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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of April 10, 2006 on B&B
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Monday, April 10, 2006


At Brooke's, Nick assures Brooke there is no way he will let Massimo keep them apart. Brooke is worried that she is alienating Nick from his family. Nick tells her it is not her fault. He refuses to let his father tell him how to live his life or who he can love. Just as Nick and Brooke are kissing, Jackie calls and tells him she has been arrested.

Meanwhile in Nick's office at Marone, Ridge is so disgusted when he finds pictures of Nick and Brooke dressed as pirates that he knocks them off Nick's desk. Massimo barges in and asks him what he is doing. Ridge tells Massimo he cannot stand to be constantly reminded how his dirty stinking punk of a brother is trying to steal his family. Massimo tells Ridge he has to get a grip. Ridge wants to teach Nick a lesson. Massimo demands that Ridge stay out of it saying he has the situation under control. Ridge tells Massimo he does not want him fighting his battles. Massimo says his plan will keep the bad blood between Ridge and Nick from escalating any further. Massimo understands how Ridge feels because he has been betrayed too by Jackie and Deacon. Massimo says a man does not come between a father and son, but Jackie and Nick do not seem to understand this. Ridge gets angrier when Jackie's name comes up and blames her for encouraging Nick to go after Brooke and the kids. Massimo promises Ridge again that Nick will not be a problem. Ridge is curious about Massimo's mysterious plan.

At the police station, Jackie is brought to interrogation room in handcuffs. She tells them they have made a terrible mistake. Jackie says she knows her rights and she wants to make a phone call. After she calls Nick she waits nervously, still not knowing what she has been charged with. When Nick arrives, he gets the agents to remove Jackie's handcuffs. The agent informs her that she is being charged with tax fraud, tax evasion, and money laundering. He tells her if convicted she will face a 25 year prison sentence. Nick wants to bail his mother out. The agent tells them she probably will not be able to get bail, but if she does, the minimum bail will be 1 million dollars. Nick tells his mother he will go to Massimo and get everything cleared up. After Nick has left Brooke stays with Jackie and watches helplessly while his mother is searched, finger printed and booked into prison. Afterwards Brooke attempts to comfort Jackie by telling her Nick and Massimo will get her released. Jackie is then taken to her holding cell. Once she is in her empty cell the agent tells her to enjoy her privacy because she will not have it if she gets put into a federal prison.

Back at Marone, Nick is surprised to find pictures of Brooke and him all over the floor of his office. Massimo sneaks up on him and explains that his office looks like this because Ridge is very angry with him. Nick brushes it off and tells Massimo he needs his help because Jackie has been arrested. Massimo asks Nick why he should listen to him now when Nick refused to listen to what he had to say earlier. Nick says he knows Massimo has friends at the FBI who can straighten this out. Massimo continues to lecture Nick on why he should let Brooke be with Ridge. Nick begins to wonder if Massimo is responsible for Jackie's arrest.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

At Marone Industries, Nick told Massimo that Jackie is not capable of any of the crimes she was accused of and put in jail for. Massimo mentioned he is glad that he is no longer connected to Jackie except for Nick. Massimo berated Jackie's choices in life including Deacon. Nick observed that Massimo is still not over what Deacon had done. Nick felt that Massimo is a very vengeful man.

Nick concluded that Massimo had Jackie jailed because he does not approve of Nick's relationship with Brooke. Nick warned Massimo that if he did not get Jackie out of jail, he would have only one son-Ridge.

Meanwhile, at the jail, the FBI agent told Jackie that if she "confessed," she would be released from jail. Jackie refused to "confess". Jackie began to think of who could have done this to her.

Stephanie and Eric helped Felicia get ready for her visit with her siblings. Felicia demanded that since her hair was already falling out, that Stephanie cut it all off. Dr. Ramirez suggested that Felicia could donate her hair to sick children who need it. Felicia was happy to donate her hair to the sick children.

At home while Ridge, Kristen, Thorne and Darla waited for Stephanie and Eric, they all felt that Stephanie was experiencing some mental health problems with regards to accepting Felicia's death when they saw all the lighted candles in the room.

When Dr. Ramirez, wheeled Felicia into the room, Ridge, Kristen, Thorne and Darla were all shocked but elated to see that Felicia was alive. They were initially upset with Stephanie for not telling them that Felicia had not died. Ridge realized that Felicia's survival was made possible by Stephanie not giving up on Felicia. Everyone was grateful, including Felicia that Stephanie did not give up and brought Felicia for the liver transplant and subsequent treatment which saved her life.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


At Marone, Brooke sneaks up on Nick in his office and gives him a hug and kiss. She asks him if Massimo is helping to get Jackie out of jail. Nick says he does not know. Brooke does not understand why Massimo would not help Jackie. Nick explains that Massimo does not like him being with Brooke and he does not like what Jackie did to him in the past. He tells Brooke that he thinks Massimo set Jackie up. Brooke is incredulous. Nick tells her Massimo is using the situation as leverage. Nick explains that Massimo tried to make a deal with him. He tells Brooke that Massimo will get Jackie out of jail if he ends his relationship with her. Brooke angrily replies that she will not let Massimo come between them. Nick kisses her and says it will not happen. While they are kissing passionately, the phone rings and it's the attorney informing him that Jackie's hearing is set for tomorrow. Brooke asks how Jackie is doing. Nick says the attorney did not know because he was not allowed in to see Jackie. Nick does not understand why. Brooke assures him that they will get Jackie out of jail without Massimo's help. Nick feels helpless and cannot stand the thought of his mother spending the night in jail. Brooke tells Nick he has always been her rock and now she wants to be his. She says she loves him and will stand by him. They kiss.

Meanwhile at the Forresters', the family gathers around Felicia. Ridge still cannot believe she is alive. Now he finally understands why Stephanie tried to keep the family from having a memorial service. Felicia jokes that she wishes she could have been at her memorial. Thorne leads the family in a toast to Felicia. While everyone is toasting, Bridget arrives with Dominick and Dante. Felicia asks for Dominick and Bridget places him in her arms. Felicia's doctor, Christian tells her it is time for her to go back to the guesthouse and get some rest. Felicia agrees to leave as long as she can take Dominick with her. Dante tells her he will go get Dino's stuff out of the car. Felicia looks puzzled. Dante informs her that Dominick's nickname is Dino. Felicia says Dino is a great name for a dinosaur or a lounge singer partial to martinis. Everyone laughs except Bridget and Dante. Felicia unconvincingly assures them that she thinks Dino is a cute name. Everyone tells Felicia how glad they are that she is alive. Ridge says Dominick is especially happy because he has his mommy back. Bridget looks concerned.

At the guesthouse, Christian sets Felicia's room up with hospital equipment as she lies in the bed holding Dominick. Felicia tells the doctor, Bridget and Dante- that the love you get from a child is the best medicine. Christian tells her it is going to take a lot more than love to get her health back. Felicia assures him she will do what every it takes. Christian tells her she will have a nurse to help. Felicia adds flirtatiously that she will also have a very dedicated doctor out on the couch. Bridget tells Felicia she will be visiting often. Felicia says she and Dominick will enjoy seeing her. Dante looks worried. As Christian checks Felicia's vitals, Bridget clings to Dominick. Dante notices that Felicia already has a crib set up. Felicia asks to hold the baby again and Bridget reluctantly gives him back. Felicia tells Dominick there is no way she could die because that would have meant saying bye to him. After Bridget and Dante have left Felicia's room, Christian tells her it was very hard for Bridget to leave the baby. Felicia realizes letting go of Dominick; it is going to be hard for her sister. Outside of the guesthouse, Dante attempts to cheer Bridget up. She bravely dries her eyes and tells him she will be ok. She is thrilled that Felicia is alive it is just hard for her to lose Dominick since she has grown so close to him. She sadly watches through the window as Felicia and Dominick bond.

Back at the Forresters', Stephanie tries to explain why she kept quiet about Felicia. She tells them Felicia's chances for survival were so slim she did not want to put the family through it again. Everyone understands. Kristen wonders where Eric is. Stephanie says he is visiting Jackie at the Federal Courthouse. She explains that Jackie was arrested for money laundering and tax fraud. Ridge is surprised to hear the news but thinks Eric's place is with the family. Stephanie thinks Eric feels a sense of obligation to Jackie since he has asked her to marry him. The family is shocked to learn that Eric is engaged to Jackie. Stephanie tells them Eric only married her to grant Felicia's dying wish. Everyone wonders what Eric will do now that Felicia is alive.

At the Federal Courthouse, Eric comes to visit a distraught Jackie. He tells her he came as soon as he could. She thinks he came to get his engagement ring. Eric says he came because he wanted to help. Jackie runs into his arms crying and thanking him. Eric tells her he understands if she is upset with him. Jackie says she is just having an unlucky week and begs him not to apologize again about Felicia being alive. She cannot believe that he would think she is not happy that Felicia is alive. She is just upset that he does not really love her. Eric says that he does love her. She does not believe him and thinks he loves Stephanie. Eric does not deny his feelings for his wife. Jackie says it does not matter anyway since she could be spending the next 25 years in jail. Eric promises Jackie that he will stand by her and get her out of jail. He tells her he will not let this arrest sully her reputation and that he has his P.R. people working on damage control. She thanks him and falls into his arms crying. After Eric leaves, Jackie is taken back to her cell where Massimo is waiting for her. She is relieved to see him until she realizes he may not be there to help. He tells her she let him down in the past when he needed her support. Jackie does not understand what he is talking about. He explains that he is very disappointed that she supports Nick and Brooke's relationship. Jackie thinks this is the wrong time to be discussing Nick's love life. Massimo gives Jackie an ultimatum. He says he will help Jackie only if she can convince Nick to dump Brooke. He leaves saying he will give her a night to think it over.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Nick and Brooke are at the courthouse. Nick can't believe that Massimo let Jackie stay in a cell overnight. Ridge walks in and spots Brooke and Nick together and starts to walk over to them when Massimo calls him away. Massimo tells Ridge that he needs to leave before he causes a scene. Ridge warns him that he better get the matter settled between Brooke and Nick or he will take matters into his own hands.

Jackie is brought in and Massimo quietly asks her if she has made up her mind to help break up Nick and Brooke. Massimo reminds her that Ridge has set his sights on Brooke, because she belongs with him, and not Nick. Jackie looks at Massimo and says, "NEVER," and walks away from him. The hearing is in the judges chambers, although still under the law, and the hearing proceeds. The charges against Jackie are read aloud. The DA accesses that the information was obtained off of Jackie's personal computer. Massimo speaks up, and alleges that he will pay whatever bail is necessary for her. The DA asserts that she is a flight risk, and demands that bail should be denied. At that point, things get out of hand in the chambers. Massimo tells the judge to set bail as high as he wants, he won't let his son's Mother remain in jail for another night. The DA then, offers more evidence as far as why she should not receive bail. Jackie M, owned by Jackie, has boutiques in other countries, places where she has bisited before. She has access to them and to leaving the country on business trips. The DA brings up the fact that she was given ownership of the boutiques when she and Massimo divorced, so no matter what good intentions he has, he doesn't know what she has done behind his back, now that she is sole owner of the boutiques. The Judge allowed Massimo to speak on behalf of Jackie but now he has to answer questions from the DA. It is brought out that she, was having an affair, behind Massimo's back, while he was an invalid. The man flaunted the fact before Massimo while he was incapacitated. The DA thinks that due to all these factors, she can't be trusted and that she should be held in federal custody until the completion of the trial. Jackie stands up and begs the Judge not to return her to her cell.

Felicia thanks Christian for everything that he has done. He tells her that she is the best patient that he has ever had. She is grateful for every single moment that she has with her son. Christian brings up the subject of Bridget. He comments that she has become equally as attached to "Dino" as Felicia would have wanted. Felicia tells Christian about Bridget and the loss of her baby, Nicole, and how she was supposed to raise her child until this miracle happened. This being said, the phone rings and it is Bridget calling to see about coming over. After the phone call, Felicia tells Christian that her "mohawk" was fun, but since her hair is still going to fall out, she tells Christian to do away with the remainder of it. She hands him a pair of clippers and lets him remove the rest, as she sits quietly crying while he does so. When he is done, he tells her that she looks beautiful. He leans down and the two of them kiss. She comments that he has quite a bedside manner. Bridget and Dante arrive. They engage in small talk about "Dino" and Bridget says that there will have to be more visits between Felicia and her son. At that point, Felicia questions the word "visits" as she expects her son to live with her from now on.

Friday, April 14, 2006

In court, the judge began a lengthy preamble about him having a hard time deciding on Jackie's bail. Nick angrily told the judge to just cut to the chase and render his verdict but then apologized for his outburst. The judge praised Massimo for defending his ex, but said ultimately he had no choice but to deny Jackie bail, and ordered her back to jail. Jackie became distraught and Nick's temper almost got him a seat beside his mother in the slammer when he angrily approached the judge. Jackie tearfully lashed out at Massimo and accused him of being behind her arrest as she was led way by the guards in cuffs. Nick vowed to get his mother out of jail.

Felicia reassured Bridget that she is Dominick's mother, too, and that both she and Dominick still need her very much. Upset at the apparent parental ramifications of Felicia being alive, Bridget asked Dante to take her home. Felicia refused to let Bridget leave and apologized to Bridget for not being more sensitive to the circumstances. Felicia thanked Bridget for coming through for her when Bridget thought she was dead. Bridget admitted when Nicole died she never thought she could feel anything again, until she bonded with Dominick. Bridget said thanks to him she started to feel alive again. Bridget admired how the power of love also allowed Felicia to recover. Felicia revealed when she thought she was dying she knew she could let go, because her baby would be left in Bridget's capable hands. Bridget said if Dino/Dominick is now with Felicia then she no longer has a baby. Felicia insisted that Dominick is their son. Bridget wasn't sure if she could go along with such an unwieldy arrangement. Felicia reassured Bridget that no matter what happens to her she will always want Dominick to love Bridget just as much as Felicia. After clearing the air, the sisters became closer. Bridget told Felicia she'd love her even if they weren't related, and said she'd be proud to share Dominick. Felicia vowed to never let anything come between them.

In the other room, Christian told Dante he had feared Bridget's growing attachment to Dominick was only going to lead to trouble once everyone learned that Felicia was really alive. Christian's observations rubbed Dante the wrong way. Christian apologized for getting off on the wrong foot with Dante, but Dante was clearly not interested in becoming buds with Christian. Christian and Dante rejoined Bridget and Felicia with good news: Felicia's latest test results showed her white blood cell count was almost back to normal!

Brooke paid Massimo a visit. Massimo said he was expecting her to drop by. Brooke said likewise, she was expecting his machinations, having been a graduate of the "Stephanie Forrester School of Parental Manipulation." Massimo complimented her by saying he could understand why both his sons would be attracted to her. Brooke accused Massimo of setting up Jackie to punish her as well as Brooke, "for loving the wrong son." Massimo insisted that Brooke belongs with Ridge. Things escalated, and the two traded threats. Brooke warned him that Nick will never forgive Massimo if Nick gets proof that Massimo framed Jackie.

A gloved figure inserted keys into the doors of Jackie M's offices and gained entry. Soon after, Nick entered the offices himself and quietly began to look through files on a desk. Nick heard noise coming from another office. He investigated and discovered the "gloved one" Megan rummaging through company files herself.

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