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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of February 27, 2006 on B&B
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Monday, February 27, 2006


At the beach house, Bridget attempts to end her marriage. She tells Nick she knows that he loves her, but that is not why they are together. Nick does not understand why she is saying this and asks her if it is because he makes her unhappy. Bridget says that is not the problem; she is just trying to face reality. Bridget tells Nick one of the reasons she went over to talk to Dante about them keeping Dominick, was to save their marriage. Nick says they have a good marriage. Bridget says Nick's heart is not in the marriage and she knows that Nick still loves her mother. Nick tells Bridget he was never unfaithful to her and that he will never be with Brooke. He tells Bridget he loves her. Bridget begs Nick to let her go, and asks him to sleep on the boat for the night. As he is leaving, Nick tells Bridget he was not with her just because of the child. Bridget tearfully tells him she will always love him.

Meanwhile at Brooke's, just after Ridge proposes to Brooke, Stephanie tells him to put the ring away, because Brooke doesn't want him, since she has a chance with Nick again. Stephanie says Nick and Bridget's marriage will not last now that they do not have a child holding them together. She predicts he will be right back with Brooke soon. Ridge tells his mother Brooke can prove her wrong by accepting his proposal. Brooke tells Ridge before she can accept his proposal, he must agree to a few conditions. Brooke's conditions are that she will remain living in her house, that the entire family will be welcome in her house, including Nick, and that Ridge will always place her above Stephanie and that Stephanie will have no say in their lives. Ridge agrees to her conditions and Brooke accepts his proposal. As they begin to kiss passionately, Stephanie watches on in disgust. Ridge is anxious and wants to get married in two days. Stephanie tells him he is a bigger fool than Eric is because Eric did not expect the happy ever after with Brooke; he was satisfied with just a few quickies. Ridge becomes annoyed and throws Stephanie out. Brooke warns him that Stephanie is going to cause problems for them. Ridge is glad Stephanie got to hear everything but he tells Brooke he will not hold her to everything she said. Brooke reassures Ridge that she meant everything she said to him. She tells Ridge she loves him and has loved him for longer than she can remember, then they begin to kiss.

Back at the Beach House, Stephanie drops by to tell Bridget the news about Ridge and Brooke. Bridget is happy for them if that is what they want. Stephanie tells Bridget that is not what Brooke wants. She says Brooke knows that Nick will not stay with Bridget now that a child is not involved. According to Stephanie, Brooke is trying to close the door on Nick by marrying Ridge, just like she did before when she married Eric. Stephanie says Brooke and Nick are making a silly sacrifice that makes everyone involved miserable. Stephanie tells Bridget her mother views Nick as a gift she has given to her daughter. She tells Bridget to give him back.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

At home, Brooke relaxed and had happy thoughts about marrying Ridge by the end of the day. Hope told Brooke that she'd prefer Brooke to marry Uncle Nick. Brooke explained to Hope that we cannot have everything that we want. With that, Brooke shed a couple of tears while thinking about Nick.

Stephanie came to speak with Brooke to convince Brooke not to marry Ridge. Stephanie encouraged Brooke to get together with Nick since Stephanie was certain that Bridget and Nick would not remain together. Brooke was adamant that Bridget and Nick are happy and would remain together. Ridge advised Stephanie that if she could not support Brooke and Ridge that she needed to leave. Ridge promised to be faithful to Brooke and to never hurt her again. He reiterated that he should have never left her and the children to be with Taylor. Ridge realized the painful mistake he made and now he's even more grateful to have Brooke remarry him.

Meanwhile Nick told Bridget that he loves her and wants their marriage to work. Bridget told Nick that she cannot stay married to him while he will not try to be a father to Dominick. Also Bridget is keenly aware that Nick still loves Brooke.

Prior to the wedding, Massimo was devastated to learn from Jackie that Nick is not Dominick's father. Thorne and Darla were also surprised by the news. Stephanie pointed out that Brooke and Ridge seem to be in a hurry to get married. Stephanie remained convinced that Brooke no longer loves Ridge.

At home, Bridget took off Nick's wedding ring and told him that he is free to go to Brooke. She encouraged Nick to make a life with Brooke and become a father to Hope and RJ. Bridget informed Nick that Brooke is marrying Ridge today. Bridget encouraged Nick to stop Ridge and Brooke's wedding.

Wednesday, March 1, 2006


At the beach house, Bridget urges Nick to stop Brooke's wedding. She accepts the fact that Brooke and Nick are in love and she knows her marriage is over. Before Nick leaves, Bridget puts on their song and they began to dance and remember their romance. Bridget tells Nick she will always love him and he tells her he will always love her too. While they are embracing the phone rings. It is Eric. He leaves a message telling Bridget to hurry and get to Brooke's or she will miss the wedding. After hearing the message, Bridget tells Nick to go. He races out the door, hoping he will make it in time.

Meanwhile at Brooke's, the wedding is about to start. Just as Eric is telling Stephanie that he left a message on Bridget's answering machine, Brooke appears on the staircase and the ceremony begins

Back at the beach house, Dante drops in to check on Bridget. She tells him that her marriage is over and that she sent Nick to stop her mother's wedding. Dante tells her he is sorry for all she is going through, but it is for the best. He also lets her know he wants her to play a big role in Dominick's life.

At Brooke's, Ridge begins his vows, telling Brooke that he feels like the luckiest and stupidest man. He says he is lucky because Brooke is back in his life and stupid because he could have lost her forever. Ridge swears he will never lose her again. In her vows, Brooke tells Ridge she does not believe destiny is magic anymore, instead she believes it is a force of nature. She feels this force of nature put her back on track with Ridge and that is where she belongs. Brooke tells Ridge she wants to spend the rest of her life with him and her children. They kiss and exchange rings. Just when it is about to become official, Nick burst into the room. A shocked Ridge tells Nick he should not be there. Nick says neither should Brooke. He then picks Brooke up, throws her over his shoulder and carries her up the steps. Ridge races up the steps after them. Nick carries Brooke into her bedroom and locks the door. Brooke demands that Nick put her down. Then she asks him why he is doing this to her on her wedding day. Nick tells her they do not have time to talk. He grabs Brooke and kisses her. While they kiss passionately, Ridge angrily pounds on the door trying to get in.

Thursday, March 2, 2006

Ridge is standing in front of Brooke's bedroom door, pounding on it, to get in. Brooke goes to answer it but Nick grabs her and plants a passionate kiss on her.

Downstairs, the family gathered for the wedding, begins to talk about what is going on. First Ridge, then Nick and finally Bridget. What this is going to do to Bridget when she finds out that her husband grabbed her mother and stopped the wedding.

Upstairs, Nick is trying to tell Brooke, that it was Bridget who made him come over, to stop the wedding. She doesn't believe him because she knows how much Bridget loves him.

While Bridget and Dante are talking, he makes Bridget realize that her mother is not going to believe anything that Nick says unless she hears it from you directly. Knowing that he is right, Dante drives Bridget over to where Brooke and Ridge were about to get married.

Brooke opens the door for Ridge to enter and he immediately tells Nick to get out, that he and Brooke are about to be married. Brooke tells Ridge, to go downstairs and make some excuse. She will be down shortly. Ridge leaves and Nick says to Brooke, that their will be a wedding today, but it won't be his.

Ridge tries to calm everyone down, by saying that things are fine and Brooke just had a few last minute things to say to Nick. They will go on with the ceremony shortly. Stephanie faces Ridge and says, "You don't see it yet, do you"? She goes on, "She let Nick take her upstairs and then asked for time with him."

Nick tells Brooke that Bridget knows what is right, and she is thinking clearly and trying to be honest. She knows that it is right for the both of us to be together.

Thorne tells Ridge not to worry about anything. Things will be all right. Bridget rushes in the door, wanting to know where Nick and her Mother are. She is finally told, runs upstairs, and talks to both of them. Nick is telling Brooke that Bridget was the one who took off his wedding ring. Bridget rushes in to both Nick and her mother. Brooke can't believe that Bridget wants to give Nick up. He tells Brooke that Bridget decided that she deserved a man who loves her as much as he loves her.

Dante, back home, daydreams about Bridget and imagines what it would be like to have her there, waiting for him, when he came home at night. She is telling him that Nick and her Mother are off on their honeymoon and she is thrilled to be there with him. Dante is teasing her and telling her what her life could be like with him or she could go back to Deacon or Nick. She tells him that she likes being where she is and kisses him.

Stephanie is pacing the floor and Jackie comes over to talk with her. Jackie is wondering if Stephanie did anything to try to change Bridget's mind about this so-called wedding. Stephanie tells her that she didn't want Brooke to marry Ridge, because she didn't think that it was right. Stephanie walks back in by the rest of the family and Jackie tells Eric and Massimo what Stephanie did.

Bridget tells her mother, that her marriage is over. Brooke simply doesn't accept what Bridget is saying to her. Bridget tells her mother that she knows that she and Nick love each other and she will never have the life that Brooke has always wanted for her, if she hangs on to something that she never had. Bridget tells her that she would not be marrying Ridge today if Nick was available, and I'm telling you that he is. She tells her mother, once again, that her marriage to Nick is over and this time she takes off her wedding rings and places them on the table. Bridget says, "He's yours," and it's all right. You are both free to be together. Ridge enters the room and tells Nick to get out of his house; he and Brooke are seconds away from being married. Ridge tells Brooke that the Minister is waiting. The room is silent as Brooke looks at her daughter. Ridge turns to Brooke and she turns to look at him.

Friday, March 3, 2006

Ridge tries to comfort Bridget but then is surprised to learn that she facilitated Nick coming over to break up the wedding. Eric comes upstairs wanting to know what is going on. Ridge tries to tell Brooke that their destiny is to be together. Brooke is speechless and not sure of what to make of two men competing for her love. Taylor and Thomas discuss Ridge and Brooke's wedding. Taylor is surprised to receive a phone call from Stephanie informing her that Brooke and Ridge's wedding has hit a snag.

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