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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of March 20, 2006 on B&B
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Monday, March 20, 2006


In Felicia's hospital room, Stephanie speaks encouraging words to an unconscious Felicia. She tells Felicia she is a fighter and she has a small chance of survival if she has Chemo, radiation and a liver transplant. Stephanie believes she is following Felicia's wishes by keeping her alive. Stephanie tells Felicia how much Dominick needs her. She confesses none of the family knows Felicia is still alive. Stephanie is afraid they would try to stop her if they knew. She tells Felicia that they will fight this battle alone and if they win, she will get to bring Felicia back home. Felicia's doctor walks in and tells Stephanie it is a long shot but they will do everything that they can. He tells her it could give Felicia a few months or as little as a few weeks. Stephanie asks him to tell Felicia the best-case scenario. The doctor walks over to Felicia's bed and tells her he hopes the chemo will eradicate the cancer and her body will accept the new liver.

Meanwhile at The Shady Marlin, Nick awkwardly breaks away from his embrace with Taylor, and tells her he is glad he helped her get through the pain. Taylor sees how uncomfortable Nick is and stresses that she is not trying to cause more trouble for him, or make a move on him. She just wants to thank him for his support. Taylor thinks their main connection was that they were both looking for an escape from their pain. She tells Nick he would have been better off with a session with a therapist rather than a drinking binge with one. He jokes with her saying a drink with a shrink is like therapy. He thinks Taylor is being too hard on herself since neither of them really did anything wrong. Taylor tells him Brooke does not think it was so innocent, but she is not going to say anything because she does not want Bridget to find out. Taylor tells Nick she hopes things work out for him whether it is with Brooke or someone else. Nick admits that he did not like Taylor when he first met her because of all the talk about her being a saint and above reproach. Taylor says she was never a saint and she definitely is not a saint in anyone's eyes anymore. Nick thinks she is being too hard on herself and tells her if she ever needs a friend he will be there for her.

At the beach house, Bridget is pining away over Nick when Dante stops by with Dominick. Dante tells her now that Felicia is gone Dominick will need her more than ever. Bridget is concerned about allowing herself to get too close to Dominick. She is afraid she will lose Dominick when Dante begins to date someone special or if he decides to move back to Italy. Dante reassures her this will not happen, because he does not want any other woman and he wants to always live near Bridget. Dante understands why she is so cautious after everything she has been through. Dante tells Bridget that it does not have to be a package deal. Dante is determined to help her keep her promise to Felicia and reassures her that she will always be Dominick's mother in his eyes.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Ridge told Stephanie that she is in denial over Felicia's death. Also, Ridge told Stephanie that Brooke will be his again soon. Ridge felt responsible for Brooke loving Nick. Ridge knows if he did not leave Brooke for Taylor, Brooke would not be with Nick.

Meanwhile, Stephanie talked to Dr. Ramirez about Felicia's chances of a liver transplant helping her. The doctor could not give any guarantee about this treatment. Meanwhile, Felicia remained in the hospital, alive and on life support.

Taylor brought breakfast to Nick on his boat. She questioned if Brooke could be with him out of her concern for hurting Bridget. Nick advised Taylor that Brooke's children come first. Nick knows if Brooke thought she was hurting Bridget she would never look at Nick again. Taylor told Nick she now understands why Brooke loves him so much.

At home, Brooke asked Bridget as to whether she could really live with Brooke being together with Nick? Bridget wants Nick to be with Brooke, because that is who Nick loves. Bridget told Brooke she is happy that she is going to keep her promise to Felicia and be a mother to Dominick. Bridget asked Brooke to keep her relationship private and away from the media until there divorce is final six months from now. Brooke promised and added that she and Nick will not make love until the divorce is final.

Brooke went to see Nick at his boat. Brooke told Nick that Bridget wants them to be together. Brooke asked if they really can be together. Nick told Brooke that he intends to sign the divorce papers. Brooke was so excited she could not believe that it was real. Nick and Brooke kissed, Nick wanted to make love. Brooke told Nick that she had promised Bridget that they would not make love until the divorce is final. Nick proposed to Brooke and she accepted his marriage proposal

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


At the Shady Marlin, Nick and Brooke are making out on the couch. Nick cannot stand the thought of having to wait six months to have sex with Brooke, but she nobly insists that he must be legally divorced from Bridget before she will do the deed. Nick argues that they should not have to wait because it is ok with Bridget and what she wants. Brooke fears Bridget will not be able to sign the divorce papers. Nick tells her that Bridget wanted him to come over to sign them today. Brooke tells him to hurry over and sign them then.

At the Forresters', Stephanie is on the phone with Felicia's doctor asking him about her prognosis. He tells her they have done the chemo, but it is too soon to tell. Stephanie says she does not want him to drag it out if he thinks it is not going to work. He assures her that they are doing everything humanly possible to keep Felicia alive. When she gets off the phone Eric walks in and tells her he has Felicia's memorial service planned for tomorrow. Stephanie is upset that Eric did this behind her back. He tells her the whole family needs closure. She says Felicia does not want this. Eric is concerned that Stephanie is talking about Felicia in the present tense and fears she is not accepting her daughter's death. To appease Eric, Stephanie agrees to attend Felicia's memorial service. After Eric leaves, Stephanie calls the doctor back and asks him how Felicia is doing. He tells her Felicia's vitals are weakening and the chemo could have been too much on her. Stephanie begs him not to give up.

At the beach house, Bridget is getting sad looking at a picture of her and Nick, when he walks in. Nick tells her he came by to sign the divorce papers. He tells her he has always loved her. She begins to cry and he asks her if she is sure this is what she wants. Bridget says in her perfect world she would not want their marriage to be over, but she knows that it has to be. She tells him not to feel sorry for her, because she has Dominick and she is ready to move on. Bridget wipes the tears from her eyes and picks up the divorce papers. She tells him if it had not have been for her mother she would have fought for him and never let him go. They sign the divorce papers and he leaves Bridget crying on the couch.

At Brooke's house, Brooke comes home and is surprised to find Ridge waiting for her there. He tells her he is moving back in. Brooke is annoyed that he thinks he can move in with her without even asking her. He tells her that he will move to the guesthouse then, Brooke says no way. Ridge does not understand what the problem is, since they were almost married the day before. Brooke says that does not matter, since they are not married now and she is in love with Nick. Ridge does not understand how her feelings could have changed so much in one night. Brooke tells him she is sorry, but he threw their marriage away the first time when he dumped her for Taylor, so in a way it is his entire fault. Ridge says the hell he is in now is definitely penance for every rotten thing he has ever done to her. Brooke says he is not listening to her. He tells her she is damn right about that, then he grabs her and kisses her. As they break away from their kiss, a teary eyed Brooke tells him that she will never stop loving him. Ridge tells her he needs her and Hope and RJ in his life. Brooke says he needs to respect her decision. Ridge says there is no way he going to let that bastard raise his son. Brooke tells him to leave. As he is walking out the door, he vows he will never lose her. A few minutes later, Nick drops in to tell her he and Bridget signed the divorce papers. Ridge peers in through the window and sees them embracing.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Stephanie is on the phone with the Doctor from the clinic. She tells him that they are about to start the memorial service for Felicia. Dr. Ramirez tells her that the memorial service is appropriate. It lets the people who love Felicia, grieve. Stephanie asks how she is doing and the response is that she is growing weaker. Stephanie practically begs the doctor to look at the video that she brought in, and after seeing it, he will not be able to give up on her.

The family and close friends are together. They all stand around a picture of Felicia. Stephanie walks into the room and joins them. She tells them all that she is not able to let go yet, or to even say goodbye.

At the clinic, Dr. Ramirez plays the DVD and learns for himself about the attitude and stubbornness of Felicia. He sees her with her family and her friends.

Eric starts the memorial service by saying something on behalf of his daughter. He knows that she is no longer in any pain and is at peace. He wishes for just one more day to be able to hold her in his arms. He reads a poem. Later, Ridge, Kristin, Thorne all fill in telling stories about their sister.

Stephanie sits on the sofa in a daze. Bridget speaks. She tells them all that she has a son because of Felicia, and that wherever Felicia is, she is sure that she is looking over her daughter, Nicole.

Stephanie stands and says that it is not too late. She gets a call from the doctor again, who advises her to get to the clinic right away. She immediately leaves.

Ridge tells Brooke that he will take her home and fix dinner for her. Ridge tells her that she will never be happy until the two of them are together with their family, once again.

Out on the patio, Nick walks to his father. Massimo sees Ridge standing with Brooke and Nick tells him that it isn't what it seems. Nick tells him that he and Bridget signed the divorce papers that morning. Nick walks away and Ridge stands there looking at the two of them.

Dr. Ramirez tells Stephanie that Felicia is showing some movement on the chart. It is the first time since she was admitted. Stephanie sits down by her daughter and tells her that she better not give up. Stephanie and the doctor look at the monitor and it is apparent to them that she is fighting.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Bridget tells Dante she'll watch Dominick if Dante wants to go out for the evening. Dante surprises Bridget with an evening for the two of them. Dante shows Bridget the legal documents declaring them a family. Nick, Brooke, Hope and R.J. plan a family vacation to an island. Nick promises to never let Brooke down. Taylor tells Stephanie that she is moving on, without Ridge. At the secret hospital, Stephanie learns that Felicia has to be off life support in order to be on the liver donor list. Stephanie

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