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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of March 27, 2006 on B&B
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Monday, March 27, 2006


At the hospital, Felicia continues to breathe without life support and Dr. Ramirez informs Stephanie it is time to put Felicia on the list for a donor. He tells Stephanie he has done everything he can to help her daughter now it is up to Felicia. Stephanie rushes out, saying she has an idea on how to help Felicia.

Meanwhile at Dante's, Bridget is excited about being Dominick's legal guardian. Dominick begins to cry and Bridget and Dante go to check on him. Dante tells Bridget Dominick slept all day, and Bridget says that explains why he is awake now. Dante suggests they go for a drive to help lull Dominick to sleep. As they are leaving the apartment, Stephanie comes by and asks if she can keep Dominick for the night. Bridget is reluctant, but Stephanie will not take no for an answer. Stephanie explains that she really needs to be with Dominick tonight. Dante realizing how important it is to Stephanie agrees to let her take him for the night. As Stephanie is leaving with the baby, Bridget tells her Dominick is a miracle worker and Stephanie says that is what she is hoping for.

In Stephanie's car, on her way to the hospital with the baby, she phones Dr. Ramirez. She asks him how Felicia is doing. He tells her he does not know how much time Felicia has. Stephanie asks him to tell Felicia to hold on because she is own her way with Dominick. When she arrives at the hospital, she brings the baby to Felicia's room and places him next to his mother on the bed. She tells Felicia how much Dominick needs her, hoping this will bring her out of her coma. As the doctors watch on in disbelief, Felicia's heart rate and vitals begin to stabilize

Back at Dante's, Bridget and Dante enjoy a glass of champagne and Bridget wonders why Stephanie was so desperate to have Dominick for the night.

At the Shady Marlin, Nick and Brooke make out like teenagers on the ship's deck; Nick is going crazy because they cannot make love for six months. Brooke manages to calm him down. Nick tells her he wants Ridge to leave her alone. Brooke reassures him that he is her future, not Ridge. After a passionate kiss goodnight, they say their I love you's and Brooke leaves. After Brooke has left, Taylor drops in to find Nick cleaning up. He tells her Brooke and Hope came by for dinner. Taylor says she knows, because she came by earlier and saw him with Brooke. Taylor wishes him all the luck in the world and tells him he deserves to be happy, but she is concerned what will happen to him when Brooke lets him down. Nick asks her why she says that. Taylor tells him she just does not want to see a good man like him get burned. She reminds him that she has known Brooke a lot longer than he has. Taylor names all of the men who have been suckered by Brooke in the past, and warns him that no man has walked away from Brooke unscathed. Nick believes it is different with him and Brooke. Taylor disagrees, and says she thinks Nick is a bandage for Brooke, because it has always been Ridge for Brooke and that is the way it always will be. Taylor apologizes for ruining his evening but says she is telling him this because he is her friend and she admires and respects him and doesn't want him to become another one of Brooke's statistics.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Eric and Jackie discuss their excitement about their future together. Eric tells Jackie that he will tell Stephanie that he wants a divorce. Later, Eric checks in with Stephanie and is worried how bad she is handling Felicia's passing. Before Eric can tell Stephanie about Jackie, Stephanie brings a shocked Eric to see a comatose Felicia. Christian encourages Felicia to fight for her life.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


In the hospital, Eric is shocked to discover that Felicia is still alive. Stephanie explains that Felicia did not die in the ambulance as everyone thought. Eric is upset with Stephanie for keeping Felicia alive against her will. Stephanie insists it is what Felicia wanted so she could be with her baby. Eric refuses to believe it is what Felicia wanted and rushes out of the room saying he is going to put a stop to this. Eric brings Dr. Ramirez into Felicia's room. Dr. Ramirez tells him they are doing everything they can to help Felicia survive. Stephanie reminds Eric of how much he wanted to have more time with Felicia and begs him to believe this could work. Stephanie says it was the only chance Felicia had. Beginning to calm down, Eric sits down by Felicia's bed, kisses her and tells her he loves her. Eric is moved when he feels Felicia's spirit around him. He realizes what an extraordinary thing Stephanie has done, by giving their daughter another chance at life. Overcome with emotion, he embraces Stephanie and kisses her. He thanks her for saving Felicia's life. They both go over to Felicia's bedside and Eric asks Felicia to come back to them.

At the beach house, Bridget is packing her stuff so she can move in with Dante, when Ridge drops in. She tells Ridge she is moving in to be closer to Dominick. Ridge thinks she is making a mistake. He warns her not to rush into things with Dante as a reaction to her separation with Nick. Bridget tells him she divorced Nick because he and Brooke are in love. Ridge says Bridget doesn't believe they'll last anymore than he does or she wouldn't have stipulated in her divorce papers that Nick and Brooke couldn't have sex until the divorce was final. Ridge says there is no way Nick will make it 6 months with Brooke if he cannot have sex with her. Bridget tells him it was not her idea, but Brooke's idea to wait until the divorce was final. Ridge is thrilled to learn that it was Brooke's idea to not have sex with Nick. Bridget says Brooke is doing it out of respect, because she and Nick are legally married for another six months. Ridge says there is no way Brooke could wait six months if she is really in love with Nick. Ridge believes Brooke is just trying to give him a six-month dose of what she went through when he dumped her for Taylor. Bridget tells him he is wrong because Nick and Brooke really love each other.

Meanwhile at Forrester, Nick stops by Brooke's office, jumps over her desk and kisses her passionately. He tells her there might be a way to shorten the six-month waiting period. Brooke says she is concerned about Bridget and wants to be sensitive to her feelings. Nick says then they can wait. After Nick has left, Ridge comes by to see Brooke. He tells her he knows what she is up to. Brooke does not understand what he's talking about. Ridge tells her to admit that she has no intention of sleeping with Nick its just payback. Ridge says he realizes that he has hurt her more than anyone else ever has and says he will spend the rest of his life making up for it. He asks her to stop playing games with him. Not knowing what to say, Brooke remains silent.

At Marone, Nick walks into his office and is surprised to find his mother waiting for him. Jackie excitedly tells him Eric is on his way to see Stephanie and end their marriage. Nick thinks his Mom has been too patient about Eric's marriage and is afraid she is becoming a doormat. She tells Nick she has not been a doormat and she knows Eric wants to be with her.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Stephanie told Eric that Felicia loved him more, and it is the reason that she couldn't let him go on grieving. The doctor comes into the room and Stephanie and Eric step outside. While the doctor is with her, Felicia manages to open her eyes. Outside her room, Stephanie tells Eric that she had to alter the papers needed to get the procedure done. He becomes lovingly irate, then asks how many times he has married her. Stephanie replies three times. Eric wants to know why he keeps marrying this lunatic. The doctor comes out of the room and tells them that Felicia is regaining consciousness, of sorts. The doctor explains to Eric what is going on while Stephanie goes in to see her daughter. Felicia feels Stephanie's presence in the room and opens her eyes. She tells her Mother, that she hates her and to get away from her. Eric enters the room, and Felicia says, "Tell her Daddy, I hate her." Eric tries to tell his daughter that she is angry now, but that things will be all right. Stephanie tells the Doctor that he has to use her so that Felicia can live and have her life. If he doesn't do it, she will find someone who will.

Nick goes to see Taylor. He finds her on the sofa, having had too much to drink again. He tells her that he understood that she wasn't going to do that anymore, and she tells him that she changed her mind. She defies him, by pouring herself another glass of wine. Nick tells Taylor that she is no alcoholic; she is just a wannabe one, so that people will feel sorry for her. He tells her that if that is what she wants to be, then she needs to drink like one, and pours her something more potent.

Brooke calls Ridge obnoxious. She tells him that what he is trying to do now is way too late. Ridge tells her that she doesn't have to settle for second best. She starts to lose control and tells him that she is not going to be like a beach ball any longer. Ridge continues to tell her that he is not buying into this thing from her, about Nick. He tells her that it has always been the real deal between the two of them, ever since they first met. He calls Nick an "insecurity" judgment on her part. He thinks that Nick represents all the times that he screwed up because he was the one that always did the right thing. Brooke lashes out at Ridge. She says that she will never be with a man who could walk away from her and the children. She won't let him, or any man, do what her Father did to her. She doesn't want a man who can only give his DNA and nothing more.

Friday, March 31, 2006

Nick tries to help Taylor dissolve her drinking by getting her drunk to the point of vomiting. Even though Taylor vomits on Nick, she tells him she is grateful for his friendship. Ridge apologizes to Brooke for deserting her but promises it won't happen again. Stephanie offers her own kidney to Felicia. Stephanie is a bit loopy on medication, before the surgery, when she confesses her true love for Eric. In turn, Eric confesses his true love for her. Christian then informs them both that Stephanie does not have to go through with the operation as another kidney was found a match for Felicia.

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