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January 2 to 6, 2006
Taylor tried to explain to Brooke why Hector was in her bedroom. Dante and Felicia renewed their friendship. Nick became Brooke's confidant, as she told him about what she saw when she entered Taylor's bedroom, and how she, herself, felt about Ridge. Taylor admitted to her friend, Stephanie, that she kissed Hector on New Year's Eve -- and that Brooke saw it. Thorne was looking for someone to take over Megan's job, since she had been promoted, and the best candidate turned out to be Sally Spectra. Stephanie warned a guilty Taylor that telling Ridge about her past indiscretions would cause an end to her marriage. Brooke told Nick that she decided that Ridge should know what Taylor had been up to without him in town. Ridge apologized to Taylor to leaving her alone during the holidays, and vowed to never do it again, while Taylor prepared herself, to tell Ridge the truth about her own behavior. Taylor told Ridge that she wasn't alone on New Year's Eve; she was with Hector and they shared a kiss. As Stephanie warned Brooke not to say anything to Ridge, Brooke told Stephanie that if Taylor really told Ridge the truth, their marriage would end without any help from her. Taylor told Ridge that she had something that she kept from him, from years ago -- something that happened during a life and death situation with James Warwick.
January 9 to 13, 2006
Ridge listened to Taylor's explanation about the kiss shared with Hector. Stephanie realized that the falling apart of Ridge and Taylor's marriage could bring Brooke back into his life. Ridge came down hard on Taylor, for her hidden past indiscretions, and forgave her for those, but did not forgive her for the superior attitude that she exuded to Brooke for years. Brooke consoled Ridge after learning about the evening that he had with Taylor, and all the secrets that he learned about. Stephanie warned Taylor to try to save her marriage now, or she would lose Ridge to Brooke again. Felicia made a videotape for her son, to be shown to him when he became older, by the loving parents that he would be growing up with. Ridge told Taylor that he loved her and their children and prepared to ask her a question.
January 16 to 20, 2006
Brooke tried to convince Ridge to work things out with Taylor. Hector told Taylor that he wanted her to make a new life with him. Ridge and Taylor met up at Big Bear to discuss their marriage. Brooke told Nick about the secret that Taylor kept from Ridge. Ridge told Taylor that the reason their marriage was not working, was because he was still in love with Brooke. Brooke had the chance to tell Nick that she would not go back to Ridge or any other man. Taylor heard Ridge say the words she was dreading to hear, "I can't be your husband anymore." Taylor helped Ridge to explain to the children that they would always be a family, but their marriage was over. Brooke and Taylor faced off with each other regarding their relationships with Ridge and their opinions of each other. Brooke informed Taylor that she doesn't want Ridge. Ridge let his Mother know, that he intended to ask Brooke to marry him again. Taylor told Stephanie that, "it was time to put down the armor and move on with our lives." Ridge asked Brooke for her forgiveness, then proposed marriage to her again, but she told him that he had hurt her too much and she wouldn't allow that to happen to herself again.
January 23 to 27, 2006
Ridge told Brooke, that he wanted a future with her. Eric and Stephanie came to an understanding and decided to remarry for Felicia's sake. Eric proposed to Jackie the night that he planned on remarrying Stephanie. Nick told Ridge that he would be there to protect Brooke from him, so that he couldn't hurt her again. Massimo told Stephanie that he hoped for some sort of future with her, but her remarrying Eric would put a halt to that. Jackie showed Nick the engagement ring from Eric, and then told him that they would be together -- but first he had to marry Stephanie. Nick went to see Felicia to tell her to cancel her parent's wedding, but when he saw the condition she was in, he decided not to say anything, thinking that Felicia needed to be close with both her parents now. Before the wedding started, Felicia had each member of her family speak to the bride and groom, about the impact that their parents had on their lives. Nick warned Jackie that Felicia was "willing" something magical to happen with her parents. Eric and Stephanie acknowledged to each other their love and respect for each other, no matter what had happened in their lives. Stephanie and Eric decided to remarry.
January 30 to February 3, 2006
After remembering a happy time from the past when Ridge proposed to her, Taylor wondered whether or not she and Ridge ever belonged together. Hector told Ridge to stay away from Taylor now, and he would be the one taking care of her from now on. Jackie listened, as Eric told her that his commitment to her was still important, even though he had remarried Stephanie and that he was happy to see his family all together again. Ridge and Taylor's marriage was annulled because of her "unique" return. Brooke told Bridget that Ridge wanted to reconcile with her. Ridge warned Nick to keep his Mother away from Eric and himself away from Brooke. Brooke told Ridge that she was not sure they could ever regain what they once had. Brooke told Ridge that the dream they once shared was dead. Bridget started to experience sharp pains and Nick immediately took her to the hospital. Taylor decided to take a drive to clear her head after spending the evening alone drinking, and was ultimately involved in an accident.
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February 6 to 10, 2006
Thorne reamed Ridge out for his treatment of Brooke, and, his treatment of everyone else in his life, treating them all like they were beneath him. Hector found Taylor after her car ran off the road; he took her home, telling her that she needed to focus on something more positive than drinking herself into oblivion. Ridge told Brooke not to let their love story end. Bridget was taken to the hospital after having unexpected pains. Felicia insisted on being with Bridget at the hospital, even though she was barely strong enough to make it on her own. Bridget went into full premature labor but ended up losing the child. Brokenhearted, Bridget mourned the death of her baby. Nick paid a last visit to his daughter to say goodbye. Bridget told Nick that he was free to leave, since there was nothing holding them together. Dante and Felicia discussed the future of little Dominick.
February 13 to 17, 2006
Dante wanted to prove Dominick's parentage. Nick told Brooke that Bridget was willing to set him free to return to her. Bridget told Taylor that she was unsure that she could handle being Dominick's mother. Brooke told Nick that she believed that Dominick would be the road to recovery for Bridget and him. Dante went to Taylor for help in convincing Felicia to have the test to prove who was Dominick's real father. Ridge tried once again to prove his love for Brooke. Taylor, Dante and Felicia headed for the hospital to have the test done. With the results in her hand, Taylor prepared to tell Dante and Felicia the baby's parentage. Stephanie told Eric that she had been away trying to find help for Felicia's cancer. Bridget asked Stephanie if they could hold a family memorial for Nicole at her house. Taylor revealed that there was no doubt that Dante was Dominick's real father. Stephanie accidentally discovered Felicia's test results at Taylor's and thought it meant that she was going to resume her chemotherapy. Felicia was forced to tell Stephanie that she had made a mistake, and that Dante, not Nick, was the father of her child. After they were told that Dominick would not be at the memorial, Nick went to bring him back. When he arrived to get the baby, Nick discovered Dante watching over him, and upon trying to take the baby, Dante blurted out to Nick, that he was not Dominick's father.
February 20 to 24, 2006
The memorial service for baby Nicole was held at Eric and Stephanie's home. Ridge tried to talk with Taylor as he learned with cutting remarks from her that she has moved on with her life now. Dante told Bridget that he still loved her, and wanted only what was best for her. After a talk with Stephanie, Dante tried to persuade her to help him make Bridget's life a happier one. Nick tried to prepare Bridget for the truth about Dominick's parentage. After being told the truth, Dante approached Bridget with the idea that the two of them could raise Dominick together. Ridge, once again, asked Brooke to marry him, but this time he asked her in front of Stephanie. Nick told Bridget that he doesn't feel right about keeping Dominick away from his natural father.
February 27 to March 3, 2006
Bridget told Nick, that he needed to be with her mother. Brooke accepted Ridge's proposal. Stephanie asked Bridget to let go of Nick. Jackie informed Thorne, Darla, Sally and Massimo that Nick was not the father of Dominick. Bridget told Nick that she was setting him free to be with her mother. Nick arrived amid the wedding ceremony between Ridge and Brooke, and whisked Brooke upstairs to talk. Dante told Bridget that Brooke would not believe that her marriage to Nick was over, unless she heard it from her own lips. Bridget rushed over to talk with her mother and convince her that her marriage to Nick was over, and with her blessing, she wanted the two of them to be together. A much stronger and directed Bridget also told Ridge that he needed to realize that Nick and her mother's feelings for Nick were much deeper than they had both realized. Thomas told his mother that if Brooke and Ridge didn't remarry, she still had a chance of reuniting with his dad. Taylor continued to answer all her problems by first having another glass of wine. Stephanie told Bridget that she couldn't even imagine how much strength it took for her to do what she did. Ridge wanted Brooke to tell Nick how much she loved him.
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MARCH 2006
March 6 to 10, 2006
Stephanie tried to persuade Brooke not to go through with her marriage to Ridge, and to admit that she still loved Nick. Dante carried out Felicia's last wishes by bringing her family together for one last time. Massimo told Brooke that he would only back her marriage to Ridge, and that if she took one step toward Nick, she would have to deal with his wrath, which included more trouble than she ever thought possible. Felicia passed away in her mother's arms. Massimo insisted that Ridge needed to be with Brooke and their family, and drove him over to her house. Nick went to see Brooke, to profess his love for her and found her with Ridge in a very compromising scene, mistaking it for something other that what it actually was. Hector kept Taylor company as she continued to drink, but was drawn away by work, as Nick came in to do a little drinking of his own. Nick, still reeling from what he thought he witnessed joined Taylor as they both drank to their sorrows. Brooke, with some help from Jackie, realized that Nick must have seen her with Ridge, and rushed out to find him, leaving Ridge behind. Taylor, not having anywhere to go, ends up on the Shady Marlin with Nick, where she falls apart over her loss of Ridge. Brooke arrived at the Marlin and found Taylor on top of Nick, having toppled over on him, because she was drunk.
March 13 to 17, 2006
Nick asked Brooke if what she saw was going to tear them apart or if she would forget it and move on with their lives. Bridget tried to explain to Ridge that if her mother went after Nick, her choice was to be with Nick and not him. Stephanie tried to tell Taylor that Nick broke up the wedding and Ridge was still free to be with her. Ridge paid another visit to Brooke, hoping to get her to elope with him. Brooke took off her rings and returned them to Ridge. Eric told Jackie that Stephanie was acting strange and wanted no help planning Felicia's funeral. Stephanie went to see someone that was helping her with plans for Felicia. Jackie told Eric that Felicia was ready to die, but Stephanie was not ready to let her go. Stephanie visited her comatose daughter, telling her that she would make things better and, after her cancer was treated, she would receive a transplant that would give her time with her son, although there was no guarantee how much time that would be.
March 20 to 24, 2006
Stephanie sat by the bed of her drug induced daughter, telling her that what she was about to do on her daughters' behalf, would eventually allow her to have a little more time with her son. Dante tried to reassure Bridget that she would be the only mother that Dominick would ever have. Dr. Ramirez told Stephanie that they resumed chemotherapy on Felicia. Bridget told her mother that her divorce papers had arrived and that she had notified Nick. Bridget wanted her mother to be with Nick now, but to keep it private until their divorce became official in six months. Nick and Taylor bonded as friends as each began to know the other. Brooke told Nick they could finally be together, but not intimate, until the divorce was final, out of respect for Bridget. Nick and Bridget met and signed their divorce papers. Brooke told Ridge that she loved Nick, but he refused to believe her, and vowed not to give up on her. Stephanie attended her family's memorial service to Felicia. After receiving a call from Dr. Ramirez, at the clinic, Stephanie rushed over to find that Felicia's vital signs were starting, for the first time since she had been admitted, to register on the monitor. Brooke and Nick shared a family dinner with "Chef Hope," consisting of Nick's favorites, "chicken wings and beer." Stephanie noticed during one of her conversations with Taylor, that she was becoming attracted to Nick. Dante, prepared a special evening for Bridget as he told her his feelings, and gave her a copy of the papers, giving Dante and her permanent, legal custody of Dominick. Stephanie signed the papers giving the doctor's permission, to pull the plug on Felicia's life support.
March 27 to 31, 2006
Felicia's symptoms worsened as she was taken off of life support, but responded when her son, Dominick, was placed close by her. Taylor warned Nick to be careful of Brooke and her ways. Jackie listened as Eric proceeded to tell her that he missed her and was going to ask Stephanie for a divorce. Stephanie told Eric that she needed him, and that she couldn't carry alone anymore the secret that she has been keeping. Bridget moved in with Dante and Dominick. Stephanie took Eric to the clinic, and brought an astonished Eric into the room, to see his beloved daughter, Felicia. Eric was furious with Stephanie for what she had done to save Felicia, knowing that she would not have wanted that, but then became enamored of her for selflessly being willing to give up her own life to save her daughter. Bridget tried to convince Ridge of her mother's feelings for Nick and his for her. Taylor once again had too much to drink and ended up giving Nick something to remember her by. Ridge, finally realized that he might have the answer to why Brooke was leaning toward Nick, instead of him. A perfect "match donor" was found for Felicia, so that Stephanie did not have to sacrifice herself in order to save her daughter.
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APRIL 2006
April 3 to 7, 2006
Nick, Brooke, Hope and RJ spent some time together playing "Pirates." Dr. Christian Ramirez was introduced to Darla, Thorne, Bridget and Dante by his brother, Hector. Jackie acknowledged her engagement to Eric, after assuming that she all ready knew about it. Ridge started to panic inwardly as he saw Brooke and his family spending more time with Nick. Massimo told Ridge that their would be consequences for Nick, if he chooses not to back away from Brooke. Stephanie and Eric brought Bridget, Dante and "Dino" to the private hospital where Felicia was eagerly awaiting to see them. Felicia was told by her Doctor, that she wouldn't be going anywhere, anytime soon. Bridget wondered, as she sat in the back of the hospital room, if her future was about to be turned upside down once again. Massimo tried using leverage to get Nick away from Brooke. Eric told Jackie that now was not the right time to talk about their relationship, since he was still celebrating the recovery of his daughter, Felicia. Jackie was relegated to be a part of the background, while Eric tried to put his life together. While Brooke and Nick shared a passionate kiss and Jackie cried at her situation, Massimo received a phone call telling him that everything was in place. Two men entered Jackie's office, handcuffed her and took her away.
April 10 to 14, 2006
Brooke and Nick professed their love for one another, claiming that nothing and no one can separate them again. Jackie was arrested on three very serious charges. Nick asked Massimo for help in getting his mother out of jail then realized that it might have been him that put her there. Felicia was reunited with her entire family. Having gotten nowhere with Nick, Massimo went to Jackie with a plan, her freedom in exchange for her help in breaking up Brooke and Nick. "Dino" was reunited with his Mother as Bridget suffered in silence. Stephanie told the family that Eric was engaged to Jackie. It seemed that when Massimo spoke on Jackie's behalf, he ended up doing more harm than good. Bridget and Felicia reached an agreement between the two of them to raise "Dino" together, as his "two moms." Jackie was denied bail and had to remain in jail until her trial. Nick found Megan in Massimo's private office, after he secretly entered it himself.
April 17 to 21, 2006
Nick found Megan in a compromising situation as he entered Jackie's office. Jackie told Brooke and Nick what Massimo wanted her to do, in order to be released from jail. Ridge informed Brooke that he had done something to make her see why she turned to Nick, instead of him. Stephanie told Nick that she had no part in whatever it was that Massimo was doing to Jackie. Brooke accused her father of taking away her childhood because he chose to abandon his family. Stephen warned Brooke not to walk away from Ridge, the way he once did to his family, because it would only end up hurting her. Stephanie and Megan talked about her new promotion and the new man in Megan's life. Hope met her grandfather. Brooke and Stephen started to come to terms with their past. Megan visited with her friend Brooke, as Brooke informed her about the meeting with her Father. Megan tried to convince Brooke of Ridge's love, while obeying Massimo's directions. Massimo orders Ridge to be back together with Brooke by morning. Eric and Nick discovered the discrepancies told to them by Megan and realize that somehow she was connected to what was going on. Brooke continued to take pills until she was unaware of what they had done to her and Ridge was there to take advantage of the situation. Nick discovered Megan and Massimo together, and told Massimo that from now on, nothing of his life would ever be private again.
April 24 to 28, 2006
Ridge slept with Brooke, not knowing she had been on anxiety medication. Dante and Bridget tell Felicia that they are about to take Dominick (Dino) to Italy to meet Dante's family. Nick was able to get Jackie freed, after finding out that it was Massimo and Megan, who plotted to put her in jail. Felicia would not give her okay for Dante to leave the country with his son, and Stephanie stood by her daughter's decision. Massimo warned Nick to "knock before entering" this time, knowing that the last time Brooke was in bed with Ridge. Nick found out from Taylor what happened between Ridge and Brooke, and headed for Big Bear and a confrontation with Ridge. Ridge and Nick fought over the "incident" with Brooke. Felicia told her mother that she was being selfish and that she had resigned herself to the fact that Dante and Bridget would take good care of Dominick (Dino). Bridget and Dante were asked to deplane as they waited to depart for Italy, or be arrested. When Felicia and Stephanie discussed Felicia's medical situation, Stephanie told her how important it was to put herself first, along with her son, that she had the right to do that. After going to Stephanie's, Felicia is surprised to see Dante and Bridget return, and Bridget lashes out at Stephanie once again for interfering where she didn't belong.
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MAY 2006
May 1 to 5, 2006
Jackie daydreams about Eric, until a new man walks through the door and into her life. Nick and Ridge get into a brawl over Brooke. Stephanie tells Dante that if she fires him, he will be deported. Nick tells Massimo that he knows Megan and him conspired to frame Jackie. Taylor tells Bridget that her Mother slept with Ridge. Brooke tells Nick what happened with Ridge, and afterwards she forgave him knowing that he would never intentionally do anything to hurt her. Nick tells Brooke that he will be there for her, forever. A board meeting is called at Marone and Massimo is removed as CEO, after his undertaking with Megan is found out. Brooke tells Ridge that she is quitting Forrester's; she can no longer work there, and since that was the place that was their beginning, it is also fitting that they should end there. Bridget tells Dante that she wants to move ahead with their relationship. Dante proposes to Bridget. While talking and arguing with Stephanie, Ridge collapses to the ground.
May 8 to 12, 2006
Ridge is brought to the hospital, with a diagnosis of having had a heart attack. Nick and Brooke shared some private time with each other and then someone was about to lower the boom on their relationship, once again. Ridge ended up having emergency surgery to repair a tear near his heart area. Dante proposed to Bridget. Dante and Felicia made a pact between the two of them to do what was best for Dino, regardless of what anyone else thought. Stephanie told Eric, that she blamed only herself for the unhappiness that Ridge suffered because of her unwillingness to let him be with the one woman that he truly loved. Stephanie took it upon herself to make Ridge's dream come true, to reunite him with Brooke. After Stephanie spoke with Stephen and he gave in to her plea, Stephanie took off for Mexico to bring Brooke back home to Ridge. Jackie and Stephen talked about their lives and Stephen ended up kissing Jackie, which almost made her swoon. In the hospital, Dante and Felicia shared more than a private moment with each other as the two of them shared a very passionate kiss. Stephanie burst in on Nick and Brooke, telling Brooke that she accepts the blame for everything that went wrong with her and Ridge, but to please go with her now, because Ridge needed her. Stephanie told Brooke that the only thing Ridge had said was Brooke's name, and had responded to nothing else. Stephanie's plea for her son was both moving and touching, while her plea to Brooke, to let her have her rightful place within the family was having its own impact on Brooke.
May 15 to 19, 2006
Brooke returned to Los Angeles with Stephanie, as Nick lagged along behind, not wanting Brooke to have to deal with Ridge and Stephanie alone. Felicia and Dante talked about what was happening between them. Jackie returned Eric's engagement ring a second and final time, knowing that he belonged more to and with his family, then with her. Stephanie brought Brooke to the hospital to see Ridge, and was right in her assumption that Ridge would respond to Brooke's voice and touch. Brooke reassured Nick that her future was with him, no matter what and that Ridge was aware of that. Stephanie called a press conference to let the public know about Ridge's condition and to make another announcement also. Jackie, who was at the conference with Stephen, called Nick to tell him to watch the press conference on TV. Stephanie announced that she was resigning as CEO of Forrester, and turning the reigns of the company over to a very successful team, which she hoped they would accept, and lead Forrester Creations into the future with as much success as they had in the past.
May 22 to 26, 2006
Brooke was overwhelmed at Stephanie's gift of 50% of Forrester. Stephen and Jackie tried to stop Brooke from signing any agreement that would mean her return to Forrester and possibly to Ridge. Nick was furious at Stephanie's offer to buy Brooke back for her son, Ridge. Stephen announced to Nick that he had a plan to help crush Forrester's. Taylor attacked Stephanie for making her appear less than "nothing" in Ridge's life. Felicia told Bridget that if she and Dante had no relationship between them, it meant that he was free to explore other avenues, but vowed to keep away from Dante, until Bridget could make up her mind whether or not she wanted to be with him. Taylor, once again blamed Stephanie for humiliating her and stabbing her in the back, in front of the world. Addressing the obvious feelings that Stephanie had for her son, Ridge, Taylor received a slap in the face from Stephanie, who Taylor told, was the wrong thing to do to her and that she would live to regret it.
May 29 to June 2, 2006
With her condition so markedly improved, Christian decided that Felicia no longer needed round-the-clock care. Stephen talked Taylor into turning over her two-percent share of Forrester. In turn, Stephen then turned over the stock, which allowed Brooke to have a controlling interest. Stephen later assured Taylor that selling her shares and washing her hands of the Forresters was the right thing to do. As Brooke prepared to turn down the job of CEO, Nick interrupted her and accepted the job for her. Upon learning of the additional two-percent share in Forrester, Brooke fired Eric, Stephanie and Ridge on the spot. Later, however, Brooke had new for Nick that left their relationship very much up in the air.
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JUNE 2006
June 5 to 9, 2006
Nick became upset when Brooke refused to fire the Forresters. Dante told Felicia to stop acting like a bad girl and be the person that he sees when he looks at her. Stephen and Taylor ended their brief relationship. Stephanie asked Brooke to join with them to bring the company back together. Stephen got closer to Jackie. Bridget and Nick pondered over their life together and what might have been. Stephanie became irate as Brooke decided to handle things her way. Felicia accepted Dante's marriage proposal. Brooke told Stephen to stay out of her life from now on. Brooke said yes to Nick's marriage proposal. Bridget went to Dante to make amends to him and put their relationship back together. Felicia called Bridget just as she reached Dante's and told her that they were now engaged. Stephanie told Nick and Jackie that they need to get rid of Stephen.
June 12 to 16, 2006
Brooke told Bridget that the right to Taylor's 2% of her stock stirred up many past memories of her father. Bridget told her mother that she was only giving Ridge more reason to fight for her, when she agreed to work with the Forrester's instead of firing them. After Dante proposed to Felicia, Bridget realized that she was still in love with him. Felicia, as a surprise to her fiancé, brought his family to the United States. Brooke told Nick that being allowed to run her own business and to marry the man that she loves is all that she has ever wanted. Bridget told Dante that she cannot give in to her own wishes if it means hurting her sister. The day of the fashion show had arrived and Ridge believed that by days end, it would result in the end of Brooke and Nick's relationship.
June 19 to 23, 2006
During the close of the Forrester fashion show, Ridge pulled Brooke close and planted a kiss on her. The spectacle sent the press into a frenzy and made Nick furious. Brooke initially defended the kiss to Nick, but later agreed that it was a bit over the top - even if it did generate a lot of press. Stephen announced that he was leaving town, but told Taylor that he'd be there if she ever needed him. Stephanie told Felicia that she was worried that Dante and Bridget might still have feelings for each other, but the wedding continued on as planned. Dante, meanwhile, confided in his father that he will go through with the wedding to Felicia, even though he still loves Bridget. Felicia walked in on Dante and Bridget in a kiss, but neither Bridger nor Dante saw her. As the wedding ceremony began, Felicia had flashbacks of "the kiss" and Dante and Bridget couldn't stop staring at each other. Finally, Felicia blasted Bridget for making the wedding day all about her, blasted her for being so embarrassing and called off the wedding.
June 26 to 30, 2006
Felicia continued to plan her wedding while Dante professed his love to Bridget. Brooke questioned Nick as to whether he believed that Bridget was over him and truly in love with Dante. Bridget and Felicia argued over Dante, but Felicia ended up giving in graciously to her sister. Brooke shared an "unforgettable" evening with Ridge, one last time. Brooke gave Ridge an album to save for RJ, for him to know later on, what a remarkable love story his parents once shared. Stephanie devised one last plan to break up Nick and Brooke once and for all.
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JULY 2006
July 3 to 7, 2006
Brooke rebuffed the idea of using a nude campaign for the Brooke's Bedroom line. Stephanie tried to convince her that using it was the right thing to do. With a "little" help from Felicia, Bridget suddenly came down with the worse case of sunburn ever, stopping her from attending an award celebration for Dante. Christian warned Felicia not to do anything else as the results could be disastrous to Bridget. Stephanie and Massimo put their plan into action, hoping that this last attempt would put an end to Brooke and Nick. Ridge made one last attempt to convince Brooke that she was making a mistake by marrying Nick. Rick arrived home and the family gathered to witness the marriage between Nick and Brooke. After discovering the nude photo layout on display, Nick and Brooke had a serious discussion about whether or not their relationship could survive. The wedding went on anyway and the two were proclaimed husband and wife.
July 10 to 14, 2006
Brooke and Nick made love on their make-shift "honeymoon" island. Felicia tells Stephanie that she is upset about Bridget having taken the two men in her life. Bridget tells Dante that Brooke and Nick are mismatched while Thorne believes that Ridge and Brooke belong together. A special party was planned for Alexandria's birthday, bringing together the Forresters for a family celebration along with their very close friends. Phoebe was on the way to the birthday and experienced a flat tire, which brought a stranger to help, scaring her even more. Phoebe calls her mother for help, but it is Darla that rescues her from her situation, which brings more tragedy for everyone. While trying to help fix the flat tire, Darla is run over by Taylor.
July 17 to 21, 2006
Hector learned after Darla's accident, that Taylor had an outstanding DUI and suspended license. Taylor was told that she would go to jail if they found out about her DUI and suspended sentence, by Hector. Phoebe became hysterical when she learned that she could lose her mother again. Taylor's car was made "clean and new" again by someone that Hector knew. As Darla slipped away, Stephanie told her that she was the finest Mrs. Forrester, ever. Thorne watched a video that was made on the day of Alexandria's birthday party, with comments from Darla about the party and a "confession" of a fake earring. Brooke's sister, Donna arrived in town. After getting off to a wrong start with Nick, Donna settles in with her family. Taylor tried to confess to Thorne what she had done. Donna tells Brooke that she married the wrong man. Nick and Donna fuss with each other about Brooke. Dante suggested to Bridget that they have a baby of their own. Eric became concerned at what would happen with Brooke's Bedroom line while Thorne was away. Felicia's name came up as a replacement. Becoming irate, Stephanie said it didn't matter what Brooke thought because she had given up her rights when she didn't marry Ridge.
July 24 to 28, 2006
Stephanie and Brooke battled over the right to own the Forrester stock. Thorne spent his last quiet moments with his wife, lying over her coffin and kissing her goodbye at her funeral. Alexandria was not at her mother's funeral because Thorne had not yet found a way to tell her about her mommy. Taylor spoke at the memorial, saying that she will try to become the woman that Darla knew her to be. While still at the funeral parlor, Taylor picked up a brochure from Alcoholics Anonymous and Thorne asked for her help in telling Alexandria about her mommy. Brooke offered her sister, Donna, the opportunity of a lifetime: a chance to be the spokesperson for Brooke's Bedroom. Donna convinced Ridge to change his mind about ending his designing for the line. Stephanie told Phoebe that she would help her and her mother and that everything would be kept private, if either or them needed her. Bridget was pleased to learn that she was not pregnant, but Dante was not as pleased. Knowing how much he wanted to start a family, Felicia offered her shoulder to Dante.
July 31 to August 4, 2006
Brooke announced that she would step down from "Brooke's Bedroom" to focus her attention on her responsibilities as CEO of Forrester. Dante and Bridget continued to argue over her sudden reluctance to want another child. Stephanie called Felicia "relentless" over her desire to get back together with Dante. Taylor and Thorne talked to Alexandria about Darla, while Taylor shared memories of Darla. Brooke was disturbed by the new direction the "Brooke's Bedroom" line would be taking. Brooke found Ridge and her sister, Donna, in an intimate situation.
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August 7 to 11, 2006
Donna was surprised when Brooke told her that she thinks she should fire her. Taylor took a leave of absence from work to put her life back together. Hector became jealous when he saw Taylor reaching out for Thorne instead of him. Stephanie and Taylor decided to put aside their differences. Hector received an award for his firefighting ability and his humanity to man. Taylor believed she had to turn herself in and tell the truth. Brooke told Donna in no uncertain terms that she should keep her relationship with Ridge strictly business. Donna daydreamed of romantic times with Ridge. Dante met with Eric to explain his feelings for the two very important women in his life, but told Eric that he realized that he truly loved Felicia -- not Bridget. Later, Dante arrived at Felicia's to find Dino outside enjoying the sun. While he and Felicia conversed inside, someone took off with Dino.
August 14 to 18, 2006
Bridget, now a doctor, told Nick that she almost ruined Dante's life by trying to prove that she didn't still car about him. Later, Bridget, Dante and Felicia mended fences. Nick accused Ridge of using Donna to get to Brooke. Brooke attended a meeting of the Marone board of director and suggested that the company change its official color from black to green. Hector made Taylor visit a prison where she was introduced to Diane, a socialite serving time for vehicular homicide. Meanwhile, Lt. Baker was getting closer and closer to discovering the truth about the night Darla was killed.
August 21 to 25, 2006
Brooke remained reluctant to work with Nick. Hector's house went up in flames after he accidentally dropped a lit newspaper near some paint thinner during a scuffled with Taylor. Lt. Baker figured out what had happened the night Darla was killed and later told Thorne about Taylor's previous DUI. Though she initially tried to strong-arm Taylor into confessing that she had killed Darla, Stephanie later urged Taylor not to say a word when she realized how much Thorne had become attached to her.
August 28 to September 1, 2006
Nick was surprised when Harry, the son of an old friend, arrived in town. Stephanie asked Thorne to put Darla's death to rest so that he could move ahead with his life. Stephanie suggested Hector head to a rehabilitation center in Minnesota, but he refused her offer knowing that her intention was to put Thorne together with Taylor. Taylor offered her home as a place of refuge for Hector to recuperate and plan for his future. Brooke became enraged when a kiss between Donna and Ridge aired on national TV. Donna told Nick that she had witnessed Ridge and Brooke kissing.
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September 4 to 8, 2006
Ridge asked Brooke to come back to him again, but she refused and said that she wants her marriage to Nick to work. Nick removed his wedding ring when he learned that Ridge and Brooke were kissing. Stephanie tried to bring Thorne and Taylor closer to each other, while keeping Taylor and Hector apart. Nick, in a lapse of judgment, spent the night making love to Bridget. Brooke begged Nick to give their marriage another chance. Thorne and Taylor grew closer while Hector searched for a miracle to help him regain his eyesight and to win the woman that he still claims to love.
September 11 to 15, 2006
Nick and Bridget both felt guilty after spending the night together. Brooke told Ridge that Nick forgave her and she was going to do everything to keep her marriage together. Hector continued to blast Stephanie and Taylor over Taylor's closeness with Thorne, telling them that it would be her downfall. Harry and Phoebe finally met and shared part of their life stories with each other, as one seemed sheltered and the other seemed worldly. The new gardener, Shane, had a special plan of his own as he tried to find out more about Phoebe and Taylor. Dante asked Felicia to please set a wedding date for them. Hector told Taylor and Stephanie that Taylor would tell everyone what really happened, because she could no longer live with the guilt that she was holding in. Bridget told her mother that she was still in love with Nick. Shane flash-backed to the night that he witnessed Taylor hit Darla. After a birthday party in Darla's honor, Alexandria and Thorne, at different times, told Taylor that they loved her. Hector told Taylor that he thought it was best for him to leave her house, but she told him to reconsider, knowing that he was not ready to face the world outside.
September 18 to 22, 2006
Shane told Taylor that he knew what her secret was, but Taylor didn't realize which secret he meant. Hector didn't trust Shane and vowed to dig for dirt on the mysterious young man. Bridget informed Stephanie and Eric that she was headed off to Africa. Christian told Bridget that her trip to Africa would have to be cancelled because she is pregnant. Nick and Brooke talked about having a child of their own. Hector found out that Shane McGrath had a restraining order put on him in Atlanta and was wanted for theft in LA. Hector gave Phoebe a copy of the report to read. Bridget told Felicia that the baby she is carrying is not Dante's, but Nick's. She informed Felicia that she would not have an abortion, but that she would tell Brooke about the night that she spent with Nick. Donna asked for Brooke's blessing to go ahead with a relationship with Ridge.
September 25 to 29, 2006
Brooke and Nick renewed their wedding vows at an impromptu wedding planned by Nick. Bridget told Nick, after witnessing the service, that she was pregnant and that he was the father. Shane explained to Phoebe that the police record that Hector had on him was accurate. Hector discovered that Shane knew the truth about the night of Darla's death. Harry and Hector raced after Phoebe and Shane, thinking that something was going to happen to her. Thorne told Taylor, that because of her he felt that he could love again. Taylor and Thorne admitted to each other that they were falling in love. When everyone arrived back at Taylor's home, Shane and Phoebe told her that he witnessed what happened the night that Darla died and had no plans, whatsoever, to turn her in. Bridget had blood work done and discovered that she was indeed pregnant and that the baby was healthy and developing well. Eric told Brooke that Ridge is paying for all the mistakes that her father made with her and asked what would happen if Nick happened to make one too.
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October 2 to 6, 2006
Bridget and Nick discussed the fallout from the news that she was carrying his baby. While Shane tried to convince Phoebe that her secret was safe with him, she feared that his knowing the truth could send she and her mother to jail. Brooke told Jackie that she and Nick had decided not to have any children of their own, even though Jackie realized how much her son wanted a child of his own. Shane and Stephanie talked about what he wanted in order to keep quiet about Darla's death. Nick told Brooke that he spent the night with someone the night they fought, and it resulted in the woman becoming pregnant. Brooke later learned that the pregnant woman was her daughter, Bridget. Bridget was informed by her doctor that she was much further along in her pregnancy than first thought -- and that Nick could not have fathered the child. Brooke told Nick to get out of her life and pushed him overboard, tossing him a life preserver as she phoned the harbor patrol to tell them that a man was overboard in the bay. Brooke ran home to Ridge, while Donna was left standing alone, witnessing the two people being reunited.
October 9 to 13, 2006
Nick tried to reach Brooke to tell her that he wasn't the father of Bridget's baby. Bridget told Eric about her pregnancy and her incorrect assumption that Nick was the father. Donna's plans for a romantic evening with Ridge were squelched when Brooke stormed in. Brooke and Ridge shared a reunion of sorts and a devastated Donna looked on in shock as Ridge declared his love to Brooke. Stephanie later told Donna that she wants Donna to allow Ridge and Brooke to get back together because it is what is best for everyone involved. As Thorne proposed to Taylor, a guilt-ridden Taylor confessed that she had killed Darla. Later, Lt. Baker called for the Big Bear police to arrest Taylor on a variety of charges relating to Darla's death, including vehicular homicide.
October 16 to 20, 2006
Taylor confessed to killing Darla. Phoebe told Ridge about the tragedy involving her mother and Darla. Storm Logan was hired to represent Taylor. Lt. Baker told Taylor that Phoebe, Hector and Stephanie are also guilty of obstruction of justice. Thorne told Phoebe that neither she nor her mother would ever be allowed in his house again. Phoebe explained to everyone, including Sally, what happened the night Darla died, but Taylor wanted to confess to free herself from her own guilt. Taylor's charges were read and chose to plead guilty on all charges. When her sentencing was scheduled for about a month later, Taylor asked that the date be moved up - and the judge agreed to sentence her later in the day. Thorne visited Taylor in jail to thank her for not making the trial go on and on. Stephanie offered Shane anything that he wanted, if he could get to the courthouse in enough time to help Taylor. Stephanie let everyone know that Shane was a witness to the accident and could explain what really happened to Darla.
October 23 to 27, 2006
Shane appeared in court with Stephanie to testify on Taylor's behalf as to what he had witnessed on the night that Darla had died. Having told Stephanie that he had done his part, Shane said that he still intended to be rewarded as promised. Even though the two prior counts of a DUI and obstruction of justice stood, Taylor was allowed to change her plea of guilty to not guilty. Stephanie and Jackie argued over which one of their sons should end up with Brooke. Brooke, talking to both Nick and Ridge, separately and at different times, warned them both that things had to change between them. At her dinner party, Bridget told Felicia and Dante that she was not carrying Nick's child, but Dante's. As the tension between the two women continued, Jackie and Stephanie became mentally and physically abusive with each other. Saying more than what was necessary to Stephanie, Jackie received a slap across the face from Stephanie, and Jackie went to her son. Having seen the bruise, Nick confronted Stephanie and told her to keep clear of his mother, or she would live to regret it. Donna brought the children over to see Stephanie as Ridge was headed over to Brooke's. As the children arrived, shortly behind them, arriving within minutes of each other, was Jackie, who carried on with the argument again. Donna and the children did a quick exit to the ice cream store, but Donna realized that she didn't have the keys to the car and headed back inside for them. Stephanie, trying to stop Jackie from talking, headed upstairs to be rid of her; Stephanie told Jackie that she could remain downstairs, but when she left, to please shut the door behind her. Jackie, in a huff, followed Stephanie upstairs instead, where a push and shove match began. With one shove from Jackie and one back at her from Stephanie, Jackie fell over the railing and onto the floor below, where Donna saw Jackie land. Jackie was rushed to the hospital, where it was determined that she was suffering from bleeding on her brain, which could lead to permanent damage. Just as Brooke was about to tell Nick and Ridge who she was picking, Stephanie called with an urgent plea for Ridge to tell Nick that his mother was in the hospital. Nick told Stephanie that his mother's fall had better have been an accident, or he would make her life hell. Ridge surprised Brooke by taking her into a supply room, where he told her that he wanted to be a family again with her, and he wanted her answer immediately. Thorne told Taylor that he needed answers from her about Darla's death. Shane looked at Phoebe and told her that since she was 18, she was considered a woman.
October 30 to November 3, 2006
Phoebe reacted poorly to Shane's "come on." Jackie suffered a seizure while at the hospital and Nick told Stephanie that she had better go and pray, because if anything happened to his mother, he was coming after her. While Jackie's surgery appeared to go well, the doctor stated that it would take time to discover whether or not Jackie might have suffered any brain damage. Taylor had a bad dream about her daughter and found a guard who was willing to let her call home to check on her daughter. Harry told Phoebe that she was getting in way too deep with Shane, but Phoebe insisted that it would only last until the trial was over. Brooke told Ridge that she couldn't be with anyone right now and he vowed to wait until she was ready. After overhearing Stephanie tell Ridge that they needed to get rid of Donna now, Donna plotted her own revenge. Stephanie had someone pack up Donna's belongings and Stephanie fired her. Donna called Brooke to tell her that she's calling Nick to tell him that Jackie's accident was not an accident. Nick went to see Stephanie after Jackie nodded that Stephanie did indeed push her. Nick had Stephanie over the railing, but Stephanie stood her ground, so to speak, sticking to her story of what happened.
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November 6 to 10, 2006
Nick held Stephanie over the railing to give her a taste of what his mother went through before tumbling to the marble floor below. Nick, along with his attorney, told Stephanie that she had a choice to make: she could go to jail or give him Forrester Creations. Taylor and Harry worried about Phoebe's relationship with the eerie Shane. Against Harry's wishes, Phoebe agreed to a dinner date with Shane. Eric removed the loaded gun from Stephanie's hand, after being fearful that she would fire the gun at Nick. Bridget was informed by Jackie's doctor, that she would probably be on pain killers and anti-seizure medicine for the rest of her life. Bridget continued to think about Nick and the life they could have had. Eric admitted to Ridge that it was difficult for him to fall out of love with Jackie and that he was still in love with Stephanie. Shane kept Phoebe from completing her call for help to Harry.
November 13 to 17, 2006
Phoebe rebuffed Shane, saying that he couldn't make someone fall in love with him. Thorne visited Taylor in jail and told her that he wants her to continue spending time with Alexandria. Bridget told Dante that she had lost the baby. Under cross-examination, Lt. Baker confirmed that a breathalyzer test was never conducted on Taylor the night of the accident. Lt. Baker received a phone call telling him where he could find a badly bruised man. Shane turned up missing just before he was scheduled to give testimony. Thorne pleaded with the court to find Taylor not guilty.
November 20 to 24, 2006
Taylor anxiously awaited a verdict in her jail cell and told Thorne how appreciative and thankful she was for all his support. The verdict was announced and Taylor was found "not guilty" of the manslaughter charge, thereby allowing the obstruction of justice charges to be dropped. Nick insisted that the Forresters turn over their company to him or he would make sure that Stephanie was put in jail. Eric gathered his family to tell them that he wanted their support in keeping Stephanie protected by selling their shares to Nick. When Nick would not back down, Brooke sold him her shares to the Forrester company and returned to be with Ridge and the Forrester family. Stephanie was livid at what the family had done. Brooke told Ridge that she wanted a life with him and that he was "unforgettable." Nick celebrated a bittersweet win at the cost of his marriage. Shane went to Bridget for treatment and apologized for not giving testimony at Taylor's trial.
November 27 to December 1, 2006
Brooke walked out of Nick's life for good, but Donna entered it and vowed to be by his side. Ridge and Brooke reunited. In order to save her sinking marriage, Stephanie sought out Taylor's help in therapy to determine why it was that she always acted as she did. Taylor started to get Stephanie to open up about her childhood, revealing an unhappy one that Stephanie covered up for years. Forced to make a phone call to her sister, Stephanie began to face her demons. As CEO of the new Forrester Creations, Nick introduced his top people to everyone: his mother as president, the new lead model, Donna and Clarke, the new head designer. Eric told Ridge and Thorne that he preferred to limit himself now to a limited high end line and Thorne and Ridge joined with their father to create it.
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December 4 to 8, 2006
Stephanie notified her sister that she was coming to Chicago to visit with her and their mother. Taylor insisted that Stephanie tell Eric the truth before leaving on her trip. Once Eric learned of the abuse Stephanie had suffered, he accompanied his wife on the trip for moral support. Hector moved into Thorne's beach house while Thorne moved in with Taylor. Stephanie and Eric arrived in Chicago and went to her sister's place, where Stephanie realized that her mother continued to behave as though nothing had happened between them while she was growing up. Ann soon learned that her daughter's visit held a much more serious reason than she earlier thought, when Stephanie told her mother that her children believed their grandmother to be dead. Amid Ann's comments that her daughter had received bruises because she was a "tomboy" came the voice of Pam who acknowledged that she knew of the beatings but did nothing. Stephanie demanded to know why Ann never protected her from the beatings and Ann continued to tell Stephanie that it was nothing more than a child being careless and reckless and trying to push the blame on their father. On the way back to LA, Eric told Stephanie that he was never more proud of her, and that their children having been made aware of the situation. After welcoming their mother home, Stephanie apologized to her children for never revealing the atrocities that she endured as a child. Brooke told Stephanie that she understood what it was like to not have the support of a father and offered to be there for her. At Taylor's request, Stephanie spoke to an invisible person in the room who took on the persona of Stephanie's father, telling him that what he did to her was wrong and that she considered him nothing more than a coward.
December 11 to 15, 2006
Phoebe insisted that Shane was not the "bad guy" that everyone thought he was. Taylor told Ridge that his family needed to be there for Stephanie, since she had not received the closure that she had hoped for when she went to Chicago. Ann, and Stephanie's sister, Pam, made an unscheduled visit in which Ann admitted that she knew of the abuse and did nothing. Felicia and Pam hoped that Stephanie and Ann would be able to reconcile their differences and become a family again, but Stephanie told her mother that while she was able to accept her apology for the past, she could not forgive her and it was just too late to start over. Taylor hoped above all odds that Nick would somehow give the Forresters back their company when facing his own demons from the past.
December 18 to 22, 2006
Jackie grew more and more curious as to what Nick and Taylor were talking about in his therapy sessions. Thorne and Taylor began to celebrate the Christmas holidays by remembering Darla, explaining to Alexandria that her mommy would always be a part of their lives. Ridge and Brooke read "'twas the night before Christmas" to the children as they celebrated the holiday as a reunited family, once again. Shane and Phoebe spent a little time together before she had to leave to join her family's celebration. Stephanie was shocked when she discovered what Eric's special Christmas present to her was - Ann and Pam. Taylor, counseling Stephanie in the study, told her that this would be the perfect opportunity for her to show all of her family how to forgive and to be a good example for them. Rejoining the family, Taylor asks Pam and Ann to leave but Stephanie relents and tells her mother that she forgives her. The celebration continued as Eric brought the family together to sing.
December 25 to 29, 2006
Nick continued his therapy sessions with Taylor, while trying to unravel his past recollections of Captain Kramer. Nick suddenly remembered that his mother accepted money for sex. Stephanie overheard Taylor recording notes of her. Nick confronted his mother with the truth about herself. Stephanie told Jackie upon seeing her in Taylor's office that "bad times were a-coming to her." Nick told his mother that he would never be able to look at her in the same way again, sending Jackie into a tailspin. At a Forrester New Year's gathering, the family toasted each other anticipating a better 2007. Taylor paid an "in house" visit to her patient Nick and as the New Year began, Nick surprised Taylor by kissing her.
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