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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of May 8, 2006 on B&B
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Monday, May 8, 2006


At Forrester, Stephanie phones 911 to get help for Ridge. Stephanie is attempting to revive Ridge when Thorne walks in. He is shocked to find his brother unconscious on the floor. Just after this, Hector arrives with the ambulance crew and asks Stephanie if Ridge had been complaining about chest pains. She tells him he grabbed his chest before he collapsed. Hector tries unsuccessfully to revive Ridge. He tells a worried Stephanie he thinks Ridge is having a heart attack. Once they arrive at the hospital, Hector's brother Christian takes over. Stephanie and Thorne anxiously wait to find out what Ridge's condition is.

At Dante's, Dante proposes to Bridget. He tells her she is the only woman for him. Bridget is flattered, but feels Dante is rushing things. Dante says they can have a long engagement; he just wants her to accept his proposal. Bridget refuses. She apologizes and explains that she has not had the best luck with marriages. She wants to take her time with Dante and really enjoy the romance. Dante reluctantly accepts her decision and they begin to kiss.

Meanwhile on the Marone jet, Nick pops open a bottle of champagne. Things began to heat up when Brooke begins to prance around in her sexy lingerie. Driving him crazy with desire, Nick pulls her to him and they kiss passionately. Brooke starts ripping off his shirt. Nick wants to move to the bed, but Brooke prefers to make love in the bathroom. After their wild romp Brooke tells him he is the sexiest man, she has ever made love to on and airplane. Nick is honored considering how many men he had to beat out to get that title. He tells her she is the sexiest woman he has made love to on an airplane. Brooke is thrilled to be his best airplane sex. Not able to control their desire, they began to make love again. Coming up for air, Brooke calls home and asks Katherine if everything is ok, she has a funny feeling that something is wrong. After she gets off the phone Brooke still thinks, something is not right. Nick helps her to brush it off by feeding her strawberries. Brooke tells him how relieved she is to have Stephanie out of her life for good. Brooke cannot believe she ever thought she could win Stephanie over and she realizes that Stephanie will never accept her.

Back in the hospital Ridge is fighting for his life. While he is undergoing emergency surgery, Thorne tries to comfort Stephanie who is blaming herself for everything. Stephanie tells Thorne that the last thing Ridge told her was that she ruined his life by forcing away his true love, Brooke. After Ridge's surgery, Christian comes out with bad news. He informs them that Ridge's heart attack was a symptom of a much more serious problem. He explains that Ridge has a serious cardiac defect called an aortic dissection and it could have killed him instantly. Christian tells them Ridge may not survive and that the next 48 hours are critical. Stephanie and Thorne are devastated. Stephanie continues to blame herself. She visits an unconscious Ridge in his hospital room. She breaks down as she tells him how much she loves him and wants him to be happy. She begs him to get better so she can make it up to him. Right after she tells Ridge she will do whatever it takes to help him get better, he calls out Brooke's name.

Tuesday, May 9, 2006

At the hospital, Ridge who was still in a semi-conscious state from the anesthesia, continued to call out Brooke's name. Eric arrived at Ridge's bedside to see his son. Stephanie explained to Eric that the doctors had repaired the tear in Ridge's heart surgically, but that Ridge was not out of the woods yet. Thorne and Darla remained at Ridge's side along with Stephanie and Eric.

Dante paid Felicia a very late night visit. He asked Felicia where he stood with Dino? He told Felicia that Stephanie had threatened to deport him. Felicia was surprised at Stephanie's new weapon. Dante explained that Stephanie threatened to fire him from Forrester Creations if he took Dino anywhere out of Felicia's sight. Dante expressed concern that if he lost his job, he would then lose his work visa to remain in the United States. Felicia assured Dante that she wants him to be part of Dino's life. Felicia then surprised Dante with an affectionate hug and a kiss.

Meanwhile, Nick and Brooke romantically vacationed together. Brooke spoke to Jackie who assured her that the children were fine. Brooke admitted to Nick that after all she had been through; she could not shake the feeling that something was wrong. She also admitted she kept thinking about how she had broken Ridge's heart. Brooke told Nick that she loved him. She gave Nick a St. Jude's medal which she told Nick was symbolic that she would always be there for him.

Stephanie told Eric that she felt responsible for Ridge's heart attack. She told Eric that because of all of her conflicts with Brooke and never being able to accept her, she drove Brooke away from Ridge. Stephanie could not stop thinking about Ridge's last words before the heart attack: "Brooke is gone; you've taken my life away."

While alone at Ridge's bedside, Stephanie apologized to Ridge for driving Brooke away. Stephanie then told a semi-conscious Ridge that she could get Brooke back. Stephanie left a voice message on Brooke's cell phone saying "I need you, Brooke."

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


In the hospital room, Ridge desperately reaches out to Brooke calling her name. Just when he speaks her name Brooke awakens on the Marone jet, thinking of Ridge. Stephanie and Eric come in to check on their son's progress and are informed that he still has not gained consciousness. Stephanie thinks he has not woken up because Brooke is not there. Stephanie wonders where Brooke is and why Brooke has not returned her phone call. Eric tells her Brooke probably did not return the call because she did not know it was about Ridge. He says she should call Brooke again. When he leaves Ridge's room, he bumps into Taylor, Thomas and Hector. He tells them Ridge is stable and introduces them to Christian. Just after Stephanie finishes leaving another message for Brooke, Thomas and Taylor walk in. Eric comes in to get Stephanie; he thinks Taylor and Thomas should have some time alone with Ridge. Once Stephanie leaves, Taylor tells an unconscious Ridge that she got an email from their daughter's from London. Thomas interrupts her asking what Stephanie and Ridge's fight was about, before he had his heart attack. She tells him it was about Brooke.

On the Marone jet, not realizing that Brooke is thinking about Ridge, Nick suggests they spend the day in bed. Brooke is distracted and tells him she wants to call home first. Nick does not understand why Brooke is so worried but says she should call home if it will make her feel better. When she checks her messages she hears a cryptic one from Stephanie that just says, "Brooke, I need you."

Outside of Ridge's room, Stephanie continues to blame herself for Ridge's collapse. She tells Eric Brooke is Ridge's life. Stephanie feels responsible for breaking them up. Eric comforts her and tells her Brooke will get to the hospital as soon as she gets the message. Stephanie is afraid Ridge will die if Brooke does not come. When Taylor leaves Ridge's room, she questions Eric about the fight. After going over the details, Eric says Stephanie is determined to make it up to Ridge. Taylor wonders how she plans to do this and is saddened when she hears that Ridge called out for Brooke in his sleep.

Meanwhile at Brooke's, Jackie runs down the stairs to get the door wearing a red boa. Brooke's dad is surprised, but Jackie explains that she is playing dress up with the kids. He tells her she looks beautiful and asks where Brooke is. She tells him Nick took her to Cabo. Jackie wishes someone would sweep her off to a romantic get away. She invites Stephen to join her in a cup of coffee and he eagerly accepts.

In the hotel room, Brooke stresses over Stephanie's call. Nick tells Brooke to let it go and feeds her fruit. Their carefree attitude is interrupted when Brooke gets another call from Stephanie. Brooke refuses to listen to what Stephanie has to say and hangs up on her. Brooke is annoyed that Stephanie keeps harassing her and tells Nick she is through jumping through hoops for her ex mother-in-law. Brooke promises Nick her full attention as soon as she calls home. Brooke is surprised when her father answers the phone. He explains that he came by to see her. She asks him if the kids are ok and he tells her they are fine. Reassured, Brooke tells her Dad to make sure Jackie does not let Stephanie know where she and Nick are. Confused, Stephen asks what is going on. Brooke explains that she quit her job at Forrester and Stephanie has been hounding her ever since. Stephen agrees to keep her whereabouts secret. After she gets off the phone, Brooke is relieved and she and Nick hit the sheets. Even hot sex cannot keep Brooke from obsessing about Stephanie. Giving his typical answer to every problem, Nick tells her to just focus on their love and forget about everything else. They make love again.

Back at Brooke's, after Stephen gets off the phone with his daughter Stephanie shows up demanding to know where Brooke is. Stephen refuses to tell her. Stephanie pushes on, telling him that Ridge had a heart attack. Stephen callously remarks that he did not know Ridge had a heart. He tells Stephanie he does not care what happens to the man that raped his daughter. Stephanie defends Ridge saying that he loves Brooke and would never hurt her in that way. She tells him that they belong together. Stephen tells her it is too late and threatens to throw her out. She begs him to at least tell Brooke that Ridge is seriously ill and let her decide,

Outside of Ridge's room, Thomas thanks Hector for saving his father's life. Taylor did not realize Hector saved him and is very grateful. Christian comes out of Ridge's room and informs everyone that Ridge is not responding as they had hoped. Taylor fears the only thing that can save him now is Brooke.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Nick and Brooke continue to enjoy their time away together. Nick has a special surprise for Brooke, when he tells her that she is about to have a massage. When Nick opens the door and finds a "hunk" standing there, he decides to remain in Brooke's sight.

Bridget and Felicia pay a visit to Ridge at the hospital.

Nick and Brooke talk about her future and the fact that she feels she will miss doing all of what she did in the fashion industry. Nick tells her that she can work with someone who will appreciate her, his Mother, if she feels the need to work.

After talking with Stephen, Stephanie asks him to please speak with Brooke, because she hung up on her. Stephen finally breaks down and tells Stephanie they are in Mexico, and she immediately takes off to locate them. She tells Eric that it is the only decent thing to do for Ridge now.

When she arrives, she tells Brooke that she has to go back with her immediately. After Stephanie starts to explain what happened, Brooke does not believe what she had to say.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Stephanie urges Brooke to return to Los Angeles with her to help Ridge. Jackie and Stephen discuss their family situations. Dante and Felicia tease and flirt with one another and it leads to a kiss. The family worries as there is no change in Ridge's condition.

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