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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of January 16, 2006 on B&B
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Monday, January 16, 2006

Brooke stops Ridge from asking her anything, and tells him that he should work things out with Taylor. Ridge calls Taylor and asks her to meet him up at the Big Bear cabin. Hector tries to convince Taylor to move on with him, but she is insistent that things will work out with Ridge. Ridge and Taylor meet at Big Bear and Taylor tries to apologize. Ridge calls Taylor a hypocrite and does not respond to her apologies. Nick tells Jackie that Ridge and Taylor are having problems. When Brooke shows up, Jackie leaves and Brooke proceeds to tell Nick that Taylor slept with James. Nick realizes how bad the situation really is and asks Brooke to not get back together with Ridge.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

At the cabin in Big Bear, Ridge told Taylor that he is still in love with Brooke. Ridge explained that he was so happy and so overwhelmed when Taylor returned. Ridge felt that it was only the two of them again; however, that was not reality. The reality was that while Taylor was away, he grieved for her, and then eventually found happiness again with Brooke. The birth of RJ solidified Ridge's happiness with Brooke.

Meanwhile, Stephanie went to Hector's house and told him to stay away from Taylor or else. Hector told Stephanie that he did not know if he could stay away. Stephanie reminded Hector that Taylor loves her husband and wants to save her marriage. Hector viewed his involvement as help to Taylor who needed to find herself and be with someone who treated her better than Ridge did. Stephanie continued to threaten Hector about Taylor.

On Nick's boat, Nick asked Brooke to promise that she would not reunite with Ridge if he and Taylor divorced. Brooke stated that she would not reunite with Ridge because she could not and Nick knows why. Brooke said she had brief happiness with Nick and would never love another man. Brooke telephoned Ridge but got his voice mail. She left a message advising him not to leave Taylor.

Back at the cabin, Ridge told Taylor that he could no longer be her husband. He told her that he is drawn to RJ who needs his father the same way Thomas needed him as a baby. Taylor was acutely aware that Ridge was also drawn to Brooke. Taylor begged Ridge not to leave her. Ridge said he could no longer stay with her. Ridge told Taylor he would always love her, and then apologized for leaving her. Taylor was distraught with despair.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Ridge and Taylor tell their kids that their marriage is over. The kids are upset over the news and don't know how to react. After the kids leave, Taylor then tells Ridge to leave, because she wishes to be alone for a while to think. Meanwhile, Brooke is trying desperately to get a hold of Ridge and tell him not to end his marriage. She is unable to reach him on the phone, so she rushes off to Big Bear to stop him but instead finds Taylor, alone. Stephanie tells Eric that Ridge and Taylor are having problems. Eric tries to tell her to stay out of it and let them figure things out, but Stephanie is too afraid of Brooke stepping in.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Brooke and Taylor have a face to face with each other about their relationships with Ridge. Taylor tells Brooke to leave and run to her "destiny" like she liked to claim Ridge was. Taylor tells Brooke that all she has ever done is sleep not with just one man, but a gene pool, and when she is through, she starts all over again. Taylor keeps on lashing out at her and finally says that if she came to see her cry then she hopes the trip was worth it.

Brooke has had enough and starts back on Taylor telling her that she used to look up to her. She accuses her of having a lofty world of principals, that she used to have everyone measure up to, and when they didn't, she showed them a complete lack of respect. Brooke tells her that she will end up alone, just like Stephanie. She tells Taylor that she was more competition when she was in the grave than she was when she came back. Taylor takes off her wedding ring, and holds it out to Brooke, telling her to "score one for the whores of the world and God help the rest of us."

Nick comes home to Bridget and she asks him if he thinks that her Mother and Ridge should get back together with each other. They share a lot of history and have a family also. He says no, trying not to say too much. He tells her that he didn't think Ridge treated Brooke very well and he doesn't want her to go through that again. Bridget, on the other hand thinks it would work this time, because her Mother can stand on her own now, and wouldn't be a doormat for anyone. Nick tells her that he thinks that Ridge has the ego of a whale and the attention span of a goldfish when it comes to women.

Ridge visits with Stephanie. He tells her that his marriage to Taylor is over. He asks her when it meant more that her happiness became necessary over that of her son's. Ridge tells his Mother that he intends to ask Brooke to marry him and he thinks that she will say "yes." When she does, Ridge expects Stephanie to treat Brooke with respect and to accept her -- and if she doesn't, she can just stay out of the rest of his life.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Ridge plays with RJ and recalls him covered in afterbirth. Brooke returns from Big Bear. Ridge asks her to forgive him and take him back. Remarrying Taylor was his worst mistake. Nick brings Belgian waffles and Hope. She's wearing his sailor's hat. Incensed, he offers to throw out his waffling brother. Ridge replaces Nick's hat with a black beret. Brooke gets rid of the other blondes by suggesting they visit Jackie. She tells her fair son to focus on his wife. Brooke tells Ridge to go back to his wife. She won't give him another chance to hurt her. He says marry him, which unsettles her. He kisses her and continues to plead his case. Tears streaming, Brooke asks him to just leave her alone.

A despondent Taylor lies on the couch. She doesn't respond to the doorbell. Stephanie enters unbidden. Taylor's given up the fight for her marriage. Together, the women can build new lives. Sexier than ever, Dante brings a single red rose - Taylor's favorite.

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