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Bridget and Nick discussed the fallout from the news that she was carrying his baby. While Shane tried to convince Phoebe that her secret was safe with him, she feared that his knowing the truth could send she and her mother to jail. Brooke told Jackie that she and Nick had decided not to have any children of their own, even though Jackie realized how much her son wanted a child of his own. Shane and Stephanie talked about what he wanted in order to keep quiet about Darla's death. Nick told Brooke that he spent the night with someone the night they fought, and it resulted in the woman becoming pregnant. Brooke later learned that the pregnant woman was her daughter, Bridget. Bridget was informed by her doctor that she was much further along in her pregnancy than first thought -- and that Nick could not have fathered the child. Brooke told Nick to get out of her life and pushed him overboard, tossing him a life preserver as she phoned the harbor patrol to tell them that a man was overboard in the bay. Brooke ran home to Ridge, while Donna was left standing alone, witnessing the two people being reunited.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of October 2, 2006 on B&B
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Monday, October 2, 2006

At Taylor's pool, Phoebe served Shane his breakfast but acted awkward around him. He tried to reassure her that she had nothing to worry about and that he wouldn't say anything about the accident. Phoebe was still uneasy and didn't understand why he had pretended to be the gardener to get to know her. He explained that he'd just wanted to get to know her first and become friends before he told her. Phoebe still didn't trust him completely and thought he'd chosen a bizarre way to become friends. After she left, Shane fantasized about the two of them becoming a couple.

In Taylor's house, Hector urged Taylor not to trust Shane. Stephanie dropped in to help plan Phoebe's 18th birthday party and wasn't happy to see that Hector was still living there. She told him that he needed to be moving out, since Taylor and Thorne were together. Hector told Stephanie that she needed to be more concerned about Shane messing things up for Taylor and Thorne. He went on to explain that Shane was the homeless man that had scared Phoebe the night that Darla had died, and he knew that Taylor had killed Darla.

Stephanie was concerned and thought that Shane was after money. Shane overheard her telling them that they had to find a way to neutralize the situation. After Taylor and Hector left, Shane walked in, introduced himself, and asked Stephanie how she planned to neutralize him.

At the hospital, Nick told Bridget that they had to tell Brooke the truth. Bridget couldn't help being happy, even though she knew their baby might cost Nick his marriage. Nick refused to believe it would cause him to lose Brooke. He pointed out that Brooke hadn't led the most conventional life, and if anyone could accept the situation, she could. Bridget thought Nick was being totally unrealistic but wished him the best before he left. Once she was alone, Bridget remembered losing Nicole and promised her baby that it wouldn't face the same fate. Concerned about her mother's reaction, Bridget hoped that Nick would be able to convince Brooke that it was not the end of the world.

At Forrester, Jackie dropped in to see Brooke and said she couldn't believe that Brooke and Nick had renewed their wedding vows so soon. Brooke explained that they had faced some challenges with Ridge and wanted to make a fresh start. Jackie was happy for Brooke and said that she was looking forward to being a grandmother. Brooke said that she and Nick had agreed not to have children. Jackie thought Brooke should reconsider, since having a child had always been Nick's dream.

Unconvinced, Brooke told Jackie that raising Hope would help fulfill that need for Nick. Nick overheard Brooke telling Jackie that the last thing she needed in her life right then was another child. He walked in and interrupted their conversation. He told his mother that he needed to speak to Brooke alone. After Jackie left, he prepared to break the news to Brooke. Nick began by telling her that sometimes bad news could be considered good news if one looked at in the right way. As he continued to pretty things up, Brooke grew suspicious and demanded to know what he was trying to tell her.

Tuesday, October 3, 2006

At the hospital, Bridget informed Felicia that the testing showed that she had a healthy pregnancy. Felicia predicted that Brooke would become ballistic when Nick informed her that he was the father of Bridget's baby.

At Forrester Creations, Nick attempted to tell Brooke about Bridget's pregnancy. Instead, Donna abruptly interrupted when she walked in and insisted she needed Brooke's opinion on something. Nick asked Brooke to meet him at the Shady Marlin to finish their discussion. After Nick left, Donna proceeded to ask Brooke which sexy nightgown and outfit she thought Ridge would like the best. Donna disclosed that she and Ridge hadn't slept together yet, but they were becoming close and were developing a relationship.

Shane told Stephanie that he had no plans to go to the police with who had killed Darla. Shane disclosed that all he wanted was to be friends with the Forrester family. Stephanie warned Shane to stay away from Phoebe. Stephanie enlightened Shane that if he were to inform the police that he knew Taylor had killed Darla, he would be charged as an accessory after the fact.

At the Shady Marlin, Nick asked Harry to leave so he could have privacy with Brooke. Nick took Brooke for a ride on the Shady Marlin in order to inform her that he was the father of the child that Bridget was carrying.

Wednesday, October 4, 2006

At Forrester, Stephanie flipped through Donna's latest batch of cheap and tawdry modeling photos and was disgusted by how lewd they were. When Donna walked in and heard Stephanie's reaction to them, she made no apologies and added that sales had never been better for the bedroom line. Stephanie questioned Donna's intentions about Ridge and assured her that she would never be part of the family. Donna thought Ridge might have something to say about that.

Stephanie believed that Donna was trying to take advantage of Ridge's vulnerability and said Donna was the wrong woman for her son. Stephanie maintained that Brooke was the only woman that would ever make Ridge happy. Stung by the truth in Stephanie's words, Donna told Stephanie that she should have appreciated Brooke when she'd had the chance because, since Brooke was with Nick, it was too late.

At the hospital, Felicia tried to calm Bridget down about everything. Bridget said she just had to believe that Brooke would forgive her. Felicia asked what she would do if Brooke couldn't, or if Brooke could forgive her but not Nick. Bridget hadn't thought that far ahead. Felicia said that Brooke wouldn't forgive Ridge for far less, and she doubted that Nick would fare well. Felicia thought Brooke would think that Nick was a self-righteous hypocrite when she found out the truth.

Felicia believed that Bridget should admit her love for Nick and see it as an opportunity for a new beginning for everyone. She explained that Bridget and Nick would be able to get back together, and so would Ridge and Brooke. Bridget said that she didn't want Nick, and she was praying that her mother could accept the situation. Felicia didn't believe her and thought she just felt guilty and was trying to do the right thing. While they were talking, Bridget's doctor called and told her she needed to talk to her about something concerning the baby, but it was nothing for her to worry about.

Before Felicia left, she told Bridget that it was only natural for her to want to raise her child with its father. When Bridget went to see her doctor, she was disturbed to learn that she could be further along than she thought, which would mean that Dante was the father of her child instead of Nick. Upset that Nick might be confessing their indiscretion to her mother for no reason, Bridget demanded to take an ultrasound to determine who the real father was.

At the Shady Marlin, Nick blabbered on about how he had never meant to fail Brooke and hoped she could find some way to understand what he was going to say, no matter how painful it might be for her to hear. Brooke was confused and wanted him to just spit it out. Nick began by reminding her that he'd forgiven her for sleeping with Ridge the night of the supposed "rape." He also said he'd forgiven her for kissing Ridge on the runway and appearing naked in an ad on their wedding day. Brooke didn't understand why he was dredging all that up again, and he explained that he wanted to show her how much stronger they were and how many obstacles they had been able to overcome.

Growing more suspicious, Brooke asked Nick if he had done something to threaten their marriage. Not answering the question, Nick talked about how he had always felt like he had to share her with Ridge. Nick admitted that the night after he'd found Brooke and Ridge kissing again, he'd lost it and had a serious lapse in judgment. He asked Brooke to forgive him, and she told him she hoped all he'd done had been to get drunk and go to a strip club. When Nick didn't respond, she begged him to tell her that he hadn't had a cheap one-night stand.

Nick admitted that he'd done something far worse. Brooke was shocked and couldn't believe that Nick, with all of his morals and high standards, would let her down in that way. Nick agreed that he'd screwed up in the worst possible way. Brooke said she knew it was because of Ridge and thought it was a lame excuse. Drawing it out further, Nick told her that he'd slept with a woman and just found out she was pregnant.

Brooke was horrified and said she'd thought all the scandals were behind her after she'd married him. She thought nothing she had ever done justified what he had done to her. Adding insult to injury, Nick finally admitted that he hadn't been with a stranger but with someone he had previously been involved with. When Brooke realized that he was talking about Bridget, she completely broke down.

Thursday, October 5, 2006

Bridget became very emotional at the thought that Nick could be telling her mother that she and Nick were having a baby. The doctor told her that she would have to remain calm and not get stressed out, as it might be too much for her. The doctor immediately took an ultrasound and determined that the baby was indeed healthy and doing fine. She then told Bridget that she was further along than she'd thought -- and that Nick could not be the baby's father. Almost immediately, Bridget tried to reach Nick on his cell phone but had to leave a message instead.

Dante and Felicia spent some time enjoying the evening together, but Dante suddenly realized that Felicia was not being her usual cutting-edge self. She finally blurted out that there should be no secrets between the two of them and that Bridget was pregnant. Dante told her that he was sorry, but she informed him that the baby was not his but Nick's. Dante told Felicia that Bridget had always been in love with Nick and had never fallen out of love with him.

Aboard the Shady Marlin, after listening to Nick spew a lot of the past up to Brooke, she fell apart at the fact that he had betrayed her in a way that she had never thought he would. She slapped him hard across the face and would not listen to Nick when he said that he would find a way to make it all better. He tried to tell her that it had been wrong and a moment of weakness and that he'd thought she had gone back to Ridge. Brooke told him that she'd felt safe with him, that he would not do to her the same thing that Ridge had. She told him it was something that she didn't think she could get through or beyond or past because his child was being carried in the "belly" of her daughter.

After Brooke went up on deck to get some fresh air, Nick appeared, and Brooke was so filled with rage that she tossed him overboard. After he called to her, she tossed him a life preserver then called the harbor patrol. She said that there was a man in the middle of the bay, overboard, and she wasn't going back. She then hung up, took the boat, and returned to the dock, leaving Nick in the water to flounder.

Friday, October 6, 2006

Ridge arrived back at his house after his flight and found that Donna had set up a nice dinner for him. Donna told Ridge that she loved him, but Ridge was hesitant. Brooke left Ridge a message, telling him that he had been right about Nick; Nick had let her down. Donna deleted the message. However, Brooke arrived at Ridge's, anyway, and, to Donna's disappointment, ran into his arms. Ridge told Brooke it was never too late for them.

After thanking the Coast Guard for rescuing him, Nick saw that Brooke had left. Bridget arrived to tell him that he was not the father, but she realized that he'd already told Brooke. Nick was shocked to hear that the child was Dante's.

Stephanie explained to Eric that Donna was not good for Ridge and that Ridge should be with Brooke. Eric did not want to help Stephanie break up Brooke's marriage.

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