bridget that she had not known that she was pregnant when she'd left before. She had been going through chemotherapy then, and after it had ended, she had gone to the doctor to find out about her missed cycles and when they would return to normal. That was when she had found out she was pregnant.

The baby started to cry, and Felicia asked Nick to get the bottle from the kitchen. Felicia went to get the baby, and Bridget saw Dominick for the first time. Nick walked in with the bottle, and Bridget stared at Nick's son while Felicia smiled at Dominick.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Felicia tried to include Bridget, who declined to feed Dominick. Bridget suspected her stepmother wanted to reunite his parents. She told her sister it couldn't happen. Felicia admitted she had returned to test the waters with the fertile captain. She asked Bridget to accompany her to hear test results.

Dr. Namura had horrible news for Felicia. The colon cancer was widespread, affecting Felicia's liver and perinea. Without chemotherapy, she had just two months. Felicia sobbed. She didn't regret having her baby instead of radiation. Nick and Dominick arrived, and Felicia got Bridget to hold her stepson. Felicia was counting on Bridget to be a good mother.

Eric was angry Stephanie hadn't told him about Felicia's health sooner. They argued about their parenting methods. Eric was nonplused when Stephanie told him about their grandson Dominick. Felicia might be prepared to die, but her mother couldn't bear the thought. When Stephanie cried, Eric embraced her.

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