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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of October 9, 2006 on B&B
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Monday, October 9, 2006

At the Shady Marlin, Nick frantically calls Brooke and leaves a message telling her that he isn't the father of Bridget's baby. Then Nick starts to rush home to find Brooke, but Bridget tells him he should probably try the Guest House first since Ridge got home today. Nick calls the guest house.

At the Forrester's, Eric scolds Stephanie for spying on Ridge through the window, but she ignores him. Determined to find out what's going on over there, Stephanie heads out. Once Eric is alone, Bridget drops by and tells him she's pregnant. Eric is confused and upset by the news. Bridget explains that initially she thought the baby was Nick's. She goes on about the extenuating circumstances of why they slept together. Eric listens and tries to be sympathetic. Bridget tells him that Nick confessed everything to Brooke and now she fears the consequences. When Eric asks her who the father is, she tells him it's Dante, who doesn't even know yet. Eric fears Felicia's reaction. Bridget whines about how much she has always wanted a baby, but not like this. She feels like she has ruined everything and begins to cry. Eric tries to comfort her.

At the Guest House, Ridge and Donna can't get Brooke to open up about why she is so mad at Nick. When Nick calls Donna answers the phone and tries to persuade Brooke to talk to him, but she refuses. Ridge grabs the phone from Donna and blames Nick for making Brooke such is a wreck. He tells Nick to stay the hell away from her and hangs up. Ridge then goes back to comforting Brooke, while Donna watches on tearfully. Donna is mad at Brooke for coming and crying on Ridge's shoulder and she begs Ridge not to allow Brooke to get away with it. She tells Brooke that she is being spoiled and selfish. Ridge asks Donna to give him a moment alone with Brooke and she reluctantly leaves. Once they are alone Ridge begins to probe Brooke about what happened. Still not ready to tell Ridge, Brooke talks about her feelings for Ridge instead. She admits that she was afraid she would have loved him too much and she could not deal with losing him again. Ridge tells her there is a price for security. Brooke agrees and says Nick has proven to her that security is an illusion and all that matters to her now is passion. Brooke tells Ridge the only reason she didn't come back to him was because she was living that illusion with Nick. She adds that Nick doesn't exist in her life anymore. Just then Nick barges in bursting to tell her the news. Ridge is shocked and disgusted when Brooke blurts out that Nick slept with Bridget. He starts to throw Nick out but before he can, Nick tells Brooke that he isn't the father of Bridget's baby. Ridge tries to push Nick out, but Nick holds tight, blaming Ridge for everything, saying none of this would have happened if Ridge could have left Brooke alone. Brooke tells Nick there is no excuse for what he did to her. Nick begs her to forgive him so they can have a future together. Ridge says he never let her down like Nick did and tells Brooke to end her marriage with Nick and take the life she always wanted with him.

Meanwhile out by the pool, Donna pines away for Ridge and the evening she was hoping to have with him. Stephanie walks up to her and tells her Ridge is just killing time with her until Brooke comes to her senses. Donna doesn't want to believe what Stephanie is saying and attempts to put on a brave front. Donna doesn't understand why all of a sudden Stephanie supports Brooke so much and Stephanie tells her because Brooke makes her son happy. Finally Stephanie convinces Donna that her efforts with Ridge have been fruitless, and it would be better for her to leave with dignity and self-respect.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

At the Forrester guest house, Nick admitted his mistake with Bridget and asked for Brooke's forgiveness. Ridge snarled at Nick that his marriage to Brooke was only a distraction for Brooke from him. Bridget arrived and faced Brooke. Brooke asked Nick and Ridge to leave so she and Bridget could talk alone.

At home, Taylor told Phoebe that she has decided to tell Thorne that she is the one who killed Darla. Taylor explained that she could not counsel people or parent while living a lie. Also, Taylor explained that she could not be happy in a relationship with Thorne while lying about Darla's death. Meanwhile Thorne made arrangement for him and Taylor to spend time alone at Big Bear. Unbeknownst to Taylor, Thorne purchased a diamond ring and planned to propose marriage to Taylor at Big Bear.

While alone, Bridget begged for Brooke's forgiveness. Brooke reprimanded Bridge for sleeping with Nick. At first, Brooke would not listen to any explanation that Bridget had for sleeping with Nick. Bridget explained that Nick does love Brooke and he is the man that she thinks he is, dependable; safe; and secure for Brooke. Bridget begged Brooke not to leave Nick and to be angry at her, not Nick. Brooke gave in and forgave Bridget. Brooke did not however promise to remain married to Nick.

Eric told Stephanie that Bridget is pregnant with Dante's child, but that originally Bridget thought that Nick is the father of her child. Stephanie was upset for Felicia who will be dealt another blow by Dante when he learns he is the father of Bridget's child. Nick and Ridge argued over Brooke. Ridge insisted that Nick is Brooke's past now.

Later, Ridge strongly advised Brooke to leave Nick and return to him to the life together that they had always dreamed of with their children RJ and Hope. Ridge kissed Brooke and she didn't protest his passionate kiss this time.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

At Brooke's, Ridge enjoys spending time with RJ and Brooke and wishes he could be there all of the time. Ridge says "Popeye" screwed up with Brooke and admits he did the same thing when he walked out on her. Ridge is excited because now he thinks he has a chance to get that life back with Brooke. Brooke asks him to be patient, explaining that she has to decide what's best for her and the children. Ridge understands, but believes in the end Brooke will choose him. Before Ridge leaves with RJ, he tells her he loves he and kisses her goodbye.

At Forrester, Stephanie has divorce papers drawn up for Nick and Brooke. She tells the lawyer she wants Ridge and Brooke to reconcile because that will make Ridge happy and also allow her to regain control of Forrester. After the lawyer leaves, Eric tells her that he thinks she is going overboard. As usual Stephanie ignores him. Ridge walks in with RJ and Stephanie asks him if Nick was at Brooke's. Ridge gleefully reports that Nick spent the night elsewhere. Stephanie tells Ridge she hopes he and Brooke get back together. Ridge urges his mother not to pressure Brooke. Stephanie acts like she won't, but then rushes out to a hair appointment, leaving Ridge very suspicious that she is up to something. Eric defends Stephanie saying her heart is in the right place. Ridge knows Stephanie's just trying to help, but says Nick's heart was not in the right place.

At the Shady Marlin, Jackie unsuccessfully attempts to make Nick feel better. Nick refuses to give up on Brooke. He rushes out the door to see her, determined to keep Stephanie and Ridge from interfering.

Back at Brooke's, she gazes at one of her and Nick's wedding photos, then her eyes fall on a picture of her and Bridget. Outside, Nick arrives and is warmly greeted by Hope, who is delighted to see him. When he gets inside, Brooke is not so happy to see him. Nick tells Brooke they have to get things figured out so they can save their family. Brooke thinks he should have thought about that before sleeping with her daughter. Nick knows there is no excuse for what he did, but adds that he had to forgive Brooke plenty of times. Nick thinks forgiveness is a part of love. He explains that Bridget gave him the one thing that Brooke never could, she made him the only man in her world. Nick refuses to share her with Ridge anymore. Brooke realizes that she has forced Nick to deal with a lot. Nick begs her to let him make up for the damage he did and regain her trust. He promises to never let her down again. Just when he's starting to sway her, Stephanie barges in with the divorce papers. Brooke wants Stephanie to butt out saying it's between her and Nick. Stephanie retorts that there is no Nick and her after what he did. Stephanie reasons that with one quick sign the whole ugly mess will be over forever. Nick thinks Stephanie has lots of nerve and Stephanie thinks he is one to talk. They keep bantering back and forth trying to persuade Brooke to do their bidding. Exasperated, Brooke orders both of them to leave so she can make this decision on her own. Nick whispers to Stephanie not to forget that she will need his signature too. Before he leaves Nick tells Brooke that he will always love her. Stephanie sneaks back and urges Brooke to follow her heart, reclaim her family and come back to the man who loves her.

Meanwhile at Taylor's, as the moment grows closer, Taylor stresses over telling Thorne the truth. Phoebe asks her if she's really going through with it and Taylor replies that she has to because she can't keep looking into Thorne's eyes and deceiving him. Taylor hates what her lie has done to everyone she loves. When Thorne comes by to pick Taylor up, Phoebe and her mother share a tearful goodbye. Once they arrive to the cabin Taylor can't believe all Thorne has done to spruce it up. Feeling guilty, she says she doesn't deserve the roses and candles. He explains that he was trying to set the mood for what he has planned. When Thorne looks over at Taylor, he is surprised to see that see is crying. Concerned, he asks her what's wrong. She worries that he will hate her for what she's done. Thorne says he could never hate her because he loves her. Thorne thinks she is trying to tell him that she had a drink or wanted to. Taylor says that's not it. She admits she will regret what she has done for the rest of her life. Preparing to fess up, she warns Thorne that he will be terribly hurt, but adds that she owes him the truth even if it makes him hate her.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Nick told Jackie that he was not just going to sit back and watch Stephanie and Ridge manipulate Brooke into divorcing him and returning to Ridge. Nick said that he knew that she would forgive him and he was not going to give up on her. Stephanie was still at Brooke's house after Brooke's repeated attempts to get her to leave. Stephanie tried to convince Brooke of the impact of what Nick had done by sleeping with Bridget, and that she should return to Ridge for RJ's sake. Nick visited Ridge at his Forrester office to tell him to allow Brooke the space she needed to make her decision. Brooke grew more and more frustrated with Stephanie because she wanted some time alone to think and to make the decision herself. Jackie walked in the front door clapping at the convincing speech that Stephanie delivered to Brooke. Jackie made a case for Nick when she stated how much he loved her and how sorry he was for violating their marriage, but that he was totally committed to Brooke and their family. Brooke told both Stephanie and Jackie that she was not going to be the battleground for their fight, and excused herself upstairs and told Stephanie and Jackie to see themselves out when they were finished arguing.

Thorne presented Taylor with a closed jewelry box and she started, as she has many times before, to break down and tell Thorne the truth about what really happened the night Darla was killed. Thorne reassured her over and over, then he asked her to open the box. Taylor said she could not open the box, so Thorne did and asked Taylor to marry him. He told her about how much she had done for him and Allie since Darla's death, and how she was the only woman that could have made such an impact in his life. Taylor cried and was visibly shaky while she told him that he did not know the whole truth. Taylor told Thorne that she should not have been driving that night because she had been drinking. He said this was understandable because of how worried about Phoebe that she was, and Thorne asked her how she could possibly hold herself responsible for Darla's death. She reiterated and apologized again about how much this information was going to hurt Thorne, and then Taylor finally admitted that she was the driver of the car that hit and killed Darla as Thorne looked at her in total shock and disbelief.

Friday, October 13, 2006

At Big Bear, Taylor explained all of the details of the night of Darla's death to Thorne as he looked at her in disbelief. Thorne begged Taylor for this not to be the truth. Taylor said that the lie was the life that she was living right now. Thorne said that he could not believe that the woman who explained to Allie what happened to her mother, and counseled both of them was the killer. He could not believe that he asked Taylor to marry him being that she was the person who killed Darla. Taylor continued to apologize and tell Thorne that she really loved him and that was the truth.

Stephanie arrived at Taylor's house and Phoebe told her that Taylor was confessing to Thorne at that moment. Stephanie was of course horrified by the thought of her confession and what it would do to Thorne. She demanded Phoebe to tell her where Taylor and Thorne were. Phoebe hesitated at first, but then Stephanie asked her again more emphatically, and Phoebe said that they were at Big Bear. Hector walked in and said he knew that would happen because Taylor could not live with the guilt being so close to Thorne. At that time, Lieutenant Baker walked in the front door saying that he was tired of all of their lies and that he knew that Taylor was driving the car that killed Darla. He said that had she come forward sooner, he would have been more lenient, but now he was ready to prosecute Taylor to the fullest extent of the law.

Taylor told Thorne that she was ready to confess and pay her debt to society which would allow Thorne to have closure. She further said that she would never be free from the daily hell that she lived in with Darla's memory haunting her day and night, not allowing her to eat or sleep or ever really be free from it. Taylor called Lieutenant Baker on his cell phone and confessed that she was the person driving the car that killed Darla. He asked her to repeat herself on speaker phone, and this allowed Phoebe, Stephanie, and Hector to hear her confession. Lieutenant Baker called for the Big Bear police to arrest Taylor on charges of Gross Vehicular Homicide, Obstruction of Justice, Driving under the Influence, and Leaving the Scene of an Accident. Thorne walked outside and Taylor waited inside for the police to arrest her.

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