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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of June 12, 2006 on B&B
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Monday, June 12, 2006

At Forrester, Ridge is busily fitting the models for Brooke's new Bedroom Line when Dante drops in. After the models leave, Ridge questions the sincerity of Dante's proposal to Felicia since just days before he wanted to marry Bridget. Ridge is afraid Dante is just marrying Felicia because of Dominick and he wants to make sure Felicia is not being misled. Dante admits that his proposal to Felicia is impulsive but he assures Ridge that he wants to have a life with Felicia and his son. Ridge is skeptical and warns Dante that if he makes this commitment to Felicia he had better honor it.

At Marone, Brooke talks with Bridget while she is moving into her new office. She tells her daughter that she knows Stephen meant well by getting her the extra 2% of Forrester. However, for Brooke it was too little too late and her father's interference only brought back painful childhood memories for her of how he abandoned her when she needed him most. Brooke tells Bridget that she told Stephen to leave LA. Bridget thinks her mother is being harsh, but Brooke argues that she cannot trust her father and she does not want him anywhere around her. When Bridget attempts to defend him, Brooke informs her that Stephen slept with Taylor in order to get revenge on the Forresters. Bridget cannot believe that Stephen would sink so low. Brooke tells her that Stephen claimed to have some kind of connection with Taylor, but Brooke does not buy it. Brooke adds that she cannot believe Nick and Stephen expected her to fire Stephanie, Eric and Ridge once she gained control of the company. Bridget agrees that firing them would be ridiculous, but she does understand why Nick does not trust Ridge to be working with her mother. Brooke says she is compromising with Nick by having her office in Marone. Bridget thinks Brooke is underestimating her feelings for Ridge. She warns her mother that she is encouraging Ridge, by going against what Nick wants her to do. Bridget also thinks re-launching Brooke's Bedroom Line is a bad idea. As usual, Brooke ignores her daughter's concerns. Bridget notices Brooke's new engagement ring and congratulates her. She tells her mother that Dante and Felicia are getting married too. Brooke is confused. Bridget explains that after she refused Dante's proposal he decided to propose to Felicia. Bridget thinks she made a mistake by refusing to marry Dante. She tells her mother she did not appreciate what she had with Dante until she lost it. Brooke does not think it is too late and reminds her daughter that Dante loves her, not Felicia. Brooke encourages Bridget to tell Dante how she feels before it is too late. After Bridget leaves Ridge drops by bringing samples of The Bedroom Line, Brooke scolds him for coming to Marone. Ridge playfully holds up a pair of panties and tells her they have work to do. Brooke refuses to discuss panties with him. Ridge tells her to try them on instead. Ignoring her exasperation, Ridge places the lingerie out on the table and makes her look at it. She admits that he has not lost his touch and he tells her she is his muse. He then shows her the teddy showstopper that he wants her to model at the fashion show. Ever the professional, Brooke generously agrees to wear it for the good of the company. Ridge begins to get touch feely with her until he notices her engagement ring. He cannot believe that she is going to marry Nick. Brooke does not want to discuss it with him. Ridge begs her to follow her heart one more time and come back to him. He promises he will never let her down again.

Meanwhile at Jackie's, Stephen drops by and tells her they need to talk. Before he gets the chance to confess, Jackie calls him out about his romp with Taylor. Surprised to find out that she already knows about it Stephen begins to stammer. At first, Jackie is annoyed and does not make it easy for him. Jackie assumes that he slept with Taylor in order to get her to sign over the 2% stock. Stephen informs her that they did not have sex until after she signed the stock over. Jackie is oddly turned on by his rakish behavior. She tells him sleeping with Taylor was very James Bond of him and admits she finds that alluring. Bloating his ego further, Jackie goes on to tell him that he is a dangerously complicated man but she cannot fight her attraction toward him. Genuinely surprised by her reaction, Stephen tells her that she might be more dangerously complicated than him.

At the Beach House, fearing she has lost the only man who truly loved her, a lonely Bridget paces back and forth wistfully remembering the special times she shared with Dante. She is shocked back into the moment when Dante walks in. She thanks him for coming by. As they look longingly into each other eyes, Dante realizes how upset she is about his impending wedding. He admits to her that he never should have proposed to Felicia and starts to kiss her, but Bridget pulls away. Dante walks toward her telling her a marriage to Felicia would be a lie. Bridget tells him Brooke told her she should listen to her heart. Dante asks her what her heart says and she tells him that she loves him. Things get hot and heavy as they begin to kiss and remove each other's clothes.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

At Marone Industries, Ridge flirted with Brooke. He told her that it would be a mistake for her to marry Nick especially since their love for one another is as strong as it ever was. Nick walked in and told Ridge to take his hand off of Brooke or he would break it.

Nick had Brooke leave the office. Nick threatened Ridge that the next time he would throw him out. Nick and Ridge had their usual disagreement over who Brooke loves and belongs with.

Felicia surprised her family by inviting Dante's family from Italy to their home. Felicia told them that she had moved up the wedding to this week. Dante's family arrived at the house. Dante's family and the Forrester family all exchanged pleasantries. Felicia called Dante and told him to come to her parent's home immediately because there was a surprise.

Meanwhile, Bridget told Dante that she loves him. Bridget was hesitant to get back together with Dante because she did not want to leave Dino with one parent. Dante assured Bridget that he would always be there for his son. Dante planned to end his relationship with Felicia immediately.

At Marone, Bridget told Brooke that she and Dante are back together. Bridget was concerned about Felicia's reaction. Bridget was sad that her happiness would have to come at the expense of Felicia's happiness.

When Dante arrived at the Forresters, he was stunned to see his whole family there. Bridget arrived in time to hear that Felicia had moved her and Dante's wedding up to this week. Eric noticed that Bridget seemed as stunned as Dante had seemed when he arrived.

Felicia announced to everyone how happy she was to be marrying Dante and to becoming a family with Dante and Dino.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

At the Forresters', Felicia dotes on Dante in front of his family, making him more uncomfortable about the situation as Bridget watches on. The family is excited about the upcoming nuptials, but Dante says he thinks things are too rushed. Stephanie puts pressure on them to continue with the wedding plans. Dante gives Bridget a helpless look, not sure how to get out of this situation. Stephanie welcomes Dante to the family and thanks him for making Felicia so happy. Bridget feels out of place with everyone fussing over Felicia and Dante. Sensing her discomfort, Dante's cousin approaches her and asks her why she seems so unhappy. Dodging the question, Bridget excuses herself. Stephanie is concerned by Bridget's mood. Excusing himself to get champagne, Dante follows Bridget upstairs instead. Stephanie spies Dante upstairs with Bridget and becomes suspicious. Stephanie finds Felicia out on the terrace and tells her that Dante's family adores her. Felicia thanks her Mom for keeping her alive and they hug. When Felicia comes back in Dante's mother presents her with some Venetian lace for her wedding gown. Felicia thanks her and asks if she can dye it black, since that is the color of the wedding dress Eric is making for her. Dante's mother is a little shocked, but agrees that will be fine.

Meanwhile, upstairs at the Forresters', Dante assures Bridget that nothing has changed. He tells her she is the one for him and it is not too late. Bridget tells him she cannot go through with it. Dante understands that it is a shock for Bridget with his family being there and the wedding being moved up, but he tells her they can still be together. Bridget does not want to destroy Felicia's happiness. Dante grabs her and kisses her, telling her he loves her, not Felicia. He backs her into a closet and they continue to make out until they hear Thorne and Darla in the hallway. Bridget tells him it is over because she cannot do this to her sister. She asks him to go back downstairs and be with his family. When he gets to the bottom of the staircase, Dante bumps into Stephanie. Knowing that he was just with Bridget, Stephanie tells him family is worth sacrificing everything for and implies that he needs to get over Bridget. After Stephanie leaves Bridget comes down, and Dante begs her to change her mind. Just as he is starting to get through to her, his father calls him into the living room for a toast, Bridget follows him in. Bridget cannot bring herself to tell Felicia about her feelings for Dante so she just tells her how much she loves Dino. Felicia assures her that she will always be apart of Dino's life. Bridget bravely tells Dante he has finally found the family he wanted and she thinks he will be very happy. She gives him a tearful hug and whispers goodbye in his ear.

At Marone, Brooke walks into her new office and finds Nick kicking a hole in Ridge's portrait. He angrily tells her he does not want Ridge's face around his company. Nick accuses her of sending Ridge mixed signals. Brooke denies it. Nick thinks the only reason Ridge is so excited about the Bedroom Line is because he wants to get Brooke in her underwear. Nick is furious when Brooke tells him she is planning on modeling the lingerie in a fashion show. Brooke reminds Nick that he encouraged her to stay at Forrester so she would not have to choose him over the company. Trying to calm him down, she tells him that they will be married soon and gives him a big kiss. Brooke then tells him Bridget and Dante are getting married too. Nick is surprised; he had no idea that Bridget had such strong feelings for Dante. Brooke explains that Bridget did not realize she was in love with Dante until she found out he had proposed to Felicia. Nick does not understand why Dante would propose to Felicia when he is in love with Bridget. Brooke tells him Dante was on the rebound after Bridget refused his proposal. She tells Nick that Dante is rectifying everything now. Brooke thinks it is unfortunate that Bridget did not realize her feelings for Dante until after he proposed to Felicia. Nick thinks it was because she was still hanging on to her feelings for him. He tells Brooke that he told Bridget she should not wait around for a future with him. Brooke is happy that Bridget finally has a future with a man who really loves her, instead of her mother. As Brooke and Nick hug, Brooke looks at her computer screen and sees and email that Ridge just sent her. It is a picture of her in lingerie from one of the fashion shows. In the note, Ridge playfully writes, "Looking forward to out first fitting."`

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Ridge is checking the models outfits for the fashion show, which is being held tomorrow. He plans the show around a simple kiss which he says will be the kiss of death for Nick and Brooke. Ridge tells Stephanie that one simple kiss will send Nick through the roof! Ridge places a call to Brooke to come over for a fitting, so she doesn't have a fabric malfunction on the catwalk. Brooke arrives at Ridge's office, but before she enters, she places a call to Nick that she is having a fitting and, will be back at Marone shortly. She enters the office all business-like and proceeds to try on the outfit handed to her by Ridge. When she walks out, he covers her with compliments. Ridge shows Brooke the "It Begins With A Kiss" poster. He tells her that she can work over at the Marone office, and can walk out of this one, but the chemistry between the two of them, will always be there. She goes to change her clothing and Ridge thinks to himself that tomorrow will bring the beginning of the end for Brooke and Nick.

Taylor receives a phone call from Stephen. He tells her that Stephanie is telling everyone about their brief encounter that led to the bedroom. Taylor thanks him for the info and hangs up to answer the doorbell. Taylor finds Brooke on the other side of the door and as Brooke enters, she starts to hassle Taylor for her impropriety with her father. It causes Brooke to ask Taylor if she is involved with Stephen. Taylor tells her that it just wasn't some cheap thing that happened between them, but it is over with now, because it would cause too many complications. Taylor tells Brooke that she is glad to be out of the Forrester emotional bribery and to call that part of her life, over. Later, Taylor ponders over who she has become.

Nick enters his office to find Stephen waiting for him. Nick, still angry at what he has learned, asks Stephen if he has slept with his secretary yet, since he all ready slept with Taylor and Jackie. After words are tossed back and forth, the two men begin to focus on the fashion show that is being held tomorrow. They are both concerned for Brooke anb about what might happen.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Stephen tells Nick that he suspects Ridge is planning something to get Brooke back at the fashion show. Backstage, Dante asks Bridget to reconsider their relationship. Felicia sees from afar and is alarmed by their close moment. The models begin to walk on the runway as Ridge prepares for a surprise for Brooke during the showstopper.

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