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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of May 29, 2006 on B&B
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Monday, May 29, 2006


At Taylor's, Stephen phones Nick and informs him he is about to meet with her. Nick is supportive, but warns him to be careful.

At Marone, Brooke calls Ridge and apologizes about not getting back to him sooner about Stephanie's offer. She explains that she needed some time to think about it. Ridge does not understand why she is hesitating about such a great offer. Before hanging up with him, she tells him she will be by Forrester soon to tell him her decision in person. When Brooke gets to Nick's office, he is just getting off the phone with Stephen. She hugs him and apologizes for putting him through another drama with the Forrester's. . Nick understands what the company means to her, but he cannot tolerate her working with Ridge. Brooke tells him she has decided to turn down the offer because he means more to her than anything. Nick is touched by her unselfishness and they kiss passionately. He insists on going with her to Forrester to break the news to Stephanie.

Meanwhile at Forrester, Eric questions Ridge about Brooke's call. Ridge worries that even if Brooke accepts the offer she still may not dump Nick. Eric reminds him that Nick told Brooke she could not have both him and Forrester. Eric believes that Brooke will definitely lose Nick if she accepts the offer. Stephanie makes no comment. When Ridge asks Stephanie why she is so quiet, she explains that she is still upset by Taylor's outburst. She is afraid she made a mistake giving Taylor 2% of the company. Ridge does not think Taylor is anything to worry about.

At Taylor's when Stephen walks in, he is surprised to find her drinking wine so early in the day. She pours him a glass and asks him to join her in a toast to the end of her relationship with the Forrester's. He cannot believe it when she tells him that Stephanie slapped her. She explains that she gave Stephanie and the rest of the family a piece of her mind. A bitter Taylor tells him she knows just where she stands now that Stephanie has chosen Brooke over her. As she prepares to gulp down more wine, Stephen stops her. He tells her that they have a way to make Stephanie and the rest of the family pay for their actions. He begs her to join forces with Brooke so they will have control of the company. Taylor tells him she does not want to be vengeful and stoop to Stephanie's level. Stephen argues that all she would be doing is righting wrongs. Still not convinced, Taylor starts to rip up her stock. Stephen stops her and asks her to sell it to him instead. Trying to convince her, he tells her that is the best way to free herself from the Forrester's.

Back at Forrester, when Nick and Brooke arrive some of the employees congratulate Brooke on her new position. After they leave, Brooke looks around at all the pictures of her on the walls. Tears start to stream down her face as she remembers her colorful history with Forrester. Nick begins to feel guilty, seeing how much the company means to her. When they walk in to Stephanie's office, Stephanie assumes Brooke has come to accept the offer, and Stephanie gives her a syrupy sweet greeting. Nick calls Stephanie out on her insincerity. Stephanie admits that she has not been fair to Brooke in the past, but promises that has all changed. Eric and Ridge back Stephanie's claims. Ridge takes Brooke's hand and leads her to her new desk. Brooke goes along with it, still not able to break the news to herself or them. Ridge continues to bait her, reminding her of all the wonderful times she hand bouncing around the office with him and his father. Nick watches on with fearfully jealous eyes and sees how tempted Brooke is to accept the offer. Just as she is about to break the news to them, Nick gets a call from Stephen. Stephen tells him he was able to buy Taylor's stock. Realizing that Brooke now has controlling interest in the company, Nick stops her from refusing the offer, by accepting the offer for her. Brooke is happily surprised that Nick is supporting her position there, but Ridge is suspicious about Nick's sudden change of heart.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

At Forrester Creations Nick told Brooke that he approves of her becoming CEO of Forrester Creations. Ridge Stephanie and Eric looked on at Nick with disbelief. Stephanie didn't understand Nick's change of heart regarding Brooke becoming CEO of Forrester Creations. After Nick left, Brooke admitted without Nick's approval she would have declined CEO. Brooke then accepted the position of CEO at Forrester Creations. Ridge commented to Brooke that 'she's home at last." Stephanie welcomed Brooke back to Forrester Creations with a hug. Eric insisted that Brooke take over his office. Thorne and Darla arrived and congratulated Brooke. Brooke told Ridge that he is her head designer.

Meanwhile at Marone Industries, Stephen showed Nick Taylor's two percent of the Forrester stock which she had signed over to Brooke. The two percent from Taylor gives Brooke the controlling interest in Forrester Creations. Nick immediately had the stock checked by his legal team. The legal team confirmed that the stock was valid and does give Brooke controlling interest in Forrester Creations. Stephen suggested that now Brooke could fire Stephanie, Eric and Ridge and do whatever she wants with the company. Brooke is free of the Forresters and she will not have to work with Ridge.

Felicia flirted with Christian as he was checking her heart beat. Christian told Felicia that he is moving out because she no longer requires 24 hour monitoring by a doctor. Christian told Felicia that he is interested in her as a woman. Felicia honestly told Christian that she hopes to get together with Dante, Dino's father, if his relationship with Bridget ends. Christian surprised Felicia with a passionate kiss before he left.

Back at Forrester Creations, Brooke reminded Ridge that she is committed to Nick. Ridge reminded Brooke that it always just happened between them as they casually hugged. Meanwhile, Nick told Stephen that Brooke is finally free of Ridge and the Forresters.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006


At Brooke's, as Stephen watches on, Nick and Hope add the finishing touches to a celebration dinner for Brooke. They invite Stephen to stay, but he refuses, wanting them to get to celebrate alone. When Brooke arrives, she is happily surprised. She is thrilled that Nick accepts how important Forrester is to her and thanks him for his support. Nick presents her with Taylor's stock telling her now she is majority stockholder in Forrester. Brooke cannot believe it and asked him how he got the stock. Nick explains that Stephen persuaded Taylor to sell it. Brooke is shocked that Taylor would go against Stephanie like this. Nick tells her that Taylor is bitter about how Stephanie publicized Ridge's love for Brooke. Nick says now that Brooke is in control she will not have to deal with the Forresters anymore. Brooke does not understand what Nick means, since she will be working with the family everyday. Nick tells her he wants her to fire them. Brooke cannot believe how Nick orchestrated this situation and thinks firing them would be a very cruel and vengeful thing to do. Nick does not trust the Forresters and he demands that Brooke get them out of the company if she wants a life with him.

Meanwhile at Forrester, Bridget and Ridge discuss Brooke's new position at Forrester. Bridget does not think her mother should trust Stephanie's new attitude and she tells Ridge that she cannot believe Brooke would accept Stephanie's offer and risk losing Nick. She asks him if Brooke and Nick have broken up and he arrogantly tells her "not yet." Ridge lets her know that Nick was the one who convinced Brooke to accept the offer. Bridget is confused and does not understand why Nick would do this. Ridge explains that Nick backed down because he realized that the Forrester's approval was more important to Brooke than their relationship. Ridge believes that Nick was afraid, if forced, Brooke would choose the company over him. Ridge is convinced he will be able to win Brooke back, now that they are going to be working together. He asks Bridget to support his relationship with Brooke. Bridget refuses to believe that Nick and Brooke's relationship is in jeopardy.

At Taylor's, sad and alone as usual, Taylor once more attempts to drink away her sorrows. Deciding to sober up, she pours the rest of her wine into one of her plants. Just after she does this, Stephen drops by. She is surprised to see him and assumes he must have a question about the stock, but Stephen tells her that is not it, he just wants to make sure she is ok. Stephen knows that Taylor feels alone and abandoned by the Forresters. He tells her she is not alone and that he cares about her. Taylor is surprised that he cares about her; she thought he was only interested in her stock. Stephen explains that he cares about her, regardless of the stock and she should not view him as another Stephanie who is just using her. He asks her what she is planning on doing with her life now that she has freed herself from Stephanie's clutches. Taylor admits she is clueless. He says that is because she has always given to others and never focused on herself. Taylor tells him that it is a very scary time for her and she does not know how to live her life without Ridge and his family. Stephen thinks it is an exciting time for her full of possibilities. He tells her to stop looking back and start looking forward. Taylor does not know how to let go of the past. She says she feels all alone with a bunch of wasted possibilities. Stephen says she is not alone and that he is there for her. He then walks toward her and kisses her, first softly but quickly becoming passionate.

Thursday, June 1, 2006

After spending the night before, with each other, Stephen and Taylor awoke, barely remembering what had happened. Taylor, who was trying to make sense of the whole ordeal was told by Stephen, to stop trying to make sense of it, and just enjoy it. Upon hearing that, Taylor and Stephen lingered in bed a little longer, to enjoy the company of each other. Afterwards, Taylor later received flowers, from Stephen, with a note that said, "Looking forward to seeing you again."

While the Forrester's were waiting in Brooke's office to welcome her back to work, Stephanie tried to reach Taylor, but couldn't. Brooke on the other hand, wondered what to do about the 2%, and what Nick and the Forresters had done. Ridge was still hoping that bringing Brooke back to work for them meant that it might be possible for another go 'round for Brooke and him. Brooke entered the office, and was greeted rather warmly, when she announced that they had all been fired. She had an additional 2% of the company and that made her in control.

Friday, June 2, 2006

Returning for the watch he left the other night, Stephen continues to compliment Taylor and thank her for the wonderful night in bed. Giving her the cold shoulder when he finds her ready to continue with her nude sculpture, Dante tells Felicia that things are over between him and Bridget, thanks to her. Unable to continue with the sculpting, he decides to take a break but when he returns, he finds Christian there, kissing his model and orders him to back off. After Brooke fires him, Eric and Stephanie, Ridge tells her that this isn't her but she boasts that she knows it will be only time before Stephanie turns on her again. Stephanie denies it and hugs her, urging her not to be a part of Nick and Stephen's plan. She runs to confront Taylor about her betrayal but when she reveals that Brooke has fired them, she notices her reaction and guesses that Taylor had Brooke do her dirty work. Taylor insists she was just reacting to Stephanie's belittling her but as they argue, Stephen returns from the bedroom. Jackie congratulates Nick on buying Taylor's stock and calls Stephen "amazing." Nick's curious about her interest in Stephen but she changes the subject and sends him to check on Brooke. He arrives in time to find Ridge trying to woo Brooke back to his side. Ridge claims that you can't tell Brooke what to do but Nick guesses that's why Ridge raped her. Nick then states that Thorne can stay with the company because he's been treated just as badly. Brooke astounds Nick by whispering she's changed her mind and can't fire the Forresters.

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