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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of April 3, 2006 on B&B
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Monday, April 3, 2006


At Brooke's, Brooke and Nick are making out on her couch; Nick is so amorous that Brooke teasingly asks him how much bourbon he drank with Taylor the night before. Brooke does not understand how Nick's method of getting drunk with Taylor is going to help her to quit drinking. Nick explains that he does not think Taylor is an alcoholic and so he was trying to give her such a bad hangover that she would not abuse alcohol anymore. As they continue to make out, Brooke becomes distracted. She tells Nick that Ridge thinks she has abandonment issues because her father walked out on her and her mother. Ridge thinks the only reason she wants to be with Nick is because he is safe. Nick tells her he will always be there for her and Ridge has proven that he will not. Brooke tells Nick she loves him and they kiss. Hope and RJ come in and want to play pirates with them. Nick suggests they play hooky and enjoy a day at sea. Brooke agrees and they eagerly head to The Shady Marlin. Once they are at the Marlin, they play pirate games and Nick gets Brooke to wear a t-shirt that says pirate booty. Brooke calls Megan from the boat to tell her she will not be in for the day. Megan thinks Brooke is making a mistake and tells her she should try to work things out with Ridge. Brooke ignores her advice.

At Forrester, Ridge picks up tickets from Sally for the auto show that he taking RJ to today. He then walks into Stephanie's office and is glad to find his mother in better spirits. He tells her there is something he wants her to do for him and he will not leave until she agrees. Stephanie tells him she will do anything for him that she can. Ridge says Brooke is trying to protect her children from him because she does not trust him anymore and thinks he is just like her father and will abandon them again. Stephanie says that Ridge cannot compare himself to someone like Stephen Logan, who deserted his family for years. Ridge says he understands why Brooke does not trust him and he wants to make her understand he will never abandon her or the kids again. He thinks Brooke just needs the security and stability that she lost as a kid. Ridge tells Stephanie that she can help him by giving control of Forrester back to Brooke and him. He begs her to do this for him so he can get his life back with Brooke and RJ.

Back at Brooke's, Ridge comes by to pick RJ up for the auto show and is surprised to find the house empty. As he is leaving, he notices a pirate's eye patch on a table and realizes that Brooke and the children must be with Nick.

Meanwhile at Hector's, his brother, Dr. Christian Ramirez calls Stephanie with encouraging news about Felicia. He informs her that Felicia is progressing well and her body hasn't rejected the liver, but warns her it's still too early to tell. Christian assures Stephanie he will be checking in on his star patient every half and hour. After he gets off the phone, Hector walks in and jokingly reprimands Christian for not staying in touch better or even letting him know he was in town until now. Hector is curious to know who his brother's star patient is and is suspicious that the doctor may have a crush on her. Christian describes Felicia's case to his brother and tells Hector how dedicated he is to saving her. Hector thinks Christian needs a little break from the hospital so he takes him out to meet Bridget. He tells his brother, Bridget is a doctor too, and he can tell her all about his patient.

At Dante's, Bridget and Dante are grilling out on their patio with Thorne and Darla. Bridget tells them that Dino is Dominick's new nickname. Thorne says he believes Felicia is looking down and smiling because her son is lucky to be with two people that love him so much. While the boys are grilling the burgers, Darla and Bridget have time for some girl talk. Darla is curious about Bridget's relationship with Dante. Before Darla can get any information, Hector and his brother walk in with some beers. Hector introduces Christian to Bridget and they discover that they both studied medicine in Europe. When she realizes that he is currently working with a cancer patient, Bridget tells him that her sister just died of cancer and she wishes that he could have been there to help Felicia. Later on into the party, Bridget brings Dino out and Christian is shocked when he recognizes the baby.

Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Nick and Brooke played pirates with RJ and Hope on their overnight on the island. Ridge questioned Massimo as to where Nick was. Massimo felt if Nick were with Brooke and the children he would be interfering with Ridge's relationship with Brooke which is wrong. Massimo learned that Nick's boat had left the harbor, destination unknown.

While at Bridget and Dante's party, Christian realized that their son Dino is the same baby that visited with Felicia in the hospital. Hector introduced everyone, Bridget, Thorne and Darla Forrester.

Christian realized that they did not know that Felicia is alive. Christian met with Stephanie and told her that she must inform the rest of her family that Felicia is alive.

Jackie told Stephanie that she and Eric became secretly engaged the day that Stephanie and Eric remarried for Felicia's sake. Jackie showed Stephanie her engagement ring and informed her that her and Eric's plan was to marry as soon as Felicia died. Stephanie bragged to Jackie that Eric had not asked her for a divorce and that things between them were "different" now.

Meanwhile Dante and Bridget grew a little closer. Bridget told Dante that she trusts him and is happy to be bringing up Dominick with him. Dante promised that she would never lose him or Dominick.

Wednesday, April 5, 2006


On the island, Nick and Brooke have fun making smores with the children. Then Nick decides to play a song on the guitar for the kids. Afterwards, he tells them a sailor story based loosely on his real life situation with Brooke. As he is telling the story of his great love for their mother, Brooke looks on smitten. Once the kids have gone to bed, Brooke begins to worry about Bridget. Showing off his psychic powers, Nick assures Brooke that "Bridget will be fine." Stroking her hair and taking a break from their cuddling Nick plays their song, "Going Back Again." Brooke loves every minute of it. She calls Nick's song the one "absolute truth" of their relationship and tells him that listening to it helped her get through all the hard times when they were apart. Nick reminds her that they are not completely back together, since they still have not had sex. Brooke says their love goes far beyond the physical. Nick tells Brooke that he will always be there for her and the kids and they kiss.

Meanwhile in Massimo's office at Marone, Ridge is furious that Nick is with Brooke and the kids and wonders where he could have taken them. He figures out that Nick and Brooke must have returned to the deserted island they had visited before. Ridge wants to take the Marone helicopter to the island, but Massimo persuades him otherwise, explaining that if he wants to win Brooke over, he should be more delicate and precise. Massimo promises Ridge that he will come up with a plan to keep Nick and Brooke apart.

At the hospital, Christian informs Eric and Stephanie that Felicia is getting better. They check in on her and she slowly comes to asking if she is in heaven. Stephanie informs Felicia that she is in the hospital and had been on life support; Stephanie tells Felicia that in order for her to survive she had to go through chemo, radiation, and a liver transplant. Felicia thanks Stephanie for helping to keep her alive. Stephanie smiles graciously saying she should thank Dr. Ramirez, because he was the person that saved her life. Felicia thanks Christian but he humbly tells her he cannot take all the credit. Stephanie says that Dominick also played a large role in helping her to survive. Stephanie explains that she put the baby on top of Felicia after she was taken off life support. Felicia becomes anxious to see her son, but Christian tells her she needs to rest and take it easy,

Thursday, April 6, 2006

Brooke, Nick and the two children, get ready to leave their island retreat for home. They arrive back on land at home and Brooke says "goodbye" and takes the children on home. Brooke arrives back at the house with the children, to find Ridge waiting. She asks Catherine to take the children up for their baths. Ridge tells Brooke that he was supposed to pick up RJ for the car show today. She acts surprised and then tells him that she forgot, she was sorry. He tries to change the subject, but Brooke tells him again that her future is with Nick. In the meantime, about his boat, Nick receives a visit from Massimo's chauffeur who is there to take him to see his Father.

Ridge had gone to see his Father, earlier, furious that he still had not been able to get a hold of Brooke. Massimo talked Ridge out of "flying off the handle" and chasing after Brooke, by telling him that what has to be done, has to be stopped peacefully. He will do something to break up Brooke and Nick. Massimo gets a call, and tells the person on the other end, that he couldn't have called at a better time. Massimo is relaxing when Nick arrives and boards the plane. After giving Nick a lesson on the outside world, Massimo tells Nick that he and Brooke are through, over!! Then he tells Nick, that they will fly to Las Vegas and have a little fun.

Stephanie and Eric are with Bridget and Dante. They want them to accompany them someplace, and it is very important. They had something to show them that will amaze them. Dante gets "Dino" ready and they all leave with Eric and Stephanie. They arrive at the private hospital, and Bridget and Dante cannot figure out what could possibly be there that they would be interested in seeing. Stephanie asks Dante to hold the baby so that they could talk with Bridget for a moment. He takes the baby and steps away so they can talk in private. Dr. Ramirez comes out of the room, and Bridget is surprised to see him. Stephanie tries to prepare her for what she is going to see, but Dr. Ramirez cuts in and tells Bridget that someone wants to see you, and escorts her into the room. The Nurse moves away as Felicia calls out to Bridget. She sees her sister and Stephanie tells her that she is not imagining it, Felicia is alive. Felicia asks who else knows about this, and it told that no one does yet. They didn't want to tell anyone just in case the procedure failed, and everyone would have to mourn her a second time. Dante enters the room and is shocked. Shortly after that, Stephanie carries in Dominick, and tells Felicia that someone wants to see his Mommy. Felicia holds her child and tells him that Grandma and Dr. Ramirez made Mommy well. Dr. Ramirez tells them all that Felicia isn't going anywhere, anytime soon. Bridget sits in the back of the room, not knowing, whether or not the future is about to turn her life upside down yet again.

Friday, April 7, 2006

Reminding him that Ridge has chosen to take Brooke back as his wife, Massimo tells Nick that his intentions to be with Brooke are a disgrace to him and to the family. He orders him to let Brooke be with Ridge but when he warns him of the consequences should he fight him on this, Nick states that he isn't concerned by his threats and doesn't care about his money. Eric stuns Jackie with the revelation that Felicia is alive. Shocked as the news sinks in, Jackie wonders aloud about respecting Felicia's wishes to die but Eric claims that there's a good chance she'll survive, thanks to Stephanie's liver transplant. Jackie guesses that Stephanie's going to use her miracle to bring Eric back to her and save their marriage. Later, Jackie is arrested. Ridge boasts to Brooke that he asked his mother to step down so that he and she can run Forrester together. Brooke doubts that Stephanie would ever do such a thing and asks him to respect her decision to be with Nick. Later, Nick arrives and after she admits she had a visit from Ridge, Nick explains that his father has threatened to fire him and cut him off without a penny if he doesn't end his relationship with her. Brooke assures him that the Marone estate doesn't affect her feelings for him whatsoever.

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