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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of July 10, 2006 on B&B
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Monday, July 10, 2006

At the beach house, Bridget and Dante are surprised to find Felicia waiting for them. She informs them that it is their night to have Dino. Bridget apologizes admitting that she forgot. Felicia is annoyed. Dante explains that it was a crazy wedding. Felicia isn't surprised considering that Brooke was the bride. Bridget isn't in the mood to go over the details of the wedding. Still annoyed, Felicia tells them she can just take Dino home. Bridget insists that she let Dino stay since it is their night to have him. When Felicia notices that Bridget is carrying the bridal bouquet she assumes that means she caught it and loudly warns Dante to be careful. Ignoring her sister, Bridget says she is going to check on Dino and Felicia yells that his name is Dominick. After Bridget goes in, Dante asks Felicia to ease up on Bridget. Felicia feels Bridget is completely selfish and deserves her barbs and tells Dante if he wanted to fall in love with a spoiled brat, he should have picked her. Felicia warns Dante that Bridget will toss him aside as soon as Brooke dumps Nick for Ridge. Before she leaves, Felicia tells Dante how much she misses him. Once he comes inside Bridget apologizes for the latest scene with her sister. Dante brushes it off saying it's not that big of a deal. Bridget feels like Felicia hates her now, but Dante says she is just going through a lot and she has a big mouth. Dante wants Bridget to focus on setting a time for them to get married now that Nick's future is settled. Bridget doesn't understand why Dante thinks she is still hung up on Nick. She explains that she is just worried that her Mom and Nick will not work out because they are so different and have such different values. Dante doesn't think Bridget will ever be entirely over Nick, but he tells her he is OK with that because it has more to do with the period Nick came into her life, than on Nick himself. Bridget says she learned a lot from Nick and Nick knew she was good for him. Dante says sometimes people don't always want what is best for them. Bridget admits that was the story of her life until she met him. Dante tells her not to try to be her Mom's mom. He thinks she needs to let her Mom live her own life and that she shouldn't feel so responsible for Brooke's choices and mistakes. Bridget agrees with him and they begin to kiss. She hugs him and tells him she can't believe how close she came to loosing him. Bridget begins to worry about Felicia and how upset she is. Dante thinks Felicia has been through enough and deserves to be happy. Bridget thinks she will find happiness. Dante is doubtful, saying Felicia thought she had everything when she had him and their son, but now she has nothing and it just is not right. Bridget thinks Dante is amazing for not being upset with Felicia after she was so hostile to them. He tells her he knows Felicia is just hurting and he identifies with her pain of not being able to have the person that you want. They agree to both be more sensitive towards Felicia's feelings. Bridget thanks Dante for being such an incredible guy and kisses him.

On the Shady Marlin, Brooke asks Nick where they are and he tells her he has taken her to their island. Nick jokes with Brooke that he's going to treat her like a caveman would and make her cook and clean and do whatever he says. He then picks her up and carries her out to the island, where a beautiful bed is set up for their honeymoon. He explains that one of guy's from Chuck's set it up for them. They begin to kiss passionately. They sip margaritas and toast to always. Brooke is shocked at how strong the drinks are and Nick jokes that he doesn't have to get her drunk anymore to have his way with her now that she's his wife. Nick tells her that now that they are married he has everything he has ever wanted and they kiss. As they begin to make love Brooke teases Nick that she only married him for his body. She then tells him that she loves it that he doesn't close his eyes when he kisses her. He tells her that is because he loves to look at her. After making love Nick and Brooke hold on to each other. As they look at the stars, Brooke tells him her lucky star steered her to him. Looking into his eyes, Brooke tells him she finally feels like she is home and Nick tells that's because she is.

Meanwhile, at the Guest House, Felicia arrives to find Stephanie waiting for her. Stephanie asks her where the baby is. Still in a bad mood, Felicia tells her mother she doesn't appreciate her always barging in. Stephanie ignores Felicia's mood and tells her she needs to go to the office and bring Ridge home. Felicia doesn't want to interfere and tells her mom that she thinks Brooke and Bridget are both crazy for loving the same man. She tells Stephanie that Bridget is still mooning over Nick and that Dante is just a security blanket for her. Felicia is frustrated that the only two men she has ever loved both fell for Bridget. Stephanie is disappointed in Bridget's behavior and admits that she doesn't even know her anymore. Felicia begins to think she is being too hard on her sister and Stephanie says all she has to do is agree with Felicia and she will change her mind. Felicia admits that she is being childish and tells Stephanie she is not trying to compete with Bridget. She tells Stephanie she is going to stop living every day as if it will be her last and start living every day as if she is going to grow to be as old and mean as Stephanie. Stephanie jokes that she is touched that she inspires Felicia and then tells her to go get Ridge. Felicia refuses saying all she could tell him is that Brooke is an airhead. Stephanie continues to pressures her and finally Felicia agrees to have breakfast alone with Ridge in the morning, Long after Stephanie has left, and she is alone in her room, Felicia rubs Vitamin E on her stomach scar. She looks at herself in the mirror and vows that she is going to live. She thanks God for her son and her second chance at life. She remembers romantic times with Dante and tells God she believes they belong together.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

At Forrester Creations, Thorne suggested to Ridge that perhaps there is someone out there for him rather than Brooke. Darla arrived. Ridge sarcastically told Darla to tell him what a fool he has been with Brooke. Darla instead hugged Ridge and lent her support over his loss of Brooke. Darla invited Ridge and the kids to stop over that evening for their daughter Alexandria's birthday. Ridge agreed to attend. He apologized for being mean to Darla in the past. Ridge thanked Darla and Thorne for their support.

At home, Thomas was worried about Taylor. Thomas told Taylor that he is aware that she has been drinking heavily because he saw a lot of wine bottles in the recycling bin. Taylor promised to quit drinking and return to being the mother that he remembered her as.

Darla visited Taylor as she emptied the wine bottles. Darla invited Taylor to Alexandria's birthday party. Darla apologized for not calling Taylor since her divorce from Ridge. They agreed to become closer friends.

Ridge arrived at Taylor's to pick up Thomas. Taylor told Ridge that she was sorry that Brooke married Nick. Taylor told Ridge she was couldn't figure out her life and why they divorced so he could be with Brooke and now she and Ridge are both alone. Ridge apologized for hurting Taylor.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

At Forrester, Stephanie and Darla tell Phoebe how glad they are that she is back. Darla tells Phoebe that her coming home is just what her parents need right now. Darla then rushes out to get Alexandria's birthday cake, leaving her daughter in their care. After Darla leaves Stephanie asks Phoebe if she came back because she is worried about Ridge and Taylor. Phoebe admits that she is worried about her Mom and wants her parents to reconcile. Stephanie doesn't think that is going to happen and encourages Phoebe to show Taylor lot's of love. Phoebe thinks Taylor needs Ridge's love more than anything.

Meanwhile at Taylor's, Ridge and Taylor hug and Ridge apologizes for making such a mess of their lives and tells her he wishes he could change things. Taylor thinks its unfair that Nick and Brooke are the only ones that have ended up happy. Ridge blames himself for her unhappiness and tells her he had no idea how much pain he caused her until experiencing it himself, from Brooke. Taylor thinks he is being too hard on himself and tells him she has dealt with the pain and is determined to moved on. Ridge tells Taylor he wants the best for her and that includes wanting her to find a man that truly loves and appreciates her and would never let her down like he has. Ridge admits he didn't think enough about what he was giving up when he left her and their kids for Brooke. Taylor tells Ridge everyone understood that he was in impossible situation. Thomas walks in before they can finish their conversation and Taylor tells them they should go or they will be late for Alexandria's party. Not wanting his Mom to be alone, Thomas tries to convince her to come but she won't take him up on it.

At Thorne and Darla's, when she walks in, Darla is thrilled with the way Thorne and Sally decorated the place for Alexandria's party. Getting teary eyed, Darla hugs them and tells them both how much she loves them. Sally tells her even though she doesn't live with them anymore she will always be there for Alexandria. Darla and Sally get all emotional and then Stephanie and Alexandria walk in. Alexandria doesn't understand why they are crying and Stephanie explains that sometimes adults cry when they are happy. Thorne and Darla begin to play with their daughter and Stephanie and Sally hug. Eric walks in on this happy scene, with an armful of gifts. Thomas comes with a camera and catches his Dad on film getting nostalgic about when his children were Alexandria's age and he and Taylor were together. Needing a moment alone, Ridge walks onto the deck to get some air. After Ridge leaves Thomas tells Eric he's hopeful that things might be getting better between his parents. Stephanie follows Ridge out onto the deck and thanks him for coming even though she knows he is going through a hard time. Ridge tells her not to worry he will find a way to live without Brooke. Stephanie agrees and adds that she is not going to let Brooke keep Forrester. Ridge doesn't think Stephanie should get into another battle with Brooke and reminds her how much she hurt Taylor by giving Brooke the stock in the first place. Ridge tells his Mom he had no idea how insensitive they both have been to Taylor until now. After being so unfair to her, Ridge feels that he has no right to judge Taylor anymore. Once Ridge and Stephanie come back in, the party begins. Ridge doesn't understand why Phoebe is not there yet. Thomas thinks she's probably still shopping in the mall. Alexandria blows out her candles and Darla thanks everyone for being so wonderful and becoming the family she always longed for.

Back at Taylor's, once she is alone, Taylor paces back and forth staring at a picture of her and Ridge and wondering aloud why it had to go so wrong for them. She is brought back to the moment when she gets a call from Phoebe asking her how to get to Thorne's. Taylor is upset that Phoebe is driving in the fog and calling her from her car. When Phoebe asks her how to get to Thorne's Taylor tells her, but she wants her to come home instead. Phoebe assures her Mom that she will be OK and promises to call when she gets there. After she gets off the phone, Taylor falls back into her depression, a wine bottle catching her eye. A few minutes later she gets another call from Phoebe, who has a flat tire and has pulled over to the curb of the road. Taylor is worried because she is out on a dangerous highway in the fog and tells her daughter to get in the car, lock the doors and turn on the emergency flashers. Phoebe doesn't respond to her Mom and accidentally drops her phone, after a strange man approaches her. Sensing something bad has happened, Taylor frantically calls out on the phone to her daughter and then rushes out the door to find her.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Thorne watched his Darla provide the best birthday party ever for their daughter, Alexandria. The gathering of family and friends proves that above all, family is best. Everyone enjoys the festivities as a clown (Clarke) entertains the crowd.

Elsewhere, Phoebe is offered help with her flat tire, by a strange and threatening looking man that scares her more than helping her. She runs to the car, dropping her cell phone, and locks herself in. When the stranger seems to disappear, Phoebe comes out to retrieve her cell phone and tries to reach someone to help.

The party is over and everyone is slowing leaving for the evening. Stephanie and Eric depart, followed by Ridge and Thomas. Sally remains behind, to gather up Alexandria to spend the evening with her, so that mommy and daddy can recuperate from the party they gave. Thorne, Alexandria and Sally all leave together and Darla starts to look around at her home. She is pleased and decides to videotape a message for her daughter, to remind her of this party.

Phoebe cannot reach her father and Taylor is on the way searching for her daughter in the fog. When she can't reach anyone, she places a call to Darla, to let her know what happened, and why she wasn't there. Phoebe tells Darla that she took a wrong turn and is waiting for her Mom to arrive. Darla tells Phoebe to stay in the car and lock it, after learning about the stranger that approached her. Darla realizes that Phoebe is not too far away, and tells her that she is coming to get her.

Thomas and Ridge arrive home to find Taylor gone. Thomas tells his Dad that his Mother misses him, and isn't there anything that they could do to bring them closer together.

Darla has now reached Phoebe. When she sees the flat tire, Darla tells her that she knows how to change one and proceeds to do so. The two women try to stay as far away from the road as possible as there appears to be a lot of traffic. Darla is bent over trying to remove the last of the lug nuts and Taylor approaches but doesn't see her. She runs over Darla, causing Darla to land on Taylor's windshield. Taylor and Phoebe, both panicking, run over to see Darla, who was thrown to the ground from the impact. Taylor covers Darla up and tells Phoebe to rush and call 911.

Stephanie gets a call from Sally talking about the party and how wonderful it was. She is reminded that Darla's birthday will be coming up shortly, and suggests that they throw her one big shindig. Stephanie tells Sally to call her in the morning and they will discuss it. Sally talks to Stephanie about how wonderful a family they all are, and the stable factor in the family was Darla.

Thorne is on his way home, and thinking of his lovely Darla and the happiness that she has brought to his life.

The ambulance arrives and the person on duty is none other than Hector. He and his partner are checking over Darla, as Phoebe and Taylor stand to the side, fully shaken from what has happened.

Thorne arrives at the scene of the accident and gets out of his car. He goes up to Taylor and Phoebe, and checks to see if they are all right, having noticed that they were involved in an accident. Thorne asks about the other people involved but they can't reply to his question. He turns and walks up to Hector and his partner, working feverishly on the person lying on the ground. Thorne looks down and becomes terrified when he sees that it is his beloved Darla.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Brooke and Nick arrive home from their honeymoon and visit with the children and Bridget. Nick continues to complain to Brooke about her nude photo. Brooke promises to deal with Stephanie. Bridget realizes that Brooke will always let the Forresters affect her life, especially Ridge. At the scene of the accident, Thorne doesn't yet know that Taylor hit Darla. Darla is rushed to the E.R. Hector and Christian realize Darla's situation is critical and that there's little hope. Taylor sits in shock, then admits to Hector that she had been drinking and driving. Meanwhile, Thomas and Ridge discuss Taylor's drinking problem. Phoebe calls them to tell them about Darla. Everyone rushes to the hospital. Christian goes over the possibilities with Thorne about Darla. Thorne and Ridge criticize the driver. Later, Thorne overhears Taylor confessing something to Darla at her bedside.

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