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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of February 20, 2006 on B&B
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Monday, February 20, 2006


At Felicia's Dante informs Nick that he is Dominick's father. Nick does not believe him at first, because he does not think Felicia would lie to him. Dante says Felicia believed Nick was the father until the DNA test proved otherwise. Dante apologizes about telling Nick this news on the day of his daughter's memorial service. Bridget walks in and senses something is wrong. Nick is afraid Dante will tell her that he is Dominick's father. However, Dante does not mention it. Instead, he tells Bridget that he was at the hospital when she lost Nicole but he did not want to interfere with the family. Bridget is touched. Dante hands Bridget and Nick a card and offers his condolences. Bridget invites Dante to the memorial service and then goes to get the baby.

Meanwhile at the Forresters', Felicia tells Taylor and Stephanie that Dante is being selfish and not thinking about what is best for Dominick. Stephanie says at least Dante is respecting Bridget and Nick by not making an announcement at the memorial service. Everyone begins to wonder where Bridget is and Ridge says she went to Felicia's to get Nick and Dominick. Felicia is worried when she realizes Nick, Bridget and Dante are together.

As Stephanie walks over to get a drink Jackie approaches her and thanks her for having the service. Jackie tells Stephanie she is surprised Stephanie has managed to go an hour without calling her a slut. Stephanie replies that some things are so obvious there is no need to comment on them.

Finally, Bridget and Nick arrive with Dominick . Felicia can see that Nick knows the truth. When Nick gets close to Felicia, he asks her to tell him Dante is lying, but she can't.

As the ceremony begins members of the family make offerings in honor of Nicole. Darla brings a lilac from her neighbor's garden and says every time she smells lilacs she will think of Nicole. Massimo brings a picture of a racing ship that he named Nicole. Jackie brings Rosemary which stands for remembrance because it can survive all kinds of rough conditions and still retain its' power. Ridge brings a fake pearl necklace that he used to wear in college and that Bridget used to play house with when she was little. Ridge said whenever Bridget put the necklace on she was a mother and that Bridget was dreaming of Nicole even when she was a little girl. Eric and Stephanie bring a picture of a Nicole Rose. They say they have planted this rose in their garden, to honor Nicole.

Bridget walks to the front of the room, holding Dominick and says she is overwhelmed by the family's gifts, thoughts and love. She tells them she is going to dry all the flowers and save all of the gifts so she can show them to Dominick one day and tell him about his sister. She believes Nicole is Dominick's guardian angel. She then reads a prayer for Nicole.

After Bridget's finishes her prayer, she encourages Nick to speak. While Nick is holding Dominick he begins to talk about the horrible pain of losing a child and how hollow and empty it makes you feel. He begins to get more and more upset and then he hands the baby over to Brooke and leaves the room.

Felicia follows him out and tells him she had no idea Dante was the father. She wants Nick to feel the same way about the baby as he did before. Nick says that is impossible because every time he looks at Dominick he will see another man's son. He says Dante will not let this go. Nick is worried about Bridget because she just lost a daughter and now she is going to lose a son.

Back at Felicia's, Bridget comes by to drop Dominick off and questions Dante about all of the time he is spending with Felicia. Dante tells her he and Felicia have a history and Bridget apologizes for being nosy. Dante tells her she can ask him anything. He tells her he loves her and would never intentionally hurt her. Bridget becomes suspicious and asks him what he is trying to tell her.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Nick lashed out at Felicia for wrongly thinking that Dominick was Nick's son. Nick continued to lash out at Felicia for now breaking Nick and Bridget's heart because of her error. Stephanie arrived during the conversation and immediately defended Felicia. Felicia swore to Nick that she had not lied to him; she firmly believed that he was Dominick's father. Nick warned Stephanie and Felicia that Bridget would not be able to withstand the news that she will now lose Dominick whom she loves, also. Nick struggled with the knowledge that Bridget had to be told about Dominick.

Meanwhile, Bridget was at the guest house speaking with Dante. Dante gave Bridget his deepest condolences on the death of her infant Nicole. Bridget thanked him for taking care of her throughout her pregnancy and for his friendship. Dante told Bridget that he loves her. Dante and Bridget wondered had they stayed together longer if Bridget might have fallen in love with Dante. Bridget was adamant that she loved Nick who was the father of her child. Dante said he fully understood that Nick being Nicole's father why there's a special connection for her. Dante was mysterious to Bridget when he apologized if he hurt her. Bridget did not realize that Dante is Dominick's father at that point. Dante reminded Bridget of her promise to Felicia to bring up Dominick. Dante emphasized that he would be there to help Bridget uphold her promise to Felicia to bring up Dominick.

At Stephanie's after Nicole's service, Ridge and Taylor spoke for a few minutes while alone. Taylor told Ridge that she is all alone in a big house in the city, but doing okay. Taylor credited her psychiatry practice for getting her through this rough period.

Bridget entered the room with Dominick in her arms while Stephanie, Nick and Felicia were still talking. When Bridget handed Dominick over to Nick, she immediately sensed that something was very wrong with Nick. Nick told Bridget that" there's something I have to tell you."

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


At the Forresters', Felicia and Stephanie anxiously watch when Nick tells Bridget he has something important to tell her. Bridget tells Nick they can talk about it later, she just wants to go over a few things with Felicia now, and then she will meet him at home. As Nick and Stephanie are leaving the room Stephanie tells Nick, he should tell Bridget tonight that Dante is Dominick's father. Once Felicia and Bridget are alone, Bridget thanks Felicia again for letting her bring Dominick home. Bridget tells Felicia how much she admires her strength and Felicia says she admires Bridget's strength too. Felicia makes Bridget promise to continue to be strong and never abandon Dominick. Bridget reassures her telling Felicia she sees Dominick as her son and nothing will ever change that.

Meanwhile at Felicia's, Stephanie confronts Dante and tells him to stay out of this drama, for Bridget's sake. Dante says he cannot because he is Dominick's father and he loves Bridget. He tells Stephanie he has been more concerned about Bridget than anyone else in her family has. Dante tells Stephanie he wants Bridget to be Dominick's mother and his wife. He wants to save Bridget from Nick who is still in love with Brooke. Stephanie argues that Bridget and Nick are closer now than they have ever been. Dante says this is only because of the baby, and reminds Stephanie of how Nick went straight back to Brooke when he thought Bridget was not pregnant anymore. Stephanie has to admit Brooke is still in love with Nick. Dante warns her it is just a matter of time before Brooke and Nick get back together. He begs Stephanie to help him in his pursuit of Bridget.

At the Beach House, Nick walks in to find Brooke already there. She says she came by to drop of Nicole's blanket and flowers for the service. Brooke can tell something is bothering Nick and asks him what is wrong. Nick tells her Dominick is not his son. Brooke is incredulous. Nick tells her Felicia was with another man but she truly believed the baby was Nick's. He tells her the paternity test proved Dante was the father. Nick does not understand why he loses every child he gets close to. Brooke hugs him and tells him one day he will have a child of his own. Nick says he should have left LA. Brooke disagrees reminding him Dominick will always be a part of his life because that is what Felicia wants. Nick says that will be Dante's decision, not Felicia's. Nick is worried about what all of this is going to do to Bridget. As they are talking Bridget walks in with the baby and after greeting them takes Dominick to bed. Before Brooke leaves, she tells Nick he has to tell Bridget the truth.

After Bridget has puts Dominick to bed she tells Nick what great parents they will be to Dominick. Bridget goes on about how much she loves Dominick and how much he means to her. She really thinks he is a lot like Nick and she wished Dominick had gotten the chance to be a big brother to Nicole. Nick tells her they can have more children. He then gravely tells her there is something she needs to know about Dominick.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Nick informed Bridget that he was not Dominick's father. He told her that tests had been run the night before that proved conclusively that he was not the Father. He tries to explain to her that Felicia had met someone and spent the night with him, just one night -- it happened after they had broken off and Felicia had left. Bridget comments that Felicia asked her to accept the child, who was then your child, and she wants to do that. She also wants to know if they are going to try to take the baby away from them. Bridget tells Nick that Felicia wanted them to be Dominick's parents. Nick tells her that Dante is the Father. "Now," says Bridget, "that explains why you were acting like you were." She tells him that he has lost a son also. She understands now, what Dante had said earlier. Bridget starts to fantasize that Dante wasn't going to take away the baby. He cares for me. The baby starts to cry and Nick heads for the other room to tend to him. In the meantime, Bridget heads over to Dante's place. Nick comes out of the room with the baby, but Bridget has all ready left. He sits and asks Dominick what in the world they are going to do now. Bridget arrives at Dante's place. He has brought in all the usual items that a baby is going to need. Bridget tells Dante that for as long as she can remember, he was always there to look out after her. He tells her that he has always wanted what is best for her. She is happy to hear that as she believes that Dante wants her and Nick to raise the child. Dante stops her short by saying that's not what he meant; he meant that he wants the baby there with him. He tells her that he wants her there with him and he wants them to raise Dominick together.

Brooke goes home and enters her place, not knowing that Stephanie is waiting for her. Stephanie and Brooke talk for a few minutes until Stephanie and Brooke both realize that each of them knows about the new situation that has come up. Stephanie tells her that she just came from Dante's. She asks Brooke what she thinks about Bridget and Dante raising Dominick, then she could have Nick to herself. Brooke tells her that she had all ready made it clear that she was not going to come between Nick and Bridget. Stephanie tells her that the real deal is, that the children kept Nick and Bridget together and now that is no longer a problem. She tells Brooke that any happiness that Nick and Bridget have had, has always been on borrowed time. However, this might just work. Brooke tells her that she just wants to see her with Nick now, because it will keep her from becoming involved with Ridge again. Stephanie surprises her by saying that she doesn't think that will happen now or it all ready would have -- and besides Brooke had claimed that Nick was her true love. Stephanie tells her that Bridget deserves to have a life with someone who really loves her.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Bridget tells Dante that she can't raise Dominick with him, even though she knows that is what he wants, because she is married to Nick. Later, Nick tells Bridget that he feels he can't raise another man's child, so Bridget begins to feel that Nick is no longer committed to their marriage. Ridge walks in as Stephanie tells Brooke she should be with Nick. Ridge grows angry with Stephanie and finally stands up to her. Ridge then proposes to Brooke in front of Stephanie.

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