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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of February 13, 2006 on B&B
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Monday, February 13, 2006


At the Forresters', Dante tells Felicia he is concerned about Dominick's future with Bridget and Nick. He brings up the night he and Felicia shared together in Nice, implying that Dominick may be his son. Felicia says there is no way Dante could be Dominick's father because they used a condom. Dante reminds her that they only used a condom the first time they had sex that night. He asks her if the baby was premature. Felicia does not know if the baby was premature since she did not have a doctor, she just had a midwife. She continues to reject the possibility that Dante is Dominick's father. Felicia tells Dante her life purpose is to find a family to take care of her son and she has found that with Nick and Bridget. She doesn't want Dante to interfere with this arrangement and she ask him to leave

Meanwhile at the beach house, Bridget tells Taylor how wonderful Nick has been to her and she does not know how she would live without him. Taylor says Bridget does not have to worry about losing Nick. Bridget feels bad about what Taylor is going through with Ridge. Taylor says she accepts the fact that Ridge is in love with Brooke and then tries to lighten the mood with a bottle of wine. Taylor says she came by to cheer Bridget up, not depress her more. She tells Bridget they should both focus on the positive. Even though Taylor has lost her marriage, she still has her children, and Bridget still has Nick. Bridget has doubts about her relationship with Nick. She tells Taylor that she told Nick he was free to be with Brooke. Taylor is surprised to hear this, but she tells Bridget to have faith and things will work out. Bridget is concerned that she will not be able to love Dominick like she wants to, because she misses Nicole so much. Taylor hugs her and tells her it will take some time, but in the end, Dominick will be a great comfort for both her and Nick.

At the boathouse, Brooke stops by to see Nick, telling him she got his message to meet him there. She asks him about Bridget and he tells her he is going to bring Dominick over to cheer her up. He informs Brooke that Bridget thinks the only reason he stayed with her was for the baby and that Bridget told him he was free to be with Brooke now. He tells Brooke that he tried to reassure Bridget. Brooke thanks him for supporting her daughter. Brooke reminds Nick that even though he a Bridget lost their daughter they still have a son to raise. Nick tells Brooke that Bridget is having trouble accepting Dominick. Brooke says Bridget will learn to accept Dominick and he will bring them both a lot of happiness. Nick asks Brooke if she is going to let Ridge play a big role in RJ's life. Brooke says it is important for RJ to have his father around. Brooke then, looks longingly into Nick's eyes and tearfully says she is not thinking of her own needs anymore, RJ's and Bridget's must come first.

Back at the Forresters', Dante assures Felicia that he is not trying to stake a claim on Dominick. He says he is a single guy and he does not want a child, but he would like to know if he is the father. The baby begins to cry and Felicia picks him up. Dante asks Felicia when she last made love with Nick. Felicia doesn't answer and continues to deny the possibility that Dante could be father. Dante says he wants a test to prove it. While they are arguing, Nick stops by to pick up Dominick. He can tell that he has walked in on something, but Felicia tries to cover it up. When Nick is leaving with the baby, Dante stops him. As Felicia watches in horror, Dante tells Nick there is something he needs to know.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

At Felicia's home, Dante attempted to inform Nick that he has suspicions that he may be Dominick's father. Felicia quickly thwarted Dante's efforts by pretending to be suddenly very ill. Nick asked Dante to leave promptly. Felicia would not tell Nick why Dante had upset her. Felicia only wanted to know that he and Bridget would be okay. Nick assured Felicia that he and Bridget are completely committed to Dominick.

Ridge surprised Brooke with Valentine gifts. Brooke was not impressed that Ridge bought her sexy lingerie. Brooke realized that Ridge does not know what she needs from a relationship with him. Ridge tried desperately to win Brooke's heart back. Ridge told Brooke that he is not giving up on their having a relationship. Ridge asked Brooke if there is even a shred of hope for them to reunite.

Hector called Taylor to check on her. Taylor told Hector that she is adjusting to a life without Ridge. Dante turned to Taylor for advice on his suspicion that he is Dominick's father. Taylor and Dominick went to speak to Felicia. Felicia could not deny that there is a chance that Dante is Dominick's father. Dante promised that he would not give up until he knows the truth. Taylor tried to convince Felicia that a paternity test is needed.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


At the Forresters', Taylor and Dante encourage Felicia to have a paternity test. Felicia refuses to believe Dante could be the father. Dante continues to argue that he has a right to know. Taylor stresses the importance of knowing who the real father is in case of a medical emergency. Felicia says Dominick recently had a physical and is in perfect health, but Taylor reminds her how quickly that can change. Taylor tells Felicia all they need to prove paternity is Dante's DNA sample. She reassures Felicia that the test will be handled discreetly, and that no one will have to know. Felicia reluctantly agrees.

Meanwhile at Brooke's house, Ridge continues to woo Brooke trying to convince her to give him another chance. Ridge tells Brooke he knows a part of her still wants to be with him. She admits he could be right but tells him she is not willing to put herself in the position to lose the man she loves again. Brooke is not convinced that Ridge can truly commit to her. Ridge says he is committed to her and the only reason he would not want to be with her is if she is still in love with Nick. Brooke says she wants Bridget and Nick to be happy and to stay together because they still have a son to raise. She also tells Ridge she wants him to help her raise RJ. Ridge tells her he will not give up on her as long as he feels he still has a chance. They embrace, and then he asks her to dance and share the memories. They dance through the past in each other's arms, remembering special moments in time they shared. Afterwards, Ridge gazes into Brooke's tear-filled eyes and proclaims he has loved her all his life and will love her until the day he dies.

At the Beach House, Bridget is unpleasantly surprised to see that Nick brought Dominick home. Nick reading Bridget's reaction quickly puts the baby to bed. He tries to console Bridget. Nick says he knows Dominick will never be a replacement for Nicole, but he is something positive for them to focus on. Bridget begins to cry telling Nick she is overwhelmed with grief and afraid she will not be able to care for Dominick like he needs her to. Nick says she just needs time to deal with her grief. Bridget says there is no time because Felicia is dying and needs to know Dominick is with someone who will love and care for him like a mother would. The baby begins to cry and Nick goes to get him. When he brings Dominick back Bridget asks to hold him and Nick puts him in her arms.

At the hospital, Dante has his DNA tested. While they are waiting for the results Felicia questions Dante about his feelings for Bridget. She asks if he is hoping to be the father because he thinks it might give him another chance with Bridget. Dante denies this accusation, but admits that he loves Bridget and thinks Nick is wrong for her. He tells Felicia the only reason Nick married Bridget is because she was pregnant. He doubts that Nick loves Bridget more than he loves Brooke. Felicia angrily tells Dante that Nick and Bridget love each other and they will be raising Dominick. As they continue to argue, Taylor walks in with the test results.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Taylor has entered the room where Felicia and Dante are waiting to hear the results of the test that they just took.

Stephanie and Eric are in their living room talking about the trip that Stephanie just made. She tells him that it is worth it all if somehow there could be some hope for her. Stephanie says that she could even have a liver transplant.

Nick strums on his guitar and sings a song that echoes his sentiments about his child. Bridget steps out after hearing him sing and tells him that they will raise his son together.

Taylor tells Felicia and Dante that there can be no doubt as to who Dominick's father really is: Dante.

Bridget and Nick talk for a few minutes about the service that they feel they need to say goodbye to Nicole. It will be some kind of memorial service, but for family only.

Dante sits back in shock, as he can't believe that he is a Father. Felicia talks about the fact that she is dying and has to deal with this now. She knows that Bridget and Nick could adopt her son. Dante insists that Nick has to know the truth. Felicia is in shock herself, as she has no idea how she is going to tell Nick and Bridget about the new set of circumstances.

Bridget places a call to Stephanie to ask for her help and the use of the Forrester home for the memorial service that she and Nick would like to hold for Nicole.

Dante brings Felicia home from the hospital. He tells her that he all ready loves his son, but Felicia thinks that he has an ulterior motive. She thinks that Dante will use his son to worm his way into Bridget's life again. Dante tells her that he is going over to Bridget and Nick's now, but she is able to convince him not to go. Instead, she suggests that she will call them and have them bring Dominick over to her place. She places the call to Nick and asks him to bring the baby over. He and Bridget were settled in for the night when Felicia's call reached him. Nick comments that it is late, but because Felicia sounded so desperate, he tells her that he will be over with Dominick. They hang up and Dante tells Felicia that things will be okay. Felicia tells him that things will never be the same again. As Nick is getting ready, Bridget wakes up and Nick tells her that he is taking Dominick over to Felicia's. He tells Bridget that it really sounded like Felicia needed to see Dominick, that it sounded like she was scared or something. She is concerned because it is cold outside and late. He tells her that he knows that she is concerned but they will have a lifetime with little Dominick.

Taylor looks over the medical papers of parentage at home when her doorbell rings. It's Stephanie and she has stopped over to see how Taylor is doing. Stephanie accidentally picks up the papers and quickly glances at them. She mentions to Taylor that she went away for a few days to check out some other Doctors that might be able to help Felicia. She would like Taylor to speak to her. Taylor tells her "no," and then says that there are other things involved. She tries not to say anything else but Stephanie in her questioning way, knows that something is not being said.

Nick brings Dominick to Felicia. He tells her that if she can make it tomorrow, they are having a memorial service over at Eric and Stephanie's place, for Nicole. Nick kisses both Dominick and Felicia goodbye and leaves. Dante comes in from the outside and holds his son.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Dante wants to know when Felicia will tell Nick about Dante being Dominick's father. Later, Dante goes to Taylor, telling her how he thinks that he and Felicia can work things out. Taylor believes that Dante is using Dominick to win back Bridget. Meanwhile, Stephanie tells Eric that she found a folder that said "Blood Test," and thinks that Felicia may begin treatment. Stephanie confronts Felicia asking her about the results, but Felicia tells her that the test was to determine if Dante was Dominick's father.

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