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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of June 5, 2006 on B&B
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Monday, June 5, 2006

At Forrester in Brooke's office, Nick is furious with Brooke for refusing to fire the Forresters. As Ridge watches, Nick reiterates to Brooke that she cannot have a life with him and continue to work with the Forresters. Brooke tells Nick she wants things to work for them but she also wants things to work for Ridge's family. She points out that Ridge and Eric are Forrester Creations and it would be morally wrong and bad business to fire them. Brooke offers a solution. She tells Nick that she can run the company, but her office can be at Marone, right next to his. Ridge thinks Brooke is making the right decision and says she is a good CEO because she realizes what is best for the company. Brooke warns Ridge to respect her relationship with Nick, or she could change her mind about everything. She then dismisses Ridge so she can pack up her things and move her office to Marone. Brooke reassures Nick of her love but tells him she cannot do something she does not believe in, even for him. Nick is not happy with Brooke's solution but he begrudgingly goes along with it. After Nick leaves, Brooke begins packing up. Ridge stops by and thanks her for not firing him. He feels hopeful, after seeing that she packed a family picture of them. After Ridge leaves, Stephanie drops by and tells Brooke that she realizes Stephen and Nick are responsible for Brooke's decision to fire them. She tells Brooke she trusts her and asks Brooke to stand by her and fight this.

In Dante's Studio, after finding Felicia and Christian in a compromising position, Dante becomes jealous and tells Christian to leave. Felicia does not understand why Dante got so jealous, since he supposedly is not interested in her. Dante is annoyed that Felicia is already throwing herself at another guy. Felicia jokingly tells him she was just having fun. Dante is not amused and asks her why she always has to act like a slut. Felicia is stung by his comment. Dante accuses her of cheapening herself in order to push him away. He doesn't think that is who she really is, he just thinks she is afraid to be herself; He tells her to be the smart, loving, caring woman that he knows she is, not this dangerous person she pretends to be. He begs her to start seeing herself for who she is. Felicia does not understand what he wants. He explains that he wants more time to get to know her better and he does not want to always have to worry about finding her in bed with other men. Felicia is touched by how much he cares about her and they hug.

Meanwhile at Taylor's, Stephanie attempts to apologize to Taylor once more, but Stephen will not stand for it. Stephanie blames Stephen for being a bad influence on Taylor and using her. Taylor defends him, saying that Stephanie is the one who betrayed her. Stephen tells Stephanie that Taylor's life is no longer any of her business. Stephanie thinks Taylor is being a fool and tells her that Stephen just used her for the stock and a little sex. Stephanie demands that Taylor "save what little self respect she has" by giving her back the stock. Stephen gleefully informs Stephanie that it is too late since the stocks have already been signed over to Brooke. Ignoring him, Stephanie asks Taylor to tell the lawyers that she made a mistake because she had been drinking when she agreed to sell the stock. Insulted by Stephanie's reference to her drinking problem, Taylor refuses and tells Stephanie to leave. Stephanie cannot believe she is taking Stephen's side over hers. Taylor angrily tells her to go talk to Brooke about it since she respects her enough to give her half of the company. Taylor tells Stephanie that she does not want to ever see her again. After Stephanie leaves Taylor tells Stephen that she does not want to continue their romance, because of Brooke. Stephen is disappointed, but agrees to be friends. He leaves after kissing her goodbye.

At the Beach House, Bridget wonders if Nick and Brooke are going to stay together. Nick drops in and tells her that Brooke now has 52% of the company. Bridget is surprised; she thought Brooke just had 50%. He tells her that the other two shares came from Taylor. Bridget cannot believe that Nick is supporting Brooke's position at Forrester. He explains that he thought Brooke was going to fire all of the Forresters. Bridget says he should have known that Brooke could never do that. Nick tells her about Brooke's compromise of running the company from Marone, but admits that he is not happy with her decision. Nick apologizes for dumping on her again, saying he did not know where else to turn. Bridget does not mind and tells him she just wants what is best for him.

Tuesday, June 6, 2006

In Stephanie's office, She asked Brooke to tell her if she is with her or not? Stephanie felt she had done everything to make Brooke feel welcomed back into the company and the family. Brooke admitted that she was wrong to fire Stephanie, Eric and Ridge. Brooke did acknowledge that Nick does not want her to work with Ridge. Brooke solved that problem by moving her office to Marone Industries.

At the beach house, Bridget advised Nick that Brooke was starting to let go of Ridge when he had his heart attack. Nick noticed Nicole's blanket and apologized for not being there for Bridget after Nicole's death. Bridget and Nick agreed that they would always love one another as friends.

Stephen visited Jackie. He explained that there was reason to celebrate: Their children Brooke and Nick's upcoming marriage and Brooke's control over Forrester Creations. Jackie told Stephen that he was attractive and that she wanted to get to know him better. They shared a kiss.

Back at Forrester Creations, Stephanie continued to explain that in order to obtain the other two percent stock from Taylor, he slept with her. Brooke was shocked by the news. Brooke remained stubborn about running Forrester Creations from Marone Industries. Stephanie felt betrayed and angry. As Brooke was leaving, Stephanie threw a knife into the woodwork of the door next to where Brooke was exiting.

Wednesday, June 7, 2006

At Forrester, Stephanie apologizes to Brooke for throwing a letter opener at her. Brooke accepts her apology, realizing that old habits die hard. Stephanie is frustrated that Brooke is allowing Nick and Stephen to pull all the strings. She begs Brooke not to turn her back on the family. Brooke remains skeptical about Stephanie's sincerity. Stephanie does not know how to convince Brooke that she can be trusted. Brooke says one way is by respecting the fact that she is going to be working from Marone. Stephanie reluctantly accepts Brooke's decision but maintains that Forrester is where Brooke belongs. Stephanie gives Brooke a hug. While they are hugging, Ridge walks in. After Brooke leaves, Ridge tells Stephanie how much he appreciates all of her efforts to win Brooke over. Stephanie is determined to convince Brooke that she belongs with the family and not at Marone. Ridge tells her not to worry about it because he has a plan. He says he and Brooke will have to work closely together on The Brooke Bedroom Line, since she is his model. Ridge is confident that by the time he finishes the line he and Brooke will be back together.

At the Beach House, Bridget reminds Nick that when it comes to Brooke often things are not what they seem to be. However, she is happy for him and she thinks he is up to the challenge of loving her mother. Bridget then gets nostalgic about their relationship and what they once meant to each other. Nick tells her that there will always be something special between them, but Bridget says it is time to let go. They look into each other eyes and embrace and say goodbye one last time.

Meanwhile at Dante's, Felicia and Dante enjoy playing with their son together. Remembering their last conversation, Felicia tells Dante that she wants to be the kind of person that he sees her as. He reassures her that she already is. Felicia admits that she needs to tone it down by being a little bit less impulsive and crazy. Dante feels those are her best qualities. Felicia wants to be a good role model for Dominick. Dante thinks Felicia is being too hard on herself, and says they are both good role models already. Wanting to spend sometime alone with Dante, Felicia decides to put the baby to bed. When she returns, Felicia thanks him for caring enough to give her a wake-up call. Dante invites her to come with him to Italy so his family can meet her and the baby. After Felicia agrees to go with him, Dante gives her a passionate kiss. Felicia admits that she remembers how their first kiss was and Dante tells her it left him with an aching for more. Hoping he might have better luck with the sister, Dante proposes to Felicia giving her the ring he originally meant for Bridget. Felicia is shocked. She asks him if he loves her. Dante tells her he does love her and when he sees her with his son, it makes his life feel complete. Felicia accepts his proposal and they begin to kiss.

At Brooke's, Nick stops by and tells Brooke he discussed it with Bridget and has decided that he doesn't want her working with Stephanie and Ridge. Brooke does not understand why he is not happy with her compromise. Nick says he does not trust Ridge. Brooke maintains that he has nothing to fear from Ridge and in time Ridge will see how committed she is to Nick. Nick is not satisfied and feels Ridge will stop at nothing to have her. Brooke reassures Nick that she wants to marry him and be the mother to his children. Finally accepting Brooke's decision, Nick decides to get romantic and proposes to her. Brooke is thrilled and eagerly accepts. He jokingly tells her she only has to love and honor him, since he knows that she will never obey. They laugh and begin to kiss.

Thursday, June 8, 2006

Nick and Brooke prepare to leave for work. Nick tells her that they can ride together, but she has something that she has to do first. When Nick steps out of the room, Brooke places a call to her father. She wants to see him, and talk about the fact that he slept with Taylor. Hearing a female voice in the background, Brooke assumes that it is Taylor, he is with. Stephen tells her that he will be over to see her, and as the two of them hang up from their conversation, Stephen turns over to Jackie, who is lying beside him. Jackie is glowing as she finds Stephen handsome, and what she needed at this time in her life. Later, as Nick leaves for work, Stephen is coming into Brooke's home. Brooke tells him that she knows that he slept with Taylor and asks, "What in the world is going on with you?" He dismisses what she is saying to find out whether or not Stephanie threatened her or not. Brooke is then told that he did not sleep with Taylor to get her stock. He cared for her, but it is all over now. Brooke tells her father, that every time she lets him back in her life, chaos comes along with him. She tells him that she wants him gone, out of LA and out of her life.

Bridget and Christian talk at work about Dante and her relationship with him. She tells Christian that she had this wonderful man in her life, but because she couldn't get over her ex, she never gave her relationship with Dante a chance. She tells Christian that Dante even proposed to her. He suggests that if he proposed, he had to love her, and that love wouldn't just disappear in a day, so she needs to pick herself up and go to him and apologize. Bridget decides to take his advice and heads on over to see Dante.

Felicia and Dante are in bed. They are talking about the miraculous way they are coming together as a family. Felicia asks him how he feels about Bridget. He tells her that he will always care about Bridget but it is over and he is fine with it. He is not sorry that things turned out the way they did. Dante is getting dressed as Bridget arrives and he is surprised to see her. They start to tell each other that they have something to tell the other person, but Bridget goes first, and she apologizes to him for taking him for granted, when he gave her love and support. He was there for her when she was having her problems with Nick, and she is sorry what she put him through. She walks closer to him and kisses him, and would like to give them a chance. Before Dante can say anything, Bridget's cell phone rings, and it is Felicia. Bridget tries to tell Felicia that she is in the middle of something, but Felicia has something very important to tell her. Felicia tells Bridget that she and Dante are engaged.

Friday, June 9, 2006

Stephanie confronts Nick about taking advantage of Taylor getting her to sell her shares of stock to Nick and Stephen. Jackie enters and Stephanie reveals that Stephen has also slept with Taylor. Jackie can't believe this information. Stephanie urges Jackie and Nick that if they want to help Brooke they need to get rid of Stephen. Eric tries to give his blessing to Felicia but he's not sure if Dante is the right man for her. Later, Bridget visits Felicia and asks her to slow things down. Brooke remembers her childhood and how Stephen wasn't there for her and her family. An emotional Brooke asks Stephen to leave her alone.

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