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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of January 30, 2006 on B&B
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Monday, January 30, 2006


Before the wedding, Felicia tells Eric and Stephanie not to go through with the ceremony unless they truly want to get married. Stephanie says that she and Eric gave Felicia their word and of course, they are going to go through with it. Stephanie and Eric make a vowel to be together as a family and love one another more than ever as long as Felicia is alive. After the ceremony, the kids see how much fun Eric and Stephanie are having dancing.

Hector stops in to see Taylor while she is moving out of her office at Forrester. She tells him since her marriage is over with Ridge she thinks it is better for her not to be working there anymore. She tells him Ridge only married her to please his mother. She reminisces about when she went to St. Thomas years ago trying to escape Ridge and how he followed her there, proposed to her, and swept her off her feet. She is upset that Ridge has chosen to be with Brooke and wonders why Ridge could not love her like he loved Brooke. Taylor tells Hector how deep down she always felt like Ridge and her were not right for each other. Hector tells her he is the man for her because he understands her and loves her for who she is.

Ridge tells Kristen he had already moved on with Brooke when Taylor came back and they tried to pick up where they left off, but it was too late.

Dante comes to the wedding as Felicia's date and they dance and kiss. Felicia dances with Thorne and makes him promise to always be there for Dominick. When she's dancing with Ridge they look over at Stephanie and Eric and she tells him eventually they will come together for each other even if it's just for her right now. She saves the last dance for her father and asks him to sing to her the song that is playing, which is "The Way You Look Tonight." As he is singing to her, she collapses in his arms. She tells him she is okay and thanks him for giving her such a wonderful night.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

At Forrester Creations, Taylor gave Eric her resignation from the company. Taylor talked about her failed marriage to Ridge and admitted that she should not have remarried Ridge. Taylor knows now that Ridge remarried her only because he thought Stephanie was dying and wanted to please her. Eric told Taylor that he loves her and that he is very sorry that her marriage did not work out. Taylor expressed that she felt that she and Eric were just pawns for Brooke and Ridge and that Ridge had always loved Brooke.

Meanwhile, Hector confronted Ridge at the office. Hector demanded that Ridge stay away from Taylor. Hector advised Ridge that he is there for Taylor now. Hector also revealed that Taylor is resigning from Forrester Creations because she no longer wants to be around Ridge. Ridge was very arrogant and told Hector to stay away from his family and from Taylor.

Sally commented to Eric that it was great that he and Stephanie had remarried for Felicia's sake. Just then Jackie walked in. Sally was surprised to see her at there. Jackie told Eric no one else besides Nick knows that they will be together after Felicia dies. Jackie hoped that her being out of sight does not mean that she is out of Eric's mind. Eric promised that would not happen and they would be together.

Ridge checked with Taylor to see if she is resigning. Ridge asked if she were certain about it. Taylor told Ridge that Forrester Creations is his and Brooke's territory and she does not want to be there any longer. Ridge commented that Hector asked that he not be around Taylor and Hector seemed to be a pest. Taylor was hostile and told Ridge he had no say in who she was involved with any longer.

Taylor asked Ridge to sign the annulment and dissolve their marriage. Ridge hesitated at first, and then signed at Taylor's request. Taylor said that she felt her marriage had been a sham, as Ridge had always loved Brooke. Ridge did not agree with Taylor's assessment. Ridge felt he had spent many years with a woman with class and substance in a beautiful relationship. Taylor agreed what they had was beautiful, that is why the end of their marriage was so difficult for her. Ridge expressed that he was sorry that he hurt Taylor. Ridge continued to be adamant that their marriage was over. Taylor continued to be devastated that her marriage to Ridge was over.

Wednesday, February 1, 2006


At the beach house, Brooke lets Bridget know that Ridge wants her back. While Brooke feels validated by what Ridge has told her, she isn't sure she wants a life with him. Bridget says her mother found something wonderful with Nick and she understands why she doesn't want to accept anything less. Brooke reassures Bridget she is not a threat to her marriage with Nick. Bridget is concerned about her mom getting involved with Ridge again. Bridget tells her mom that she'll have to be really strong because Ridge will turn on the charm to win her back. Brooke says it's different this time and she's not going to make the same mistakes she did with Bridget and Rick by letting her obsession with Ridge turn her children's lives upside down.

Meanwhile at Marone, Ridge tells Nick to keep his mother away from Eric, since Eric just remarried Stephanie. He tells Nick not to meddle in his relationship with Brooke.

Nick says Ridge doesn't have a relationship with Brooke they only share a child. Ridge accuses Nick of still being in love with Brooke. Ridge informs Nick that Taylor and he have annulled their marriage. While he's in Nick's office Ridge gets a phone call about a surprise he is planning for Brooke. Nick is disgusted that Ridge is already making a play for Brooke. Ridge lets Nick know he's planning on spending the night with Brooke.

At home, Taylor shows Hector her annulment papers and tells him she's finally free from the perfect image she's tried to live up to. Now that everybody knows she's human, she doesn't have to pretend anymore. She cracks open a bottle of champagne that she and Ridge had been saving and wants to celebrate. Hector is taken aback and says it is a little early for drinking. Taylor puts on a brave face and acts like she's in the mood to have fun, dance and party. While she's dancing her eye falls on a picture of her family and she becomes sad. Hector tries to comfort her, but she tells him she wants to be alone. After he leaves, she continues to drink the bottle of champagne by herself.

Back at the beach house, Nick comes home brooding about Ridge and Brooke and tells Bridget about Ridges plans to sweep Brooke off her feet. Bridget says her mom wants to be strong and independent, but Ridge knows how to get to her.

When Brooke gets home, she walks into her own backyard paradise. Ridge has recreated their Porta Vista honeymoon and even shipped in parrots and monkeys for added effect. Brooke is stunned. Ridge tells her about his annulment. He wants to transport them back to a time when they were excited about their future. Brooke is not impressed and tells him none of this makes up for what he did to her.

Thursday, February 2, 2006

Ridge was sure that Brooke was stunned by his flare for the dramatic, and that was why she didn't have anything to say about his elaborate plan to sweep her off her feet. Brooke tells Ridge that the children love him, but he has to know how devastated she was when he walked out on her and the children. What he did tonight, calling the children out to tell them about the dream that they all had at one time, he threw that away and the dream is really dead. Ridge backed off at that point knowing, that for once, he really did some damage to Brooke. She tells him that he just expects after a few weeks, of kicking and screaming, that she would come back to him, not this time. Brooke tells him that she will never forget what he did to her. He asks her to tell him if there is some hope there at all. She looks at him, and says, "I don't know."

Bridget has a lovely dinner ready for Nick when he comes home. She does have a purpose in mind, as they need to come up with a name for their daughter. After Nick's attempt, a bad one, to come up with one, Bridget tells him that since she had so much time to think about it, she has picked one, that she hopes he likes. She has chosen the name, Nicole, after Nick. She can't think of any other name that would fit the child that so much will remind her of the one that she loves. As their dinner ends, Bridget starts to experience very sharp abdominal pains. Nick picks her up and rushes her to the hospital. It is too early for the baby to come, and the pain increases.

Thomas stops in to see his mother. He tells her that he lived with Ridge while she was away, and he knows and understands that Ridge is still in love with Brooke. He tells his Mother, that maybe they are better off, this way. He volunteers to stay with her, but she wants him to go on and be with his friends. He leaves and Taylor sits down on the sofa and cries out loud and calls out Ridge's name. She pours herself another glass of wine. She turns on some music and starts to dance around the room, trying to occupy her time. The phone rings, and Taylor turns down the music to answer the phone. It's Hector and he is calling to check on her. From her tone, he can tell that she is not in very good shape and tells her that he is coming over. She tells him that she is okay and will call him later. She looks at herself, and is saddened by what she sees, Ms. Perfect. As she continues to look, all she can see right now is Ridge, over and over again. She has finished another bottle of wine and sits and cries.

Friday, February 3, 2006

Bridget is in pain at the hospital and pleads with the nurse to up her dosage of medicine. Nick tries to comfort Bridget and cheers her up by making her laugh. Meanwhile, Hector fantasies about Taylor, it influences him to go over and see her. Unfortunately Taylor is annoyed with Hector's attention and does not want to see him. Later, Thomas urges Ridge to help out Taylor, which he agrees to and admits to Thomas he still does love her. Ridge calls Taylor, yet Taylor says he does not need his help. As Taylor gets off her cell phone in her car, she is emotional and distracted and her car swerves off the road.

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