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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of April 17, 2006 on B&B
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Monday, April 17, 2006


At Jackie's Boutique, Nick is surprised to find Megan snooping in his mother's office and questions her. Nick asks her how she got into the locked store and Megan replies that Eric gave her the keys. She tells him she stopped by to follow up on some orders Jackie had placed with Forrester. After she leaves, Nick goes through some of Jackie's files attempting to find something that will clear his mother.

At the Forresters,' Stephanie and Felicia are encouraged by Felicia's improvement. Bridget drops by and they share the news with her. While they are talking, Christian informs them it is time for Felicia to get some rest and wheels her back to the Guesthouse. After they leave, Stephanie asks Bridget if she is happy about Felicia being alive. Bridget is shocked that Stephanie could think she would be anything but happy that her sister is alive. Stephanie thinks Bridget is feeling conflicted about the baby. Bridget explains that she and Felicia are both going to be a mother to him. Now that she knows Felicia is alive, Bridget understands why Stephanie cautioned her initially about getting too close to Dino. Stephanie stresses that Bridget should allow Felicia to spend a lot of time with Dominick since she may not have much time left. Bridget accuses Stephanie of being against her, because she is Brooke's daughter. Stephanie denies that she is taking sides. Bridget loves Dominick and refuses to let him go. She vows to play an important role in Dominick's life. Stephanie realizes how much Dominick means to Bridget and gives her a hug.

At the Guesthouse, Christian checks Felicia's blood pressure and tells her it is a little elevated. She flirts with him saying that a "hunky doctor" always raises her blood pressure. He laughs and says he thinks it is more than that. Felicia admits that she is concerned about Bridget and she hopes that Stephanie is not giving her a hard time.

Meanwhile at Marone, Brooke warns Massimo that Nick will hate him if he finds out that Massimo is behind Jackie's arrest. Massimo plays innocent and steers the conversation back to Brooke's love life. He urges Brooke to be with Ridge. Then Ridge walks in and Massimo demands that they work things out right then. Ridge tells Brooke how much he loves her. However, Brooke is not swayed by his words and tells Ridge once again that she has chosen Nick and he needs to respect her decision. After Brooke has left, Ridge plots a way to get Brooke back. He asks Massimo to borrow the jet because he wants to fly to Paris. He tells Massimo that he appreciates him helping him with this. Massimo says that family always comes first. Ridge is confident that he will be able to win Brooke back. Later Megan comes by with some documents for Ridge and they leave Massimo's office. Megan returns to Massimo's office later and tells Massimo she "can't do this anymore."

At Brooke's, Nick tells Brooke about finding Megan in Jackie's office. Brooke tells him that she told Massimo that he is not going to keep her and Nick apart. They kiss passionately. Nick is determined to get Jackie out of prison. He tells Brooke that he has to find proof that Massimo is responsible for Jackie's arrest.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Megan approaches Massimo in his office and announces that she can't do this anymore. He worries to hear she ran into Nick while snooping in Jackie's boutique as she explains that she had to check to make sure no one would find what he had her install earlier on Jackie's computer. Megan asks him why he's doing this to Jackie and wonders if he's ever told her the truth about any of this. Massimo calms her down with an expensive gold necklace, a little peck on the back of her neck and a hint that she might one day be by his side. Megan admits it's her dream to be with him and adds that she hates hiding their feelings for each other. When Brooke and Nick meet with Jackie, Nick assumes his father "got to the judge" because he allowed the story about Deacon to influence his decision about her bail. Jackie finally tells them that Massimo has offered to solve her problem if she drives a wedge between them. Asking them not to tell Massimo, Jackie warns Nick about going head-to-head with Massimo. Nick does just that and warns him to get his mother out of jail or else he'll start revealing some Marone secrets, spitting as he gives his father until the morning to act. Ridge slips into Brooke's place and makes a call to check on his surprise coming from Paris. Brooke is outraged again to find Ridge waiting for her at her home. She fumes to hear Ridge asked Catherine to take the kids for the evening and is shocked when her father Stephen arrives at her door, thanks to Ridge.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


At Brooke's, Ridge's plan for family reunion is getting off to a rocky start. Brooke is furious at Ridge for bringing her father over. Ridge understands it is difficult for Brooke to see her father and confront her issues of abandonment. Brooke reminds Ridge that her father betrayed her many times. Brooke's father, Stephen interrupts, trying to explain why he came, but Brooke refuses to listen to what he has to say and orders him out of her house. Ridge intervenes and tries to get Brooke to listen to her father. Ridge explains that he would not have brought him here if he did not think it was important for their future. Brooke says she does not need to listen to her father she already knows what he did to her and her family. She remembers how hard it was on the family after he left them. As tears form in her eyes, she glares at Stephan Logan and accuses him of taking her childhood away when he walked out on them. Ridge fears Brooke will never be able to forgive him for walking out on her until she deals with her abandonment issues. He tells Brooke he has been in contact with her father for months but kept it secret because that is what Stephen wanted. Stephen explains that he knew Brooke did not want to have anything to do with him, but he needed to know how she was doing. Brooke demands that he leave, but Ridge convinces him to stay while he tries once more to convince Brooke to listen. Ridge tells her Stephen is a changed man and has come to help. Brooke is doubtful. Stephen admits he is ashamed of the things he has done in the past, but says he is getting his life back together. He tells Brooke he wants is to repair some of the damage he caused and help Brooke live the life she was meant to live with Ridge. Stephen stresses to Brooke that he was the one who abandoned her, not Ridge. Stephen is convinced that Ridge is the only man for Brooke and warns her not to let fear stop her from being happy. He begs her to take Ridge back. Brooke looks upset and confused.

At Forrester, Nick barges into Stephanie's office and demands to know if she is responsible for his mother's arrest. Stephanie denies having anything to do with it. Nick thinks she did it in order to keep Eric and Jackie apart. Stephanie tells him putting someone in jail is "not her style" and if Eric wants a divorce, all he has to do is ask for it. Nick is not convinced and thinks she and Massimo worked together. Stephanie says she had nothing to do with Jackie's arrest and does not think Massimo did either. Nick believes her but still thinks Massimo is responsible. Stephanie thinks it will be hard to prove. Nick says once he does there will be Hell to pay. Stephanie defends Massimo saying he is just trying to protect Nick because he thinks he knows what is best for him. Stephanie tells him nothing would make her happier than for he and Brooke to run away together, the farther the better.

Meanwhile at Marone, Massimo calls Megan. Megan is concerned that Jackie is being held in prison until her trial. Massimo reassures her that their plan is starting to work and as soon as Ridge gets Brooke back Jackie will be released from prison. Massimo thinks the timing for Ridge's plan is perfect with Nick so distracted with Jackie's situation. Megan wonders what Ridge's plan is. Massimo tells her he does not know but he is convinced that Ridge will win Brooke back by the end of the night .

At the Federal Building, Nick visits Jackie and tells her he has given Massimo 12 hours to come clean on his involvement with her arrest. Jackie appreciates Nick's determination but thinks it will be hard to prove Massimo was involved. She warns him to be careful and not underestimate what Massimo is capable of. Nick assures her that Massimo is the one who should be worried.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Brooke takes an anxiety pill with all the stress she has been under and fills Nick in on Ridge's most recent stunt. Hope meets her grandfather (Stephen) for the first time. Brooke asks Stephen to leave but before he leaves she breaks down in tears. Stephen pulls her into a big embrace. Megan discusses her concerns about Forrester Creations and her new role with Stephanie. Nick declares war on Massimo.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Brooke takes another pill and then Nick stops by to tell Brooke the situation with Massimo. Later, Megan visits Brooke and tells her she's making a mistake in being with Nick; she belongs with Ridge. Massimo tells Ridge to continue to try to win Brooke over. Ridge visits Brooke and it appears they may kiss (as Brooke is in a bit of an altered state from the anxiety pills). Nick questions Eric about Megan and then later confronts Massimo and Megan about their behavior.

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